A Stage Play by Jennimy Cricket

A growing musical based around a story i started long ago... you'll unfortunately have to make do with out the music but if you are really really enthused i can email you the tracks when they're done.






Scene 1

A dark London street. A single spotlight lights up the NARRATOR as he stands at the side of the stage, in front of the proscenium arch. He starts the song CREATURES OF NIGHT and as the song continues the human chorus cross the stage behind him, hurriedly crossing back and forth in a mildly panicked way as they sing. On a higher level, figures appear silently and watch the humans pass in various predatory postures. These are the VAMPIRES and as the lyrics of the song end they begin to jump down from the higher level and select women from the bustling crowd, bowing to them courteously and old fashioned-ly before leading them into the WALTZ part of the song. The vampire-human couples dance a predatory, seductive dance. The vampires are completely in control, the humans are transfixed. On the higher level ERIC, LUCIAN (king of the vampires) and VINCENT watch the fray. VINCENT appears to enjoy it, eventually jumping down and stealing a woman to continue the dance with, ERIC does not, LUCIAN merely watches from his throne. Dance leads to a climax where the vampires, as one, bite the girls who slowly collapse as the curtain goes down.


Scene 2


Curtain up on ANYA being chucked out of her flat by her firm, but not unkind, LANDLORD as she has not paid the rent for months. The LANDLORD tells her to go home to her parents, a doctor and a teacher from whom she ran away at the age of 16, and leaves her onstage. She shouts after him that she can’t but he does not return and she is left on the stage, alone with her bags. She sings the song GOD DOESNT KNOW ME and as she sings ERIC enters on the higher level cautiously, so as not to disturb her, and watches her with interest. As she finishes, VINCENT enters on the higher level and takes in the scene, ANYA singing, ERIC merely watching, with amusement. ANYA exits to go home.


Scene 3


After ANYA has exited, VINCENT sneaks up behind ERIC and pushes him off the higher level. ERIC lands and whips around defensively to see who has attacked him. VINCENT sets about mocking him for his hesitance in jumping ANYA. From this we find out that VINCENT and ERIC are brothers, though there is no love lost between them, and that ERIC has not yet drunk human blood. VINCENT and his CRONIES begin a mocking song about humans and their petty lives. LUCIAN interrupts their song and they all fall silent as he reminds ERIC that he must perform his first blooding soon or run the risk of death - as he has come of age now so will soon depend on human blood for sustenance. LUCIAN employs VINCENT as ERIC’s protector so as to make sure ERIC does not cause a massacre in the craze that results from first blooding. LUCIAN leaves and VINCENT and his CRONIES finish their degrading song. ERIC walks off in disgust.


Scene 4


A family dinner at ANYA’s house. There is a lot of tension between ANYA and her MOTHER. Her MOTHER begins to tensely reprimand ANYA for her irresponsibility in running away. ANYA gets upset and runs off, aiming not to return. From this scene we are introduced to her little sister LUCY who is then employed to go and find ANYA and make sure she is alright by a reluctantly repentant MOTHER who is not uncaring, just a little tactless. The scene ends with the MOTHER being comforted by the FATHER and we get a sense of how well their relationship works. They exit together to watch Faulty Towers. :D


Scene 5


A darker London street. ANYA is pacing the stage, muttering and reprimanding herself for her stupidity in going home and her stupidity in running away... again. ERIC appears on the higher level and sings the first line of CREATURES OF NIGHT - REPRISE. She freezes, terrified. He descends and circles her, still singing. ERIC is undoubtedly predatory in this scene, trying to be what he should be: a bloodthirsty vampire, and the audience should be convinced of his motive to kill her, especially when he leads her into the dance of CREATURES OF NIGHT that was danced in SCENE ONE. However, when the dance reaches it’s climax point, ERIC falls away from ANYA and scrambles away from her, bitterly realising he can’t do it. ANYA tries to comfort him. ERIC is surprised and grateful at her fearlessness and kindness. VINCENT enters at this point on the higher level, unnoticed by the other two. He watches as ERIC invites ANYA (unhopefully) to go with him someplace. She is scared but agrees. They exit together, much to the surprise, shame and amusement of VINCENT. He goes to leave but is stopped by the arrival of LUCY who is looking for ANYA, timidly calling her name and glancing around fearfully at the shadows, looking lost. VINCENT tells her in a mock-scary voice that ANYA is not there. LUCY runs off terrified. The scene ends with VINCENT sitting on the higher level, guffawing.





