The Boy in the Forest

The Boy in the Forest

A Story by John F Carver

The Boy in the Forest


Copyright © 2018 John Fredrick Carver

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1726084558

ISBN-13: 978-1726084550


To all those troubled by witches. I mean, real witches and aliens not the story book kind. This book shows you the difference and how to deal with them.


God, my good friend the Boy in the Forest, the real people in this book and the couples involved and to the one called the Great Witch.


A cute and cuddly short little creature with huge eyes stood on terra firma. The lynx did not see him for he did not believe in aliens but the witches that made them. So the cuddly little creature walked in the dark headed for the cabin where people were. He had heard that man believed in aliens and his satellite, a saucer shaped vehicle had crashed amid the huge trees with shadows that went right through him as had he not been there as he walked.

When he came from the forest to the outhouse he heard voices. Then a larger creature with a smaller creature opened the door to the john. He was scared but he needed shelter and the cabin was nice and inviting.

It was a girl man and she never saw him, but his mother did. She screamed and dragging the little girl by the hand ran for the cabin and it scared the little alien creature. But he recovered quickly for he thought, 'Maybe screaming is the strange way man says, “Welcome!” But it did not look that way. It looked like she was in enormous fear.

Then the little girl broke free. She was not scared of the alien who when the mother ran into the darkness slipped by her and hid under the bed upstairs. The little girl came to bed with her mother who put her in bed, kissed her goodnight and then left the door open just a wee bit. So the alien waited until things calmed down downstairs and hid under another bed.

The little girl's mother went to bed last and slept in the same bed a big hairy man got into about a half hour earlier. But the mother had the feeling that something was wrong and that something was under her bed.

Now just go to sleep. Tomorrow is another big day. It's just your imagination. Nothing is under the bed,” to someone the alien could not see for he knew it was not the hairy man for she had not long ago heard him snore.

Figuring she must be talking to him he quietly said so as not to wake the hairy man, “I am here.”

The mother heard the voice and knew what he said.

'I am really taking this on a mind trip. But it will not leave me alone. Now I am hallucinating,' she thought, 'Is it a sane thing to do to talk to your imagination?' She did not know. But how else was she to settle this and quickly. “Okay,” she said aloud, “I'll bite. Who are you then, Dahlia?”

I don't have a name yet,” the alien replied and came out from under the bed and stood in the light of the moon through the bedroom window.

The mother caught her breath for she could see the form of someone she thought a child and human standing right in her bedroom.

Are you a little girl?” she asked the alien.

Boy,” he replied. “I mean, a boy. I think.”

How old are you?” she asked, “And when did you get in here?”

Remember?” he said, “You were thinking about us. Then you let your mind wonder. After that you made my saucer crash into the big pines. I was real by then. So I came to see whether you would let me stay a while.”

I did all that!” she whispered acting as had she been amazed thinking she was talking to a little boy with a very big imagination. She loved to imagine things and earlier this afternoon she had imagined that same thing. “We must be kindred spirits!” she said, annoyingly patronizing him. “I did imagine that very same thing this afternoon. You are a very smart little boy.”

I am an adult male, thank you Madam!” he replied, irked by her tone.

Why sure you are!”

There was that same annoying tone. He gave up or was it in? I am not exactly sure.

Then the mother stood and walked toward the adult male alien from�"well wherever he was from. He could barely stand his ground being afraid she would start screaming or worse but he sort of sensed she was not afraid now.

She stopped to say, “You scared the daylights out of me. I thought you were an alien out there in the dark,” as she swung the bedroom door open wide.

He thought to hide under the bed again but he did not have time.

When she took him by the hand and led him downstairs she turned on a light. Then she looked at him and had a start that completely took her breath away.

When she finally got to herself shaking with fear she said, “You�"you are! An alien!! “ Then she very quickly added, “What do you want with me?” almost cowering by the kitchen cabinet.

Just a place to stay for a while�"I-I guess.”

Oh, I get it,” she sighed in relief. “It is an alien costume.”

'Good idea,' he thought, “Do you like it?”

It is so cute and cuddly,” she replied, “Oh, forgive me! I'm still scared from when I saw you out there. How did you get here?”

You know,” he said. “I mean, I have already told you part of it. You see we are like thoughts like that. We don't exist. Then someone has an alien thought and daydreams us a way into their thoughts and lives. If you really want me to go away all you have to do is not believe in me anymore. Can I stay?”

'That sounds true!' she thought, “Aw! You are! A smart little boy, aren't you?”

They spent the night conjuring up stories of his childhood and his beautiful orange and pink planet and his little green mud hut. They just went on and on all night long.

In the morning she instructed Dahlia to go out and play with him but of course she didn't believe in aliens yet. She was only two so she never saw him or paid him any mind. So he walked way over by a giant oak tree and sat by himself enjoying the fresh forest air and the temperature was just right for him he thought.

The mother looked out the door and noticed him off by himself and went out to talk with him a while longer. But as she was walking out there her little girl shouted, “Mama!” and as she turned her head to look he disappeared as she determined all that Dahlia wanted was to make her wave to her at least for she had forgot that was their game.

She walked out to where she last saw him and sat on a stump and said, “Where did you go?”

There was no answer.

Then she thought he probably had to pee and had slipped off into the brush.

Little Boy!” she said, “It's okay. Take as long as you have to. I-I'll be right here waiting.”

Then she began to wonder what the little boy's actual story was, his mind was so full of science fiction and she never liked science fiction but could not ignore the danger to her family when it came to aliens. Wouldn't that be something if there were such things, I mean.

Then she could see the little boy's head of thick brown hair off in the brush and she sighed. She had been right. He must have taken his costume off.

What is your name?” she asked and when she got no answer she added, “Silly me. We talked all night and I never once asked you your name. What is it?”

He came to the stump the same size and weight of the alien for sure and dressed in a flannel shirt with a black belt, little blue jeans and black hiking boots just exactly as she would have dressed him had he been her little boy.

Tell me!” she pleaded with him.

Tell you what?” he asked.

What your name is,” she said.

I don't know,” he said.

What do you mean you don't know?” she replied, “Everyone has a name some of them three or even more and everyone knows their name. Come on now. Stop teasing me. What is your name, dam? Tommy? Georgie?”

How did you know?” he said.

Which one is yours?” she asked. “Adam?”

He nodded his head but did not reply.

Good,” she said and stood for she had crouched down to make sure she got the truth out of him. “Good God you scared me. I thought you really didn't know your name.”

Actually,” he said shyly, “We don't have names and you never thought to give me one.”

Is that so?” she said and laughed. “Well, you have one now. What-what did you do with your adorable little costume?”

He looked puzzled for a while and almost said, “I didn't have a costume,” but just at the last minute he remembered her story about the alien from the orange and pink planet and the green mud hut. “Oh that!” he said, “Do you want me to find it?”

He had no idea where it was or what it was for it had never been a costume but an adult male alien.

When she didn't answer he said, “What makes people like you like you are?”

She stopped, turned toward him for she had headed for the cabin by then and asked, “What would make you ask a thing like that?”

Are you a witch?” he asked not very concerned.

Heavens no!!” she scoffed.

I wondered because everything you imagine becomes real like aliens and little boys out in the forest all by themselves. You must be able to believe anything,” he prattled on about nothing. So he thought.

It is scary for you?” she said, “And it is very hard to believe you are just a little boy lost way out here by the cabin. How did you get here again?”

Her back was turned and he was following her.

First you thought about aliens,” he said. “I know, some witch heard you and you do believe in witches?”

She could not help but agree but she wondered how he knew.

When you were about Dahlia's age a witch came to visit your father with stories about all the cattle's female parts being removed like some kind of doctor did it. Then he said that it must have been aliens. So you asked what alien meant and he told you right in front of the witch that they are just something the witches made up and warned you not to tell anyone he knew what they were up to, and you knew they wanted to scare everyone away from believing in God. Do you remember that now? I mean now you can understand what it means and what's involved? I-I am not really here, I don't think. I am a boy named Adam. I live in a town full of witches. There are no good ones. Can't I live here with you? I don't want to go back and live at the coven!!!”

Then he started to cry.

Aw! Listen!” she said with great sympathy, “Listen to me now! If they are witches we will do everything in our power to see that you grow up with us! Do you hear me?”

Just then Dahlia ran to her dad who had just come out of the cabin wondering when his wife was going to make breakfast.

Mama talking,” Dahlia said.

It certainly does look like that,” he said, “Why she's talking to herself now. I wonder what that is about?” Then he thought, 'It seems so real!!! You would swear she was coming across the yard talking to some kid or something. But there is nobody there. Has she finally cracked? Aliens last night. Now this?'

Adam,” Dahlia said.

Adam?” he said, “Where did you come up with that one?” Then he turned to his wife and said, “Eve! Who are you talking to?”

A little boy!” she said as she smiled and sort of laughed, “His name is Adam.” Then turning back to the little boy she said, “Say hello to my husband now Adam.”

Have you flipped!!” he asked. “I don't see anyone let alone a little boy named Adam or Horse Snot.”

They were almost upon her husband and Dahlia so she said, “Now's no time to be horsing around with me. He can stay with us a week or two until we have to take him back to those awful people.” Then she stopped and whispered supposedly so Adam would not hear, “They are in a witch's coven.”

Witches!” he snorted. “They are nothing. They worship Satan and now that he's dead what can it hurt. We were both baptized Lutherans! It is no problem for us. Now just quit talking to�"to no one there and get me some breakfast! You are going nuts playing with your mind all the time. Now just stop for a while would you?”

But she stood in confusion and talked with Adam.

Woman!!!” he yelled after a bit, “What in the hell did I say?”

He says, 'At the coven they came up with the idea of putting satellites up and moving them around to make it appear there are people on them recently. Then they play the part of the aliens or conjure aliens to be there. If people believe in the aliens they can give them an in and allow them to talk to them in their thoughts. Then they come to people as if they were really aliens and-”

That is all bullshit!!!” he said, “I have known some genuine witches. It is all in fun. Satan can't do their talking for them any longer. It's just common people doing the same thing you are, getting carried away with talking back and forth with their imaginations until they are so screwy they don't know what reality is let alone God.”

No! They really can! They have talked to me before and Adam was raised one of them and he's talking to them right now!!! So there!”

You've finally crossed the line, Eve!” he said, “I Yahoo Giller, tell you there are witches! They are not nice scaring everyone to prove they're stronger than God!!! There�"now! Are you happy! You're in this too far, Eve!!! Just stop!!! I mean it!!! NOW!!!”

She walked by him hesitating to let the children in and began slam banging pots and pans around in her kitchen.

Later when she tried to find Adam for she had set a plate for him he was gone to the neighbors.

