A Stage Play by Jenna P.

Samantha knows something's wrong, she just doesn't know what. Her mother won't stop crying and she's being kept home from school. As friday comes closer, things just keep getting weirder.


Act I Scene 1- The curtain rises and we come upon Samantha's bedroom. The bed is slightly off center stage towards stage left. At the head of the bed is a nightstand with a picture of two young girls and an unmarked book. A desk and chair are on stage right, with a photo-album on top of the desk. Between the desk and the bed is a dresser. SAMANTHA O'CONNOR and MARISSA GOLDBLOOM, both 17, are seated side by side on the bed. Samantha is a creative and slightly withdrawn girl with an over active imagination. She and Marissa have been friends since elementary school. Marissa is a rebel with serious self-esteem issues who has an obsession with death. Sammy is dressed in jeans and a bright blouse, while Marissa is dressed in grey from head to toe. The girls are chattering together when a knock comes from off stage. They look to stage left. Once Samantha's eyes turn away from her, Marissa's face becomes completely blank.

Samantha: "Yeah?"

MRS. O'CONNOR enters from stage left with a somber expression. An over emotional and protective woman in her mid 40s; dressed casually, yet seems uncomfortable in her own skin. It is obvious that she has been crying as she is sniffling and tries to wipe her eyes inconspicuously. 

Mrs. O'Connor: "Sweetie, I... I just wanted you to know that... Oh, baby, I am so sorry."

Mrs. O'Connor goes to sit beside her daughter as Marissa gets up, still expressionless, and walks over to the desk chair. She sits quietly and watches the scene play before her.

Samantha: (Confused) "Uh... Okay?" (glances over to Marissa)

Mrs. O'Connor begins to cry and pulls her daughter into a loving, but slightly painful, embrace.

Mrs. O'Connor: "Oh, Samantha. You don't have to be so strong. Not for me. Not for your father. Really, you can talk to us about anything. You know that, don't you?"

Samantha glances back at an emotionless Marissa before returning to her mother.

Samantha: "I know, Mom. I'm fine, though." (She gently pushes her mother away.) "Really. I think you might be over reacting..."

Mrs. O'Connor, still sniffling, pulls away from her daughter and stares at her for a moment.

Mrs. O'Connor: (shocked) "You mean... You're alright? Of course. Of course you are. (sighs) I'm just... concerned. I know how much she meant to you and... (she stops herself and rises) "I'm sorry. I'll... I'll leave you alone now."

Mrs. O'Connor exits stage left. Samantha watches her mother leave.

Marissa: "What was that all about?"

Samantha: "I have no idea..."

Marissa: "Well, your mother always was an emotional wreck over the stupidest things. Maybe Ms. Benson's mutt finally croaked."

Samantha: "That's not funny, M."

Marissa shrugs before returning to the bed.

Marissa: "So, anyway, what are our plans for Friday? We still going to the hang out?"

Samantha: "Can't. I'm going to that thing with my parents."

Marissa: "Ah, a little ' O'Connor Family Fun Time'?

Samantha: (laughs) Yeah right. No, it's some town get together. I'm surprised you haven't heard about it.

Marissa: (lays down across Sammy's bed) "Mmmm... I might have. Must 'a just slipped my mind."

Samantha: "Then you don't know what it is either?"

Marissa: "I only know what you know." (Jokingly) "I am only part of your imagination."

Samantha: "Har-dee-har." (Pause.) "So you're going?"

Marissa loses the emotion in her face again before smiling at Sammy.

Marissa: "I'll be the life of the party."

Black out.

Act I Scene 2- Lights raise. Samantha's bedroom is still in place. Samantha is laying on her bed reading a book. She is dressed in jeans and a graphic T-shirt. There is a knock off stage.

Samantha:  "Come in."

MR. O'CONNOR enters from stage left. He is a quiet man in his mid forties uncomfortable with emotion. He, like his wife, looks uncomfortable in his skin. Samantha places her book back on the nightstand as he enters.

Samantha: "Hey Dad."

He acknowledges her, but says nothing as he sits beside her.

Mr. O'Connor: "What are you reading?"

Samantha: "Oh, just a book Marissa gave to me. (Mr. O'Connor visibly tenses at Marissa's name.) But what's up?"

Mr. O'Connor: "Well... It's almost Friday." (pause.)

Samantha: (confused) "... Yeah?"

Mr. O'Connor: "I just wanted to make sure you're okay." (Pause.) "And your mother's crying again downstairs, so I.... (drifts off.)"

