Two Week Journal

Two Week Journal

A Story by Jester

Again, something for a class, this time trapped on an island for two weeks with three other class mates.



Day 1

                I woke up to a pounding in my head and sand in my mouth. The waves were lapping at my feet and for a moment I couldn’t understand where I was. Then it hit me, the boat! I shot up from my reclined position and immediately began to regret it. I fell back down and let the horrid pounding in my head recede, before I slowly began to sit up again. I had a brief dizzy spell before I was able to look around clearly. The sun was hot on the bleached sand and I could see Caitie lying several meters from me. I looked out at the sea and could barely see anything do to the heat waves coming over the horizon. There was no sign of the boat. I felt a sudden streak of guilt well up in side me. It was my entire fault! I had been driving the boat last night  when the battery went out, and while I was going down to check on it the boat had run into a reef. What was even worse was that when we were trying to get to shore I dropped some of our water and all of our food!

I turned my gaze back to the beach and tried to get up. My muscles were sore and tired after lying on the beach all day. I finally struggled to my feet and stumbled a few steps. There was a large piece of drift wood, no doubt some tree washed up from a storm, and I checked behind it. There lying in the meager shade were Kayla and Brianna. Brianna’s ankle was bloody and a nasty gash ran along the joint. Satisfied that everyone was here I decided to look around a bit. Some painfully slow steps later I was away from the other girls and checking out the other side of the beach.  

As I stumbled under the blinding sun I could vaguely see the dark shapes on the other side of the beach.  I dropped to my knees as I could finally make out the shapes, boxes! I pulled desperately at the tops, hoping for something useful. As the rotting wood pulled off and I gazed into the crate I could almost feel my heart stop in relief. Not only was there food in the crate but a hunting knife as well. Almost sixteen centimeters in length, the knife was a thing of deadly grace.

                The sun was burning hot on my skin, several angry red patches already bearing testimony to Helios’s wrath.  I dragged my tired body behind the crate, thankful for some shade in this god-forsaken place.  The air swirled in a dazzle of colors, blending before my eyes and shifting form, tantalizingly close, but just so far away. Darkness writhed beneath my eyelids and I descended into the abyss of shadows, falling from the sun and the harsh reality of that deserted island.

Day 2

                I woke next to find that it was still early morning and the sun had not yet spread its hateful rays. I sat up from were I had fallen behind the crate and wiped sand off of my skin, grimacing as the small white particles ground against me. When most of the sand was cleared off I stood up, only swaying slightly this time, and set off back in the direction of the others. As I walked back to them I couldn’t help but notice much more than I did yesterday. The beach only extended about five meters from the water, and then it gave way to forest, though the trees weren’t large or sturdy looking. I quickly scanned the forest for any sign of fresh water, but it appeared as though there was none.

                As I arrived back at the others I observed for a moment the way they seemed to bond in this crisis. I sped up to a jog and reached the others in a little under thirty seconds. I noted out of the corner of my Brianna sitting on the ground, ankle rapped in what looked to be part of Kayla’s shirt. I glance at Kayla proved my thesis correct. Caitie and Kayla had already started on a shelter and had gathered some firewood. Kayla leaned over the wood and asked to borrow my glasses. Remembering the book we had read in English class, I handed them over with out quarrel. Caitie was putting fruit into one of the baskets Brianna had been weaving. I tried to make out the details of the shelter through the blurriness of my impaired vision. A tap on my back alerted me to the fact that Kayla was finished with my glasses.

                By late afternoon the shelter was almost completely finished, and I had a good feeling it’d be done by nightfall. The fire cast long shadows on the ivory sand, illuminating the crates that we had dragged from the other beach. The fact that it was my fault that we crashed hadn’t come up yet, and the tension was thick between us. Kayla and I had collected leaves from the trees to lie down in the shelter, which was now finished. The sun was cresting the horizon by the time we had gotten everything finished. I shivered in the cold wind that blew past us and prayed that it wouldn’t storm tonight.  Of course as luck would have the weather decided to do just that, and we were kept up late by the flash of lighting, boom of thunder, and the harsh beats of the rain against our meager shelter. As we huddled together against the sudden chill in the air, I couldn’t fight off the feeling that something was coming. It may not have come that night, or the nights directly after it, but I could feel it waiting. I knew then, that at some point things would get very bad, and we would have to struggle if we wanted to even think about surviving. The rain beat a nearly forgotten tune into the sand and eventually lulled us to sleep, promises of darkness and music filling my dreams.