Scene 6


ERIC and ANYA are sitting a top of a building. Behind them is a scape of London silhouetted against the midnight blue sky. ANYA begins to ask him tentative questions about vampirism and his first blooding. He answers reluctantly, standing up and pacing. At one point in his answer he bitterly sings the line “God doesn’t see, doesn’t know you anymore”. ANYA harmonises with him from where she is sitting down on the edge, staring pensively out into the distance. He sits down next to her again; confused at her similar feelings having always believed he was the only damned one. ANYA explains her story. He is condescending about her seemingly miniscule problems and reminds her of how lucky she is to have a family that actually cares for her. ANYA is annoyed at his patronization of her life and gets up to walk off. He stands quickly and stops her, apologising profusely but his attempts at sincerity slightly marred but the laughter that occasionally bubbles over his otherwise serious persona. She goes to leave again and he stops her, laughing and explaining that he just finds if funny that the one thing he has envied humans for is the one thing she resents. She is really annoyed at his laughter now and goes to walk off once more. He nimbly steps in front of her and takes her in a ballroom hold, asking her to dance with him. She refuses, still attempting to be pissed off. He steps closer to her and asks again. She swallows and merely nods, transfixed by him but not in the same way as the humans in SCENE ONE were. They dance the CREATURES OF NIGHT dance but it soon resolves into a more romantic waltz and ANYA loses her scared look and begins to smile and laugh.

A minor underlay comes into the waltz and VINCENT enters of the lower level and watches them in horror. Behind him the NARRATOR walks, almost pushing him onstage. Just as VINCENT is about to go and find his father, LUCY enters, terrified and lost. The NARRATOR giggles and rubs his hands gleefully, peeling off to his side-stage position so as to watch. VINCENT notices LUCY and recognises her as ANYA’s sister. The NARRATOR sings a song about the cruel twists of fate gleefully and watches the two couples, both now dancing but with a huge difference between the mood of the two dances. The moves of VINCENT are predatory and the same as the original dance (which becomes a kind of symbol that the audience should be wary of as it signifies the vampire is preying on the girl, aiming to kill). As the NARRATOR reaches the climax of the song, both couples kiss; though in very different ways.

ANYA is smiling and breathless, ERIC has a smile of his face which disappears as she reaches up to touch his face. He flinches back instinctively, she stops, hand mid air looking at him steadily, then moves her hand slowly to touch his face again, very slowly as one might a frightened animal. He permits her, stock still. She slowly kisses him. He stays frozen for a moment then kisses her back, laughing happily.

VINCENT and LUCY then do their kiss. LUCY stands where they have stopped, eyes glazed as if hypnotised. VINCENT looks at her in a predatory way, then grabs her face and kisses her harshly. She collapses and the scene, and act, ends on VINCENT’S resulting laugh.






Scene 1


VINCENT and LUCIAN and other vampires (except ERIC) are all milling around in the vampires “base”. VINCENT is making rude jokes to the amusement of his CRONIES. LUCIAN calls him over and reminds him of his duty to ERIC’s first blooding. VINCENT laughs derisively and refuses. LUCIAN begins a song that reminds VINCENT of his place. The other vampires join in. At the end of the song VINCENT sulkily agrees but, as LUCIAN exits, promises LUCIAN will regret ever having charged him with baby sitting.

The other vampires gather round VINCENT and ask him what he’s going to do. VINCENT angrily replies he has no idea. The NARRATOR, as one of the vampires, asks him where he was last night. VINCENT snorts and says he was dancing with the sister of ERIC’s human pet. As he says this he slows his pace; realizing what he has said. He laughs at his brilliance. The others ask him what he’s laughing at. He digresses through the song BLOODLINES that he will make ERIC drink from ANYA’s sister so ANYA will hate him and leave him. The all have a great laugh at this but then remind him that he has killed LUCY. He snorts and digresses that he didn’t kill her, just bound her to him for a laugh. This means she will come when he calls her. They exit, laughing, except the narrator who remains to sing a line or two about the plan being set in motion.


Scene 2


ANYA and LUCY sitting in the kitchen having breakfast. LUCY keeps holding and shaking her head. ANYA asks her what is wrong and she replies that she remembers nothing of last night. She asks ANYA where she was and ANYA sings of her night with ERIC. (this MUST not be cheesy...) LUCY joins in advice (a bit like “A boy like that” from WSS)

The song ends abruptly as LUCY’s eyes glaze over and she stands, saying she has to go. ANYA is confused but allows her to leave without much trepidation. As LUCY leaves, ERIC enters from the other side of the stage but DOES NOT SEE LUCY. ANYA look after LUCY, concerned and ERIC jumps down next to her. He asks her what’s wrong and she say she’s worried about her sister. He asks her about her sister and just as she is about to reply they are interrupted by VINCENT and his CRONIES who drop down into the scene. ANYA and ERIC get up quickly as they begin to circle them. VINCENT strokes ANYA and she shivers, terrified and clinging to ERIC who growls at VINCENT to let her alone. VINCENT laughs disdainfully and says the real reason for his visit; LUCIAN wishes to see ERIC as it is time for his fist blooding, a subject has been chosen and everything is ready. (ERIC, of course, has no idea that this subject is ANYA’s sister.) ERIC glances at ANYA’s reaction; she remains pokerfaced, clinging to him as VINCENT’S CRONIES circle and then leave. ERIC says tentatively that he better go. ANYA nods and releases him. He leaves without another word, glancing anxiously back at ANYA as he goes. She is left alone on stage, shocked and torn. She sings about the definition of good and evil and of how confused she is. At the end of the song she runs off to find ERIC and stop him, believing he can better himself.


