Rotten Apple

Rotten Apple

A Poem by Flapjack

-Me and my friend are doing an Adventure time yaoi rp with prince gumball and Marshal Lee <3 -

The taste of bitterness, I truly love it you know?
I blame the sweet things I've tasted ever since I was a little boy,
The cruel harsh lashing of skin is much more passionate then gently caressing ones skin don't you agree?
The dark things I don't understand are what I want to see. So show me those fangs and those pointed ears
I want to feel like your captive and feel trapped in this dream of a Stockholm syndrome like romance.
So toss away the candy and sweets tonight. Give me the bitter tasting things like molasses and your kisses laced with malice.
The bite of a rotted fruit taste more pleasing than any piece of candy
The harsh reality of the forbidden fruit draws me closer to this moment you know?
The trill of the punishment of tampering in things like this
Nice boys shouldn't know anything about
Isn't funny where here at this moment and your the one hesitating?
Tremble and ill move your hands for you
Tell you where to touch and feel
It feels so good like this I feel as though I might faint
But you wake me up with the sour kiss
And I do my best play
The innocent act
that you've grown to love and I've learned to play
I'll keep weaving this bed of temptation and soon
I'll have your mouth filled with cavities
The taste of bitterness is something I crave,
I need it
Like a shot of exstacy it keeps filling my body with this warmth
When will I flood?
So pop the sealed jar of cherry's
And eat till your sick with sugar
This body only calls out for you
The juices are only this lip smacking good for you
I'm the artificial flavoring to your sour apple taste <3

© 2011 Flapjack

Author's Note

ignore grammar and what not xD just want how it sounds if it flows OK and if it sounds hidden dirty or not!
ty !

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It flows very well, and it does sound dirty!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on October 11, 2011
Last Updated on October 11, 2011
Tags: candy, gumball, apple, rotten, marshal lee, prince gumball, lust, love, extascy, innocence



Chateauroux, Basse-Normandie, France

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