Kiss the Seams

Kiss the Seams

A Poem by JessikaEndsley

For someone.


Whatever happened to your true crime, Miss Alone Time

She put her crazy six feet in the filthy ground

I better straighten up before I fall back down

And lie saying I'm not afraid of this fantasy

I said I'd never be alright but I am right now

You could put your arm around my shoulders

So I don't have to play the soldier

By now we should be used to the burn

But they say by now it just goes away

I guess they didn't get so lucky

Wishing on their dead star

Thank my cursed one this isn't just a game

If it ever was I'd lose if I played.

Whatever happened to your true crime, whatever you left out could he find

She started smiling and wearing her heart around.

Will I always get up when I fall down

And lie and say that I feel just fine

Thanks to you I don't have to lie this time.

I hope to find someplace in mind

Away from this storm I've been in to lose and gain everything

Anywhere below, above the line

Somehow it feels better when I'm with you

And when we're out of the gray one day

We're the only ones with anything left to say

No more hatred to release,

No more aggression to pass

I can open your eyes and drive you into the fall

Stitched together, kiss the seams

Nothing that is said is ever as it seems

Can your song drown out the screams.

© 2013 JessikaEndsley

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Added on October 16, 2013
Last Updated on October 16, 2013
Tags: love, pain, broken