A Poem by Katannaism

Whee~Nostalgia sucks!! <3

Seeing you was my routine.
Meeting you was destiny.
Loving you was beyond my control.
Now I just can't let you go...
It's just too hard.
I do not want to.
And I cannot. 
So please give this-
All this...-
A Second Chance...
And let the love we once had...
Reignited with a passionate fire.

To feel your sand-colored canvas.
Warm as the sun...
To taste your velvet lips and tongue again.
That electrified my body.
Aroused my senses. 
And fill my heart with overflowing passion.
That Aphrodite had blessed-

It would be Heaven-like it used to.
Maybe better?
Realizing our mistakes...
Or just mine?
And I knew you loved it too-
As much as I did.
The way you would bite my tongue-
Teasing about biting it off.
And moaned at how much you yearned-
For everything we had. 
Yearned for more.
With boundaries of our own.

I laugh of it still. 
Especially your incident.
on Chinese New Year.
When you were a child...
And that potted plant...
That I have outside my house...

I Love You-
For the imperfection you are...

Dedicated to:
Chia Wei Shen. 

© 2011 Katannaism

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Added on April 22, 2011
Last Updated on April 22, 2011



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