The Ragged

The Ragged

A Chapter by Jesse Torres II

From the perspective of the unheard class after their successful cessation from the Code and the System.

   I don't know how much they were myth or fairy tale, but to us they were definitely legend.  And we didn't care at all to substantiate the tales they told or told of them.  You see, we were never allowed to be substantiated, we didn't give a s**t, in fact, preferred that the stories not be confirmed.  The measure of truth and reality was not ours anyway.  We didn't make it. We didn't share it.  We didn't want it.  We were all raised in it, indoctrinated into the Code, that said you and me are we, and together we will love. But the Code spoiled long ago, and we all knew  it.  It took with it the promise in our play.  It obscured the good in our faces, in our friendships, our smiles, until all that was left was contempt and disdain for us, our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, our food, traditions, music..... our innocent and precious children.  And in the those final days of our acquiescence, when we could no longer bear to see the cowing of our little ones, the shame and sting in their eyes, it was then that we decided that there would be war, and we would be its tools, and we would be good at it, and the code would be smashed and the system dismantled.      We would set aside our beloved artisan's tools, the very ones passed to us by the proud craftsmen who were our fathers and we would instead pick up machines of war, hoping that one day perhaps our hands could again make instead of main, create, instead of kill.  But until that day we would have our reckoning, and our children would have their resolution.  

© 2013 Jesse Torres II

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Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 6, 2013
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Tags: adventure, military, social caste system, rebellion, group think, global collapse


Jesse Torres II
Jesse Torres II

Kent, WA

I'm a Karate Teacher, Former Marine Officer, graduate of Univiersity of Washington with a BA in Liberal Studies, father and husband. Running a karate school for twelve years, at which I take a holist.. more..