Scene 3


VAMPIRES, LUCIAN, VINCENT and EIRC are all on stage. LUCIAN congratulates ERIC on his finally joining the family. ERIC is torn, reluctant to do it but forced. VINCENT’s mocking eggs him on. LUCY is brought on stage, kicking and screaming. VINCENT grabs her and tells her to shut up. She does so and he chucks her harshly to the floor. ERIC asks her name, she answers LUCY just before VINCENT interrupts her, fearing ERIC will recognise the name. He does not as VINCENT interrupted ANYA in the previous scene before she could tell him. LUCIAN shouts at VINCENT for his constant interruptions and orders everyone off stage. Everyone leaves except ERIC and LUCY. He reluctantly leads her up to the higher level and they begin the CREATURES OF NIGHT waltz.

As they dance VINCENT and LUCIAN appear on the lower level. LUCIAN asks VINCENT what the hell is going on with him. VINCENT refuses to tell. LUCIAN shouts at him and the lights flicker with his power. VINCENT is terrified and admits to everything. (Throughout all this LUCY and ERIC are still dancing.) LUCIAN looks horrified and VINCENT is surprised as he does not think it is that bad. LUCIAN shouts at VINCENT for his ignorance and tells the full result of his doings. (Vampires are always made to do their first feeding on orphans as, if not, the Vampire becomes obsessed with that Blood line and will hunt down the rest of their victims immediate blood line till they come out of their blood lust craze.) VINCENT is shocked and horrified and stutters his apology. LUCIAN brushes it aside and tensely asks if ERIC is locked up. VINCENT slowly shakes his head with a horrified expression.

Above them ERIC has reached the climax of the dance and bites LUCY, sobbing.

VINCENT and LUCIAN exit hurriedly to find ERIC. LUCY slowly collapses to the floor. ERIC hunches over in pain. The song BLOODLUST begins in which the two sides of ERIC’s nature battle for dominance, the blood crazed side eventually winning and he exits in a blood crazed rage leaving LUCY’s body on stage.

VINCENT and LUCIAN enter the top level and look in dread at LUCY’s body; they mime sending people after ERIC who has reappeared on the lower level to continue the song.

LUCIAN and VINCENT exit the top level with LUCY’s body. ERIC moves to the top level. ANYA’s family enter the lower level, looking worried as LUCY and ANYA are both missing. The play out of BLOODLUST ends on a single minor chord on which the lights go red and the scene freezes with the family below and ERIC above, watching them predatorily. After a long pause, ERIC jumps down in a very animalistic manner, there should be no doubt that he is about to kill them, and as he lands the stage goes to BLACKOUT.



Scene 4

Anya sitting on the higher level, disappointed and upset as she has not found ERIC and she knows what he must have done. She sadly sings the last line of her song from ACT TWO " SCENE TWO. As she sings, ERIC enters predatorily behind her. There is blood all round his mouth. She stands, looking at him warily and in shock at the blood and the violent strangeness that has come into his character. He circles her, stroking and caressing her. She shivers both in pleasure and fear. She tries to talk to him about what he’s done, tries to say that she can forgive him. He smells her wrist and tells her to shush. We are reminded of their first scene together, yet this time ERIC is completely immersed in this violent, predatory side of him self, it is not merely an act. ANYA shushes, truly scared now but still entranced by him. He pulls her down to the lower level, hurting her. She tries to pull away but he pulls her into him and she freezes. He orders her to dance with him and pulls her into a faster version of CREATURE OF NIGHT. This is very different to their original dance, he is rough with her, often hurting her and not allowing her attempts to stop or run. She stumbles and falls, he jerks her up by her wrists. She begins to cry in pain. He mockingly asks her what she expected from a vampire. The climax of the song comes and they freeze, the melody of their first song is played, against the song BLOODLUST and ERIC breathes heavily, obviously fighting. VINCENT and LUCIAN enter, LUCIAN shouting “STOP!” just as ERIC bites ANYA. She collapses to the floor, ERIC growls at LUCIAN and VINCENT. LUCIAN powerfully tells him to wake up. He snaps out of his rage and lowers ANYA to the floor, horrified. She smiles weakly and lifts her hand to his face saying she knew it wasn’t him and asking him to watch over LUCY. ERIC realizes who it is he first killed and is agonized. She dies. ERIC is left sobbing with her body cradled in his arms.

