Death of a god - an unnamed piece

Death of a god - an unnamed piece

A Story by Isimbabi

In the face of death you become ferocious
Or calm, seemingly as the oceans
With low tides and whirlwind emotions brewing inside you
And you know panic will cost you,
Stand firm, do as he asks,
The mantra your mind tries to tell you.

Your face cold blue as you
Stare down the menace before you
In these last moments you
remember someone saying
We're all made in the likeness of God
And you think that this man before you
In the scales of the heavens weighs closer to God
Because he too, has the power to end you

So you close your eyes and try to pray
But he orders your silence,
He says;
God doesn't order the sirens
Man does, and he
Has his hand in the pockets of tyrants

At this point you discern you've lost even if you fight
With closed eyes you beg your creator one last time
You tell him, grant me your likeness this one time
Give me the power to stand strong
To fight back,
you fight back

Two shots you hear,
And you're  still standing so you know you've just ended the life of a man.
Am I a god? You think
Stiffling thoughts keep you gasping for breadth.
Your lungs fail,
Your knees limber as you fall to the ground.
The pain in your gut tells you the second shot was the call from your lord.
Is this your likeness? You scream as you fade knowing you blasphem
Spare my life and I'll praise you
Your last thoughts as the darkness consumes you

© 2020 Isimbabi

Author's Note

This is supposed to be spoken word. Thoughts?

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Added on February 3, 2020
Last Updated on April 6, 2020
Tags: Apotheosis, death, god




A collection of the writings that I'd allow anyone see. I don't know if I'm a creative writer or even a good one but I'm going to keep on, because... what could I loose more..