The beautiful people

The beautiful people

A Poem by Sway

I wrote this about 20 years ago while people watching in Las Vegas

The beautiful people

Such a different breed

Their hair stiff and shiny

Every strand in place

Perfect faces and perfect bodies

Flawless poise and a pinky raised


The most trendy styles and the latest shoes

Proper conversation muddled by silly giggles

Fake smiles and tans to match

Plastic tits and hairless men


No friends only acquaintances

No love only lovers


The beautiful people

The “in” crowd

Everyone wants to be

Just like them

Just once

In our lives

© 2012 Sway

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I'm with Dean on this one....Celebrities are welcome to their tiny world...As you said, no friends...just acquiantances No love only lovers...Great line that...says it all good write though...thanks for letting us in

Posted 10 Years Ago

That makes two of us Dean, I've been on both sides of the beautiful coin, I have been shallow and almost killed myself trying to be perfect, give me real, give me truth, at least from that we have a sure foothold on the true beauty of life and lovers.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ohhhhh, not everyone wants to be "...Just like them"! You can count yours truly out. I love people, talking to them, observing them. But I have never been able to tolerate shallowness!
Good piece of work...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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