To the Beach.

To the Beach.

A Story by JazEli

Eli- Ahhh what a nice day to be sexxy!

Jas- Ah well of course, it’s a good thing there’s a lot of hot guys at the beach today hmm

Eli- I know well ima go change so they can see my incredibly awesome body k i'll be right back

Jas- 'Kay ill just lay here sunbathing ‘till you get back. Or maybe not, some guy-cute guy- is checking me out

Eli- Okay well if you’re going to leave send me a text so ill know*walks to go change*
Dude- Hey babe what’s your name?

Jaz- Oh hey, take a guess cutie

Dude- Could you're name be Honey? Because you’re looking sweet to me. (I just made that up MUAHAH)

Jaz- *giggles* Um no, take another guess

Dude- Could it be Lolly because you make my heart opo I mean pop, you make my heart pop!

Jaz- Hahaha okay I’ll stop you from embarrassing yourself further. It’s...*phone buzzes*

*Jaz holds up finger to dude* Hello? Oh hey yanels!

Eli- JAM come and help me there’s this really ugly dude that won’t leave me alone! I mean I know I’m hot but seriously he needs a bib! HELP ME!

Jaz- Oh my god I’m on my way! *hangs up* *turns to dude* Hey...*flirts* Want to come meet my friend?

Dude- If you tell me your name first.

Jaz- I'll tell you as soon as we help my friend. Deal?

Dude- Deal

Jaz- Ok lets go *grabs dudes arm and walks towards where Eli is at* -------------------------------------------------
*dude and Jaz walks to the pier hand in hand*

Eli- JAM! *turns to ugly dude* Hey I would love to stay but my friend is here for me so I have to go k bye

*runs to Jam*

*dude and Jaz walks towards Eli*

Jaz- Hey, ‘kay so ready to go?

*turns to ugly dude* Yah, so sorry, but uh we have somewhere else to be so bye! *three of us walk quickly away towards ice cream shop*

Dude- What was that about? who was that?

Jaz- No need to ask questions just walk

Dude- o.o

Jaz- Oh right Sorry, but uh I didn’t quite catch your name..?

Dude- Well I don’t know yours either *smirks*

Jaz- Riiiight the deal. Jasmine. *smiles*

Dude- Like the flower?

Eli- Naw like the sweaty ugly guy -.-

Jaz- *rolls eyes * Yes like the flower. so your name?

dude- Jace.

Jaz * eyes light up* I love that name

Eli- Sorry to intrude in your lovely- dovey- I -don’t -know �"who- you- are �"sexy- stranger- name -game but I want ice cream

*drags you and Jace to shop* K so Card what do you want?

Jam- Whose card?

Eli- *Points to dude* Him

dude- Me? What?

Eli- 'Cuz your name is Jace so Ace and Ace is a Card so your new name is Card. *proud smile*

Jam -. . . . . .

Eli- So what do u guys want? ill order. *Jaz and Jace remain silent*

Jace- Well that’s a new one

Eli- What is?

Jace- Nickname

Eli- How

Jace- Usually they say Chase, also a card, but it sounds more like Jace so they keep mistaking me for Chase *shrugs*

Jaz- *snorts* Ha, sorry. *coughs to cover up laugh*

Jace- *looks at Jaz pointedly*

Jaz- Sorry *looks apologetically* it’s just that Chase/Jace, that was a good one *smiles*

Jace- *rolls eyes* I want chocolate mint.

Jaz- I'll get chocolate malted *looks at Eli*

Eli- Okay I’ll go order now go find a table I’ll be right there. *Jace and Jam walk away.*

Eli- ‘KAY so mint, malt and a vanilla.

Ice cream man- What?

Eli- *sigh* One chocolate peppermint

One chocolate malted

And one vanilla

Ice dude- Okay *goes to get order*

Eli- *looks around then realizes she’s still in a bikini* Maybe I should have put on a shirt...

Ice dude- Okay here is your order that’s 3 dollars.

Eli- *pays guy* Thank you *walks to table*

Okay here’s your pepper, here’s your malt. *Eli about to sit when lil' kid comes running making her ice cream fall on her*

Eli- DAMN YOU LITTLE KID! *gets napkins trying to get rid of ice cream* Ahhhh so sticky!!!!! *all guys stare*

Eli- *eye twitch* LOOK AWAY PERVS!

Jam- Uhhhhhh

Card- Uhhhhhh

Eli- I’ll be back ima go take a shower k?

Jam- ‘Kay

Jace- *whispers* Where does she think she'll take a shower?

Jaz- *shrugs* She'll find a way. *takes a bite of ice cream and moans in delight*

Jace- *looks at Jaz and gulps*

Jaz- What?

Jace- *clears throat, shifts seats* N-nothing *voice cracks*

Jaz- Did you see how ice cream boy was totally checking her out?

Jace- *grunts*

Jaz- *mutters* Such a guy.. (At pier)


Eli- Ugh stupid kid made me drop my ice cream! now to find a sho- oomph

Eli- Huh sorry I wasn’t looking

Dude- It’s okay actually can you help me? I’m looking for a guy maybe you've seen him.

Eli- Um ‘kay what’s he look like?

Dude- *describes guy*

Eli-...Do you know his name?

Dude- Ya its Jace...

Eli- I might have heard of him but ill only tell you if you help me find a shower.

Dude- Okay lets go on an adventure!