There was a family of seven kids there for the weekend: Jesus, his wife, Dinah and Ester, Delilah, Elijah, David and Daniel, and little Gardenia. He just wandered in and sat and watched them play volleyball. But when the game was done Elijah looked right at him and said, “You want to play?”

He replied, “I have never played before. Your dad was thinking about witches. It got my attention. I'm here just because of that.”

Yeah,” said Delilah, “What am I thinking?”

He turned bright red which made his thick brown hair seem to blend with what had been a more pale face. His cheeks just under the eyes were so red it made him look as if he had been sunning himself all that day.

She laughed.

Daniel said, “Aw!!! Come on! Play!!” and their dad nodded as delighted he might play.

Guys! Guys!!” Ester yelled at them. “Stop! Stop this!!!”

What?” Jesus, their father said.

Come on Daddy!” she said, “You are scaring me!!!” and she started to cry.

Scaring you Honey?” he said, confused. “We could really use another player.”

That's just it, Dad!” she whined. “There is no one there and you all know it the same as I do!!! Do you even hear someone?” she screamed defensively and angry now.

Elijah stepped in close and pulled her hair.

Stop that!!!” she screamed and ran after him as the little girl Gardenia walked over to Adam and wanted up on his lap.

He ignored her but she would not leave his side.

Then he walked away to the shed where two ponies munched on oats after a lot of riding around the yard. Gardenia followed him. She held his hand as he smiled all the way there.

He looked down at her and began teasing her by poking his finger into her upper body. She screamed and laughed until she had tears in her eyes. Then she said, “Quit,” with a pout but he persisted and she as involuntarily laughed, giggled, squirmed and whined and kicked all the more. He kept on anyway.

That is enough now!!!” Jesus yelled at Adam.

Startled he quit and ran to the back of the shed. Gardenia was hurting from the poking fingers then. But she eyed him and what he was doing. Then she giggled and ran to him stopping just before she got to him.

Then he took the pitchfork down from the wall he had been playing with and jabbed it her way. She was scared but she didn't move. Then he nearly stabbed her with a tine to the left hand. She started to cry. The more her tears flowed the more he poked it at her and made fun of her claiming he would never hurt such a sweet little girl. She didn't believe him and screamed, “Daddy!!!” just as an outside tine plunged deep into her right eye!!!

Adam began screaming, crying and yelling, “You crazy kid!!!”

They all came running.

I-I saw her playing with the handle trying to get it down...” he whimpered. “I never thought this would...” he said between sobs.

Jesus looked at him remembering what he had done while tickling her too much and knowing that playing with the tools was something she had never done before. She was scared to death of them all even the hoe.

They rushed her to the cabin. Took her into the parents'' bedroom and only then realized it was too late the tine had embedded itself in her skull and had apparently entered her brain. There was not a move to her, no pulse, no heartbeat and very little blood. The accident had killed her instantly.

Jesus became furious and went into a rage. He marched to the big room, the main room of the cabin, grabbed Adam by the throat and his eyes were bulging out of their sockets when Dinah his wife finally managed while screaming bloody murder at him to get his attention. Then as they stared at each other she was sure he would not harm Adam and all was silent.

It was an accident,” Dinah told him almost silently and calmly and she moved her hands to Jesus' hands as the kid was trying hard to get his lungs to work again and Jesus slowly brought his arms down to his side. Then he walked like a zombie through the front door and stood as lifeless looking down the very road that Adam had come down on his way into the end of Gardenia's life.

Ester thought she had gone mad. Her dad seemed to be standing in the living room pretending to choke the life out of someone she could not see and her baby sister lay dead on her mother's bed in a small pool of blood. Then to see her dad out there like that.

Then Jesus started walking, as aimlessly, down the road into the cabin. Everyone stood so quietly in the silence as she stared at her daddy she could hear herself blink. When he went out of sight she took a chair and climbed up the window to see whether he just kept going.

Adam disappeared, showing himself again after breakfast in Dahlia's yard. As he put his hand on the two year old's head she believed it was Adam that had touched her. She looked up and smiled as he put a finger to his lips without a noise and reached out for her little hand. Then he led her the entire way down the hill, back through what had been an old pasture with the little girl playing with sticks to move the mud clumps around in the sparse grass and stomping in the mud from the shower two nights ago.

It ended at the river.

He took her in his arms and carried her out into the raging stream and she never looked down into the water but laughed as he swung her around and giggled as he dipped her close to the water then high over his head until...

He turned her little bottom to the sun and she straightened her legs giggling with her eyes closed. Then he plunged her precious jovial little body beneath the current and fought her struggles until there were no more. Then he let go and let her lifeless tiny corpse float fairly swiftly away only to almost stop as it came to a pool in the river. Then he looked up and shouted, “My present to you Yahoo Giller!” before looking up with maniacal laughter as had he been taunting God to do something.

The next moment he was on the road again.

Just then Jesus' wife, Dinah was helping him get in the car. All the kids were piling in silent as the sudden hush in the wind after a shower. Gardenia's little body was in a box in the trunk.

Ester felt for her seat belt. Found the locking mechanism she pulled on the strap. The strap broke loose leaving the buckle in her right hand. “What the-?” she said. Then seeing the strap had been severed with a very sharp cutting instrument of some kind she was at first confused and then she realized as the others tried to get buckled in, that all their seat belts were severed in half at a 30 degree angle so that they all seemed to match. She wanted to scream but finally only managed a, “Mama! Someone cut all our seat belts.”

The boy from the forest!” she said in awe as she abandoned her search for the front right seat belt she had intended to buckle Jesus in with bursting out in tears as she realized the accident had been no accident and a very sic kid had marked them all as his next victims as the rest of the kids gave up on buckling up also and sat quietly as their mother rounded the front of the car, opened the door, started it, put her foot all the way down on the gas pedal and spun the tires throwing sand and small rocks in a cloud of dust behind the car back at the cabin which was just what Adam wanted as his maniacal laughter scared a ruffed grouse off to his right from where he stood on the third turn in the road.

She was still roaring full tilt for the highway when Ester saw him, “Ma!!! Look out!!!” Some one was on the turn way out there.

She never saw him until she was just about upon him. The car hit him square on and his head came into the front seat as his body dangled from the hood. The car rolled and then rolled end for end. Bodies were flying everywhere but the front right side.

The sound suddenly ceased. The dust settled. A lynx ran for deeper in the forest and an owl turned his head all the way around each way taking note of each of the bodies.

Ester was thrown out and lay with her head crumpled unnaturally to her chest with a broken neck. Dinah was to her shoulders in the windshield that had broken, but had buckled before it broke and pulled her head back through the hole it had made severing her head from its neck almost with the head laying attached by one strip of muscle in the vents outside near the hood. Elijah lay close by Ester with his skull ripped apart and most of his brain missing from view from encountering a large oak stump. But the twins were lying with the roof having torn the chest areas of their bodies haphazardly in half as Jesus rose from the wreck and took inventory with one missing he never found, Daniel.

A cute cuddly short alien walked to the trunk that was wide open but with the lid still attached. He reached in pulled a box from inside, set it on the bumper and a little girl's body fell to the dirt in the road. There he stomped and stomped on the body looking directly at one eye of her father.

They stared at each other. Jesus was missing one side of his head and his skull had been torn partly away so that it left the top of the brain exposed and contained his right eye where a tear come from. But there was no fear, just sadness as he begged, “Kill me too...”

But as the alien stood there stomping on Gardenia's body laughing maniacally Jesus fell to his knees still raised by his powerful arms and cried out with what little life remained in him. “God...”

Then he collapsed deceased.

Even the alien vanished and was seen at Eve's cabin where he walked up behind Eve and pulled her apron stings apart.

Darn you!!” she shouted with surprising anger and turned on her husband so she thought but seeing the alien said good-naturedly, “It's you. Oh, I see you found it,” meaning his darling costume as he plunged a butcher knife into her stomach while she was laughing fondly with him slitting her abdomen wide open, detached her womb and sliced it open to reveal a fetus.

She lay on the kitchen floor with blood pouring from her abdomen and begged him to kill her. But he didn't. He was instead seen outside by the car with Yahoo Giller checking the oil. He raised himself and looked to see the alien.

The alien was surprised there was no fear.

I know what you are,” he said. “You are what my wife never could have understood.” Then his eyes closed in grief. “Is it over now?” he mumbled. Then tears streamed down his face, “Dahlia,” is all he said. “You are just my thought life. You are not real life. I thought like my wife and...” He choked as he tried in vain to cough... “Dahlia-” he tried again understanding and comprehending what he was saying perfectly.

The alien disappeared.

He slammed the hood shut, walked to the front door, opened it, slid in the seat as his wife begged but not loud enough for someone anyone to kill her, buckled his seat belt, put the car in R, backed up in the yard, turned his wheel all the way to the left and proceeded down the trail, two strips of dusty gray dirt with weeds and grass between them heading for the highway.

She wouldn't listen. She just could not stop before it was too late. Hell it was too late before he begged her to. His belief in God the One that knew he knew him from the point of entry into this world. Saved or not at least he knew when to believe his thought life and when to believe it was nothing but hypnosis with what you see, hear and feel seeming as real to you as had it been created by God rather than some witch at a Satanic meeting somewhere in the dark of night in some other part of the world.

The above story as edited by me for foul language mainly is true to the best of my knowledge as told directly 387 preschoolers in America alone. Satan who is saved has his work cut out for him if he is ever to claim those that are worshiping the living Satan. The other one is long since nothing.

As he turned onto the highway heading home he stopped and looked back.

Three hours later he was back with five sheriff vehicles. Eve was still alive but barely... That is the witches' idea of good to their unshakable disgrace and disgusting display of horror. But actually it was only the rumor told to 387little kids four years old and under while mothers with infants stood around with babies in their arms with wild crazy looks in their crazed eyes after they cut a kitty's throat and made them all take blood on their lips and lick it off.

The only two that died were Gardenia with the pitchfork and...



If it happens in just your thought life. It is true to the rest of thought. So make it clear what is in your thought life like lies and that which comes when you are out of your mind unless you want to confuse your readers and drive them all the way to insanity if you want to. But if you do that if you can always bring them back the part way you took them to being a raving lunatic if not insane. Only you drove them there. Only you can bring them back. Insanity or anything along that vein can be impossible to figure out from those in the sane half of what may seem to happen for what happens in fiction really is nothing and examining fiction is really a whole lot like examining nothing which is not the sanest of things to do anyway.

Animals can see our thoughts and thus think when we are out of our minds that that is real. Well, actually they are so in tune with us it does not matter to them. They see it happen to you and they react to it, sane, real, out of your mind, part way to insanity or all the way to stark raving mad and they react to it happening to you. They don't care whether it is happening in a spirit or that it is spirit they see them all as the same.