Samantha: (nods) "Got it. She has been more emotional than usual these past few days."

Mr. O'Connor looks at her with concern.

Mr. O'Connor: "Well... yes. To be honest, I'm surprised you're taking this so well. Considering you're the one who found her--"

An extremely loud cry comes from off left stage. At the same time, Marissa, wearing the exact same grey clothes, comes from stage right and quietly sits down at the desk chair. Her face is blank and no one has noticed her.

Samantha: "Was that Mom?"

Mr. O'Connor: "I told you she was taking it hard." (pause.) "The two of you grew up together." (He picks up the picture from the nightstand.) "She was like a part of the family..."

Samantha: "Wh... What are you talking--"

Another loud cry from Mrs. O'Connor interrupts her.

Mr. O'Connor: "I should go check on your mother."

He rises and kisses the top of Sammy's head. He places the picture back on the nightstand and pauses before exiting stage left.

Samantha stands and picks up the picture. She looks off in the direction her father went before turning around and finally noticing Marissa. Sammy screams and drops the picture frame. Marissa chuckles lightly as Sammy picks it up and puts it back on her nightstand. Samantha sways a little but regains her footing quickly.

Samantha: (wearily) "M... What's going on tomorrow? Everyone's been acting so... weird."

Marissa shrugs, stoic again.

Marissa: "Everything that lives is classifiably weird."

Samantha: "No, really. I mean, my parents are keeping me home from school, people keep calling me to see how I'm doing or to say they're sorry. And Mom's been crying non-stop..."

Marissa: "That woman has always been too emotional."

Samantha: "Marissa!"

Marissa: "It's true. The truth is always true, even if you don't accept it."

Samantha: "What? Whatever. That's not even what I meant. It's like somebody died or something..."

Marissa slips out of the chair and moves towards the photograph.

Marissa: "If someone truly close to you died, don't you think you'd know about it?"

Samantha: "I..."

Samantha becomes dizzy and moves towards her bed. She plops down onto it.

Samantha: "I don't know. I think I would... Wouldn't I?"

Marissa: "If there is one thing the living are good at, it's lying to themselves about what is dead or dying."

Samantha: "My Dad... He said I found her... Who did I find?"

Samantha is dizzy as her head begins to hurt. Marissa is completely blank.

Marissa: "I only know what you know."

Samantha falls back on her bed and passes out. Black out.

Act I. Scene 3- Lights up. It is still Sammy's bedroom. Samantha is seated against her bed looking through her photo album, dressed all in black. Marissa, in the same gray outfit, is laying on her stomach on the bed, looking at the album from over Sammy's shoulder. Her face is completely lack of emotion. Samantha keeps glancing up at her, but there is no reaction. Samantha clears her throat.

Samantha: "Are you alright? You seem really... distant..."

Marissa drags her attention to Samantha's face. Samantha returns to the photo album quickly. Marissa does the same, very slowly.

Marissa: (mumbles) "It's today..."

Samantha: "Huh?" (pause.) "What did you say?" (pause.) "M, I didn't hear you what did you say?"

A knock comes from off stage.

Samantha: "Yeah?"

Mrs. O'Connor enters from stage left, dressed all in black, sniffling. Samantha begins to stand.

Mrs. O'Connor: "Are you ready, Sammy?"

Samantha looks back at Marissa, who hasn't even looked up.

Samantha: "Yeah. Just gimme a minute."

Mrs. O'Connor nods before exiting the way she came. Samantha sits back down against the bed.

Samantha: "Marissa?"

She waves her hand in front of Marissa's face. Marissa slowly turns towards her.

Samantha: "It's time to go."

Marissa turns her head back down.

Samantha: "Aren't you coming with us? I'm sure my Dad wont mind giving you a ride..." (Pause.) "Marissa?"

Marissa: (very slowly) "No."

Samantha: "What? Why not you said you'd be there."

Marissa: (very slowly and tiredly) "I will."

Mr. O'Connor: (from off-stage) "Samantha, we're leaving."

Samantha gets up.

Samantha: (to off stage left) "Coming!" (To Marissa) "You are coming though, aren't you?"

Marissa: (very slowly and tiredly, closes her eyes and nods) "I will..." (Lays her head down, even quieter) "I will..."

Mr. O'Connor: (from off-stage) "Samantha, we're running late!"

Samantha: (to off stage left) "Coming!"

Samantha lingers a moment before rushing off stage left. Black out.

Act I. Scene 4- Lights up. There is a priest standing at a podium center stage almost directly in front of the audience. There is a small group of chairs on stage left and a closed casket on stage right. In this scene, the audience members are treated as guests at a funeral. 

