The Resurrectionist's Folly

The Resurrectionist's Folly

A Poem by Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

A poem inspired by personal events... compelled to find a means to grow and move forward, not backward in life.

The Resurrectionist's Folly

Shovel digs into the earth's skin
Uncovering a casket buried within
A marked tombstone, labels a dark mystery
"Shhh, what are you doing? Unburying history?" 
Said a whisper

Glancing into a nearby puddle of water
A reflection speaks up at you
Emotions swell within, a fire's fodder
Guilt makes entrance as if on cue
In the darkness

This heinous act has been done before
Opening this coffin, left at death's door
It not permitted to finally be laid to rest
Have to move on, that would have been best
Gently nudging you

Bold letters engraved in headstone
"Here lies your past, and all your woes"
Such things should have been left alone
Rotting flesh, maggots, a stench that grows
To find life

Let your corpse be a lesson learned
A chance to truly move on, yearned
That which enslaves, and is toxic must die
To keep repeating this visit, the soul will dry
While growing old

© 2019 Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

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Very beautiful and morbid description. I enjoyed it a lot and liked the meaning of the poem.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

11 Months Ago

Thank you! This poem was definitely one of my darker ones, but the goal of it was to jab into reveal.. read more

11 Months Ago

Interesting. I liked it a lot.
Sound advice that I like so many more completely disregard it, as that itch of past ghosts is practically impossible to scrath. So we dig it up once more and the horror replays, but not for the last time.
I dont know what it is that finally allows us to move on, but I am forever grateful for stumbling on it and finding myself almost weightless in comparison to lugging all that history around. If I ever figure out what it was, i'll let you know, just as soon as I patent it :)

Posted 12 Months Ago

Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

12 Months Ago

Honestly I'm not sure that there is an "official" way. I feel that just as humans are each expressiv.. read more

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Added on January 15, 2019
Last Updated on January 15, 2019
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Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard
Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

Oklahoma City, OK

Salutations, this is Carthage Thorne and welcome to my profile info page. I am returning from what has been a somewhat long absence to the café. But am back with fresh/new content to share... more..