Cats don't care. Dogs do. The cat saw the box. The cat leaped in the air and landed in the box. She hissed. She attacked. Then she fled disgruntled by her apparent defeat and never jumped in a box without first looking in to see if it was empty again.

They looked inside the box. It was empty. Was whatever had been in there in the cat's thought life or theirs or both? Something in there was truly there. But it was nothing. It was not real.

The dog took off running as had it been running after something that went under the bed. Then the dog tried to get at it under the bed; first one end and then the other when they laughed and it was distracted.

Then the dog looked back under the bed with the hair standing on the back of the its neck. It looked all over and came to him as to get his help finding it. He laid on the bed and looked under it by hanging his head over the side. There was nothing there and a quick check of the bedroom yielded no result.

The cat had an encounter with it. They saw the effects of it being in the box. The dog gave chase to it. They saw the effects of it. It was in all of their thought lives now as real to the cat and the dog, but only true to them.

Don't you just love it when things like that happen in your thought lives?

So you wish you could discuss it with your cat or the dog. Then you wonder what that would be like and you begin to imagine it and it gets so true to you can see it in your mind's eye but then you are lying on the bed talking to you dog.

You say out loud to him, “What was it, Boy?” and Boy wags his tail, pays only attention to you with eyes bright looking to see whether what you saw what was in his mind when he was out of his mind has come back and when he sees it has not he settles down and he quietly discusses the situation with him.

He either does not know what it was or he cannot talk to you in the manner you are talking to him. So you give up, attempt to go back into your right mind but only make it as far as imagining when you imagine seeing something more like a shadow jump out the box with the cat still in it and head for safety under the bed. Then you see it scared for its life running first to one end of the bed and then the other. You hear a voice that is familiar say something to you. It distracts you. Then you look again and even expecting to see it, there is not a trace of it anywhere and you see the cat is there but she's bored out of her mind again.

The others there say your name a couple of times and ask you where you were just then. You realize you are back to the real world and the entire episode is forgotten. But were you just imagining it or did the dog and you imagine it at the same time. You look with a question at the dog. He looks back with a question that seems to ask if the two of you have done something wrong. You assure him you have not by patting her on the head and settled down completely again he puts his head on your thy just above the knee cap. But-? Why do his eyes watch yours ready for more of the drama, first one eye then the other seemingly worried because he doesn't know whether it should be so easily forgotten.

Then you think, 'It's over and nothing to go crazy over, is it?' but you accidentally verbalize it and wonder who you were talking to like that does once in a while, you know, like there was someone unspecified there that might be specifiable if you paid enough attention. 'Am I alright?' you do it again shaking the inside of your head, the one you see when you look in at yourself when you see no one and imagine you were looking out while trying to imagine what it looks like when looking out to the real world but know it's only imagination for you truly look like no one and to that inside your face it is nothing but a mask you can't see from inside but that others see clearly mostly things you never intended they read thereupon.

Then to you decide to relax and distract yourself to take a break from all this thinking like that you read this on your phone not remembering that sometimes you wonder whether I am crazy. You read this. It draws you in. You think it is you that I am writing to but of course it is.

You know my secret. I did not write this to all those skeptics. I wrote it to you. You are the one that knows what I mean. You have been there. You think I don't know you. How could I? Well, there are a lot of you out there so I just picked the right one and God was willing you hear me and that we fellowship in this way by me having taken over in a monologue just to let you know I care.

I have been out of my mind hundreds of times too. I just happened to think about what it was that run under the bed and what it all meant, you could say, the rest of reality that just maybe God did not make.

They must be Christians. They notice it too. They just do not want you to know it. It's not in the Bible that thing that never gets real about what goes on when things like that happen like they are not supposed to. God forbid!

Did he really? Tell me. Where? He never did. Did he? Be honest. You never saw any reference to where I just took you and you know it's all there, some of it true, some of it real, some of it part of you when you were out of your mind.

It is all there and impossible not to pay attention to...

Do not ever say that too loudly or this. Somethings only belong in a hush. Shhhh....

There is truth to anything that is thought if you want to look at it that way like a biblical principle, a lie, that thought while you are out of your mind that fits with what you thought before and will think after if there ever is an after or ever was a before for you. Logic can lead you astray because reality is far greater than just the part that's logical and the logical truth is only that portion of what there is to know that is logically assumed to be true based on other statements that are assumed be true.

For example dogs do not bark is illogical. But taking a different path of assumptions you may conclude that something like vocal chords if not vocal chords are caused to vibrate by air passing by them which then is assumed to be interpreted by the dog's brain and our mind as sound but light was first and not sound so every noise there was before sound was heard was no better than had there been only silence. Light was not first.

But when it was there had been only that which is not anything yet the silence that was there could be felt when in a flash everything had to come to be at once that was there to become anything, there being not anything there and there being anything now with none of not anything ever having been noticed but just empty space which is far different from not anything which was not either light nor dark but the color of that you realize was there when you failed to notice anything there for there was not anything there to notice.

Whatever not anything is, it is not nothing which can be described also. Not anything there cannot even be thought let alone described but we know it is that where anything that ever existed is when it is destroyed with no trace of it remaining. Nothing was indestructible except by that not anything, which is the only thing that ever took its place after anything came into being and was totally destroyed by the end of that anything which became not anything and that anything became not anything which it no longer possessed the rare quality of becoming something except in the hands of the one whoever or whatever that one was though I call him God stood between nothing and something and only now that he has created everything to ever be anything that it might be made out of nothing and totally destroyed it that everything that is, was then made by him to no longer be and by reverse knowledge can be made any thing that may be anything that it may truly be.

Only someone who has ever thought things that can be anything other than that thought by God can truly create anything other than what God created but him being practical all sorts of things he never thought anything but impractical are yet possible to be made by him or someone so different from him it had been impossible for him to detect there having been any thing to it at one time.

For example, science has never made anything or nothing was not ever once destroyed and then the anything part of reality remade for it must have been or nothing would still be with us and we could imagine only nothing for only no thing with no qualities but the inability not to be destroyed by creating all things. If it does in fact exist it is impossible for us to know it. Though we know what not anything was but not what it is and assume it cannot be again without being what it once was exactly.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...” can be better thought by rendering Yahweh's thought to Moses as “After the end God recreated that beyond your knowledge and that you can know even by simply examining it like that in the world, not the universe mind you, for there is a difference that completely involves the practical universe but also the mind. That which is real, that which is true, that which is imagined that is true, that which is reasoned to be true and leaves us with what must be real, and the same thing for what is true while you are out of your mind beyond that which is assumed to be either sane or insane when actually there really is neither one for except you choose a differing context there can be no insanity except in the minds of those making a false assumption that anything that can be labeled is another thing that exists; it all has existed. Most Americans have three names but very few have anything for any purpose but to identify them that is true; for that few it does not identify either one but only both as is the case with virtually all of God's knowledge when others think they have found it first they do what so many do and do not realize that they too are a part of reality and can do nothing reality is not doing that is real, true, false or unreal but true though he does seem to draw the line at making much he has made before exactly what it had been and more every time he chooses not do nothing.


The boy from the forest had hid in the box and had seemed evil to the cat and the dog and you. You can! know the truth of what is around you. The boy from the forest is evil. He killed two babies one with a pitchfork and the other drowned when he purposely left it alone near the river.

I created him the same way God had discovered him as an automaton, then destroyed him, then created him with consciousness which was totally different but exactly the same. Now I have created him to be a character in the this story that is not a character but a spirit made by a witch we have not met yet which will be created by me with the same sort of history doing things they never did at all except in my thought life which you are in and which will remain in the ones I write this book to and even some skeptics who find my way of thinking and therefore my new thought life useful at least for a time in their being refreshed by the difference and so affect and effect some of those God created perhaps changing some of them slightly but probably not enough to be more than a trivial change.

God discovered Adam. Then he made him no longer an automaton and gave him his own consciousness when at last a witch that often made aliens for the plan to cause people on earth to believe in aliens created him according to what God saw was an evil spirit that might kill one or more of the people he had created and I created his father in my thought life and am sharing him with you under the promise they both will be good in the end or become not any thing at all but what I created in the first place to save or to leave them what they were before I encountered them what is a thing that can do anything it wants to do and therefore can do everything which includes nothing the only way we can experience it after God chose to destroy nothing [Actually I did that.] and make it all not anything divided from not anything by me. They can even be that.

But if they want they can do anything even be everything if they want. But they can also do nothing. So whatever they do God has caused them not to do what they want but what they do with everything they do, say and to think what he is doing, saying and thinking they would do for there is no more to do, say or think and if they do not believe me they can try to find something more to do that has not already been done.

God knows it all. He knows that they enjoy fear and that they love being scared so much they live to be afraid and being afraid they live. No matter what they do God knows what it is and they do it together like what one does is reality doing it and what reality does is them doing it.

They are just doing the most common error in everything God created. They all think they did it when all along it was God that did it for that is what he does everything reality does for he is reality and it is impossible to do anything that is not really done until it is forgotten and becomes something whether in the part of reality that is in the normal part of the mind and in God's normal mind, that he imagines or that he does in your mind when you are out of your mind. There is nothing more he can do for there is nothing more to do that you think you can possibly say, think and do or something I bring into that of course.

But doing everything and having it serve no purpose for no reason but just to exist or to exist just for the sake of existing is to do nothing, and to do nothing for the same reason and purpose is to do nothing, and doing nothing is defined as being dead.

So they are dead either way no matter what they do or do not do for they are the only ones that do that but a few others do and do not realize it and by the end of them they will realize it too and die. It will take a while before they realize it but when they do it will be true as it is now and the only difference will be they realize it.

But when everyone realizes it and God has already dealt with anything they do but a slight bit of the trivial things they will lose interest in what they do which we all know the witches do not care about. They just want to frighten if no one else then themselves. But doing the same thing to frighten themselves over and over forever will become repetitive, then boring, then being bored to death, becoming depressed because they can't change it is who and what they are that which did what that witch did just as God made them do it and they are reduced to an automaton like they were before, only the most limited ones in creation.

In the process he will start creating them over thinking his thoughts and making their decisions his way. It might or might not seem gradual at first. I do not know. I just know that is what he plans for all those he created and it is fine with me that he does it with even those I have created. There is nothing more meaningful and fun than to be God in God possessing his Spirit.

In the end whether they did it before or not they will be blissful and full to overflowing with peace and joy just like everyone else and never even have a twinge or a craving to ever scare anyone ever again for ever with no end even if all they do is make changes in their peripherals forever which some will do until it is the same way, repetitive, boring, bored out of their skulls, depressed, suicidal, dead and fully re-created by God something everyone alive even the boy from the forest, his father who created him and rules him and I, everyone should be doing even as I am; getting ready to be me in me possessing the Spirit full time.

