Death at a Glance

Death at a Glance

A Story by RIO

Lexi is completely fed up with life, with being ignored at home and at school and one day decides to end it. Little does she know that her decision carries acute consequences...


Death at a Glance


Heartache. Sorrow. Gut-wrenching pain.

This is how I’ve felt all my life. I look in the mirror. I know what I look like; long, curly, unkempt hair. Pale and pasty with eyes that are far apart. Anorexic.


But it is not my reflection that looks back at me. It’s Lissy; my only friend.


“It ends today,” I tell her. “I’m ending all of it today.”

“What? Wait!” I hear her say but I’m not listening. I walk to my bed and reach underneath my pillow. I pull it out. Lissy gasps.

“Lexi…Lexi, don’t do this.” Her voice is shaky. “Please don’t do this,” she repeats, about to cry. I look at her, really look at her. She looks like me, only pretty and well groomed. She’s olive skinned and skinny too. I’ve always wanted to be like her. I notice that her mascara is smudged; she’s crying.


I look away and stare at the object in my hand. It’s been lying underneath my pillow for two days now. Just lying. Lying in wait. Waiting for the day when I’m brave enough to do it.


Now the wait is over.


“Why are you doing this, Lexi?” Lissy asks. Her words suddenly ignite a fury deep within me. I’m fuming. How can she, of all people, ask such a question?

“Why am I doing this?” I burst out. “Lissy, all my life I’ve been ignored. Invisible to the world, including Mum and Dad. I’m sick of walking past the hallway in school to the sound of sniggers from virtually everyone. I’m sick of that stupid psychiatrist telling me that I’m crazy. I’m sick, sick, sick. Sick of the world! I slide down to the floor, sitting against the wall. My shoulders shake uncontrollably and my breathing becomes harder. I’m very close to having a full-on panic attack.


“Lexi, you don’t have to feel this way”, Lissy’s voice is full of emotion. “If you actually made an effort with your parents you’d see that they both love you and your little sister equally! You’re not invisible. Come on, no one even sees me. And that silly shrink doesn’t know what he’s talking about- he’s the mad one. As for school, you can always transfer to a new one and start all over again. But please, I beg you, don’t kill yourself”. She takes a deep breath. “If you die, I die. We’re one and the same, remember?”


Downstairs I hear Dad give a shout of laughter and Mum’s probably tending to Mimi- as always. Everyone seems so happy without me. I look at the knife. It looks…oddly inviting. In an instant, I make my decision.

“Lexi!” Lissy warns. “Don’t do this. You’re never going to escape pain. You’re going to have to learn to fight it!”

“Bye bye world,” I mutter. I feel exhilarated. Excited. Joyous. I raise the knife above my head.

And bring it down to my stomach with overwhelming force. The cold feel of the knife pierces my skin. I gasp. A shrill sound escapes through my lips; I’m screaming. Oh, but it hurts! I’ve never felt such excruciating pain in my life. The pain seeps into my very soul and threatens to rip my heart into pieces. Why am I not dying? It was meant to be quick. Here one second, gone the next. Death isn’t meant to hurt…it’s supposed to be bliss. A means to an end. Satisfying. Peaceful.


I look up at Lissy. Her face is frozen in shock. I blink in tears. What is happening to her? Slowly and surely, she’s disintegrating; crumbling before my very eyes! No, it can’t be! Two hot tears escape from my eyes. I’m crying. Why am I crying?


“Lexi?” Mum calls, running up the stairs. She must have heard my desperate screams. My door suddenly bursts open. “Alexia!” Mum screams. “Roger!” Mum calls to Dad, “Call an ambulance! Oh, Lexi, what have you done?” she runs to where I lie on the floor and gently holds me in her arms, the tears pouring down her face and dripping unto mine.

Dad comes into the room, staring in shock and hurt. He’s carrying Mimi- my baby sister. She, too, is crying but I know she’s oblivious to what’s going on. Lucky her.


I look away from mum, I can’t bear it anymore. Suddenly, I make out something hidden underneath my pile of clothes. It’s a picture frame- cracked and forgotten. I see myself, mum, dad and Mimi in the photo. We’re all smiling, well, all of us except Mimi- she’s crying again. I look…happy.


Oh…what have I done?


