Driving Masacre

Driving Masacre

A Story by Jess


                                          Driving Massacre
There was a guy named Rich and a girl named Brooke who were deeply in love for 3 years. They did everything together from driving to the store, to celebrating the same birthday. They got together their senior year and haven’t split since, until one phone call that broke Brooke’s heart.
Both Rich and Brooke were standing in the kitchen when they noticed there was no ketchup for their burgers, so Rich yelled to Brooke, “Babe I’m going to go to the grocery store, but there’s no need for you to come, I am just running in, but, Sweetheart just remember that I love you, and that I cant wait to get married to you so you know I want to be with you forever,” said Rich
Brooke answered back and said, “I love you too baby, and I cannot wait neither, I think about it everyday.”
Rich left Brooke went in the kitchen and started making the burgers for dinner. When she was done, it seemed like it was taking Rich way too long to get home, so she called his cell phone, no answer. Brooke then heard the phone ring and answered with a sweet, “Hello?”
The other line was a stern, hard spoken man who answered, “hello, is this Brooke?”
“Yes” said Brooke, “who’s speaking?”
The man answered, “My name is Stan, I’m calling in regards to a Rich, we got this number from his cell phone, and do you know him?”
Brooke answered scared, “yes, Why?!”
The man told Brooke to sit down; Brooke went in the living room, sat down, and said, “Tell me”
The man asked Brooke if she knew where he was.
Brooke said “ye-ye-yes I do, the grocery store?”
“Okay,” the man said
Brooke said “is everything okay?”
Stan answered, “No, your boyfriend is in the hospital, he got into a car accident”
Brooke fell to the floor crying and said “is he okay!?”
Stan said, “I don’t know yet, he is in St. Luke’s on Tenth Street.”
Brooke answered in a panic, “how hard was he hit? was there blood? Just tell me!”
Stan answered saying, “I don’t know Brooke, you have to go to the hospital and see, the ambulance just rushed him off. That’s all I saw, I was told to call and tell you, im sorry”
Brooke answered, “thank you Stan” and hung up the phone, ran to her car and drove to where he was.
As she pulled up, she was scared to think about what could be wrong, she ran to the desk, got his room, and arrived at the door.
Brooke opened the door, looked at the bed, and saw it was empty, and being cleaned off.
A week later Broke stood in the cold, windy weather, and watched the casket drop to the ground. Brooke wished it was her, she couldn’t stand seeing this. She walked over to her car as the casket was dropped, and whispered to herself, “I’ll love him till the day I die too.”

© 2008 Jess

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i like it but it sounds like it is from book
aka justin

Posted 14 Years Ago

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