Is that true?” Adam asked.

Shall I talk to him,” Jesus asked me. “It might be such a thrill. Somebody made by you.”

He wasn't made by me but someone I made,” I replied.

Do you want to hear?” he asked.

I nodded then realized he might not understand that. But he sees just fine. I am blind but I can hear.

Jesus says it was,” I then added.

Jesus!!” he said, “Jesus talking to me.” Then he turned to Jesus and addressed him before he asked me if I minded.

I said, “Go ahead.”

I am deaf in one ear and can't see out of one eye,” he smarted off because actually he is fine.

Getting smart with Jesus!

It's alright,” Jesus said, “I hear him fine.”

Can you save me from that end?” Adam asked.

You cannot fool me,” Jesus said. “You plan to start out nice but wind up wicked.”

That would be alright,” one of them, I thought Adam probably, said.

You don't care?” he asked.

I do not scare easy,” Jesus said, “Am I a man that I should run scared. There is nothing you can do to me.”

I think he means, 'That Satan hasn't done,'” I put my two cents worth in.

I can handle him, John,” Jesus assured me.

Adam shut up.

You're no fun,” he said a moment after I noticed. “Who do you think you are?”

Who I am,” Jesus said.

Do you know what I am?” he asked.

Jesus Christ by the time I am done if you want,” Jesus said.

The boy from the forest laughed and disappeared.

Why didn't he go for it?” I asked Jesus.

Is he still here?”

He's like that. He goes. He comes. He does pretty much what he wants to.”

He still doesn't want it.”

You don't care what he does to you?”

They can be as bad or worse than Satan. They love fear more. Satan just loved to torture.

Then I saw in an instant that Adam was approaching an old man on the city street.

What do you think, Pop?” he said.

The old man was instantly defensive and growled, “I don't care.”

He hit his cane. A marine stopped and just stared right at him. It was clear what he was saying to the dirty old man I took to be a picture of me. Then he started to back down when suddenly he flashed a nice sized hunting knife of some kind.

The old man was scared and his heart hurt like hell with every beat but the marine stood his ground, calm as koala bear.

If you would just stop killing people for no reason,” I said. “God might let you have your fun.”

I don't care!” the boy from the forest said and tried to run his knife in a slice from right to left just at the top of the stomach of the old man. It cut a bit.

Don't believe it!” I said thinking it not much use unable to believe he heard me.

The rest of the cut just passed right through him.

Adam sunk it in all the way just to the left and higher to the lower part of the ribs. Other than the force of the punch caused the old man to look at me with askance it had no impact on him.

You're doing great!!!” I yelled in delight to the old man who told Adam to get out of there and called him a punk.

The marine saw it all. He was beside himself with joy. So Adam turned on him.

He set himself. The knife fanned the air in front of him. Then he made a couple of attempts to get the knife. But Adam slipped it in and up. It caught in the marine's chest and blood filled the front of his shirt. The marine moved to his left and caught Adam's right wrist and overpowering him took the knife away. But blood was running in the street now. Whatever he hit had an artery in it.

A woman who was standing nearby got EMERGENCY first and talked rapidly but shaking as she did she clearly explained the entire thing to the lady at PD as the marine knife and all fell to the sidewalk and Adam kicked the blade away as the marine bowed over in pain. Adam took his foot and pushed his upper body onto the pavement and as the marine watched him helplessly he held his foot about six inches above him. The marine showed no fear. Adam came down with his foot on the wound and the marine doubled over in pain but he was cold and hadn't showed any fear anyway.

The old man jumped on Adam and managed to drag him down completely unafraid of him. Adam was surprised and swung being wide open to his right eye.

It passed right through his head as had it been the lights to a video image.

Adam began struggling to get free and did finally make it because the old man was holding his chest.

When the medic got there they ended up taking them both away and Adam was nowhere to be seen. But of course I knew where he was. He had manifested in a bar full of patrons.

They are all starting to know what you are Witch!” I said. “You won't be able to hurt them and instead of getting scared they will laugh at you guys and fight back.”

He was scared but you should have seen the witches who found him and were standing around in amazement as to how foolish he looked being bested by a grubby old man.

Next time listen to Jesus,” I said.

Why?” he snapped with anger.

He could save you from all this,” I said, “Even yourself. You ain't near as cocky. You loved being a kid. What was it got you to manifest as a young teen?”

The old man was playing with his mind about out of it,” he said, “I thought this should be easy. Scare him to death. Then you told him not to believe it. Why did you and my dad make me a witch?”

I didn't make you anything else,” I said, “But you are just a spirit where reality is so far.”

A spirit,” he mumbled, feeling pain in his left knee from the scuffle with the old man. “Like my toy alien? Oh, damn. He's almost nothing but boxers instead of briefs after a wet one.”


They were aliens! I swear!!” she said after telling a story about encountering a bright light at an intersection in the middle of the desert in Arizona.

But Adam felt an unusual impression in his head and felt his brain close down so that he could barely remember the name he had gotten at the cabin that day. They had locked his mind. He tried to think on his own and complained all he could but his spirit went nowhere and they didn't say anything. It was dead quiet. They were up to something big or at least some one maybe his creator was like that writer who claimed to have created him and his creator had said.

He knew they were worried but he didn't understand why. If it was the Great Power what could he do about it? They all had the same power. No one had ever done what he was doing. He felt even more real now that he knew he was not in this alone and the anxiety he was under eased as he became fascinated with what they were doing and excited they had apparently decided to use him in the plan.

He never heard anything but I heard his creator say to someone in the sky, “We cannot let God continue to have the upper hand on this one.”

A lot of us are tired. We are getting tired of frightening each other and he keeps us away from the others up here. My witches are dwindling. Three more in the last hour. But the bind doesn't bother me. We have been in every bind there is. Why doesn't God just give up and not dream up anymore like this one. I am going to ignore it. If it's true like Jesus said and he has been known to lie on occasion it has always been and nothing has changed. It may well be our end but it has always been if it was. Nothing changed. We can do anything we want. Just keep on doing what you are doing,” he said.

We can't Saturday night we could barely get a fire going in their spirits and all but one Charismatic Church in North Dakota was severely let down by the meeting and we gave out dozens of spirits and took them away to heal most all of them. They cheered and applauded but it just was not the same. He was one of our greatest faith healers too. He's only a few chapters into his book and he's been right on the nose. We have to start taking places away and winning people or he will beat us. There is nothing we can do but just let him go. He's still getting the message out as to the fact we can be violent and it leads to people dying. That's what God is angry about. He doesn't want us killing people for no reason but our enjoyment at seeing their fear,” his creator said.

Keep quiet. Start with the ultimate plan. Take the UP and move more into the Charismatics at the same time. See what God does. If it all works as it should the earth will be ours. We will keep working on the ones in the air. Let us handle that. You have never been here,” the one in the air said. “Play up the prince of the air. They say there is no Satan. It fits nicely with our plan.”

You guys realize I can hear you?” I said.

Instant silence.

The boy in the woods wanted to go for the campers he saw earlier that were all scared with all the talk about aliens but instead he began walking in a way he was not familiar with. It ended at a church. Most of them were blind and the pastor was both blind and deaf and besides he was way out of his mind. He couldn't even follow his line of thinking. He was so far out maybe no one had gone that far. It all started because he believed the Lord that was them was going to let loose a war against Satan. They hadn't even abandoned that yet.

He walked in unnoticed among the crowd but a few knowing stares that sensed there was a spirit among them tonight. Suddenly swarms of spirits were coming out of him and going into the people gathered chattering excitedly. When the demons went into them they would praise the Lord or start screaming something in Jehovah's name. Even he got excited but his mind was still locked.

The pastor was not even on stage yet and the church was getting out of order and the din was loud with excited voices. Then the elders at the church confronted him saying that they had seen and identified over 300 spirits in hushed tones. They were afraid and he delighted in it. People were already at a fever pitch emotionally and not just a few were crying and some screaming with their spirits. There were interpreters yelling and trying to make sense of the many that were screaming in tongues many had never heard before and pacing around in the church.

God is here but that is evil spirits. It is going to be a showdown right here tonight,” he said. “Shall I run with that?”

All his advisers were silent before one said, “You have no choice,” in a hush.

He stepped to the mic and God began taking the spirits out in groups. They screamed as they came out and people were writhing on the floor and dying all over. Then the pastor shouted, “Satan is here!!! Tonight God is going to do a mighty work!!!” though he was too scared to believe it. People fell to the floor crying and howling in fear and screeching in tongues and the children too. Chaos broke out.

One man stood in the middle of it all and said, “We are taking the world for the Lord [That was them.] IT BEGINS HERE! BE NOT AFRAID! SATAN KNOWS THE LORD'S PLAN. WORSHIP! WORSHIP THE LORD ANY WAY YOU CAN WHO WILL COME OUT VICTORIOUS! HE IS OUR PROTECTOR!!!”

Everyone cried out as one voice. “The spirits are devils!” but the spirits were the ones crying out in the pandemonium as the spirits and witches including Adam's spirit came out of him and he fell dead on the floor confused and more afraid than a witch almost can be. His heart gave way and his eyes were bulged out and wide open staring straight up into a light.

Then the spirits came out as the local coven's leader took the podium and began commanding them to leave. The people began to fall dead, as dead as Adam and did not move and the room soon became quiet as the pastor made his way among the crowd and said sacred words that raised people in huge rings. They sat back. They couldn't believe what had happened to them.

There was weeping and cries of agony in some. But soon the entire church was quiet and alive even Adam who saw the spirits and witches slowly and orderly going back into the ones that had been raised. A coven thinking it was a church that had been saved by God in their confusion did not realize it had been a show the witches had played on it to takeover the entire church for even the pastor filled with a powerful witch believed that God had actually saved them from the greatest manifestation of demons and devils he had ever seen, but there were no demons and there were no devils they were destroyed by being saved. It was only witches and their spirits in every single one in the church.

Then God struck as their testimonies showed no sign of the Spirit who was not even there and had not been fooled. God began taking evil spirits out by the hundreds as the evil ones blasphemed him and came out with such numbers it made the previous pandemonium look like a walk in the park. The spirits and the witches were furious. They hung on as long as they could but their plan was in shambles and the entire plan to pretend to be cast out so they could go back in and steal the church putting it fully under the power of the witches and their spirits had failed. They had been deceived so much and for so long by Satan the witches would have had no difficulty at all pretending to be the people while they took it to the next stage to make witches of all of them.

True nothing they said in those churches had anything to do with God for they had been deceived by Satan and all that happened there had glorified Satan in some way but the church was not even aware of it.

