A Poem by Jjacks

i was wanting to write a narrative song, not something i do very often. a friend of mine just had a baby, so i was trying to imagine how i would feel in that situation

8 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, & 4 hours...
lying in a stark white room overflowing with flowers.
Only yesterday I was just "some girl"
Merely hours later & I'm someone's whole world.
He touches my hand, seeing I'm now awake
and nods down his head at the baby we made.
"She is so perfect" said as he kisses her head
"And you were so perfect." then he squeezes my hand.
And suddenly I cannot breathe
All of this love closing in on me.
He says, "Mom, would you like to hold your baby?"
What an everyday miracle
fallen from heaven, my angel
and I will be for her all that I can
baby, come here, put your hand in my hand
10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 eyes and 1 nose
I count to make sure, she's got all of those
and she opens her eyes and I can't help but cry
Knowing my heart, she holds mine.
And he touches my hand as the door opens up
My mother walks in to see the brand new little one
"She is so perfect" said as she kisses her toes
"And you will be perfect." like only a mother knows.
And suddenly I cannot breathe
All of this love crashing down on me
I ask, "Mom, would you like to hold your grandbaby?"
What a strange, lovely miracle
feeling like a mom, my heart is full
and I will be for you all I can
baby come close, put your hand in my hand
Only hours ago my life truly began
How was I to know it was the beginning of the end
I was so delirious, I could hardly see
I thought it was the love that made it hard for me to breathe
He touches my hand, and smiles with his charms
and I cling to him tightly, face construed in alarm.
I am holding my chest, for I cannot find the air
2 seconds later all my nurses are there
I am searching for my baby, though my voice is nearly gone
and with my last breath I call out, singing her a song
You are my baby, my miracle
And I will always be here, your guardian angel
I'll be here always, the best that I can
Don't cry baby, I am holding your hand
and though you cannot feel me, I'm always holding your hand.

© 2008 Jjacks

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Added on March 20, 2008
Last Updated on March 20, 2008




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