A Poem by Katannaism

I was crying writing this-so it could be massively flawed.

As my tears fall on my lap;
like raindrops...
My heart throbs with an indescribable pain.
And my world turns black.
I miss the happy times we had...
I wanted your promises to come true.
Never broken. 
I wish I could turn back time... 
But that was not to be. 
My eyes burn with the tears...
My breathing feels hard.
Like I am inhaling fire...
And exhaling blood. 
And my eyesight blurs.
Into a dark haze. 
My heart bleeds with the pain. 
Like a knife unable to remove. 
My soul is shattering. 
My spirits are dimmed. 
I feel as if life has become nothing...
My once better than dreams life;
ripped away from me. 
I feel ice on my skin-
Instead of the warmth from yours... 
I feel weakness surround me. 
Instead of your loving strength. 
What happened?
You know I am not strong. 
You know I won't be able to take it. 
Yet you leave;
without legit explanation. 
I pray that God will forgive me;
and that you will forgive me;
with a second chance. 
For I feel nothing but pain. 
And you know I am so. 
I pray your heart will bloom with love again. 
And be the person I once knew. 
You are still the same person. 
But not towards me....
I cannot say Goodbye, my love. 
For I have no strength. 
Call it Puppy Love, as they say. 
But I waive their claims. 
I miss you;
I love you. 
Don't leave..

© 2011 Katannaism

Author's Note

Hope there weren't many flaws. With all the tears blocking my view, was kind of hard to write this.

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it ain't flawed. what it has got is a lot of heart...and heartbreak...

Posted 8 Years Ago

I didn't see any flaws but a lot of pain..depression, heart ache are all very hard to deal with. Hope you find peace in poetry, I did...I liked this poem as it is honest and from the heart and it surely did reach mine.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 10, 2011
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A Poem by Katannaism