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A Story by Jess


I got the dough && hid the money. The text no one ever wants to get….. Let me tell you the story….
            I work at a bank, called Cheeve. It’s was a typical day, I was rolling quarters and writing up bank slips, when all of the sudden my phone buzzed. I knew it was a text and figured it was my boyfriend. So I left it go because I knew I would talk to him later. Five minutes went by and my phone buzzed again. I got annoyed by my leg vibrating, so I checked the message. It was from a weird number, so I put my password in, unlocked my phone, and read the message, “I got the dough && hid the body.” As serious as the text sounded, I laughed because I knew it was either someone testing my from work, or one of my stupid friends that got a new number and just wanted to see how I reacted. So instead of laughing it off and not texting back, I wanted to have some fun and really go along with it, then find out who it was at the end. So I started texting back and this was what the conversation was like….
  -you got the dough and hid the body? You got the 5k and the bodies in the dumpster right?
-YES. I got the 5k under that piece of wood and the body is in the dumpster, cut up and put into a bag so the garbage men don’t know.
-so where’d you kill him at?
-him? You mean her? I killed her at 24th and green, I host her with a silent gun twice in the face.
-oh, pretty violent stuff there
-you requested it
-I hope no evidence was left behind loll
-loll? No. no evidence was left behind nowhere. Delete my number, and forget this ever happened, because if we keep texting like this, and I somehow get caught as a victim and they see this conversation, im screwed.
-hahahaha yea okay. But really, who is this?
-what the f**k do you mean. Im the guy who killed your girlfriend! Goodbye!
-well before this joke gets outta hand, just tell me who you are hahaha
-why do you keep asking me that, you gave me this number to text when I killed her, so im letting you know, she’s dead and done with, now go on with your life like nothing happened,. Goodbye……..
            At this point, I started worrying just a little bit, because even if they were playing around with me, they would admit it the first or even second time I asked this person. So I sat at work, wondering what to do, maybe text them back, call them, or go right to the cops. I knew going to the cops, and it being a joke would make me look so stupid. So I decided to take things in my own hands. I got my phone back out of my pocket, looked up the number, and called it. The phone said it got turned off 5 minutes ago and if someone needed information, to call the phone store. So instead of calling the phone store, I texted the person again.
-either tell me your name or im calling the cops, because this isn’t a joke anymore, its something really scaring me right now.
-WTF do you mean you’re calling the cops, we had a deal, and you better stick with it, or you’ll be in the bag all cut up too.
At this point I got very worried, I called my boyfriend, told him the whole conversation, he then told me to not worry and just get done with my day, then come home. So I sat and sat for an hour or so, but my blood was rushing so fast, so I asked my boss to leave, she said yes, because she knew I was sick by how pale I was. So I left, drove home, showed my boyfriend the conversation again, and we didn’t know what to do. We weighed the possibilities of calling the cops, or just leaving it go. But we then both decided the best thing to do was to call 911 and let them see it. So I did, I called them and they had a cop drive to my house to see my phone. The cop seemed very interested when he saw it, so he took my phone, put it into an evidence bag and told me I had to come with him.
            We drove to the police station where I got sat in a room. It looked like a conference room, but with no papers, or pens. Just 2 chairs and a table. Another cop came in; he made me explain the whole story from when I walked into work, to when I left early. I told him everything. He then called more cops in, and asked to print the conversation out just so they knew I didn’t delete any texts. They read it and then traced the phone. I told them I called and it was turned off, so they took matters into their own hands and retraced the phone and where it was 2 days ago. It said the phone was located in a jail bin. So they looked up the name of the phone and the name came up as Carlos Margie. They asked if I knew him, I said no. they gave my phone back to me and they told me to go home and if they needed any more information that they’d call me.
            A few days later, after I told my family about what happened, and was worried every time my phone vibrated, I got a call from the cops. It was from the cop that first came to my house, he said we caught the guy, and got the body, it was all true what he was sending to you. He explained the story of what the killer said saying my number was 4847659876 and he was supposed to text 4847659875. He was off by one number and didn’t even realize it. I asked if he’s in jail and if the contractor got caught too. They answered and said yes, we got both, but they cannot give out any more information, and he said thank you for your help and not to worry, that they didn’t give my name out. I said thank you, but by then, the cop already hung up. For the rest of my life, I kept my mouth shut about all this, because talking about it just gave me the chills. It’s something I never want to have happen to me again.

© 2008 Jess

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i like it alot peanut butter =)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Allentown, PA

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