VINCENT quietly suggests to LUCIAN that they leave. ERIC snarls and jumps up, advancing on VINCENT, having realized his part in this. LUCIAN stops him and VINCENT and LUCIAN leave. ERIC is left with ANYA’s body. He picks her body up and shout/sings the last lines of GOD DOESNT KNOW ME to the ceiling. On a final scream, the stage goes to BLACKOUT.


Scene 5/epilogue


Light up on NARRATOR at the side of the stage. He sings of how ERIC went mad and had to be killed and how VINCENT was banished. As he sings the scenes are acted out behind him of the conclusion to the play. " LUCIAN sitting on his throne, centre stage on top level, ERIC is brought on stage to him, snarling and screaming madly. A vampire asks LUCIAN a question (mimed) LUCIAN, unable to take his eyes off his son, nods sadly and weeps. VINCENT enters from the other side and looks in horror at ERIC, LUCIAN stands angrily and clearly mimes ordering VINCENT to leave, VINCENT leaves ashamed. LUCIAN looks back to ERIC who has been snarling at VINCENT through that scenelet. LUCIAN tries to stroke his hair or his face. ERIC snarls and tries to leap at him, fighting the vampires restraining him. LUCIAN looks agonized and nods at the other vampires to take him away. The play ends with LUCIAN alone on the top level on his throne weeping. The lights fade on him and the NARRATOR finishes the play as he started it, with the first lines of CREATURES OF NIGHT.






Scene one


A dark London street, empty apart from the NARRATOR who stands to the side as he sings the first lines of CREATURES OF NIGHT. For the chorus part of the song the chorus run across the stage in different directions whilst the vampires crouch and stand on the higher level, observing the chaos. At the end of the lyrics the vampires begin to jump down from the higher level and select women from the crowd. They then lead their chosen girls forward of the proscenium arch so as to make more room for more vampires to jump down and choose women. As the tango part of CREATURES OF NIGHT begins the couples begin to dance on the lower level. It is a dance of seduction and domination by the vampires and the humans are lead, transfixed, in the dance that ends with the vampires all biting their prey. The curtain closes on the women slowly collapsing from this. On the higher level LUCIAN, the king of the vampires, watches from a throne and ERIC and VINCENT stand or crouch either side. VINCENT appears to enjoy the display of seduction, leaning forward on his haunches in a predatory manner and eventually jumping down and stealing a woman from another vampire, who growls but is thrown aside by VINCENT. ERIC doesn’t watch and looks bored and uncomfortable, eventually exiting just before the vampires bite.

















IN THE DARKNESS OF NIGHT                  AH....    

WHERE THE SHADOWS HAVE SUBSTANCE                             AH...

BLOCKING ALL THE LIGHT                        AH...











VAMPIRES                CHORUS



                    TO SAVE US FROM THIS ATROCITY


                    FROM NOW, ALWAYS, WE’LL SEEK THE LIGHT


                    FREE US, GI VE US BACK OUR CONTROL

SUCH A FEAST IN LONDON TOWN       AH....................................


SUCH BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS                 AH....

FULL OF PASSION AND FIRE                   AH....    

DRIVES ME INSANE                                    AH....    

WITH THE HEAT OF DESIRE                      AH...

YOU’LL FALL UNDER MY SPELL               OO...    

AND I’LL DRAG YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL                                  WE’RE IN HELL!











Scene 2


A darkening London street. Enter Landlord carrying Anya’s bags. She stumbles on stage behind him, trying to keep up. Landlord is late 40’s, lower class and has a world-worn, tired, logical manner about him. Throughout this scene he is firm but not unkind. He is merely doing his job. Anya is young, middle class, bright and has the naivety of youth strong in her character. There should be a strong contrast between these two characters.

Anya: (incredulous) You’re not just going to throw me out on the street!

Landlord: You just watch me. I’m sorry, love, but you’ve been here nine months and I’ve not had a single penny of rent.

Anya: (insistent, desperate) But that’s not my fault! Work is "

Interrupts firmly and matter-of-factly

Landlord: Slow at the moment. I know love, you told me, but that’s not my problem is it? And between you and me, I'd look for another job if I were you.


Anya: Another job...? (Quietly, almost to herself as if aware of how whiny it sounds) But I want to be a dancer...

Landlord: And I want to be an acrobat. (Places bags down and sighs.) But I’m not. I’m a landlord. And people like you stop me making a living.

Ashamed but a little petulant.

Anya: Sorry...

He sighs, pats her sympathetically on the shoulder and begins to walk off.

Landlord: s’not your fault love, it’s just how you middle class people are, it’s in your blood...

He starts to walk off again, she shouts after him; panicked.

Anya: But where am I supposed to go?!!

He turns round incredulously

Landlord: Your 19! Go home!! (Glances up at the sky) And you’d better go quickly, it’s getting late and there’re rumours going round of... (He trails off with a frown) you just go home Miss. Johnson, London’s no place for a girl like you.

LANDLORD exit. ANYA shouts after him.


