A Letter to the Future

A Letter to the Future

A Poem by Geo Lawrence

The past is a memory of wounds, for history holds a tale that tears the heart to brittle splinters of sorrow...



Long-long ago as history holds,

Once was lived a virgin hinter-paradise

Of wild spirits, of the black race

Whose lands were rich and raw:

There were stones below that shimmered and shined

There was a river of oil swelling and waiting

And above the stones grew wondrous fruits and foods.


Lo! Fate never to us was mild.

The squabbling at Berlin's conference

Bore a Doom's day child

Of brittle splinters of bitterness.

And this virgin hinter paradise became mapped

Amongst those swine coloured blights of nature.

Lo! Across the big blue they sailed and settled on our shores

And washed off our wits with gifts from Greece.

And as for the still standing sober chiefs,

They fastly fettered and claimed their thrones

In the name of the Queen.

Opobo eternally wails for Jaja.

They washed off our wits with gifts from Greece

And with their Bible, they sowed new seeds in us

And with their guns, they forced us to kneel our knees

In the name of the Queen.

Alas! The worst was yet to come

For then, they began to loot our lands.

Long before,

Was the birth of their truest nature

And of our darkest time in history.

Lo! We had been beasts of burden and of labour

In their plantations and farms

That stretched as far as the eyes could see.

They had been kind enough to desire slaves of colour

And so our hinter paradise had been a fertile womb

That constantly and bountifully bore them slaves:


"of the strong and broad chested,

The lanky looking limbs,

The ample-waisted  maidens

of luscious bossoms

and the children..."


Along the shore that held back the billowing waves

Was a long-languid-lane of the ill fated

Fettered fast

They never again saw the shores of their hinter-homeland.

And into their shiply-doom they were led

Like lambs to the abattoir on Passover day.


© 2020 Geo Lawrence

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Added on September 23, 2020
Last Updated on September 23, 2020
Tags: The Black race, History, Slavery, Racism


Geo Lawrence
Geo Lawrence

Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria

My writings will nudge you into a trance of introspection. Beware dear reader, for each letter is laced in a spell to hold sway over your attention until there is nothing left to read. more..