Rain without the Sun

Rain without the Sun

A Story by Jess


Rain without the sun
It was a nice town, nice schools, nice people, nice pets, nice shops, nice everything. It was a town where rainbows appeared daily, and everyone was always smiling. No one would ever think that one day; this town would turn upside-down and be ugly and gray.
It all started with a bad rainstorm, it rained and thundered and lightning all around the town for months and months. No body was prepared for the rainstorm because it was so out of the blue. While the rain fell, the town became a harsh town to be living in. It rained so much that pretty much all the town was flooding, and it wasn’t getting any better. Phone lines were off, which meant no one got no communication. Cars were hydroplaning, so nobody could escape to anywhere. Kids were up crying all hours of the night because of the sound, and houses soon ran out of food to feed their households, power went out in all the houses, so they couldn’t watch the news for any updates, the town turned into a disaster that wasn’t getting any better.
Months and months went by which soon accumulated to a year with this bad rain. Houses were ruined and flooded. Planes flying in the air were trying to rescue helpless floaters on the street, but the water was so high and rip tides soon were created in the water, so everyone that got caught in this water was instantly killed. People yelled across from window to window asking helplessly for food, blankets, candles, anything they could get, but no one had anything. The town was a horrible place to live.
People in other towns tried to figure out what they could do, one day a group of scientists came to the point where they all agreed on making stilts to put on the street for the people living in the town to climb onto and escape this horror. They all got together and built 30 feet high stilts to set on the ground, everyone knew this was going to work. They set the stilts down by plane while making an announcement to all the alive people in the town saying what they were and how to get on them. Soon, everyone looked out their windows and got prepared to jump out and climb on these stilts. While everyone was jumping and climbing onto the seven stilts set up, news casters taped the victory of everyone escaping the town. Everyone was out of their house and onto the stilts, everyone cheered, cried, etc. they were all just happy to be alive and well. Until, the out of the blue, the storm came again. The wind started blowing and the rain started falling. Everyone’s faces that was once a smile, turned upside down. Everyone on these stilts tried to hold on while rescue men tried getting them. The rain then got harder and the wind got stronger, as the wind blew, the stilts started cracking causing all seven of them to break, and all the helpless citizens left on the stilts drowned, and no one was left in the town to repeat this story to their grandchildren.  
After the second storm stopped, and dried out. Police, ambulance, news casters, and other citizens, came to watch all the dead bodies come out. No one in this town was alive, this rainstorm caused everyone to die either of the cause of drowning or starvation. People sank in the water, due to drowning, all types of debris were lying on the streets, no one knew what to do, or what to say. This town that was once a happy place to live in, was a place no one would ever call a real town again.  




Life with Rain
as the rain falls down
so does the town
as the babies cry
the parents die
nothing to stop it
so they just wait
until the town they lived in before
The end
the pillars get put up
the smiles then glow
the lives try to get saved
but the rain then shows
they all fall off
and start to drown
as the lives of everyone in the town
got turned upside down.

© 2008 Jess

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Added on April 21, 2008
Last Updated on April 23, 2008



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