Anya: You can’t just leave me! Come back! (Gradually quietening as she realises he will not return till almost musing to herself.) I can’t go home... I ran away from home... I can’t just go back! Urgh...

She slumps down onto the pavement with a small sob. Song GOD DOESNT KNOW ME begins, through the song she gradually picks herself and her belonging up. Part way through the song ERIC enters on the higher level. He crawls in quietly and cautiously, not wanting to disturb her and watches her as she sings and then leaves.


























Anya: (doubtfully) Home...


ANYA sighs and exits as VINCENT enters, taking in the whole scene; ANYA leaving and ERIC watching with amusement, and we are into....


Scene 3


As soon as ANYA has departed and the last chord of GOD DOESNT KNOW ME has been played, VINCENT sneaks up behind ERIC and pushes him off the higher level. ERIC lands in a defensive posture and whips around to see who has attacked him. VINCENT laughs and jumps down, hands up in a mock surrender.


Vincent: Wow Eric, down boy...


ERIC straightens up but continues to glare at VINCENT. It should be clear to the audience that there is no love lost between them.


Eric: What are you doing here, Vince?


VINCENT’s cocky grin falls a notch at the nickname.


Vincent: It’s Vin-cent. And I came to see what you were doing, (his voice takes on a mocking, baby-talk tone) Leaving the party so early like that, you had me wowwied...


Eric: Leave me alone Vince.


Vincent begins to get annoyed at the lack of rise he is getting from ERIC. His next words take on an acidic tone.


Vincent: Vincent. You know for a moment up there I thought you’d finally decided to become part of the family to which you, doubtfully, belong... but no... You weren’t even thinking about jumping her were you?? What was it this time? Too pretty? Too ugly?? Too kind? Too mean? Too "


ERIC growls menacingly and crouches into a predatory posture.


Eric: Shut the hell up.


Vincent grins, glad to have finally got a reaction. His next words are irrefutably mocking.


Vincent: Or what Ricky-boy? You’ll wavish me with your tewwifying wage??


ERIC growls and launches for VINCENT’s throat. He sidesteps him and laughs. VINCENT’S CRONIES enter at this point and laugh with him.

VINCENT begins his song (HUMANS) during which the other vampires help him to depict the scenes of which he is singing of.



LUCIAN enters and all the vampires fall silent mid song, he surveys them for a long moment with a scrutinising look. He is a gentle but powerful leader (a la Albus Dumbledore)


Lucian: (Gentle, quiet tone but holding lots of power) Eric, I just wished to remind you that we must deal with your first blooding soon "


ERIC looks like he is about to interrupt but LUCIAN holds up a hand.


I know you are reluctant but unfortunately this must be dealt with soon lest we run the risk of you perishing. Not many vampire younglings have survived much past their coming of age and yours is already far behind us.


ERIC tries to protest again. LUCIAN’S voice takes on the power it has held throughout his speech.


NO ARGUMENTS. You will choose a subject, and Vincent will accompany you as your protector.


VINCENT’s face drops from the smug grin it has had.


I know you, most of all my vampires, will wish to avoid a massacre...


LUCIAN surveys the other vampires again who avoid eye contact and shuffle nervously. He smiles genially.


Lucian: As you were...



VINCENT looks at ERIC. ERIC looks at VINCENT. There is a beat of silence. Then VINCENT grins nastily and finishes the song he started. ERIC walks off


Scene 4


Lights up on a family scene on the lower level. MOTHER, FATHER, ANYA and LUCY are all sitting around a dining room table, eating in silence. MOTHER is a highly strung woman of around 35 but looks older due to stress. FATHER is a kindly man of 40 but is definitely over powered by the MOTHER in their relationship. LUCY is a sweet girl of 13 who has inherited her FATHER’s desire for peacemaking.

MOTHER glances up at ANYA tensely every few seconds. After a while, MOTHER lays down her cutlery and begins.


Mother: (tensely) I know you don’t want to talk about this Anya, but I really want you to fully understand what you did to this family. Don’t misunderstand me, I am very happy at your return, but you can’t just come waltzing back as if nothing has happened.


Father: Caroline... Let’s just eat dinner shall we?


Mother: Quite.


A pause in which they all continue eating, the tension in the room slightly higher than before then...


Mother: (indignant and self righteous) You had us so worried! (To FATHER) I’m sorry Ian but it has to be said... (back to ANYA) You could have been anywhere!! You could have been dead in the streets for all we knew!! Have you any idea how irresponsible that is?! You could have been killed!! And with the stories going round at the moment...


Throughout all this ANYA has remained static and staring down at her plate, ashamed but indignant and quietly seething.


Mother: Well?? What have you got to say for yourself?? I know, I know, it’s the past and you can’t change it but you could at least apologise for the pain you’ve put us through! And Lucy! How is she supposed to grow up properly when her own sister runs away at 16!


