Galaxy-Size All

Galaxy-Size All

A Poem by Jazmen

I want it all
Found me a place in the stars
Just for the eyes and beating of hearts
All that remains undone and unmarred
And in the darkness I am called
In forests and moss;
Attain my likeness from the bark
By the howling of wolves and the
Triumph of it all
I want it all
Found me a place on the Earth
This sanctioned place of rebirth
Ancient life for me it serves
Present and passionate in my universe

And I want it all
Reverie, leaking pleasingly
Through my open door
Illustrating soul
Masked evidently in my core
This Is me and Love binds us all.
I give my breath for you and you recall
An hour of peace or perhaps much more
Grip me god, here I am and will not fall.
I want it all

From the stars to the dirt to the lips
And the places to be and where I have been
I want it all
In my nerves, in my hands, in my bones, in my ears
Find my music and my silk and my webs so intricately spun within
I want it all

Fill me to my eyes with the grey skies and
Mists on the waters and the
Rolling hills and rivers..
The sunshine and wind and the
Rich soil and creatures, the sound of
Drumming and the strumming of
And the glitter in caves and the rocks
Over graves..
And the black leather straps and the music with blasts
The diversity of language
And childlike amazement
I want it all under my nails and under my tongue..
Seeping through the core of me, squelching through my toes

Breathing it in like a rose in summer
Seeing it all before me, this; I want it.
And to give it all to a crying newcomer.

© 2013 Jazmen

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Frighteningly impressive... no less now than when it was born. Should we be concerned by tonal exchange with those that drink shredded razor blades and then wonder, curiously, at why they bleed from the mouth?

Posted 7 Years Ago

Weak hook. Iffy fourth stanza. Great last two verses. Epic last line. I can sketch the tears. On an etch-a-sketch. Lol.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I would call this a series of images, voices, feelings, and the words speak louder than a drunk man from Georgia singing 'dixie', loved your ending btw.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I imagine you shut those poems to the sky , naked in an isolated desert...... I believe I am in love ... or at least addicted

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 7, 2012
Last Updated on January 11, 2013
Tags: Cosmos, philosophy, human nature, existance, peace, love, harmony, desire, soul, spirit, black, leather, childlike, amazing, stars, God, forest, moss, breathing, poetry, beauty, deep, thought



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