Down I Glance

Down I Glance

A Poem by Jazmen

An illusionist conjuring. Breaking through the block.
Or not.
"Just dislikes to talk."

Searching within widely.
Filtering with precision.
(Recoiling absentmindedly.
So comes the silent dismissal)

Thought it had 4 legs, but now there are none.
Thought it creeped but rather it slithers.

With grotesque movements of it's tongue
That relish and blunder in whispers.

Packing a story devoid.
Unable to capture and hold.
Unwilling in words.
And dying to be heard.
But it's silent.
Oh, rapping deafly near the door, child
But you're not there
You're not there anymore.

© 2012 Jazmen

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it's not a suggestion but a subconscious observation
I saw the word "always" in the last line

there's been a shift and a debate or two about
whether this thing called inspiration
is a beast; legs, no legs, two backs, no spine
doesn't really matter to me
we fell apart they they put the responsibility
on individual human consciousness

but you go beyond writer's block with this
I hear that repulsion of the voice
to a blank society that wouldn't know it was a page
if you put it in a room full of mirrors and ink

I feel that submissive stance you take
to a teacher with no interest in one who thinks, to speak

but there is a day when you talk to your oppressor
with a can of spray paint and a jazz band

I probly shouldn't drink rum and listen to ice cream for crow while I review, lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wonderful work.
Enjoyed it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ahh this .pie e reminds me of lies and rumors. No matter the form they are always untrue and hurtful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Shmoke-Sifted Heftlander

9 Years Ago

IDK, I kinda like taking people out of their comfort zones a lil more subtly
and Johnny is all.. read more

9 Years Ago

Table tennis. I just tried so many top spin smashes. About a third of them went in and they were unr.. read more
Shmoke-Sifted Heftlander

9 Years Ago

word..I'd say more but I have an actual important meeting..I can't remember the last time something .. read more
dark and cryptic, images that make the mind glance down to no-where-ness

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very nice poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Tags: pagan, story, poem, thoughtful, dark, snake, wolf, human, illusion, child



Pacific Northwest, WA

Studying Science and Philosophy Claim no religion and I have no categorizable political views. I am interested mostly in the new science sociocyberneering (The Venus Project + Jacque Fresco) .. more..


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