Not Really a Friend

Not Really a Friend

A Poem by Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

Bad experiences, reason no longer trust as easily, why its hard to make a true friend. Vented frustrations... this freeform poem expresses.


Not Really a Friend :_( 

You say you care, your actions tell me different

Time is offered, and you say you’ll be there

But you never are, it’s too late by the time you notice

I give you honesty, but all I feel like you offer,

Are high guarded walls, I’m kept only at a distance

I must always just be your afterthought 

A person to go to when bored, but you don’t even do that

Why am I always reaching? 

Can only catch you during the briefest of moments

But then, there is always someone else I’m sure you prefer

I’ve often wondered if you have preconceived notions of me

That when you see me, that you believe something that isn’t true

Yet because of it, you do not trust me, and so you don’t confide either

I’m the last to hear what’s going on… never as it happens

Neither wise or mature in your eyes, probably the only thing you see

Is that I’m broken inside, and am pretty f***ed up

Perhaps that’s why you say “Hello” only now and then

Not out of being a friend, but because you have pity

But I do not need your pity

This bull***t act of yours is getting hurtful

I know I’m not valued by you, so why pretend

With your fake smile, and false care

You don’t even value yourself… and if you did, 

There would be no charade. 

Problem is, lies to you are sweeter than the truth

Keeping that fortress up, and various defenses, far more important

It’s a wonder anyone gets to know your true colors

Beyond the masked joy, and cloaked sense of being “alright”

Even though it isn’t true

Honestly, I need it to end

I would rather the hard and painful truth

Then to be continuously led on by you

Yes you are very friendly, and seemingly true

As much as this thought hurts, we both know

You are just… not really a friend

© 2019 Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

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Very nice, I think as people we can all relate. I remembered I had a friend who pretended to be a friend but spread outrageous rumors.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

11 Months Ago

Awww, that's terrible. The truest friendships are those which I've grown to know that for certain, n.. read more

11 Months Ago

I have a good friend luckily. We're like brothers and we do everything together c: We're pretty plat.. read more
F**k Fake Friends, We don't need them. Lalalala- bebe rexha

Posted 1 Year Ago

Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

1 Year Ago

To learn from them, I feel is one of the take-aways from false friendships.
True to the bone, and the poem came at me from a close relationship perspective. It appears the writer was hurt by someone close so I can relate in many of the term words chosen. Thanks for sharing

Posted 1 Year Ago

Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

1 Year Ago

Thanks! The whole point of this poem was to bring out that perspective and indeed make it easy to re.. read more
We shall have few true friends. Sometime better to dispose of fake people. Try to find people with same goals. I liked the honest thoughts Carthage.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

1 Year Ago

Very sound advice. Thanks! And sorry to hear about your friend, I'm sure they were worth the time sp.. read more

1 Year Ago

Nice work. I enjoyed the topic.
Reminds me of old advice from a book;
Its is said that.. read more
Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

1 Year Ago

Thanks! And in a way it is sadly true. Friendship is a valuable thing, something I have grown to che.. read more

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Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard
Carthage Thorne| The Wildcard

Oklahoma City, OK

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