There is no reason to cry

There is no reason to cry

A Chapter by JhayAreSee

After confessing to the girl she like during the first week of his college life, Matt is now being seen as creepy nerd who falls in love in first sight.

It is now the second week of school, everybody has someone to talk to and share some laughs. Everybody but one, Matt Sales. Matt just stared at everyone in the classroom having some fun talking to friends. He now resent all the people in the room, specially that one girl, Genny Snaxe. 
During the first day of class, Matt is rather popular because of his intelligence and willingness to help others. But his friendly nature does not only attract those who are in need but also those who are predating to people like him. 
Genny approached Matt during their lunch break in the second day of school. The both of them share some stories and laugh at their past memories.
"I for once, never thought that I'd be sitting here with the national champion of spelling quiz bee!" said Genny while cautiously stuffing the bread she bought in the canteen.
"It is not such a big deal, I mean, you lost your virginity in 8th grade, come on, you might just be one of the few in the whole world who actually have done that." Matt said to Genny while munching in his bagel that his mom has bought for him last night.
Ever since Genny sat in the seat in front of Matt, everything seems to be perfect for him. He felt like having some weird high and floating through the sky. He noticed that every time she sits in front of him, his heart begins to beat so fast, and blood rushes through his "heads". 
"I'm sure I am not the only one feeling this way." Matt calmly relaxed himself. He is trying to gather up all the courage he have to tell Genny of what he feels.
"Hey, can you meet me after school on Friday?" Matt asked hiding his obvious anxiety.
"Sure, why not." Genny said while smiling turning Matt into a popsicle slowly melting on his own sweat.
The Friday class felt shorter than the other days, Matt thought to himself. He ran outside as fast as he could after shouting to Genny that he will wait for her outside the Storage room at the back of the University.
He reached the said place and quickly arranged the flowers that he had prepared beforehand to give to Genny.
After a few minutes Genny came with her usual friendly smile.
"Hi--" Before Genny can utter her next words. Matt gave her the flowers and gather up all the courage he have and said, " Genny, I know we have just met, but with just a few days that I spend with you, I felt like all the years up until now was totally useless. I've never met a girl like you before! Your eyes that melts my heart every time you look at me, your smile that pierces through my soul, you are so perfect! and I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU!" Matt paused for awhile feeling the embarrassment slowly swelling up. He looked at Genny in the eyes, "so, what do you think?"
Genny was just smilign just like the usual. No trace of shock can be traced in her face. Matt doesn't know if he should feel relieved or not. 
Then what happens next broke Matt life apart. Many of his classmates bursts out laughing at him form the building behind Genny. Some are even holding their smartphones recording every bit of the moment. Loser, Stupid, Creepy, is the words that Matt can hear that his classmates are telling to each other. But none of that is of importance. The most significant thing for Matt right now is how would Genny respond to his confession.
Genny smelled the flowers that Matt had given to her and looked at Matt with not his usual friendly face, but a face full of contempt and disgust.
"Of course, you never met a woman like me before, and for your information, I doubt it if you can find any woman to talk to you at all. Keep dreaming loser!." 
Genny tossed the flowers to the ground and joined their other classmates that are still laughing. Matt's eyes is still fixated at Genny as he fall down to his knees. He saw Genny, collecting money from her friends and laughing joyously like she just won a bet.
Everything is now clear to Matt. He was being played. Toyed in the hand of what he thought is pure love. He was angry at himself but at the same time feeling disgusted with what he did. 

© 2016 JhayAreSee

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Author's Note

Please comment if these story can hook up readers and is applicable for continuation. Thank you very much

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It seems a little cliche. I'm not sure what the hook is? Is Matt going to get revenge on Genny?

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 25, 2016
Last Updated on February 25, 2016
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