A Poem by Katannaism

How love lured me; and killed me.. The ultimate murder.

My heart has hardened;
And colder than ice. 
Marley & Me used to make me smile... 
Because it moved me...

Now it makes me cry so hard...
Because it was the first movie we watched. 
You slept on my couch that May. 
On the yellow leather pillow... 

I sleep with that one now-
And I imagine your peaceful face;
once so dear and so kind...
Now a face I fear... 

I pass through the crowded mall...
And remembered we would always walk there...
Endlessly... Talking, laughing... 
I'd drag you to read Shakespeare...

And you would convince me to play PS3's. 
And was shocked I didn't know what an XboX was.. 
You would always make me laugh...
And now you shot me down. 

You took a pistol to my heart;
and pulled the trigger...
Without hesitation...

You took an old cutlass;
and plunged it into me... 
You threw away the heart I once gave you...
And the Love we'd shared...

I could not understand...
How it could've come to this?
Did I kill the love we had?
Or did the plague strike? 

I wish you could understand-
How I truly feel..
When I look into your dark eyes-
I still see kindness and sincerity...

But you can't bear to look at me anymore...
And touch my left cheek, smiling;
Or pull me close to a kiss;
that would last...and last.

I miss you;
and everything we had.
Somehow I know its not over...
Letting go...

I can't. I won't... 

I love you-
And everything you are.
Even your foolish childishness. 
And sometimes your odd thoughts. 

I can't share my happy moments with you anymore..
The good news...
The sad news.. 
I can't call you...
When my father was in surgery...

You're a murderer.
You killed me-
Everything I am-and used to be;
reduced to dust.

You've made me cold.

You killed me.

Dedicated to: C.W.S

© 2011 Katannaism

Author's Note

Free verse; perhaps even a bit amateur-ish?
Well, had to vent. xpp
Hopeless Romantics~

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I think this is something we all have lived through at some point in life. Time is the ultimate healer as new people will come into your life and hopefully lift your spirit to a point where life can begin again. Your poem is heartfelt full of emotional lost and wishful hopes for the past. Great write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Love kills when we least expect it to, good poem my friend.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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A Poem by Katannaism