Eli- KAYYYYYYY *Eli and dude find shower*

Eli- ‘Kay jus gimme a min and I’ll take you to him *Eli takes shower*

Eli- That’s better- ‘kay lets go find Card.

Dude- o.o

Eli- What’s wrong with your face?

Dude- -.-'

Eli- Seriously, what’s wrong with it

Dude- *sigh* nothing So how do you know Jace? Is he like a close friend of yours?

Eli- Ha!-no. My friend and him are like, soul mates or something

Dude- For how long?

Eli- *checks skin watch* Hmm about 45 min.

Dude- Oh.

Eli- You? How do you know card

Dude- Jace.

Eli- whatever *Eli and dude step in ice cream shop*


Jace-...and that’s why

dude- Thats why what? *Jace jumps in seat, startled*

Jaz- ELI! *looks at dude* ...and another cutie. Hello there *waves*

Eli- Hey jam, Yo Card this dude was looking for you...

Card- Uh uh uh uh why did you bring him here?

Eli- *evil smirk* Because his magical hands helped me in the shower.

Jaz- *whispers to Jace* Told you she finds a way


Eli *bursts out laughing* Hahaha just kidding he just helped me find it that’s all.

Dude- Hey Jace, see u have quite a catch here, willing to share?

card- Back off man she’s mine

dude-Whoa protective much

Eli- Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Dude- I was talking about the ice cream anyways

Jace- *blushes* *Jaz and Eli snicker*

Jace- So uh anyways what you doing here man?

Eli- Card you retard, I brought him here ‘cuz he was looking for you dah

Jace- *turns red* I meant WHY

Eli- Why i brought him here? Didnt i tell you already?

Jace- *says in annoyance* Why he was looking for me.

Jaz-Calm down people. *turns to dude* SO who exactly are you

Dude- Oh my bad I’m Brew.

Eli- OKAY so Coffee why were you looking for Card?

Dude- *sputters* Coffee what!?!

Eli- ‘Cuz you brew coffee...

Card- Yaaaa she has a way with names.

Coffee- Tell me about it. Okay so I was looking for Jace because I have to give him back this*pulls out suspicious packet.*

Jace- Wait don’t tell me that’s-

Coffee- Yes that is that

Eli and jam- What?

Jaz- What what? What is that? Jace? *Card and Coffee stare at each other*

Coffee- Go ahead Jace, tell 'em.

Card- *clears throat* It’s um, its uh a package?

Eli- *rolls eyes and mutters* Goodness, this dude

Jaz- *stares pointedly at Jace* Okay..we see that. What’ *Jaz spoke slowly but surely*

Jace- *turns a light shade of green*’s a package of wedding invitations...

Eli- *eyes wide* Oh your getting married Coffee?

Brew- *sputters* N-not me. I’m single! *blushes*

Eli- *raises eyebrow*

Jaz- Well okay then so what’s the big deal Jace. *shifts her eyes* Make sure you don’t throw up on me. The package is full of wedding invitations for...?

Jace- My wedding *he squeaked*

Eli- WHAT!

Jam- *tries to control anger* And you're getting married to whom?

Card- To......her *points to girl who is walking towards them*

Eli- Why are you marring her?

Card- Because I’m the heir to a major company and my parents don’t want ugly children hence why I’m marring her.

Jam- Do you like her?

Card-...No I hate her

Girl- Jace lovely seeing you here, Hello Brew.

Jace and Brew- Hello

Eli- Hi I'm Eli and I wanted to say *Punches her straight in the nose causing a huge cracking noise* TAKE THAT BEACH!

Eli- ‘Kay there problem solved so where were we?

Jaz- ......

Jace and Brew- ........

Eli- What? She deserves it. J

az- ...How?

Eli- *shrugs* For being hateful. I don’t know

Jaz-*with thoughtful expression*

Jace and Brew- *mouths hanging open*

Jaz- That was a nice right hook. A little messy, but its gotta hurt. Nice *touches knuckles with Eli*

Eli- Thanks *exhales on knuckles then brushes it off on her shoulder sleeve*

*Jace and Brew recover from their shock*

Brew- HELL YAH! That was awesome *looks at Eli with admiration*

Jace- *flops mouth like fish* WHAT THE HELL! SHE'S MY FIANCE !!

Jaz- *looks at Jace with hurtful expression but completely changed it with a blank look. Not before Eli and Brew saw*

Brew- *coughs awkwardly*

Eli- idiot *she hissed at card* I ought to knocked you unconscious *glares*

Jaz- Oh that’s right..she's still on the floor...

Girl- *moans in pain* Ahhhhhhhhhh

Jace- Hey are you okay?

Girl- Huh who are you?

Jace- I’m Jace...your fiancé....

Girl- What but I’m a maid how can I be your fiancé?!?

Jace- What are you talking about?

Girl- *passes out*

Eli- Cool she thinks she’s a maid

Jace- That’s not okay! Now my parents are going to find someone else gahhhhh

Eli- *grabs jam* Yes and this is going to be her, watch be here tomorrow same time and ill show u the new and improved Jam!!! MUAHAHA *Eli drags Jam away*

Jam- *mouths sorry* (END OF PART ONE! c: )

© 2012 JazEli

Author's Note

Sorry for all the bad spelling.

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Added on August 26, 2012
Last Updated on August 26, 2012
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