Chapter 2: Rebirth

Chapter 2: Rebirth

A Chapter by נнα∂єи♥


"I don't even know what's going on here," Anna said.  "And how do you expect me to get out of here?  If I'm just suddenly missing, won't everyone freak out?"

"No," the dark elf replied, shaking her head.  "Time stops when you leave here."

"What about my injuries?" Anna was getting frustrated.  She was incredibly confused, still, and she had no idea what was going on.  Deciding that she had even more questions to ask the elf, she rolled her eyes and struggled to sit up, ignoring the pain in her shoulder and everywhere else.

"They won't effect you when you enter the land I live in," the elf explained.  "You see, when you go into there, you are sort of... reborn."

"This isn't possible," Anna groaned, swiping her hair out of her eyes with a firm hand.  "It's... it's not real.  I must be dreaming."

"No," the dark elf replied.  "This is not a dream, or a vision.  You're still alive, and awake, Anna... but you won't be for long."  She heaved a sigh, gazing up at the ceiling.

"What do you mean by that?  Oh, by the way, you never told me your name."

"My name is Evana," the elf replied, twisting a strand of hair around her finger.  "And I mean, I told you that I had intended for you to die today.  When it didn't happen, it's a rule that I need to take you to my homeland."

"What?" Anna was terrified.  What was Evana talking about?  Dazed, she thumped her head back onto her pillow and let out a deep sigh.  "I don't know... what you're talking... about."

Evana took her hand and pulled her gently, making Anna let out a sharp cry.  "Come with me," she coaxed, but Anna shook her head, biting her lip.

"I'm not leaving," she hissed at the elf, shaking her head even harder.  "You said that I wouldn't be alive for long, so if I must die, I don't want to die in some godforsaken land of yours!"

Her silver eyes overcome with frustration, Evana sighed in impatience.  "If you won't come, I'll kill you now.  I have all the power to."

Anna's eyes widened, and she sat up again.  "What?"

"Come.  With.  Me."

"Fine," she spat, trying to get out of the bed.  But the pain was too harsh.  "I can't move," Anna complained.  "It's too painful."

Without speaking, Evana snapped her fingers together, and Anna started to float in the air.  "What the hell?"

Evana shrugged, beginning to walk out of the room with a floating Anna following her.  "Stop!" the teenager shrieked, flailing her arms and legs.  "Wait... why doesn't my shoulder hurt anymore?"

Evana smiled grimly.  "One step closer to being reborn," she replied simply, and the two vanished.
Anna felt like she was dead again.   As the air rushed passed her head, she wanted to scream, but when she opened her mouth, no sound came out.  Her vision blurred, she narrowed her eyes to see better, but nothing improved.  All she saw was Evana, holding onto her arm with a cold grip, clenching her teeth in frustration.  Anna's eyes widened in shock as she realized that Evana's teeth were pointed and sharp at the end.  Fangs.
And then, it was over.  
Feeling her head hit the ground, Anna uttered a soft moan and struggled to stand.  She didn't bother opening her tightly squeezed eyes; all she wanted was to wake up.  She knew that this had to be a dream, or that she was dead.  It was one or the other.  This Evana person, even if she swore that she WASN'T a person, clearly must have thought that Anna was born yesterday.  Shielding her eyes from the blinding sun, Anna took a moment to observe the clearing that she was now standing directly in.
It was completely covered in trees.  Tall, thin trees with many branches and leaves at the top and on the ground the two stood on.  Peering at Evana closely, Anna saw a small smile on the dark elf's face as she looked up into the sky at her homeland.
Well, they must have been in Evana's homeland, if it even existed.  This place certainly didn't look like a real world - it must have been fantasy.  Mushrooms, rocks, butterflies, clouds... everything imaginable in a fantasy world was there.  But everything was dark, all black, grey, or white.  It was as if there was no color in this strange world.  Confused, Anna looked at Evana questionably.
"You," Evana replied to her stare, "are in my land."
"Your land..." Anna squinted her eyes and looked up at the sun.  Although it was grey-white, it was definitely still as powerful as ever.  This world must have been the same as Earth, but... colorless and more wide open.  
"What exactly IS your land?" Anna asked her acquaintance suspiciously.  She didn't trust Evana enough yet to tell her the truth, and nothing but the truth, but wanted to know what the hell was going on.  She was already confused enough.
"I'll tell you what's going on," Evana replied quickly, as if avoiding the question, although her voice was calm.  "You see, you were supposed to die.  That's what was planned out."
"Planned out...?"
Ignoring her, Evana continued.  "Now, something very odd happened that's only happened..." She swallowed nervously.  "...a few times before.  And when it does happen, that's when things get strange.  That's when things get weird, for the person who was supposed to die, and for all of the dark elves like me.  You see, whenever it was meant for a person to die in an event, the dark elf who chose for them to die - which was not me," she added quickly, "will die."


"Listen," Evana snapped.  Her silver eyes narrowed.  "As I was saying, one of the dark elves in my land, that I don't know of, meant for you to die.  It's not the elf's fault; they have to choose to kill people.  We control death, you could say.  The head elf needs new elves every year, of course, because many die from not killing enough people, which gives them energy, or from... the event which happened to you.  So, whenever something like what recently happened takes place, the person who was supposed to die becomes a dark elf."


Anna was shocked.  She had no idea what Evana was talking about - was she crazy or something?  "I'm... so THAT'S why you took me here!"

"I'm still not finished," Evana said harshly.  "The dark elf who was supposed to kill you died when you didn't die."

This was confusing.  "So... she or he, died because... I didn't die?"

"Yes," Evana replied, nodding.  "Now, to prevent the loss of other elves, you must become a dark elf and live as one until another is born.  Think of it as... rebirth, as you may call it."

"How is another elf born?" Anna asked frantically.  "How does it happen?"

Evana sighed impatiently.  "I was getting to that," she said sharply.  "Again, this is another very rare situation.  It happens... oh, about every hundred years or so.  But remember... time stops when you are here.  A hundred years is only a few minutes in the real world.  You wouldn't be gone that long, but it would definitely feel like it.  Anyway, this happens when a human was not supposed to die, meaning that no elf intended for it to die at some point, but it does.  It's incredibly rare, even more so than what happened with you and the car crash."

Anna groaned in frustration.  "So... you're saying that I have to stay here until another elf is born?"

"Correct," Evana replied.  "I might as well get you settled somewhere, and teach you more about what happens here."


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OMG THAT IS SO CONFUSING and awesome. I mean I get it, but I dont QUITE get it. I do and yet I dont. Lol. This is a really unique amazing idea! Definitely planned out well. I love the way you wrote it, and now on to the next chapter! XD

Posted 12 Years Ago

The story's plot is awesome. This is as interesting if not more then some of the published books I've read. Makes me wish I was Anna....Being a Dark Elf sounds FUN! XD Really well written and you explained how everything worked for Evana's amazingly.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love this ^_^ I really like where this book is going; it's very cool... oh, Evana is confusing me a little bit lol... I mean, I know what she's talking about, but at the same time I have no idea what she's talking about. Confusing...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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