Are You Ready

Are You Ready

A Story by Jason Shadows

A Trip Down Memory Lane With Samael.

Are You Ready? By Jason

"Are You Ready For This? Then
Hold My Hand But Dont Be Scared Its Just Only A Short Trip Down.
Forever In This Time You Said You Could Conquer Anything.
Deep Down In Your Dreams You Could Fly For Eternity.
So Much Can Be Seen Within A Vague Distance.
Without Your Mind You Cannot Understand The Dark World I Live In.
For In This Moment I Will Share Mine With You.
Crumble The Last Breath You Will Take And Hold It Forever In.
Take That Last Step Off The Edge Of Insanity With Me. Hand In Hand.
The Silent Air That Sweeps By Us Turns Hot And Rushs Against Us.
Force Of My Dark Core In The Atmosphere Takes Years To Pass.
Bring Your Own Desire To See My World As You Wind Down.
The Breath You Hold In Is The Last One You Will Take.
For Now You See The Walls Of Darkness Close In On Us.
Now Your Eyes Open Up Wider And You See My Real World For What It Is.
Trying To Inhale The Truth From Your Misunderstandings.
Now In Disbelief You See What Was Only Talked About.
Here And Now As We Fall Into My Chaotic Paradise.
You See What Really Lays Down For Those Who See Oblivion Ahead.
Deem Your Eyes And Hope For A Safe Return.
But You Asked To See It And Now It Comes At A Price.
You Said You Would Give Up Anything To See It.
But You Shouldnt Have Said That For Now You Know What I Have.
But In Reality I Can Even See What You Do For Now I Have.
Blinded In Ashe And Dust Your Heart Is Beating Faster And Faster.
Still Falling With Me As You Hold My Hand Tighter Than Ever.
In Your Mind You Hope There Can Be Some Forgiveness.
The Sins Of The Past Return To Haunt You As I Show Them To You.
For Lets See Time Slow To A Crawl.
As Time Creeps By Us As We Fall.
You Can Not Use Any Words To Describe What You Have Done.
You Left Them There Alone And Hurt.
You Couldnt Even Save Your Self And They Cried For You.
They Said They Will Fight For You But They Lost You.
Even In Time All Could See You Slip Away.
Even In Shame You Know What Could Be Done.
Now In The Images Of Torn I See A Tear Roll Down Your Face.
As It Begins To Leave You As It Floats Slowly Away Behind Us.
For Its To Late Now There Is No Return Here.
Your Fate Is Sealed And Now Your Soul Is Lost.
Even At A Ultimate Sacrifice It Comes To The Cost.
Given A Chance To See A World You Thought You Did Understand.
You No Longer See It From Images Or Your Dreams.
No More Pain No More Its Just Eternal Pain Here.
You Made A Confusing Mistake Of Leaving A Place Burden.
Now I See Your Hate As You Release The Breath I Told You To Hold.
You Look And Turn To Me And Say Its Not Fare.
But Im The Skold In Your Dampin Heart.
Cause Its All Just A Lostful Hope Of Disbelieve.
You Thought You Could Escape From Me?
Well You Thought Wrong And You Said You Knew What Darkness Was.
I Laugh At Your Sillyness And Your Droughtfulness.
You Really Should Rethink Everything Again.
But Your Time Has Come To An End My Selfish One."

~You Think You Know Darkness Better Than Me? Well You Dont Cause You Have No Idea What Waits For You.~  The Lord Of Darkness Samael

© 2010 Jason Shadows

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Added on May 22, 2010
Last Updated on May 22, 2010


Jason Shadows
Jason Shadows

I'm your shadow within the light., NC

"Welcome to a world of light and shadow. In my apocalyptic paradise there are creatures and ghosts of the past and lost trying to remember what was that can never be again within ruins. So grab you.. more..