Aramis Speaks to Athos

Aramis Speaks to Athos

A Poem by Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

A brother's heart...

Dedication: To my younger brother.
Aramis Speaks to Athos 

Oh Athos, my dearly beloved brother
You stand and hold yourself so strong
Yet I see the pain you try to hide and have for so long
I know better, and I know you suffer still 

It's ironic how similar you are of Athos
Thankfully you do not abuse alcohol 
Unlike our father... 
Still I see you there, sitting in your dark corner
Two years past now
Fact remains you are still in agony

Born of the same womb you and I
Then what has happened over time?
We were once super tight
Oh how it seems we've now grown so apart

Believe it or not my beloved brother
Our hearts still remain in sync as always
Your pain is my pain
Your suffering is my suffering
Your heartbreak is my heartbreak too

This lady de-Winter of yours was cruel
Not only has she betrayed your trust
She has managed to keep hold of your heart
Squeezing it, stabbing it, hurting you

Bro you know I never cuss... 
But damn whatever she has done to you
Is some pretty f---ed up $---
If you ask me, she deserves a noose
Some how you have to cut her loose

Truth of the matter is however
I don't honestly know what really happened
You have not yet told me
And instead of chosen to suffer silently 

Yes our family is pretty messed up
You've got to somehow heal however bro
Tell me what happened
Let me help you to truly begin to heal
Don't do as our father has done

Don't allow your heart to grow callused 
Or your mind to rot out from depression
That perhaps it could lead you to do something
Even worse than abuse the bottle... 
Please I beg you do not hold it in

Because I see how it withers at you
I am here for you, always will be
There to help you, there to pick you back up
It's alright... dear brother of mine. 


© 2018 Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

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Added on December 20, 2018
Last Updated on December 20, 2018


Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard
Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

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