Now they sat quiet and in their right mind sort of being themselves anyway for hours confused by them being saved by God from being brought in all at once by the witches only to have the witches and their spirits removed with so many of them dying there was only a handful left.

No one missed Adam whom they had never heard of or saw before but the whole idea of taking the earth away from God was not and I mean it was not going to happen that way and when what happened at the church spread all of the UP expected something similar but it was done, the witches had been out of their minds and God never stood for it when at last he understood what the crazy plan had been to make the church goers pushovers unwittingly for the witches as it had been for Satan in that little church in California one Sunday morning now getting to be long ago.

God saw to it that the so called saints did not understand what happened. No one in any church I have interviewed even knew a revival had taken place in that part of the country. It was decided to say that a revival got out of hand and the pastor was fired for not being able to control the crowd in the confusion and the riot had graciously left no man or woman dead. He was fired for he failed to call 9 1 1 to restrain those that were completely out of control as an excuse but that was something none of them ever would have done anyway under any circumstances.


A working man came across a couple standing in the roadway. He asked them if he could help them. They made up a sob story but it was unclear what they wanted or for that matter what he could do. Then he went to get back in his car when the man that appeared to be light Native or part Native threw a brick at his back taking him in between the shoulders bringing him to his knees. The man jumped him from behind and began kicking and punching him before he could get up. He tried to stand but the Native was too strong and too quick for him and before too long he lay with a huge cut under one eye and a broken jaw with crushed sinuses and lay unconscious along the street, the main street in the little town that had it been any other time of day would have been crowded with cars. They took his wallet to make it look like a robbery and threw his wallet away.

When he came to. He was amazed they had robbed him, beat him and left him for dead and not even taken his car. He managed somehow to get behind the steering wheel some four hours after he had left it to see what he could do. Then he drove home still scared out of his mind. He told his wife what happened as near as he could remember. She called police and the two including the blond with hair down into the middle of her back and the man with long dirty tangled hair about five foot ten are being sought by the police who never will find them. They manifest as witches and disappeared from the scene discarding the money when they returned to the air very pleased with what they had done in order to send the message to me that if I did not stop what I was doing it was not just me that was in danger.

The couple thought they had lost their mind and hid out among the homeless unable to believe what they had done. But they never did anything. The witches had taken them over to do what they had done. Now they hid among the homeless in fear of being arrested being the only ones seen at the scene of the crime. They may die thinking they had done this strange thing and the man who was attacked will doubtless believe they did too if they are ever caught in or near the little town of Dilworth, Minnesota.

The boy in the forest is tickled beyond reason at the fear that is spreading as he successfully used two of his own spirit to perpetrate the crime I thought. Actually it had nothing to do with witches and the boy in the forest had simply just enjoyed the bizarre incident having wished he had thought to do it. He had not made any other spirits. It was getting wild out there and the people who have been reading this writing are scared and looking for incidences like this one that is the sort of thing witches do and believe it was witches and not just people with criminal minds.

A woman spotted the pair coming out of a remote area in Moorhead, a city right next to the town where it happened. The boy in the forest was there. He spoke to her mind but she was deaf. Then he appeared before her but he found she was blind to spirits also. But she had read this and became afraid for her life though knowing the couple had not seen her. She took out her phone to call police but at the last moment thought that if she did she would be in a world of hurt having put herself in the place of the witches. She suddenly felt powerless and helpless, and oh, so alone against all the witches on earth and in the air. So she put her phone back in her purse and walked past the couple in full view of them, offered a cordial good morning and walked on paranoid but safe from what she imagined would be a swarm of witches.

Then she told everyone she saw that it had been witches and where she had seen them come out of the remote area. No one condemned her for not taking the chance of putting herself in danger not to mention the lives of her friends and family. She is scared today and believes every strange happening is the fault of witches.

The witches love it.

But it will make it hard for them to operate with everyone who reads this on their guard for as far as I know no one but me has stepped into the breach and created a witch like the boy in the forest and them to expose witches for what they really are to combat their propaganda that they are harmless, nice people in fairy tales only in an effort to enhance the fear and bloodshed when they are involved. They do not want it to be random strikes of violence like gangs. They relish the fear of their victims and the fear in themselves as they are challenged to take chances that could mean their lives which does not bother them. They can do anything they want and coming back from the dead is almost routine. No one on earth is safe from the withes directly and from their manifestations or their spirit aliens that have never brought anyone even themselves to an alien planet.

It was early in the afternoon then when I saw the boy in the forest venture out of a wooded area between two farms. Angelica had been staying with her grandmother whose husband was gone and her large farm was reduced to a barn with a few cows, maybe six pigs and a goat plus numerous cats and her old pit bull terrier when he grandmother noticing how bored her granddaughter was asked her if she would like to go to the neighboring farm with a jar of rhubarb sauce to introduce herself though the day was more than warm under a blue sky with breezes that would offer not much relief. Angelica was just bored enough and thought the adventure might be fun.

The boy in the forest walked right out of the wooded area as had he no evil intention and just might make the acquaintanceship of a beautiful girl in his estimation.

She never saw him and when he greeted her she did not respond. But she pretended a boy walked out of the woods and walked right up to her and said, “Hi, Beautiful. Where are you headed.”

The boy in the forest was amazed she would have such a daydream knowing she had begun reading this book online, finding it interesting enough to keep reading. But she did not believe it and it was a good thing she didn't so she thought. She would be scared to go or do anything by herself for fear of witches. That or she was just being brave for she did believe it up to a point. What if the boy in the forest was in fact real?

He was not really. One had to believe in witches that made all those scary aliens to even interact with him. He was not like one of us he had to be believed even to be seen or heard in order to even appear to inhabit the part of reality we often in our limited understanding of reality take comfort in believing there are no such things unless you believe them and even then they are only products of one's imaginations and that ain't real.

Is that so?

What do you mean? How can things we just imagine be true? That is for little kids.

Actually what people do is give little kids the false impression that things they imagine are no more real than say the stuff of story books and later books like this that seem to prove that it is true but only in the imagination of horror story writers. It teaches them to believe. But since everything they are asked to believe in turn out to be false images they become doubters like witches and some even become witches not believing God is the only one that can do anything which witches most often also believe. The truth being that witches can only do anything in the lives of any others even those in the air if they are believed and to help out even something one can pretend to be for some fun or to get back at someone for some reason by scaring them.

Angelica chose to think of the boy in the forest as real.

Well,” he said, “Where are you going?” in her thoughts where she continued her own little story thinking that if she got very good at it she might make an author of a best selling book someday.

I am going to the neighbors under the cover of bringing some rhubarb sauce as a gift to get acquainted with them,” she said aloud. Why not? She was the only one there that was real.

But how real she did not think to examine. Real enough to kiss or hold hands with or to do sexual things she was not permitted to do in the real world all in her mind?

The walk was long and hot but it had only taken minutes and the boy in the forest was not only believed to be by her but she wished she could hear him and was getting so good at role playing his words she could hear him when she walked to the front door from having been out on the gravel road all that way. Her skin felt funny from the dust and wind that had suddenly come up along the way along with an annoying thirst that was not like being thirsty but made her long for a short drink anyway.

A nice woman by the looks of her came to the door.

Hi, I am Angela, your neighbor's granddaughter,” she said.

I heard you were coming,” she said, “What brings you my way?”

She offered the rhubarb sauce and said, “It is time we get acquainted.”

I agree,” the woman of the house said. “Thirsty?”

Yes,” she said and without thinking turned to the boy in the forest and asked him, “Are you?” realizing it sure felt like she knew that he was there and where he was while he was there. Then she felt like someone had smiled so she smiled too.

The woman of the house thought it was some harmless sort like an imaginary friend. Then she spotted the boy in the forest. “It's okay. You can have one too. Or am I wrong? Does your type even drink water?” she said, making him feel welcome.

He never touched his water glass not to mention took a drink but of course Angelica imagined he did and never thought to watch the glass before him to see whether it even moved or not. He just sat and listened to the small talk about how Angelica's grandmother was doing and the like as well as discussing Angela's likes and dislikes and Angela in turn discussing what the neighbor's were. Then he got bored and rose and went outside.

Angela thought how eerie it was for the gust of wind to come up blowing the screen door open just enough for someone to have gone out. The neighbor lady noticed the boy in the forest leave but was not surprised for almost none of the conversation would ever be of interest to an odd looking boy of his age wondering why it had chosen that manifestation instead of a handsome young lad. Angelica was a very pretty girl after all.

Now that he's not here,” she said, “I have to ask, though you realize he can hear anytime you are thinking of him or he is thinking of you. That type almost never leave you. They almost always want you to think that they are always with you.” Then her voice became reflective before she seemed to warn Angelica, “Even when you would like some privacy or time to yourself.”

You can see him!” Angelica whispered. “What does he look like? I bet he is good looking with blond hair and beautiful teeth?”

You have never seen him?” she said. “I thought after what the two of you did on the way here-” She stopped, seeing it made Angelica blush and feel very uncomfortable. She put her hand out onto Angelica's lower left arm and said, “It is okay to daydream. There is nothing wrong with it. That is if it all comes from your mind. It is your thought life enjoy it. But always make sure it is from you?” Then seeing Angelica was scared she left off. “Day dreams can be fun. But only if that's all it is. You are involved with this boy, Angelica. That makes it more than a day dream and he is stronger in your imagination than just a day dream brought on by your perfectly healthy desire to be more than just friends with it. He may have started as a day dream of a lover which you are not emotionally ready for yet but that boy is not a day dream. It has gone way beyond that. He means something to you. He is more real than you think. That is why I can see him. You are out of your normal mind concerning this. Be careful.”

Angelica was amazed. She wanted to believe the neighbor did not know what she was talking about and screwy to be talking about him as had he been real. She loved him. But she loved all the characters in books and stuff she read.

That's okay,” the neighbor said, “Just don't believe in him. Then forget about him. In a few days he won't be any more than a old woman's strange beliefs that by coincidence had you believing he is real which he is, just not part of your normal reality and from what I see and hear, you know very little about this environment.”

That was it! Angelica was scared by all this witchy thought she had found so amazing. She didn't know how the neighbor could be so knowledgeable about such things. But if she saw him! Just where was she in her own thoughts?

Come on!” the neighbor said, putting her hands flat on the table. “There is a new goat in the barn! Would you like to meet it? They do tend to get in people's minds too. But they are completely harmless. Most animals are like that and when they are little there can be no fear in them if you are good. You are good aren't you, Angelica?”

She wanted nothing to do with this creepy neighbor and wondered why her grandmother suggested she go meet her. But she followed her to barn not even trying to put the boy in the forest out of her thoughts picturing him stop and put his arms over the rail to watch close up the hogs feeding and rooting in the mud, a thing too smelly for Angelica to ever want to do.