Priest: "... And it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to this child..."

The O'Connor family walks in and quickly take their seats in the chairs at stage left. Mrs. O'Connor is crying and holding onto Mr. O'Connor for support; who has a pained expression that he is trying to hold in. Samantha is confused and keeps looking around and out into the audience like she's searching for someone. 

Priest: "Who's vibrance and energy has touched us all. I knew her well. A true fireball; filled with love and compassion for others. (Jokingly) Not to mention a complete disregard for the rules." (He smiles at the audience, but it falls quickly. He clears his throat.) "She is with her savior now, and at last she is at peace. But... Enough from me. Let us hear from those of you in the audience who knew her as well."

When the priest has finished he steps back. Marissa enters slowly. Her head is down, she is dragging her feet and looks ready to collapse. She falls into the chair behind Samantha, not lifting her head. Samantha looks at her for a moment before Mrs. O'Connor pats her on the knee. Returning her attention to the speech. After the Priest steps away from the podium, the drunk and grieving PRICILLA JONES rises from her chair and stumbles up to the stand. Pricilla is Marissa's mildly inappropriate middle-aged aunt, who always shows up at family reunions with gifts, but has otherwise not been a part of Marissa's life. Most of the funeral goers don't know who she is.

Pricilla: (grabs onto the sides of the podium for support) (her words are slurred) I just wanted to say... (sways a little bit) that... um... My... uh.. She was.... the best kid. Ever. She was... uh... (she pauses and sways some more) You know, I think--I think God should've watched over her better. I mean, she was just a kid and she had all these... problems and whatever and.... (Pricilla may go off on a drunken ramble, but she will eventually cue the Priest with the following) It's not cool, man. Not... Not cool.

The Priest leads her away from the stand and back to her seat. He fixes his collar as he returns to the podium.

Priest: Would anyone else like to speak?

Mrs. O'Connor rises, the Priest acknowledges her and steps back as she makes her way forward. Samantha begins to get dizzy and her head begins to hurt again.

Mrs. O'Connor: "I... I've never been one for large crowds. Or speeches for that matter. But this girl..." (She gestures the casket.) "This girl... was like my own daughter. I have known her... Since she was a small thing in the sandbox; playing with my baby girl."

While Mrs. O'Connor is still speaking, Marissa gets up and moves behind the chairs and the podium over to stage right. She stops near the casket.

Mrs. O'Connor: "She had a hard life. She thought very little of herself. I know this. I know this, and I cannot help but cry. Because I feel like maybe there was something... Anything I could have done to stop her from... from taking her own life." (pause.) "I can only hope be strong for my daughter..." (She gestures Sammy.) "She found Marissa, convulsing on the floor, from a self-administered overdose. 

Samantha is stunned and openly shocked. She notices Marissa by the casket now.

Mrs. O'Connor: "She died in my baby's arms and I--"

Samantha jumps up.

Samantha: "Marissa!"

Marissa doesn't react.

Samantha: "Marissa, answer me! Marissa?"

Marissa: (very slowly and tiredly.) "I only know what you know. I am only part of your imagination."

Samantha rushes over and tries to grab Marissa, only to run into the casket. Marissa is gone. She begins to go hysterical.

Samantha: "Marissa? Marissa!"

She starts slamming on the Casket. Her father rushes over and pulls her away. He pulls her out of the church off stage left and Mrs. O'Connor follows.

Samantha: "Don't leave me! Marissa!"

Black out.

Act I. Scene 4- Lights up. It's back to Samantha's bedroom, and the family is still in their black garbs. Mrs. O'Connor is tucking Samantha in bed and Mr. O'Connor is waiting by the door (exit). Mrs. O'Connor kisses Samantha on the forehead then stands beside Mr. O'Connor. It is silent for a moment.

Samantha: (to no one) "Marissa?"

Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor look at each other before exiting stage left. Samantha sits up.

Samantha: "Marissa?"

She smiles suddenly and moves to make room on her bed for someone to sit. She looks attentive, as though someone is speaking to her. She chuckles.

Samantha: "I have no idea..."

Black out. END

© 2013 Jenna P.

Author's Note

Jenna P.
I wrote this a year ago for my theatre class. It is very raw and I know it needs work, but I'm not sure where to start. Any constructive criticism is welcome! Also, do you think I should put it in a different genre? At first glance, I think it's okay in the mystery/suspense/thriller tag, but perhaps not?

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Jenna P.
Jenna P.


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