Everyone looks at LUCY. LUCY shrinks in her seat.


Lucy: (mumbling) Can we leave me out of this please...?


ANYA remains silent.


Mother: Well?!


ANYA is upset, angry and ashamed. She stands shakily.


Anya: I’m sorry. I’m not sorry for running away... but I’m sorry for coming back. I shouldn’t have. (She looks at LUCY with real regret and her voice begins to crack with tears.) I’m sorry Lucy... I’ve been an awful sister...


She swallows her impending tears.


I’m sorry Father, but I can’t stay here...


She runs off. FATHER half stands to follow, MOTHER pulls him down.


Mother: Let her alone. She’s just being dramatic. She’ll come back.


Regardless of her cavalier words MOTHER looks in the direction ANYA has gone with anxiety and discomfort. There is a pause. Then MOTHER’s caring maternal instinct takes over.


Mother: Lucy would you mind going and making sure she is alright.


Lucy gets up and walks off.


MOTHER and FATHER are left alone. MOTHER is uncomfortable with how she acted. She fidgets as FATHER continues eating peacefully.


Mother: Do you think I was too harsh on her?


FATHER continues eating.


Father: (mildly) I think it could have gone better.


Mother: (now trying to convince herself of her righteousness) Well it’s true...! what we’ve been through....! and.... well... the irresponsible way she acted....


FATHER looks at her and she slumps, putting her head in her hands.


Mother: I was too harsh on her...


FATHER gets up and massages her shoulders.


Father: I shouldn’t worry; Lucy will find her and use that irrefutable charm of hers to calm her. (mother remains silent) Anya will return.


MOTHER sits up wearily.


Mother: You’re right Ian, I’m sorry...


She gets up and starts to clear things up, still obviously very stressed. FATHER stops her, gently grabbing her wrists.


Father: Leave it a while. (Mother begins to protest, Father interrupts firmly) It will all still be there in half a hour, and you might be a mite calmer.


(She relaxes and hugs him)


(Flirty)  Hmm... now what could we do in half an hour...?



MOTHER looks at him smiling. A suggestive pause.



Mother: Up for an episode of Faulty Towers?


FATHER laughs genially.


Father: You read my mind my dear, you really do.


They laugh and exit with their arms round each other.




Scene 5


ANYA on the, now dark, street. Pacing back and forth. ERIC enters on the higher level and watches her mutter.


Anya: (To herself) Well that was clever wasn’t it? Now where are you going to go? You, Anya Johnson, are the most stupid, immature, idiotic...


ERIC interrupts her by singing the first line of CREATURES OF NIGHT " REPRISE and she freezes, terrified as he jumps down to her level and comes up behind her. At this point the audience is not sure whether ERIC means to kill her or not. He is predatory and graceful as he circles her.


Anya: Wh-who are you? What do you want?


ERIC laughs and wraps his arm around her from behind, tilting her head so he can sniff at her neck. ANYA trembles in fear and starts to whimper.


Anya: G-g-get o-o-ff m-me...


ERIC laughs again and spins her around so they are in a ballroom hold. ANYA is terrified.


Eric: Dance with me.


ANYA says nothing, too scared to reply and stumbles a little as they begin the dance from CREATURES OF NIGHT. But the dance this time is different, as hard as ERIC tries to stay in the “predatory vampire” role he is not as predatory in his dance as the others were. Their dance is more equal and ANYA begins to lose a little of her terrified look in the seduction it. At the climax of the dance, where the other vampires bit their subjects, ERIC pauses then falls away from ANYA and scrambles away from her. ANYA is shocked and a little dazed as she stands centre stage.


Eric: (agonised) I can’t do it...


ANYA has snapped out of her daze somewhat and is frightened and wary of ERIC. But, through all this, she is also concerned for him.


ANYA approaches him tentatively.


Anya: Can’t do what?


ERIC looks at her and laughs bitterly.


Eric: (meaning to shock her) Can’t kill you. I’m a vampire and I can’t kill.


He laughs hysterically, she backs away somewhat. ERIC stands up and walks towards her causing her to back up even more.


(Incredulously) I had you. I had you right there and you wouldn’t have even put up a fight! You would have given your life willingly...


Anya: No I wou-


Interrupting her by putting a finger to her lips. She freezes. He laughs incredulously.


Eric: Yes, yes you would. You would have given it willingly and I would have taken it. (grabs her shoulders insistently) I would have taken it...(releases her and laughs) and left your cold white body right here on the street so some lucky reporter could find you and make lots of money with your story... (starts to go around the stage almost crazily, laughing incredulously.) READ ALL ABOUT IT, READ ALL ABOUT IT! YOUNG GIRL KILLED!! 7TH MURDER THIS MONTH!! THE MASSACRE OF LONDON UNCONVERED!!


ERIC slows and stops laughing, collapsing wearily to the floor.