Day 3

                I was jolted into wakefulness by a horrid cracking sound, one that anyone who had ever been in a bad storm knew. Lightning had struck something wood and judging by the burning smell around us, I knew it was our shelter. The lightning had set fire to our little shelter, and it was going up fast.  I was standing at this point and was trying to get out into the open. I could barely see through the haze that Caitie and Kayla had managed to drag Brianna to her feet and were trying to get her out of the shelter. I was very glad that we decided to put the supplies in the tree line tonight, as opposed to in the shelter. I was halfway to the exit when I realized that the world was fuzzy in a way that had nothing to do with smoke. I turned around, cursing a blue streak that would make a sailor blush, and darted towards my glasses. I managed to grab them and get out just as the structure collapsed inwards, thanking the gods for getting me out in time.

                The rain quickly doused the fire and put out the shelter like it was no more than a candle. The others and I decided to start moving inland, desperate to find some type of solace from the storm. I heard Kayla cry something about a cave and headed towards her voice. When I got there I discovered that she had found a small cave, the entrance no more than a meter or so wide. However, what the cave lacked in width it provided with length. The cave extended what seemed like hundreds of meters back, the end all but swallowed by the blackness. Shadows clung to the walls like spider threads, puffed around harsh corners and edges like black cotton, and clung to us like socks with too much static. The hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention and I could feel the presence of something down at the end of the cave. A shiver ran down my spine as I felt the malicious energy coming off of this presence. The feeling was almost suffocating here and as I looked at the others I could see they felt it too. However, this was the only place we could seek shelter for the storm, so it would have to serve as our camp for the next few days. I turned my head back to the end of the cave and shivered as for a second, red eyes gleamed in the twilight gloom.

Day 4

                As I woke this morning I couldn’t help but feel slightly proud of myself and the others. We had transported all of the supplies from the tree line near the beach to a small cave about five meters from ours. We were all working on gathering fire wood when I heard it. The rumble of airplane engines, roaring across the skies like an eagle on the hunt, passed over our heads. Kayla and I ran as fast as we could to get to the beach. Once on the golden sand we jumped and waved our hands, shouting and screaming to see if we could get the attention of the small craft. The airplane soared over our small island, a white bird of gleaming metal against the harsh background of the flawless blue sky. I watched in despair as our chance of being rescued grew smaller and smaller until it was finally just a speck of white against an azure sky.

                A feeling of gloom had settled over the whole camp until we realized that if a plane came over the island once it was likely to happen again. Our hope restored we figured that if a plane does fly over it needs something to show that there are people here. We finally decide to spell out HELP on the beach in whatever shells we can get.  

As we were gathering shells in the clear ocean waters we all noticed that there was a bunch of fish around the shallow ends that would be easy for us to catch. We ended up sharpening wooden spears to use in the catching part. I ended up being abysmal at the job, though Caitie managed to bag a small flounder that had been cruising along the bottom of the lagoon.  It had been designated second day that Kayla was the only one of us with any worthy food cooking skills. Caitie gutted and cleaned the flounder while Kayla began to get the fire ready for cooking. About half an hour later we were hungry and ready to eat. After the meal, and after the sun had set, I looked up at the stars and began to think that maybe this whole thing would turn out okay.

Day 5

                Today there was really nothing to be done, besides for basic cleaning and maintenance. We all decided to explore the island on our own, as we weren’t even sure how big it was yet. I decided to start at the beach and work my way in, trying to get to the very center of the island. I had a vague idea of how the island was shaped, but no idea of how big it was or what type of trees and fruits were here. I tromped back towards the beach, looking forward to my little romp in the woods and hoped it would give me some idea of where we are.  I walked along the ivory beaches for a little while before abandoning the golden sands for enticing emerald leaves. As I entered the viridian forests I chanced one more look at azure skies and sapphire oceans. I walked between evergreen allies and a grove of fruits that shone brighter than any precious stones. I ambled past boulders of rare rock, moseyed alongside jungles hung thick and heavy with vines decorated with golden leaves. As I reached the center of the island I could feel a very gradual incline that marked where the volcano’s that once formed these islands had stood. The tips were dyed a jet black by the intensity of the flames that had traveled forth from those lonely tunnels to the red hot heart of earth. The sheer intensity of the beauty of the scene took my breath away and I wouldn’t ever forget it. I finally headed back to the camp after the cries of the others became too loud and desperate. I glanced back at the place that had me spell bound and discovered that I wanted to burn the place into my memory for the rest of my eternity. I turned my back on it and headed off to the others, ready to find our future together.

