Dead in the Den

Dead in the Den

A Poem by Jazmen

Angling for penetration.



The drum’s vibrating the walls

And the primordial war horn it wails.

Satyricon whispers from the misty forests breaching.........

It wails

It wails I sing.

And again

Thrusting toward me savagely.

I'm sneaking through my smoke.

Divinity-spiking in the clean air;

Tis the greatness of howling beasts.

Wild and beautiful outhere.


Begin inhaling the moon.


 I sing. I coo. They’re destiny, their doom.. And the darkening of my wave ensues, as I know

I am

Unalike in certainty and ruined

I find myself naked

Still believing  

I have

got a place ideal in the wildness of wolves,


A greater heart that flows outside the bones.

Waltzing timidly down the street without echoes

An ember among the massive fire of the world.

And steadily I resist begging

at the feet of the cryptic unknown.

Barbaric I coo


Ensured of the thick weight of my skull

Lobbing.. wrists throbbing. Neck pulsing

Take a moment to bleed.

Here it is impending. The hierarchy death blows obliviously among thee.


A beating drum, hollow,


A scratching, red eyed,  inferno.

The silk of knowledge it’s all over me and I’m

still squishing out the life.

Dying in the den.


Cannot get cozy with my back on the bed


In the den


With a breath too heavy to breathe.


It transcends me..

It transcends me..


In the midst of the inevitable, unseen end

and my faltering, it's all leaving

me like a hermit.

Like a wise old wizard

From storytellers land I whisper.

It coos

And the ritual remains inscribed

Melting like chocolate down my throat.

Spirit spitting--


Splattered wildly in my art.

                             Rubbing the wound

Way out there,

The daylight birthing..

Balance for the weak ones..


my ability of movement

to get this human

hair off my tongue.

Hollow me out

Banded and shy,

Brute, fragile, brightened, dimmed fuckall lost with no ideas in the rhythmical ends..

She said to begin inhaling the moon

Just waiting for the cue

Queue glory

One moment, hold on.

Ah, the fire burns

And the liquid cools

The drums they echo

And the voices they soothe

The slapping of skin whacks among the rattles of rice

No deadintheden

Her trembles enticing the

hoarse whisper manifesting

In the thick of the pines..



Took a moment

The dwarf is distracting.. he sits so structurally flawed

His grappling stories boring

Pitched high in tune

Sinking on the moistening bark

He seeps a doubtless sigh

beneath the stars

He fluttered into the flame,

And the devil snarled from the sky

Out back

Throat exposed

There's a new likeness nearby

Yellow eyes arrive.

© 2012 Jazmen

Author's Note

More than nonsense..

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holy s**t! this is fantastic. amazing imagery. dark and haunting.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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A nice, strange and surreal piece! It had a good flow. Sounds like a scary dream I once had...Anyway good job! :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

one of your betters

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Great write, I love the way it was written. Great song choice too. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

First off, if I have yet to say, "get the hell on a stage and make this a stage piece!" than I shall say it now. This was made for a stage piece, the wording is perfect for something of a spoken word or stage presence. The only thing I would suggest is this
the rest is smashing!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

oh my god thanks for that link!! holy hell every time I watch the lost boys I always get excited whe.. read more
Surreal fever dream of ancient memory, marrow of blood myths, music of magic animal awe, maw of birth/death lingo lingering. . .

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thank you for your review, it's always appreciated.

8 Years Ago

I like how you narrow your take down to the point. You pick up the depth and give it a name in all y.. read more
Pax Analog

8 Years Ago

You're always welcome, & thanks for noticing that I do indeed cut to the core, Jazmen. The heart of .. read more
Ah, sorry it took me so long but anyway, I've read this poem 3 days ago and I found this write very unusual, remarkable, even surprising. The imagery you painted here is cruel with unusual beauty in it. This is an epic fantasy, well at least for me. Your writing has the world’s most brilliant setting, I can easily visualize it-gothic, the character- dangerous yet it shows a hint of fragility.

Characters in fiction stories and poetry should be exaggerated. So they do things we never would in the real world. They should be over the top. And you did it on this piece, you have successfully exaggerated the narrator's and the wolf's traits as well as their emotions through your linguistic style and pace, You have let them leap from your page and become real.

Bottomline is you have successfully created powerful drama that made this piece quite an achievement.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thank you for all the kind words. I'm really happy to hear it reached you and gave you such visions... read more
Mary Ann M.

8 Years Ago

You're very welcome! It's only reasonable that such work and achievement should raise one's morale.
What an interesting piece this is. Filled with haunting (haunted?) imagery and wonderful metaphors (The daylight birthing) this reads smoothly. I think it is a sense of something spiritual that creates an ominous foreboding in your words. The wolf, of course, holds its own special place in mythology ... something you've really picked up on here. I liked "deadintheden" but not the use of "tis" and "thee" which are a bit out of place in this contempory poem.

So, in the beginning ... Satyricon is a reference to the Scandinavian heavy metal band ... yes?

Well, this is a totally well written poem. You've captured elements both large and small and presented a compelling case for the wolf. You "begin by inhaling the moon" ... beginning transcedence ... and end ready and waiting for the kill.

Excellent! And I love the music you posted ... Draugurinn?

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh thank you for your awesome review, I'd like to write a longer reply when I have time. Draugrinn, .. read more

8 Years Ago

I think Draugrinn is awesome ... but had some trouble finding their music. Finally found them on You.. read more
I read this two mornings ago but I got distracted before I could review
and then very drunk...very very drunk
and I'm far too out of sorts to express my impression of this properly
sober but out of sorts, but I will attempt to say something useful
each poem has its own type of power
and this one's power is unclassifiable (wow apparently that's actually a word)
I know from having already read this, that is if I were to read it in my current state
it would break me
this really wraps its teeth into you and clenches and drags you to some magical place
in a trauma induced stupor
so yeah, note to self, when Jazmen is in her element, watch the f**k out and run for the hills
in other words, great job at creating this experience

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks, yo! I'm trying to illustrate a proper vision and keep myself out of it but it's tough.. stil.. read more
Shmoke-Sifted Heftlander

8 Years Ago

I'm gonna have to try this again after're most welcome...looking fwd to it.

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