But I can’t do it... (he laughs bitterly again. Then, angrily, smashing fists into the floor on every word.) I just. Cant. Do. It.


Throughout all this, ANYA has been standing relatively still, watching with concern and the remnants of fear. As ERIC quietens, she steps forward tentatively.


Anya: But that’s a good thing... not killing people is a good thing.... isn’t it?


ERIC looks at her mournfully.


Eric: You’re not a vampire. How would you know?


There is a long silence. Then ERIC looks up at ANYA again, surprised.


Eric: Why are you still here? Run away! I’m a vampire. I’m scary. Run. Away.


ANYA glances towards an exit but remains, determined.


Anya: Your hands are bleeding.


ERIC glances down at his hands. Then back at ANYA. He begins to lick the blood off his hands. ANYA grimaces. He glances at her and stops, looking a little bashful and proceeds to wipe his hands on his trousers.

ANYA shakes her head and kneels down beside him, grabbing his hand and producing a cloth which she spits on and begins to purposefully wipe his hand clean. He is frozen throughout this, utterly stunned at how willingly she touches him, and watches her clean his hand, astounded. She looks up and notices him looking at her. She pauses. There is a silence.


Anya: Wiping it on your trousers will only make it worse...


ERIC says nothing. ANYA becomes slightly uncomfortable.


You’ve got grit in all the cuts... you’ve got to clean it.


There is another awkward pause. At this point VINCENT enters on the higher level and takes in the scene with disgust. He crouches to watch. ANYA opens her mouth to say something but ERIC interrupts her suddenly.


Eric: (Hurried, as if he knows he shouldn’t) Come with me someplace.


ANYA looks at him for a moment, deciding.


Anya: Yes.


They look at each other a moment longer, trying to discern what the other is thinking then Exit.


VINCENT watches them go in utter disbelief, he is about to leave to tell the others when LUCY enters on the lower level, scared and alone, looking for ANYA. VINCENT crouches again to watch her.

Lucy: Anya? (She glances around the lower level fearfully) .... Anya?


Vincent: I’m afraid Anya is no longer here.


LUCY looks up and notices VINCENT. He bears his teeth at her in a terrifying grimace.


Vincent: Now run little girl. RUN!


LUCY runs off, terrified.


VINCENT collapses on the higher level in laughter. Blackout.



Scene 6 �" The Rooftop


Enter ERIC and ANYA on the higher level against a backdrop of a beautiful moon and star lighted city rooftop scape. They sit on the edge of the roof top. ANYA looks around amazed.


Anya: It’s beautiful up here.


ERIC glances around fondly.


Eric: It’s where I come when I need to think and... get away from it all... from them all.


Anya: (tentatively) Them?


ERIC gestures vaguely, not wanting to say the word.


Eric: The others...


Anya: Others...?


Eric: The other...


Anya: (very matter of fact) Vampires.


ERIC nods slowly, not looking at her.


Eric: (in agreement) umhm.


There is an awkward pause in which they both look downwards and nod in an “understanding” way.


ANYA’s curiosity eventually gets the better of her and she asks the next question with sudden energy that should be quite contrasting to the awkwardness of before.


Anya: So, what’s it like being a vampire?


ERIC smiles tolerantly.


Eric: Well, what do you want to know?


ANYA looks down at her hands, bashful.


Anya: Well... do you have to kill?


ERIC says nothing for a moment, contemplating his thoughts. ANYA glances up at him and back down again awkwardly.


Anya: (hurriedly) I mean, don’t answer if you don’t want to. I completely understand. I had no right to �"


Eric: No, no, it’s not that... well... simple answer is yes, we do. (Glances up at ANYA worriedly) I mean I haven’t yet, and I don’t want to but, yes, we need human blood to survive...


ANYA nods slowly and matter-of-factly as if they are having a normal conversation.


Anya: So, if you haven’t yet, how come you’re still... (slight hesitation) around?


ERIC smiles slightly at her avoidance of the word “alive”


Eric: It’s ok, you can say “alive”. We may not human but I don’t  think I'd quite classify myself as dead yet.


Anya: Sorry...


ERIC laughs at her embarrased expression.


Eric: In answer to your question, our kind don’t technically need blood until we come of age... when we become dependant on it we have our first “blooding” ceremony and join the clan’s hunter parties until we die.


Anya: So... you do die then?


Eric: (slightly sardonic) Yes, we die. (sobered) Everything has it’s time... including us.


Anya: (slightly hesitantly) So... you haven’t had your first thingamegig yet?


Eric: Blooding. And no... not yet. I can’t survive much longer with out it though, I'd give myself... a week, maybe two?


Anya: Surely, surely there’s some other way to do it, I mean, ask hospital for bags of blood! Or just take a bit from lots of humans! Surely you don’t have to kill...


ERIC stands up and begins to pace the roof, ANYA watches him anxiously.


Eric: You don’t understand, it’s not just the blood we need... it’s the life. We need to take human lives... we’re monsters.