Day 6

                I think its official; I am now completely and utterly insane. You might ask why am I insane, and I would have to answer you. Well the reason for it today is because we finally found a way to put all the baskets to a good cause. We decided to be quite literal I’m afraid, and are simply finding a way to put them on a tree and make the basket stick. Caitie and Kayla are currently playing a game and I don’t feel like joining them isn’t exactly in my schedule. Caitie is holding a coconut and trying to put it in Kayla’s basket, while Kayla is trying to get the “ball” and keep Caitie from getting in her basket. So we aren’t exactly the poster child for mental health. I roll my eyes as Caitie and Kayla start bickering again. Yeah, we’re completely (in) sane.

Day 7

                We’re started to get desperate for some sign of hope, some way to finally get a message out. After the plane a couple days ago we have tried to keep a vigilant eye and get help. Just today we started arguing over the most pointless thing and Brianna just started killing Caitie, though words of worse language have been spoken. Brianna has started to get an attitude and it’s getting on everyone’s nerves. I saw a boat on the horizon not long after the Brianna-Caitie verbal spar. I got so excited afterwards, this is what we needed to raise our spirits, something to tell us that we’re going to get out.  Brianna however is still going with the spoiled brat routine, and it is beginning to take its toll on us. Well that’s all for today, sorry I don’t have more, maybe tomorrow.

Day 8

                We have decided to try and make our own boat. Not the smartest idea we know, but we’re getting desperate out here and just want to make it home. We’re trying to make it by cutting down and stringing together several different types of trees. We’ve tried it a couple times and they’ve sunk but I think that we might actually make it this time. We drag the fairly large craft down to the lagoon were we’ll test it. We push it into the water and I swim out to it. I tried to climb onto it but it was almost impossible. When I finally managed to get onto the stupid thing it immediately capsized, sending me into the waters below. When I finally managed to swim to shore I hauled my self up and watched our little experiment float into the ocean. We all decided to take a break for a while and just hang out. We swam in the lagoon for a couple hours before getting out and heading back to camp. We finally arrived back at camp and started to get ready for dinner. Kayla cooked chicken noodle soup tonight and we cleaned up before turning in. I stayed awake for a little while after the others drifted off to sleep. My mind slipped between twilight and fully awake a few times before finally succumbing to the downy blackness.

Day 9

                Things are beginning to settle again, though we don’t know when the next surprise will come. So far I haven’t explored the cave beyond far enough for what we need. Today we’ll go beyond what we can see in the near blackness at the end. I grab a burning stick from the fire and wave it in front of me like a ward against evil. I descend deeper into the shadows and begin to see all sorts of skeletons, none of humans though. Most of the bones are fish, supporting my theory that there are almost no mammals on this island. I hear a movement in front of me and move closer, thinking that it’s nothing. I turn around and come strait into crimson eyes that hold no mercy no compassion, only cold hard indifference and an animal blood lust. I turn and run and when I look back there’s nothing there but empty blackness.

Day 10

                Food supplies are dwindling fast, as are water supplies. We only have enough to feed us for about five more days but after that there’s nothing we can do. We are starting to get cranky because of lack of sleep and food, and we’re starting to fight. Finally Caitie and I decide we’ve had enough. We’re going to split from Kayla and Brianna, cutting the group neatly in half. Caitie and I both need food so we have to steal some from the crates. We’ve stolen nearly half the supplies in everything we need to survive in the wilderness for a couple days, the most the food will last. Caitie and I are discussing how to get control of the cave to Brianna and Kayla, but we plan to get it back.

