Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Johnny Westbrook


Chapter One

Watching the scenery from the train's open window with his hand under his jaw, Alphonse then placed his attention on a pack of seven wolves running through the woods going the same direction as the train. Lifting his head up, he saw the wolves stop at a pond and began drinking the pure beautiful water. With the wind blowing through his blonde hair, the trains horn blew, letting everyone know that it's reaching it's final destination.

"Finally made it here."

Traveling a long ways from his teacher's house, all he really wanted to do now was to get into town and get some sleep, but knew that there were a few things that he had to take care of first. As the train began to slow down, a man, woman, and a young six year old girl got out of the seat in front of him and walked towards the front of the cart.

As Al looked around the train's cart, he saw a few people who were thrilled to be going to the city, but also saw many more who didn't look to happy with the idea of going. Finally seeing the city and it's civilians roam through town, Al saw ten young boys acting like soldiers, and four state alchemy soldiers that stood in front of the young kids with smiles on their faces.

"It looks better than the last time that I was here with brother." Alphonse said to himself as the train got within distance of the station, as the remodeled State Alchemy Academy building was in sight, causing his eyes to sparkl with amazement. "Woooo." Alphonse said softly as he kept his eyes glued to the academy building. "It's so big now, I wonder how many state alchemist are their now." He said as he continued to speak to himself softly.

"I wonder how Lieutenant Colonel Mustang is doing after all these years. I hope he can see out his right eye now."

"Hey kid." A young boy that appeared about fourteen sat next to him and continued talking. "You know General Mustang?"

Al placed his left hand on his head as he rubbed his hair and gave a big smile. "Yeah, I guess you can say that I do."

"Wow, your lucky. Hey, are you going to the academy building?" Al then stopped rubbing his hair and stared at the young boy and answered his question.

"Yeah, I am. Why you ask?"

"Because I'm headed there too." The young boy responded.

"What's your name?" Alphonse asked.

"Nyce Shelric, and yours?"

"Your last name is almost like mine, my name is Alphonse Elric." Alphonse answered with a light chuckle.

Nyce sat stunned as he remembered hearing that name before and asked Al a personal question.

"Al Elric?" Nyce slightly stuttered.

"Yeah, have we met before?"

"Edward's younger brother?"


"YOUR BROTHER WAS THE FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!?" Nyce said loudly as he jumped from his seat.

Al gave a kind hearted smile as he closed his eyes. "Yeah, but not too loud okay?" Alphonse asked as he gestured Nyce to sit back down.

"Um, yeah!" Nyce said as he sat back down.

Thrilled to be sitting next to Edward's younger brother, Nyce asked Al once final question as the train stopped.

"What are you coming here for?" Nyce asked.

"To become a state alchemist."

"But why?"

"I can't answer that, sorry." Alphonse replied as he looked back out the window.

As the train stopped, Al stood up as he grab his bag from under the seat and took a step over Nyce's legs and said a few last words to him.

"It was nice talking to you, Nyce." Alphonse said with a gentle smile.

As Alphonse walked away and turned towards the door, Nyce gave a slight sadistic smile and continued to watch every move Al made until he walked out the door of the train's cart.

"The city… it's bigger!” Al said to himself with amazement and excitement. “What the? Ouch!" Al shouted as he felt a hard collision.

Falling on the ground to his back, a young beautiful girl with long black hair and brown eyes fell on top of him as he caught her.

"Sorry about that." Al held on to her as she spoke and as he thought about how beautiful she looked. As she smiled at him, Al blushed and quickly released his arms from around her. Standing up before him, she reached into her black leather jacket pocket, pulled out a red apple, and rubbed it on her upper shoulder as she spoke to Al. "Hey, your kinda cute." She said, making Al slightly blush.

As he blushed, she turned her head back as they both herd footsteps quickly running in their direction with a deep voice of a male merchant yelling.

"Thief! Stop that girl!"

As Al looked at her, she had a frighten look on her face and looked at the apple, then looked at him wondering what was he going to do since he now know that she stole the apple. Grabbing his bag with his left hand, he then grabbed the young girl's wrist as he pulled her.

"Come on, this way!" Running into a group of people for it would be harder to spot them out, the young girl look at Al and saw his determination to get her out of troubles way. Stopping in the middle of the crowd, Al looked left and right for the best way to go then chose to go towards his right, back towards the end of the train.

Jumping down to the tracks and hiding behind the cart of the train, the merchant man and his two followers ran straight pass Al and the young girl as they both breathed heavily. As he turned his eyes back on the girl, he saw a smile on her face and took a quick step back as she placed her lips onto his. With his face turning red, she continued to smile as she now took a step backwards.

"Thanks, for everything." She said with a soft loving voice.

Before he knew it, she turned around and ran out of his sights without another word being said.

© 2008 Johnny Westbrook

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Johnny Westbrook
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This is very good, a little sketchy at parts, but it's unedited, as I read in the description.
3... 2.. 1.. Fangirl squeal! I love that you wrote about Al, he's one of my favorite characters! I'm guessing this is based on the original series after Ed goes into that other demention, I'm not too familiar with that series because I missed a few episodes v.v
This was a great write. I love it! ^^

Posted 6 Years Ago

This takes me back to Nicolas Flamel, Highlander and many more! Please carry one writing... and live happily into a very old age!

Posted 11 Years Ago

great chapter - loved the story so far and cant wait to see where it goes next...

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

It's a decent piece it just reflects a lot of the episodes that they have shown, but overall a good piece

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Johnny, I can't give you a grammar or spelling review, I don't have those skills, but I can give you an opinion and i like your first chapter, i think you have the reader captured right off, which is most important in a story, I sense an adventurous story taken form with this and will continue reading, since you have got my attention.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

"Traveling a long ways from his teacher's house" Might be better phrased as "After traveling all this way from his teacher's house (or home)"
Over all i liked it, it was fast and flowed smoothly, like something writen for Anime would be.
I do question the term "Cart" in reference to the train. Most people wouldn't recognize that term.
"As Al looked around the train's cart" Perhaps phrase it as "around the train's traveling coach" or just simply "around the train car" since most people can identify what a train is, you would need to make the car possesive to the train.
I like where this is going. esspecialy the mad dash incounter with the female theif.
Keep up the good work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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