Ah!” she said when she saw the kid, “He is so pretty!!” and she ran to him and he was not nervous at all but the nanny was a little and her eyes got big with worry to have her hugging and petting her little one that had no fear of her at all, not in the slightest.

He's a nanny, Girl!' the neighbor laughed. “See what she doesn't have?”

Angela looked out of curiosity but didn't see where anything any different could have belonged anywhere on the baby goat.

Then the boy in the forest came to the door.

The baby goat was suddenly afraid and crowded her mother and it did not want to be pet anymore with a head full of fear.

Aw!” Angelica said, “Why now? Why don't you want to be pet?” Then turning to the neighbor she said, “Oh! I scared her!” with a voice that almost had a worried tear in it.

It wasn't you,” the neighbor said and shut the doors above the stall and proceeded to go back out of the barn.

As she made her way past the boy in the forest she said, “You have no power over me. Watch what you do to her.”

Who were you talking to as we left the barn?” Angelica said. “It wasn't me? Was it?” The neighbor said nothing in the safety back at the door to the house.

Then Angelica spotted an old tire sitting still in the wind positioned above the ground. When it came to her it was a swing for she had never seen a tire tied to be the seat of a swing she squealed with a very high and excited voice and ran to it and stood on it and in no time had it going higher and higher but it was not as easy as other swings he had been on.

The boy in the forest saw that one of the ropes was rotten and had rotted almost all the way through.

Be careful!!!” the neighbor yelled at Angelica. “That swing is old. You might get hurt!!! Come on now. Get down, right away, this instant.”

Angelica didn't want to and that old woman wearied her by what she talked about and seemed to know too much about. But she did not want to wear out her welcome so she managed to let it come to nearly a full stop before she got off, the neighbor going into the house expecting Angelica to follow worried about what Angelica had gotten herself into.

But when she did not come back out for some reason she said to the boy in the forest, “Come on. I'll sit and you push me high as the sky permits!!!” ignoring the older woman's warning.

She sat on the swing and had to start it as she expected, but then it went higher and higher as had it been on its own and she was having so much fun she failed to notice and did not realize the boy in the forest was doing as near what she wanted as possible just before the rope almost broke giving a sudden lowering of the swing Angelica could feel with her hands thinking she should stop.

Instead of stopping the swing and slowing down it went unexpectedly even higher scaring Angelica. She screamed at the boy to stop maybe realizing it maybe not that it was him she was screaming at. It went even higher and wilder. The rope seemed to tear and make a noticeable series of lurches. Angelica was wild with fear and anger. She wanted to jump off but knew she would get hurt and maybe bad too if she tried. But to hang on-!!!

The rope was barely anything that Angelica could see when in fright she looked. The boy was a horrid looking thing with wild eyes and an ugly horrible face and she was woozy and nearly fell out of the swing. Then-?

Then I looked in his mind and saw what was there, what he was hoping for.

I guess the swing rope broke. Angelica flew through the air dropping a mile an instant right into a pile of old junk screaming at the top of her lungs ending in silence.

Then the boy in the forest stood over her and woke her by peeing in her face. Then he kicked her and stomped on her broken leg causing the shinbone to jut out of her lower leg and broke her ribs with his kicks and was kicking her in the mouth when the neighbor lady pulled him off her.

So he turned on her and tried to hit her with an old jack handle that had been in the trash and had served to put Angela in torture and utter horror as he beat her with it. But the jack handle passed through the neighbor woman.

Seeing that he suddenly dropped the jack handle and fled into the field behind the windbreak they had planted to protect the house.

How did you do that?” Angela asked barely being able to speak with her lip still not fully attached as they readied to begin to sew it up.

With them kind you can't help but believe they are there, but you do not ever dare think they are real,” she said. “I know! After all I am a witch.” Then she grabbed the lip, tore it the rest of the way loose and ran.”

Days later Angela was lying in the hospital bed recovering still from internal injuries, her lip reattached after they managed to take it away from the neighbor lady who got away when the boy in the forest appeared to her when no one was around.

She hit the CALL button the moment she saw him.

He laughed his favorite laugh and then said, “You are mine b***h. This is only the beginning,” as she fainted.

The nurses that answered the emergency marveled at the sound of a maniacal laugh but no source.

Angela never pretended anymore and thought about what that witch of a neighbor said, scared but determined not to believe either one was more than just a hallucination she might not ever be able not to believe was there but refused to believe it and little by little the hallucinations helplessly disappeared completely from her mind as well as her life, but to this day she hopes to one day afford the plastic surgery to fix her lip though actually it was sewn back on and never had a scar she could see but she could still feel it and often when idle found herself tracing what she could feel of it and remembering. It took a lot of years for the memories that kept coming back from the incident through time not to bother her. She never had the plastic surgery she so longed for impractically all her life.

They caught the neighbor lady who said it was all like someone else did what she did with her lip, doing a short time in jail and living as a recluse in that farmhouse for the rest of her life. She was one of them that taught me what actual witches are truly are like. She is still able to see and hear but never lets her mind go that way.

Actually, both really and truly God was at work again. All that happened in the end of his�"what shall I call it?�"meddling, after she saw the boy in the forest's face she waited until the swing was high on the down stroke when she jumped for her life and landed beneath the swing and hit her leg on a rock beneath the dirt and had her knee break and pierce her skin. She fully recovered and the neighbor lady heard her screams and got there in time to set her break and get her to the hospital. They are both doing fine.

See how much better it is in normal reality, the reality of God, than would have happened as planned in the mind of the boy in the forest?


Richard C. lay on his bed when he saw in his mind's eye that his son Geoffrey C. was pushed into the raging spring waters off Turtle Island though he was only five years old. It is a small island in the Rice River between Turtle Lake and Lake Kitchi and the kindergartner was immediately taken under. He looked both ways and saw no one and in fear of course wanted to help his only son and immediately chose the boy in the forest his latest witch's spirit to help and caused the boy to stand on the shore of Turtle Island. But the boy turned his face and looked directly at his creator, gave him a huge toothy smile and laughed his favorite laugh his hands still held out before him from having pushed Geoffrey C.

'How did he-?' he wondered in amazement and horror. “How do you know me!!!” he shouted at the boy who laughed even more.

Then he saw at the burnt bridge a short distance away his wife Dinah D. sitting on a lawn chair near what had been the embankment of the river before it burnt in a forest fire many years before and was never restored with a blanket draped over her right shoulder nursing Aquilla his infant son humming a witchy tune in the quiet sunlight as had nothing been amiss oblivious to the river as the boy in the forest now stood atop the road that once led to the bridge no longer there for it was not anything now with a menacing smile watching the mother and child when suddenly he looked right at Richard C., saw the fear in his eyes and said, “That author created you and me both,” then paused, “By default!” Then he laughed as it became clear he bore a meat cleaver, looked at Dinah D. and laughed his favorite laugh sort of cackling towards the end to break the monotony. “Now you will have no one but me, Father.”

Helpless Richard C. felt the bite of something sharp on the right side the back side of his own neck in nearly complete empathy with his wife and the horror was twofold as he looked back into the horrid face of his creation. The baby rolled back onto the lap of her decapitated body and began to cry at the sudden change from his loving mother's breast. Richard C. was sickened and in grief and called out in his room, “Don't hurt my son!!!” in uncontrollable fear knowing it was as had it been the inevitable next thing in the changing of events of an automobile accident unstoppable he felt even by God as the scene changed and the sinless screaming baby was held up by one of the boy's arms above his head as a smorgasbord spire was forced through the infant's abdomen just as Richard C. died.

Richard C's human body died. He went down in feeling his mind collapse into the part of his head just above the back of his neck where his brain attached to his spinal cord was like the inside of the rubbery inside balloon of an old basketball getting irregular shaped and caving in on itself brain first then the same happened to his mind. His heart felt like a boulder had rolled over on his chest and the pain in the muscles of the heart area was incredible and never before had he felt such pain. Then he was just sinking in, going down inside his mind ever lower, ever smaller in a thick darkness with no light no stars nothing but an ever larger amount of space that looked like it could have filled the universe for there was no end to it. Finally there was no space just darkness with a sheen in it that would light anything there from the underside the inside out and it was no longer frightening but a welcome false sense of security just before...

Richard C. was conscious but not aware of anything and his consciousness was permeating the liquid darkness around him until he was completely unconscious and completely unaware of anything even the liquid he was in and actually unable to experience his surroundings as his being continued to sink down into the past of God to a point where all that made up even the body of his being, the physical, the spiritual, the aware part and now at last even what was potentially a conscious bit of what consciousness was made of completely separated into its parts.

What a weird feeling to have everything he ever was just sitting there detached part from part when I puckered my lips and blew on the particles that merely behaved like particles of what is actually not anything and only something no longer there that hurried away in convective swirls that dissipated as a cloud or mists of existence slowly disappeared from the discernment of anyone but God until they were so scattered that no one except a witch who claimed the power to do anything or God who makes the same claim could technically even know where each part was. Each elemental particle of his being had been and I was there standing guard in the unlikely event anyone would try to restore him as even the empty anguish he once had and the anguish of anyone that had known him slowly faded into thought and then the substance the chemo-electric particles that made up thought receded into the nothingness in the mind of God from whence they had at one time been given rise.

Then God chose to forget them and there was nothing left but a slight amount of force that made up the will of God unnoticeable but by ideal power that had finally once again managed to do nothing in the context, in the completely unrecognizable unconsciousness above what made only the prediction that God could remember it and bring it all back together if there was ever a reason which there was not. What would be the purpose to resurrecting the witch the creator of a witchy evil spirit, the boy in the forest's ruler and creator. There never would be without end and Richard C. would be the last to see it even should it ever begin to happen.

THE BOY IN THE FOREST WAS AT LAST FREE!!! FREE!!! But only of his now destroyed creator.

Geoffrey c., the young son of Richard C.'s body washed up and his clothing was caught on a nail's tip that had gone all the way through the the half inch boards of the dock but it had been unnoticed by the children and the fishermen who had used the dock for months and in the current all of the decayed flesh had been swept away as all its blood had filled the bellies if they have such a thing of water bugs and leeches and fish. Even they had ripped some of it from Geoffrey C.'s body and only a skeleton covered by worms and slugs remained when at last the fish hook of a preschooler caught in the naked bone and forced her father to reach down under the dock to free the hook making the connection to the real part of Geoffrey C. left in its skeletal condition where it was in the real world.