 Heartache. Sorrow. Gut-wrenching pain.

These feelings have haunted me all my life. Must I feel them at death too?

I can’t breathe. Mum’s getting blurry. So is dad. Mimi’s wails are fading.

“I love you, mum.” I try to say but all that comes out of my mouth is blood. “Dad, I’m really sorry.” I wanted to say more but I knew my time was quickly running out. “When Mimi grows up, tell her…tell her that I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for her. To guide her through life. Tell her…not to make the same mistakes I did. To enjoy life.”

“Alexia!” Mum screams in despair. “Don’t you dare die on me right now. Please!”



“Please, I don’t want to go,” I say to no one in particular but I know someone is listening.


I sigh. The pain is finally fading.


“Bye bye world.” It’s funny how mere minutes ago I muttered those words with elation. Now I say them with utter regret.

I laugh forcefully. Lissy was right after all. I’d still feel pain, even at death. I look for her but she’s nowhere to be found.


I feel weak. I’m…cold.

My eyes flutter shut. I take one last painful breath. I feel light-headed and strange.


I pass out.



Yet my heart still beats.


© 2010 RIO

Author's Note

Just a one-shot, not going to add anymore to it. I really hope that you enjoyed it and soory if it made anyone...uncomfortable.
Um, I wasn't sure what genre it was exactly so I just classed it as mystery...
Anywho, thanks for reading and honest comments please!

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Well. I literally moved in my seat with uncomfortable disbelief that I was reading this. As the mother of 5 young women daughters I was moved to tears.. fear of the worst kind that any of them would not have the self esteem they need to survive the cruel years. In my curiosity.. I wonder if the best friend Lissy... is an imaginary friend.. and if she is then I think the name is fitting. If she is supposed to be a live girl friend.. then I think you should think about changing her name to help clearify the girls. Just a thought. If she is only in Lexi's mind.. then I think you should definately keep her, so he division is less clear. How very sad, and what a terrible nightmare for the family of a girl who was going through a state of confusion of self.. I am left quite sad and wish it wasn't my last review of the day.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Suicide among teens has been increasing, usually for this same reasons. Why people cut themselves for others I can't fathom.

Posted 10 Years Ago

It is different. Though you could go into more detail about what is happening and the emotions that she is feeling. When making an irrational decision, you would think she would be acting irrational as well. She needs more turmoil. More emotion

Posted 12 Years Ago

That was interesting. I predictded the ending before it happened but it was good. The only thing that seemed weird was that she wasn't more panicked after she attempted killing herself. You'd think she would freak out more, but it was still good.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow, it's really intense. Good job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really likes this. Especially how you detailed everything. You seem to be extremely good at that. I would have liked a little more background information on Lexie, but overall it was great.

Posted 12 Years Ago

not bad, it could have had a lot more background. good description, i liked the intensity but would have liked to see even more of it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I think you did a wonderful job. I think you nail how most young girls feel today in this society,and how anorexia is one of her issue. Also how she feeling invisible to everyone not just her parents, causing her to have fictional person name Lissy as her friend and I'm thinking her counter-part (Basically the person she wanted to be, but can't) As for the snickering behind her back, most people who are invisible to other usually are targeted for bullying. I've read this at least three time, and I think this is very insightful. A little more info on the main character would be nice.

Posted 12 Years Ago

very passionate, it has a lot of feeling and accurate facts, but there were some confusing aspects. Was she depressed, or just severely anorexic? Overall very well written.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Nice this is interesting I like how you did it, and it makes a lot of sense kinda creepy in a good way! I liked it very descriptive, still though I hate it when people tell me to check grammar, but this is a awesome story and I think it's best to go over that so it's even better! I love it how it is! I say don't change a thing, but you know whatever! Grammar this grammar that in the writing world! HELLO! Do you speak proper grammar I mean if you can write it obviously you can speak it! lol You know what I mean people are so judgmental! And this is just fantastic proper or not I think it's awesome, because not all books that are published use proper grammar!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I loved this, I semi-agree with the review below about getting to know the character's background a little more, but honestly, suicide is going to be selfish no matter what, so I thought you portrayed it well. I was moved to tears, seriously, by the end. So much emotion, and I felt like I was the character experiencing everything she was going through. Great job!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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