A Poem by Jazmen

Matter bewitched: mimicking,
And moving with the melody of Time.
Meanwhile I stalk the soils and present my questions: "why?"
                  I’m crunched in the absence of my luminous speed.
                     And aged in the blackening forests and on the desert swept beach.


I wonder of the world, exchanging in dimensions.
So often I wander in directions of thresholds

Where that I cannot occupy;
Bedazzled (a disadvantaged sign)

                 By that proximate advancement,
                   Yet I cannot  conjure the frame of mind..
                      Something tall within moves too closely with the melody of Time.


Something miraculous dances with the harmony on the rise
There - the lands and the lights come alive
And I feel hot with this incurable desire
Every time I resist to resist the thought
that begs for answers, my friend, I pine;

My brethren, why must you  curse and falter?
.. strike one another and give not two thoughts for the wayfarer that seeks the answers, instead: most seem to mock her (?)

Muffling bright cerebral inklings.

      Welcoming crass and false answers.

Finding shelter in your barracks and

      Yearn, my ravenous brethren;

           Taking not
   your second glances.


Too mighty to get down cold
  On this dusty trail of old..
 Summoning fear, "have mercy on our lives!"

When there is no rapture nearing..

There is only fiendish brethren..
So, rebelliously I
thought to question:



And then began a path
           In a forest so rich and green
Nasty things slithering and
              Life all topped with water
Through it I wandered,          
                  down it I watched and pondered
Tranquil was the air and
      lucid were the trees
         whispering in the wind and …..
I breathed because It breathed..

However long I sheltered there,
           I do not recall precisely.
All the seasons moved 
             and I still stood wondering..
And once the stars witnessed me staring,
                they begged to question
                Why it is I who begs to wonder..

                       While it is most who simply wander..

                            And revealed a path to follow

wondering wanderers

                  And they gave me knowledge of a prophecy

It bore my true philosophy
                                      They told me
    In millions of breaths that seized me
     And did not barter nor promise anything
   But assuredly
                                      Reiterated -
                                  That no wrong will ever harm me.

     The things that subdue me
     In the grip of hardening time
    Are even within the movement of
                                         The gently blowing breeze,

And though my death does yet summon me
My time is gaining.
For star dust entombs me.

I am gathering all the worst and best things
For the greatest mind,
intangible, aerial and spacious..
I consider my billions of remarkable neighbors..
Hither and thither,

Down here again I wonder,
if all my servitude toward peacefulness
may be impaired, and
complexly meaningless?
(and also to which none share witness?)


 I do not wish for this


(There’s more that matters within.)

Perhaps it’s this human-nature.. I cannot resist "What if?"

Am I stricken unkind; mortal in a world inexperienced?

Or provided Feminine to engage and to nurture..
And more..
Going on and on forever..
Revealed; contrived; grounded to be shown and show the greater.

Any way

I believe
I am on an epic quest to make things better.



© 2013 Jazmen

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Twists and winds and resonates like the vines and roots & all the sprawling life of nature herself, as if evolution, w/all the time in the world were questioning its own ends. Indeed, evolution is a study in contrasts, considering it from both natural forms & catalytic consciousness p.o.v.s. And on the "epic quest to make things better" we return home in our mysterious hearts, to know it as if for the very first time.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Good writing!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Phenomenal piece of work its been some time now since i have heard the language of a writer presented there work in this format,i loved every bit of it.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

thank you so very much! this poem had quite an editing process but I am satisfied with the way it tu.. read more
I kind of like "barracks"...it's a cool word and it fits perfectly in the poem, in the context of where you put it, imho

and I like this in one part..if you want to add a roman numeral here and there, it wouldn't hurt, though...subtitles might add some levity for the faint of heart, lol

so yeah, the entropy-surface-tension-observation-experience-apparatus you describe is breath taking..i love it..the flow is a hair disjointed and staggered and dissonant, which I love..I'm def not judging, cause it's much less so, than my work, haha..and it f*****g works, because it's human and it's evolution, and you don't grow without the resonance breaking apart with irregular vibration creating new form

you are playing around with a balance between the eastern philosophies of oneness and detachment with your conversation with the cosmos and its interesting characters

I recommend not f*****g with this too much, though, because it's great already..but you could use your intuition to manipulate some phrases or concepts or replace a word with a synonym here or there...I was filming at a recording session, and the guy who owned the studio recommended leaving the music alone for 3-5 days, and come back with a fresh perspective...your brain will thank you if you maybe try this with your writing

I generally don't edit my writing at all, but for someone who actually gives a s**t and is more cerebral in their approach, I intuit that this advice might carry over and apply

great job on this piece, Jazmen, and thank you again for your awesome review

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Posted 7 Years Ago

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Shmoke-Sifted Heftlander

7 Years Ago

God damn it; the matrix swallowed my review comment

it was so cool too...

.. read more
Well, this is passing strange. An eyelash fluttering in a dream, overtaken by the displacement of senses that seem translated into dimensions illuminated by the choice of random questions related to a self-cognizant world-view morphology. I haven't a clue where you're going with this but it is pretty. Rather like coming upon a patch of wildflowers within a sunny clearing in a thick forest. I like the natural allusion bound to the transmuted eternal questions of existence. They lend a sort of credibility to the whole thing that might otherwise require a bit more structure for proper assimilation. The assumptions are hopeful if a bit childlike. There are few self-aware seers; only self-proclaimed and they often do not bear up under time-bound factoring. The thing that throws me for a loop though is the word "barracks." For me, it stands out like a pylon jutting up from the sand of an otherwise pristine beach. It plumbs my fathomed depths as to the price of it's unobvious purchase. Well, it's a wonderful draft. I am most curious to see how any revision may deviate.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ufi Auttorri ~ UfoAuthor

7 Years Ago

Boing! I just love spooky-action-at-a-distance. :)

RE: "..your perception makes me .. read more
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I like the message and the theme you've presented cleverly here. If you want to though you can make this a 2 part poem - example (Version 1) (Version 2) since it's a little long. Great job with this eloquent piece of writing. :)

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Posted 7 Years Ago

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