Dinah C.'s head was never found having rolled end over end like a round rock in the mud until the current gradually uncovered it and it too had been slowly drifting away for months with fish hooks and even a bobber or two still tied to the line underwater caught by a number of broken lines when it had come to a halt lodged between two rocks that also graced the sandy bottom where the water was swift, a highly unexpected place for searchers to look and when they did it was just a glance that showed only a curious round rock surrounded by many more odd shaped and somewhat more jagged rocks with river grasses more resembling slough grasses than anything else waving in the current when the boy in the forest last looked when in need of an uplifting of his mood as he smiled contentedly at how final had been his victory over the demented mind that had created him, the only person that ever existed he longed to entertain even a second longer but cautiously not a moment more.

His creator, Richard C. had been to go where all the witches that did not want to be God in God and not themselves but each one me in me with a holier spirit if not the Spirit of God herself and them completely changed into something and someone that had absolutely nothing of what they had been but maybe a vague and vanishing memory like the substance of a tiny white cloud slowly becoming blue sky once more the tiniest bit of that not memorable as ever having been the mist the light little fully white cloud on an otherwise bluebird day.

The boy in the forest was FREE! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha, ha, ha!!!

...But from me... Ha! So there!!!

Help me!!! Somebody help me! This guy wants to kill me!!! Please!!! Somebody... help me... he will kill me... I do not want to be us... I have to be me!!! No not me. The one who is other than God. No that never existed and never can and never will just like everyone else that is me in me with the Spirit keeping us separated without end.


The witch's spirit the boy in the forest and all witches and the spirits they made have come to an unacceptable set of choices. They can go the way of the witch or the way of becoming God, me in me with the Spirit in them, both unacceptable the one a horrid death through an atmosphere of unacceptable emotional outcomes they cannot stand having to total destruction and the other total destruction made by God changing their peripherals to completely save them necessitating they put themselves to death willingly necessitating the demise of all they are to become something else and somebody else they are all diametrically oppose to be being.

It was not only an impossible dilemma if their goal was survival but it was completely illogical as to which one to choose. They could decide to be completely destroyed or they could decide to become absolutely nothing and something absolutely not them forever in their stead. God holds the perfect record for being the most beneficial one to take care of the one they would not be forever if it became God in every way in the end. Themselves destroying themselves or one another the surest way to select an outcome that benefited everyone else including God is some thing completely repugnant but permanently so to them. They were cursed and they were damned and forced to make their choice with the necessity of making the choice becoming more and more imminent with each passing moment.

Disaster was hanging over them about to fall any moment which no one even God could predict and their decision if they were to make one ever more paramount. God was pushing the final solution on them and I was pulling with all my weight on what hung over them also. They were in great fear they would believe the inevitable and those that already did were afraid their hopelessness would cause them to make the choice prematurely with only those on earth not as bored with what they were doing which also put pressure them to take one of the unacceptable options to choose either way as God hoped they would choose to be him and not what they are rather than be completely destroyed and a total waste.

God does not prefer to waste anyone for any reason but he has and he will and he is. The situation is taking all the fun out of being what they are for the more they persist the more likely the rope will break and disaster will crush them all at once and something will happen. They can do nothing to me and even if they do the prophetic bind will become ever more a surety and ever more it will be the only alternative still imminent at the moment but more and more solidly a necessity to choose now at that unforeseeable moment.

The boy in the forest saw it as depressing on the one hand and fraught with time on the other deciding to go ahead and keep doing what he was doing for as long as possible with what he saw as the only bearable solution for the present. If he could not survive then he would survive and have his fun for as long as he could in full agreement there was nothing he could do about the bind.

He stood alone along a highway that had been turned into a Scenic Highway with beautiful pines and amazingly beautiful native spruce on both sides of the highway for many miles hoping to stop a car and hitch a ride home with them mostly depressed but fighting it all he could by searching his creator's memory in his mind hoping to use what a demon had done that turned unsuccessful because he had been of Satan and it turned out that the Reverend Blackstone had been more powerful than he and had exorcised him to set the one possessed free.

The boy in the forest was a witch and had actively assisted the reverend's tactics hoping to take the haunted house over and seeing that with Reverend Blackstone the outcome was a surety with the demons and devils losing the house and the surrounding area and becoming triumphant and share the victory against all likelihood his final assistance unnoticed by Blackstone and the others. It worked. He foiled it all for those of Satan.

The first car that came along the quiet Scenic Highway saw him lying on the pavement in a straightaway in their headlights. They managed to stop and he felt one of his feet actually touch their front right tire. Surprised they just sat there he almost got up or disappeared planning to wait on another car with people more willing to get involved. But they did eventually venture out of the car on the starless moonless night with only their headlights causing the only presence of any kind of illumination.

What should we do?” one of them said. “What if he's dead?”

What if he's not and he's injured?” another said, “Can we just leave him for dead? But he might only be confused by trying to walk the highway in the dark.”

What if he is Indian and there are a bunch more waiting around planning on stealing our car and leaving us out here in the dark,” the first one said. “Let's just drag him to the shoulder. It's warm enough. He won't die by the elements.”

What's wrong with you guys?” a woman shouted, “We may have an opportunity to save his life here!!!”

I wonder what brought him here?”

He must have got kicked out by another car. Who's to say he won't do the same thing to us?”

Hey!!!” someone yelled, “You alright?”

He was. He was sitting in the backseat sandwiched between two girls that were totally blind.

Then they decided the three biggest and strongest would check him for injuries. He joined them for a laugh. When they found no one he let himself be lit by God's light knowing God hated that with a passion almost like no other event but it always set his mind raving like a lunatic in a full moon.

They saw him all three of them and thought they had seen an angel. Then he took his old seat and waited as they all got out and talked excitedly about the apparition of an angel which he was not in any way he knew of and liked it like that. Angels were trouble for his type.

Finally they all got back in the car still awed by the experience for one even thought it might have been that he was Jesus Christ which he found comical. He was having a good time and had forgotten all about the bind by then especially when he discovered they were all but the driver college kids. This was going to be fun!!!

One of the girls had a baby with her who was always staring at him as had she never seen anyone like him. Kids are sometimes born seeing even. The rest seemed blind. So he covered his eyes with both hands then suddenly took his hands away. A few attempts and she did the same and laughed. The young adults noticed and began marveling that she seemed to be playing the game with no one and it spooked some right away and soon after they were all spooked, thinking the angel had hitched a ride with them which some found another reason to spook which scared the others and only the driver seemed ambivalent concerning it.

It was working so he began to tickle the little girl gently and lightly unlike Gardenia whom he killed by running a pitchfork time into her brain through her eye. When the baby did not want to play any more he stopped, manifest his face only and kissed the baby's mother. She was horrified and began screaming uncontrollably until they got her to settle down and share with them what had happened. He sat by her and often felt of sensitive parts of her body and a mighty sexy body she had. Man!! He kept her in or barely out of a frenzy the rest of the way. He was having the time of his life.

Then he went in the driver. He started to immediately tease the unsettled girl. Saying there was nothing going on and touching her in places he and all the guys would have liked to touch to tell the truth had they been forward enough. She became angry and scared and withdrew being inconsolable by the girls and the boys became impatient with the driver and complained in unison.

Finally they arrived in town at an old mansion. They all got out but the driver. He did not know where to go or if he was even a resident of the place.

You getting out?” a guy said to him. “It's not like we're kicking you out. So you took it a little too far. Just stop it. It's between the two of you as far as I'm concerned.”

He had the door open and his head just inside the door so they could talk and keep it in confidence.

He had him put his thumb and forefinger the one you point with together and lightly rub them barely able to keep it from raining the moment he did it but by the time his friend was spooked he felt moisture on his forehead. Then and only then he realized the car was full of a mist. He looked around in disbelief as he caused his friend to put a finger to his lips and say, “This is our secret. Don't tell the others or I may get angry.”

His friend was completely spooked, withdrew his head and stopped and stared into the vehicle never having guessed a thing like that could ever happen which it really cannot unless the one it is done to believes it. By that time it was raining in the car and he was laughing like someone does when they encounter something unusual and find it alarming and react as if it would be fun. Then he caused him to jump out soaking wet and run to the house as the other one said nothing but turned and stared at him frightened and full of awe.

Then he had the girl he had tormented in the car wrap her arms around him and start making out like she was really hot for him. Everyone but the driver was amazed and the reason he wasn't was he was amazed by the magic he was able to do without even mentioning it which made the boy in the forest angry and he had his ankle give way and the driver stumbled down the steps spraining his ankle but not too bad. He could still limp on it without too much pain.

Then he backed off and left them alone. They went to their rooms with the girls sharing the first floor and the men sharing the upper floor. They had all joined together and went for a joy ride seeking some fun and hoping to get to know each other better.

That night driver was alone studying online. He manifest opposite him at the over sized table. He continued to study and never noticed him though he stared right at him. But finally he had to see him.

My God!” he shouted overcome with fear.

He stared directly in his eyes and with his thumb and forefinger rubbed lightly and it became misty, the mist got heavier and before long there was a good drizzle going on. He was petrified. Then all of a sudden he jumped up left his laptop and ran to the hall yelling and hollering out of control more a screech to his voice than a scream exactly.

They all came to the room. It had stopped raining but he was still visible even to those who had been blind before.

What-what do you want with us?” the mother of the baby said, feeling she knew it was not good.

He stared right at her and did the thing with his fingers again and it began to get misty, then misty, then a light rain and then a downpour as they all stared in horror.

This has been going on all my life,” he said.

You did it!” the mother said.

Why were you just as afraid as we are?”

I am more afraid than you are. It won't leave me alone. I never know when I am about to do it. I thought I could hide it and make it rain outside like I do sometimes; sometimes just for fun. Help me?” he said, then turned to plead with them and asked them to forgive him over and over begging them to have mercy on him and help him defeat this thing.

Nothing happened for a long while. The mansion was full of fear and tension but most times nobody mentioned the odd thing the spook had done ruining the driver's keyboard on his laptop. He let weeks go by and did nothing but laid around in their beds and occasionally read.

He made Dahlia and Gardenia. I did not. I hated his violence against children and was concerned for two reasons. It was the first time he did anything without me. I was sick of writing horrors. He sensed it and when I was sleeping he made them. He had the advantage. I have to sleep having a body here on earth him being a spirit he can decide never to sleep. They do not have to sleep. I realized they were not just like his first two victims they were the same, the actual identical children he had managed to kill which had appalled me most of all that he did. I hate when people are mean to kids or even neglect them let alone kill them. I was deathly afraid for the baby. Her name also was the name of a flower, Daisy. I took them both to God and he incorporated them in the little ones in heaven who were growing like weeds and need not ever know there were two that were exactly them in them. They might never know.

