Fall into the past

Fall into the past

A Story by Misty_Prophet

Larriel fulfills her dreams, that leads her into the deepest darkness, all in the name of love...

She looked at the photo. There was a young couple in love, standing at the roof of a building. Both of them were smiling, having the best times of their lives. Guy had a blond hair, and deep blue eyes. "Like the ocean" she thought. Girl had black hair, but her eyes were also blue just like his. When she turned the photo around, on it's back was written: My love, don't ever leave me, cause I'll die without you...
She stuffed the photo back in her pocket. It was time... As she was approaching to the ticket booth, she noticed that the guard was looking at her suspiciously. She tried to look like she didn't notice.
- Welcome to the Grand Canyon! Do you want a ticket?
-Yes, one please.
-Here you go, ma'm.
-Thank you.
-Do you want a guide?
-No, this isn't my first time here, so I already know the way.
She smiled back at the salesman. By the corner of her eye, she caught the guard still staring at her. Still, she ignored it. Could he tell she was lying? She continued down the path to the Canyon, slowly returning to her thoughts. Flow of water was getting more and more louder. 
She remembered the promises she made to Gareth. She remembered how they said, they will go on a trip, around the America and visit every interesting thing. As the big finale, he would finish off with the Grand Canyon. It was his favorite place. 
-Larriel, promise we'll go together?
-I promise...
* * *
She was standing in front of the big fish tank in the "Sea-world". It was amazing. The best feeling ever. Never ever in her life, did she wanted to be a fish, like she wanted right there. Just watching them, swimming without a care, without problems, just swimming. It was so relaxing. Next, there was a Hover dam on the list.  There was something special about it. The feeling you had, sitting there, with sounds of water fulfilling every cell  of your body. It was calming and soothing. Pleasant view of the panorama. It was similar to the Niagara falls. There, she had the same feeling of calmness. She liked it. It made her forget about the past.
* * *
- How could you do this to me?! - She screamed.
-No baby, please, don't go. I'm sorry... I... I was drunk, and drugged, please, I don't even remember!-Gareth had tears in his eyes, but she was determined not to fall for them.
- Even worse! If you said you loved her, it wouldn't hurt this much! You cheated on me, just because the moment was good for you... How could I know you wouldn't do it again?!
She rushed out the door, never looking back. It was a fact she later regretted. He followed her, but then she ran into the bus, and left him there, alone. Crying, screaming how much he loves her. She wiped the tear that flowed down her face, pretending like everything was all right. 
* * *
-Miss? I'm sorry, can I see your ID?
- What? Yeah, I mean, yes of course... 
She reached in her bag taking her ID card out and giving it to the nervous guard.
-May I just ask why?
-It's just that you look like someone, and I need to make sure... So, Sarah Forester?
-Yup, that's my name.
-25 years old? I'd say you look younger...
-Yeah, curse of the baby face. - She smiled, and the guard smiled back.
-I'm sorry, I was mistaken. Everything is fine, you can go. Here. - He gave her back her card. 
-Bye. - She made a small wave of her hand, like she always does when she is saying goodbye.
-Bye ma'm.
She continued down the path, but then he called her.
-Miss Sarah?
-Yes? - She slowly turned around.
-Are you sure you don't want a guide, or me to go with you?
-Yes I'm sure. 
-Ok, bye then.
She sighed with relief. That b*****d was so close. She put the card back in the bag, right next to her real one that said Larriel Worlick. Her parents probably reported her missing. They didn't even noticed when she left. Everything, from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Alcatraz, Statue of Liberty, Hollywood sign, Hover dam, Niagara falls, everything has led to this. Right here, in Grand Canyon. It was getting dark, but she couldn't care less. Only one thing was on her mind, while she jumped over the ropes that were marking the path. She could never go back to her old life.
* * *
She was in bed, when her mother knocked on the door. 
-Come in.
Her mom had tears in her eyes, and newspapers in her hands. She placed them on the bed, besides Larriel.
-I'm so sorry honey...
She took the newspapers, and read the headline: Police investigates alleged suicide of a young man named Gareth Kingsley. It crushed her inside, but not a single tear went down her face. He truly loved her. He once promised he will kill himself if they ever broke up. He made his promise. Now she had to made hers. Later that day, she packed everything, took the money from dad's drawer, and sneaked out. Never will she see them again.
* * *
She stood there, on the very ledge of the cliff. Surrounded by darkness. There she cried. She cried because of everything. She shouldn't have ever argued with him, she loved him, why did she leave like that? He killed himself. A sharp pain struck her heart. She was crying so much, trying not be heard. Every scream, she had to silence. It hurts so bad. She wanted to be with him again. 
Larriel stood up. Standing really close to the edge. Just one more step into the darkness. She closed her eyes, feeling the wind caressing her cheeks. It was like Gareth's. The touch. The feel. The smell. The kiss. She lifted her hands, letting him embrace her. Feeling his hug. Feeling the warmth of his body. Leaping into his arms. Feeling him catching her with a strong grip. Once again, they were reunited. In the canyons of love and memories.

© 2011 Misty_Prophet

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Very sad! This is well told. You slowly lead the reader, just giving hints, building the suspense. This is a very good story. The style of writing at the ending was very poetic.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

AW that was a great ending, an awsome romance. Nicely written. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Oh, you are certainly a romantic. Such a tragedy, though. If only they'd worked out their problems, they could have lived happily ever after.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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