A Story by Jason Shadows

A Being Thats Controls Light And Darkness.

Deathbreaker By Jason

"Bearhold Witness The Progentic Place Of A Baring Sufference Within The Defiance. Watch Me Causemetic The Power Of Nothing As I Turn It Into Absolute Supreme Divine Catalist In Progression. Fall In Something That I Create As I Destroy All I Touch Beyond A Mercyful Mindset. Controlling The Forbidden Powers That Hate Each Other. I Use Them To Love And Understand Each Other Instead. I Combine Their Powers And Teachings Within Combination. Begging For More To Mere The Overplain To Surver The Connection Between Them. I Split Them Into Me For My Body Is Simple In Contrast. Bright The Darkness And Blackout The Light To See A Different Side Of The Story I Tell Within This Event Of My Life. Beyond Them All I Control Which Lives And Dies. I Can Create Life And Bring It To And End And Within A Internal Instant. I Have All The Time I Need To Bring The Chaos To A Close. Being The Indefinte Edge Of Reality I Mastered I Freeze The Flesh Of All Living Things To A Stand Still And I Deside What Will Happen Next. Im Alpha Among The Living And Omega To The Dead. Im Ultra To The Heavens And Supreme To The Abyss. Nothing That Crosses My Path Has Ever Stood A Chance Of Telling Their Story The Way They Wanted To For They Never Existed. For Within A Flash. A Blink In My Eye I Seen Them Gone Forever After Never. Replaced By Something More Helpful. I Bring The Balance To An Even. I Set In Order To Replace The Chaotic Nature Within The Universe. Upholding The Terraforming Mattern Of Placing The Events That Have Seen The Fold. The Pages I Write Are Forever. Within Them Is The Truth. The Lies That All Hold Close As The Truth Is A Release When Not Ready. Clash With Me And See A New Side Of Tails And When Heads Fades. Your Time Has Ran Out. You May Never See Anything But Me As I Hold You In My Page. The Book That Holds Your Life-Body-Mind And Soul Within My Eternal Book Of Infinte. I Break Light When Its To Blinding On All. I Break The Darkness When Its Damping Vague. Im Not Just Beyond Physical And Mental Acknowledgement And False Treason. Im Simply Nether Good Or Bad. Im Both Love And Hate. I Hold Light And Darkness Within Me. For I Break All That Gets Out Of Control And Thats Even You. Dont You Feel Me Stop You Sometimes? Do You Feel A Force Pushing You Back From Doing Somthing Bad Or Even Good? Im That Force Within You. Im The Life Force That Drives You. I Break All That Lives And Dies. I Control Chaos And Destruction. I Rule Light And Darkness. I Move Love And Hate Within All. Im More Than Forever And I Will Not Ever Vanish Never. I Can Stop Death From Touching You For Im Alive And Dead. Im The Unexplained Force Shaker And The Final Deathbreaker.

© 2010 Jason Shadows

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Added on May 22, 2010
Last Updated on May 22, 2010


Jason Shadows
Jason Shadows

I'm your shadow within the light., NC

"Welcome to a world of light and shadow. In my apocalyptic paradise there are creatures and ghosts of the past and lost trying to remember what was that can never be again within ruins. So grab you.. more..