Woolgar La Riviere

Woolgar La Riviere

A Story by Mystic_Angel

a random lonely boy story

They say I`m just a cruel Nobleman. But I`m not. No one talks to me they think I`m rude and stuck-up. I am supposed to be the heir to the La Riviere Family, a big Medical clinic chain in the area. My Father is a big-time, sociable,buff guy. Basically your average Dad. Me on the other hand, skinny, quiet, and reserved. Anyway there`s a dance coming up and there is a girl I like. Long ebony hair,bright blue eyes, and wonderful personality. She`s so perfect in every way to me. Only I don`t have the courage to ask her.She is the daughter of Avery Ellwood, who runs a small Electronics store around here. There is no way she would want to go to the dance with a cruel, rude, snotty, stuck-up Nobleman like me. Although with my wealth and status I don`t think she is the type to care about that. And I`ve tried asking my father what I should do and all he says is "Son as a La Riviere man you were breed to be successful and if this girl doesn`t want you there are plenty of other lovely girls that would flaunt at your feet because of your status and wealth and good looks from your father." He said so proudly. But she is the only one I want. Yes, Hazel Ellwood that is the girl I want. I watch her lovely rounded face shine when she smiles. Sadly I can never get close to her. 
 Oh I`m sorry I guess I have been rude a bit my name is Woolgar La Riviere and I am hopeless. 

© 2012 Mystic_Angel

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Poor boy :(
Anyway, I liked this story. It's interesting, but I'd also like to know why he calls himself cruel, rude, snotty, and stuck-up, because I don't see this reflected in your writing :) He just seems lonely, haha, like with your title. Also, I would watch out for punctuation because you have a few run-on sentences. However, when the father is talking the run-on sentence might be acceptable if you've done it for a certain effect.
Anyway, keep up the good work! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 16, 2012
Last Updated on December 16, 2012
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