The Way

The Way

A Poem by Katannaism

One word. And it starts with an 'N'.

The way you looked at me;
the first time we met.
The ceiling lights made your skin glow. 
An absolute sun-kissed canvas.
That was just as warm.

The way you smiled at me;
it was hypnotizing.. Mesmerizing.
At first, a friendly grin. One of the jokers. 
Then it turned to a loving smile. 
Crooked, shy and perfect. 

The way you held me;
I could feel your touch. 
Fingering at my waist.
Your hand on my cheek...
Especially when we sit;
on my couch, on my yellow pillow
that you slept on so often. 

The way you said 'I Love you'
or 'I Miss You'
especially when you cried on the phone. 
And asked for forgiveness.
To let us reconcile. 
After our petty arguments. 
It felt so real... 
Because you made me believe it was real. 

The way you kissed me;
it was just magical. Perfect. Flawless. 
It was sweet velvet. So warm and right.
It melted all my worries away. 
Wash away all my insecurities. 
And let your moves set in.

But the way you left me. 
It was as if you stabbed me. 
First you made me believe.
Believe in love and eternity. 
You cried when I didn't. 
And now you threw that all away. 
Liked you're the one who slit my wrists. 
And just let it bleed. 

The way all this ended. 
I just can't believe it. 
I just won't believe it.
You're not that kind of person.
You're better than that. 

Maybe if you could only see...
The way I cry every night. 
How I suffer. 
Without your comforting presence.
To keep me up when I'm down. 
To support me when I reach success. 

The way I am living now.
Is my personal hell without you. 
People may call it child's play. 
But I don't see it that way. 
Say its naive. 
But hell to it.
Because I know myself. 
And I know you. 

This just ain't the way, love. 

© 2011 Katannaism

Author's Note

This is what I call one of my 'lazy poetry.' When I'm feeling nostalgic but not really in the writing zone, you know? Plus I was kinda distracted. xp
I apologize profusely for any flaws. :'(

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The format is neat, and the poem describes the ups and downs of a relationship in nice detail.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Good format, the tale of a love that faded and needs to refind the light. Great poem my friend.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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