ANYA harmonises with him on the last line and ERIC sits down next to her surprised.


Eric: How can you possibly feel like that? You’re human. The worst thing that’s probably ever happened to you is not getting the present you wanted for Christmas.


ANYA is slightly pissed off at his tone and aims to shock him with her exaggerated story. Part way through her speech ERIC starts to laugh.


Anya: oh yeah? When I was a 16 I ran away from home because I hated it so much. My mother doesn’t love me. My father doesn’t love me enough to stand up to my mother and my sister probably hates me because I was never there. Plus, I just got thrown out of the flat I was living in because I have no money. So I have no money, no job, no home, and no future. And why the hell are you laughing?!


Eric: Because, it’s kind of funny.


ANYA gets up in a strop and goes to leave.


Anya: So glad my troubles are so amusing to you.


ERIC gets up hurriedly and tries to calm her but his efforts are slightly marred by the fact that he is still trying hard not to laugh.


Eric: No, no I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.


He bursts out laughing again. ANYA regards him disdainfully for a minute then goes to walk off again. ERIC steps nimbly in front of her, trying desperately to straighten his face.


Eric: No, no I just... I just find it kind of funny that the one thing I envy humans for is the one thing you resent.


Anya: What?


Eric: You’re family. Human families are so closely knitted, you actually care for each other. You have no idea how lucky you are to have that.


Anya: My family isn’t like that.


ERIC laughs again and shakes her incredulously.


Eric: But it is! Can’t you see? Even when human families seem to hate each other you still have this... this bond that vampires never had.


ANYA is almost calmed but then ERIC bursts out into incredulous laughter again.


Eric: You humans! You’re so... so ignorant! You don’t even know what love and hate mean!


ANYA takes offence.


Anya: Right that’s it. (ERIC is still in fits of laughter, she pauses, then very deliberately) I’m leaving now.


ERIC continues to laugh and she rolls her eyes and goes to leave. He, once again blocks her path, twirling her back to centre stage in a ball room hold.


Eric: Dance with me.


Anya: (slightly petulant but also slightly breathless from the sudden closeness) No.


ERIC steps closer to her and she catches her breath.


Eric: (in a playfully seductive tone) Please?


Anya: (slightly dazed) ...ok.


They begin to dance and sing the ROOFTOP WALTZ and ANYA loses her dazed look and begins to smile and laugh.

A minor underlay comes into the waltz and VINCENT enters of the lower level and watches them in horror. Behind him the NARRATOR walks, almost pushing him onstage. Just as VINCENT is about to go and find his father, LUCY enters, terrified and lost. The NARRATOR giggles and rubs his hands gleefully, peeling off to his side-stage position so as to watch. VINCENT notices LUCY and recognises her as ANYA’s sister. The NARRATOR sings a song about the cruel twists of fate gleefully and watches the two couples, both now dancing but with a huge difference between the mood of the two dances. The moves of VINCENT are predatory and the same as the original dance (which becomes a kind of symbol that the audience should be wary of as it signifies the vampire is preying on the girl, aiming to kill). As the NARRATOR reaches the climax of the song, both couples kiss; though in very different ways. Firstly VINCENT and LUCY freeze and lights go down on them and come up just on ANYA and ERIC.

ANYA is smiling and breathless, ERIC has a smile of his face which disappears as she reaches up to touch his face. He flinches back instinctively, she stops, hand mid air looking at him steadily, then moves her hand slowly to touch his face again, very slowly as one might a frightened animal. He permits her, stock still. She slowly kisses him. He stays frozen for a moment then kisses her back, laughing happily. They then freeze, lights go down on them and then up on VINCENT and LUCY.

VINCENT and LUCY then do their kiss. LUCY stands where they have stopped, eyes glazed as if hypnotised. VINCENT looks at her in a predatory way, then grabs her face and kisses her harshly. She collapses and the scene, and act, ends on VINCENT’S resulting laugh.


© 2010 Jennimy Cricket

Author's Note

Jennimy Cricket
Please do leave any suggestions for improvements, critique or praise or any feedback really :D x

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Reviews it's more believable.
can't think of anything else to say here, but will comment if i can think of more.
Other than that, great musical love :) sounds like my kinda thing :) xx

Posted 10 Years Ago

a huge combo of twilight, phantom of the opera and jekyll and hyde! i can see where you get oyour inspiration, love!
I like the general story line, although it has the tendency to get a little samey - what with Vincent who keeps popping up and just...watching (creeeepy!)
also, try not to keep using "pissed off" as a description - maybe "riled" or irritated" or "indignant" or something like that. Also, what time period is this set in? Modern day/ victorian etc..? i.e. You may want to think about some of the language.
Also (sorry, much CONSTRUCTIVE! criticism here :) xxx) maybe make anya and eric get to know each other a little better (more intense connection between them) before they kiss...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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