Day 11

                We see the other group often. They look frazzled, as though they haven’t slept well in days. But they don’t have my glasses so they have to either make do your come apologize or try to steal them. Caitie and I eventually move in and scare Kayla and Brianna out of the cave. I can understand why they pretty much let us have it for now, wanting to avoid conflict at first, but I know that they’ll soon attack us. I’ve seen Kayla and Brianna building a shelter and I feel kind of bad for them but Brianna is too bossy and demanding for me to be proper friends with. I’ve also seen that they seem to have found a new grove of trees that have been providing them with fruit. I’m almost jealous of them because they have fresh fruit which is something I want. I look around our temporary, for now, camp, and wonder how things got this bad.


Day 12

                We’ve had the whole night and the day before to get ready for the challenge that Brianna and Kayla will give us. We’ve been doing mostly guerilla style attacks, centered around the cave, giving us the advantage. We know that if we drive them off we win, but if they get to the cave they win. Caitie and I manage to push them back without hurting them too much. It’s rather odd because they don’t even put up much of a fight. It’s like they almost let us have it, but why would they do that? Maybe it has something to do with this bad feeling I’ve been getting, almost like there’s bad Juju around the cave. Oh well, Caitie and I still need someplace to camp and this is the best that we can get. It’s best not to dwell on the nightmares of dancing skeletons and crimson red eyes.

Day 13

                I’ve been having a bad feeling all morning and it seems like it just keeps getting worse. I’ve been avoiding the cave all morning long but I’ve got to get some food out of the cave before I starve. I head cautiously into the cave, stopping often and looking around. I finally see the crate that I want and head towards it. I hear a shuffle of steps behind and turn on my heel to get a better look at what’s behind me. My eyes scan the black shadows as well as they can and seeing nothing I turn back around. The area right in front of me explodes in action as something big, hairy, and most of all dangerous springs forward, fangs bared for a devastating attack. The giant fangs sink over two inches into the soft flesh of a forearm that had been thrown up in a desperate attempt at blocking the attack. Something comes out of the corner of my eye and I catch a glimpse of red hair, Caitie! My left hand grasps for something to hit the beast with and I smirk in triumph when my hand closes around a knife handle. The blade makes a glimmering arc, beautiful and deadly all at once. The beast released my arm and howled with it’s final breath. The great beast slumped down to the floor and Caitie comes out from the rock she was hiding behind. Clutched in her trembling hands is a piece of cloth, soaked in boiling water if the steam is any indication. Caitie hands me the cloth and watches as I clean the wound as best I can. She helps me wrap it in the rag and together we walk down to where Kayla and Brianna are. Kayla takes one look at my arm and scoots over to give me room at the fire. Brianna is more skeptical but as Caitie and I tell what happened she starts to get friendlier. I look around the fire at all the others and can’t help but think that perhaps there was some hope for us being saved after all.

Day 14

                We were awoken to a sound that I had heard only in movies and TV shows. Choppers rotor blades are not an easy sign to miss. The helicopter lights down in one of the clearings of the forest. The door opens and there standing before us is Ryan Sheckler. He tells us how he saw our help sign as he was flying to his yacht. He takes us in his helicopter to his yacht, where we party all night long. That is, after I get some disinfectant and proper bandages for my bite.


© 2008 Jester

Author's Note

Please note that Caitie, Brianna, Kayla, and Ryan Sheckler are actual people and not characters. Please continue with the reading of this sucky story.

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Yeah, unfortunately I got put together with Brianna Price (still not sure how she got into an honors class) and that was pretty much her idea.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Oh gosh, I remember was horrible...especially since I hated everyone in my group plus they wouldn't work with me at all. >: I did 3/4 of it the night before it was due.

Anyway, yours is way better than mine. I liked the end there, with that little beast killing thing.

...Ryan Sheckler? That was pretty random, and I'm going to guess you weren't the one who decided on it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Lol. "And I handed over my glasses, remembering the story that we read in english class." You so totally copied me! I put my 2 weeks story first! Oh well. As long as you read/comment/rate on mine, im perfectly happy :)
WHAT A HAPP ENDING! Wow, if you had stayed there for a few more days, then Abby would have been toast! Wow, that suxxorz! Good job with this :) youg ot an a on it, right?

Posted 15 Years Ago

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