Light-ways and Dark-things;

Light-ways and Dark-things;

A Poem by Jimi Brady



you were star-
Dust dusting 
And your light-
Ways and dark-
Things wished
Wistfully into 
to each Always and Ever,
Whether it's nether-
Sleep  or
Leaving their weeping-
Feelings and waning-
Unconscious consciences       it says,
              "My light-ways and dark-things take care of me;"

                                             [are scared of me.]


© 2013 Jimi Brady

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This made me smile there is something strangely joyful about it though that probably makes no sense. Anyway I like it a lot :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

What an amazing way to think ... I love the set up of this it deffently brings a spunk to this write. All around amazing write

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love the use of the dash in here. It lends a sense of connected disconnection, fragmentation and continuation of ideas. Your writing is truly evolving and its amazing to witness. The shape of the work, disjointed, really shows this unstatic, uncertain sense of self that I can relate to. How do we connect our light and our dark? How do we not fear ourselves and our own capacity for both bad and good?
The final lines just chill me:
"it says,
"My light-ways and dark-things take care of me;"
[are scared of me.]"
The duality within us is both troubling and comforting at times.
This is so rich and experimental, truly thought-provoking. Another great work, love.

Posted 8 Years Ago

we all have both and should be scared of neither...with one comes the other..we just hope the light shines stronger.

i like how you separated the "distance, listening " part..

good effect there..

Posted 8 Years Ago

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