The Forever Eventful Diary of Ben

The Forever Eventful Diary of Ben

A Story by Jody Medland

Hilarious escapade experienced by one of my closest and most hapless of frieds, the whitest English man who currently resides in Columbia.

July 6th, 2011
Alright mate hows it going, what ya been upto????
Im still here in Colombia, taking it easy. Taking a month of teachin English cos its taking up to much time n not paying enough so wana concentrate on some online work instead.
Cant remember if I told ya but about 2 mths ago I was gettin bored here, not being wit Maria n not knowin too many people so I was going out gettin absolutley smashed every weekend, one Sunday morning I woke up, couldnt remember anything, the front door had been kicked in n all my stuff was gone.....Phones, laptop, money, memory sticks etc etc.....Turns out I had got hammered, managed to get into a fight in a very classy hotel with a rooftop bar n swimming pool, (vaguely remember something about that) then met two girls, took them back to my apartment, (I kicked the door in cos I had locked the keys inside), they then drugged me n took all my stuff lol!!!!!! Apparently its really common here for foreigners to get drugged with something called Escopolomina it comes from a plant here, they slip it into ur drink n as soon as u take it u remember nothing, ur brain stops making memories and it also makes u basically do more or less whatever they say like a zombie.....They can tell u to go to the bank n give u all ur money (which I actually tried to do, but fortuntately the bank declined the transaction).....I dont really remember anything about it, I had to watch the security cameras in the building to figure out what happened....All the left behind was a pot of sensual massage oils n a rubber glove!!!! Freaky!!!!!
After that weekend I decided to calm down, get a girlfriend n quit drinking so for the past month I been behaving n its been pretty cool....
Thats about it....Was planning to come back in Séptember but cant afford a flight back here so will prob have to wait till next yr.
Whats new wit you?

© 2011 Jody Medland

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Added on July 15, 2011
Last Updated on July 15, 2011


Jody Medland
Jody Medland

London, South East, United Kingdom

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