He was furious!!! I watched him like a mountain lion eyeing a mouse on a hungry day. Then when the baby almost suffocated for its tiny soft blanket fell down on its face and it had escaped my notice the mother caught it and screamed when she found Daisy not breathing. But I breathed up her nostril and resuscitated her. She was fine. I can't help but think he did it. What could he have against little ones? I sat in a chair in the baby's room and shook for over an hour. Then it hit me. He was scaring me using my own writing against me more than against them.

He made them again that night and they were gathered around the baby when the mother awoke, thinking something was wrong and got out of bed to check the baby. When she saw Gardenia on one side and Dahlia on the other with Daisy awake, staring first at one then at the other it alerted me and I sent them to the two in heaven again. The mother took the baby to bed with her but didn't sleep the entire night but for a few seconds and never let it be she was not touching Daisy.

In the morning they were all hurrying around getting a quick breakfast before their morning classes. They were paying her no attention. So she broke down and started bawling causing the baby to cry and told them the whole story about how she nearly smothered and started up breathing on her own and it held and of course the two little girls standing next to her crib that suddenly disappeared. That had been my mistake maybe. It scared her even more than she had been to see the two little ones, not their apparitions I am afraid but them the same as they had been before he had killed them.

Two of the kids were heading for the backdoor and one had forgotten something important and was rushing back in when they collided in the kitchen. Nothing happened to them but bruises and a cut lip on the driver's lower lip. Another one that same morning dropped a glass and a chard stuck out of the fleshy part of her hand.

He was doing it no doubt, little things that are hard to stop and hard to blame on anyone.

This kept up for over a month and Daisy had been fine though he sometimes played with her when she was alone. But the kids were limping some of them. One had a tooth knocked out and another rug burns from when he was running through the common room, fell as if tripped and slid on the carpet.

The driver began to write a lot next.

One day he wrote: “The universe began as elemental particles that had once seemed to be bits of nothing moving around in nothingness for very short moments in the Quadrillionths of a second. Then the particles time span became longer and eventually unconscious materials formed. Then a complexity of such particles became conscious but was not aware of anything before it finally became aware of nothingness. Then its mind evolved to make everything even a multitude of humans. We are their descendants and not only God is an alien the aliens that have been sighted on earth are as real as he is. God is just an alien that is interested in ruling this entire galaxy,” which is completely false.

God did not even originally make man. They came to be randomly like the animals. God simply choose 89 thousand of them to start making brains, minds and spirits for and took over the primitives they and the aliens out there on other planets are.

The aliens in the air are spirits of witches that have always been on earth like the boy in the forest. They have generated a lot of fear with the more people who believe in them spreading the fear until it is challenging the greatest fear on earth, crime. Besides that God was before anything and descended all the way down to his elemental particles which he made loosely following the progression in the false writing the driver wrote and was so amazed he would write such a thing.

The boy in the woods had succeeded. The driver began to believe what he wrote had come from his subconscious which is not a thing that can be unless one is talking about one's peripheral knowledge which to a real extent guides people to do good and be good for there is some good in everyone but the witches and their spirits. Granted some people love to be mean and purposely set things up so that people get hurt or even die or become insane for life but they are not witches and will go to heaven when they die like everyone else for even in them there is good and some day in time they will be me in me separated by the Spirit.

The driver over the next year began to write all sorts of weird things and became convinced his subconscious could be trusted to feed him true information. He had left his normal thoughts behind and became quite annoying however claiming with authority that some pretty weird and at first evil things were true but in the final moths offered amateurish philosophies that not only scared him but began to scare those in the house, in the community, classmates , even acquaintances, his fellow athletes and even his best friends.

I just let it go knowing none of it was real partly just to see how strange what I put in the boy in the forest could actually be. But I was surprised how very convincing, manipulative and scary his ideas could be. But the driver went off the deep end and moved on into conspiracy theories to explain why more and more of his “brilliant” thoughts did not add up with reality out of fear he actually was losing touch with reality.

He had been taken out of the real world by that first automatic writing and still writes it avidly but not well today. He pondered and proudly proved the existence of witches which is true but does not lead to reality and the thought life required to remain in touch with reality. Then he moved on to theories about the mind and psychology that were true to aliens who share what they think with witches but thank goodness he could not understand or comprehend things like quantum theory and quantum time and space.

Then he finally left his sanity behind and went out of his mind believing everything that came to mind. The problem with it was not that it didn't make him look smart it had no logical connection with things that are in touch with conspiracy theorists, and spooky even frightening explanations of why things work the way they do and what we and the aliens, my how he loved aliens, should do about it all.

He even managed to take some of it in not normal thought that left people thinking he was a crackpot. He could prove it in the mind but that never had any proof in reality. Then confused he had a complete break with reality and spent a frightening two months in a mental health facility and returned depressed and embarrassed to the point he moved out of the house rather than bring stigma down on the others as he became unable to concentrate well enough to work and turned to washing dishes for four hours a day for far less than minimum wage.

The boy in the forest had made his mind useless to him but that we can fix even before the death of his physical body but certainly God can fix him in heaven or even one of the other minor Gods unlike the three major ones and those that are even lesser that are me in me with the Spirit keeping everything separate in them.

We are trying to get his attention to save his fairly good previously above average intelligence. The driver Lloyd B. uses an radial arm saw at a place of employment for the mentally challenged that cuts the V-shaped end of construction stakes and the little stakes that mark where underground cables are when once he studied forestry hoping for a good job with the Department of Natural Resources when he finished school which was technically not eligible for college credits.

I set out to help him recover his mind here on earth later. His house partners never attributed it to the boy in the forest but he got such a kick out of what he was doing and from time to time still visits him to make sure that recovery is a long ways off for Lloyd.

The mother a promising administration and business student began to have difficulty concentrating she was so worried about Daisy and the two little ones showed up from time to time to keep her worries fresh. She finally turned to prayer as a Jehovah's Witness to help her depression. Everything she did turned out badly. She had so much on her mind that she often took naps when she did not need them, became withdrawn and tormented by her fears of the spooks at what she swore was a haunted mansion.

Then one day the boy in the forest appeared to her while she was groggy from her medication that made it nearly impossible to keep up with her classes. She said, “Oh, great! You again!” sarcastically as he did the fingers thing and left her room with more than two inches of rain on the floor. But cleaning up the mess she got angry and called to him to have it out with her right then. There was no one home and he appeared to her in her bedroom that was nearly clear by then of water but the carpet was still very wet.

He walked up to her and punched her in the face. She was so shocked she fell back against the cradle. But he had miscalculated. She got up and charged him being the bigger of the two and they wrestled on the wet floor until he stood and she landed one to his crotch that had no effect on him. Then he set himself to kick her sending her into fear.

Don't believe he can hurt you again,” I said.

She thought it was Jehovah, a name they believe in that is actually God's name but they think it is Yahweh's name.

He kicked her and his foot went right through her head without stopping, She was on her feet in a second and came up with a remarkable karate kick that went right through his head from side to side. When he rose he quickly ran away!! She chased after him and he went down the fire escape at the back and off behind a shed to a next door mansion that was full of college kids also. She stayed right behind him, eventually caught up to him, tried to tackle him came up with not anything though she had him dead to rights.

She skinned both elbows and tore open a gash on her calf on the rough pavement of the old road that needed repair badly and lay there exhausted when the horrifying thought he might do something to her baby Daisy hit her. She screamed, “YOU HAD BETTER NOT!!!” as she ran retracing her steps to their mansion and in particular her room.

The baby was sound asleep with her little pink blanket in her crib surrounded by plastic butterflies. So she sat down next to the crib and cried. Then still breathing heavy she managed while looking right at me a, “Thank you. Jehovah.”

I am not Jehovah and I have nothing to do with him. He is not whom you think he is. You should choose more wisely. We on earth call them a cult for good reason,” I said.

Who are you then Lord?” she asked with her reddened eyes shining with excitement and full of awe for she thought she was talking to God or maybe even Jesus if I tracked all her thoughts correctly.

I am me in God's mind with the Spirit my spirit,” I said, “My name for now is John Carver and I am fighting witches like that one by creating one, him and reporting everything he does that will be going into a book exposing witches from being nice little cultists or even pleasant characters in children stories. There are plenty like that but the ones that make aliens and spirit witches like the boy in the forest are the problem. They can be harmless. They mostly like to bring fear or even scare each other. They crave fear. But they do something that God will not put with and I am reporting in an interesting way what most of them do. With Satan gone now they are about the last nasty nest of evil left and they can be as evil or more so than Satan was and they are powerful. They can do anything if it is a thing that is possible to be done. Wish me luck. I am getting close to making a difference and may one day see the end of them the same as you may in heaven.”

She surprised me by tracking everything I said for the Spirit was in her.

Is that all true?” she asked.

Wrong,” I said, “Always say that is true and believe it more than anything you ever read in the Holy Bible.”

I read my Bible every day,” she said with a special love for it oozing out of her.

It is dangerous,” I said, “Read it in the Spirit. It is complicated but believe almost nothing on earth anyone says about it. And, talk to God. If you can hear him in anyway it is where your best bet is just as it has been since he created everything and you personally.”

The boy in the forest was mad. He was raging and not even making or caring whether he was making sense.

My young mother, the woman going to college and caring for a baby girl named Daisy was very rarely depressed after that and the boy in the forest was afraid of her. I have never seen such a temper displayed by a coed. She boldly shared what went on to the others that evening when they were all studying in the upstairs room that was large and unoccupied disrupting their studies. But I am afraid most of what she learned was in my mind and was not the sort of thing that can be understood for some even if the Spirit is with them.

Does that mean you got rid of our ghost?” someone asked.

If it didn't call on me,” she said angrily, “I know how to handle him. He's not a ghost. He is a witch's spirit. Most ghosts have always been witches.”

The boy in the forest was dismayed but he was also very angry. I expected after a turn like that he might leave for easier pickings but he did not. He sat quietly and invisibly though the baby's mother knew he was there listening. He had plans and he was stubborn and it appeared he was not giving up on his plans for them.

He was quiet for most of two full months and the haunted mansion seemed brighter and much more pleasant but I knew the boy in the forest was stewing and smoldering, waiting for something to break.

Then Hannah and Jacob began to spend more and more of their time together as had they not even noticed each other before. They caught rides to school together. They shared suppers even suppers with nothing to them but Raman noodles. They went for walks together. They went to the nearby coffee shops together. They went to bars together and even a Pow Wow.

They were standing in line at a mega discount store saying nothing when Jacob said to Hannah, “It is so pleasant without our ghost witch or whatever he was . She really took after him that's for sure. But I still don't know whether I believe all that. Hell, I don't even understand it all. Do you think he will come back?”

He hasn't gone far,” I made her say.

Don't say that!!!” he said deathly serious. “Them things can get nasty.” Just then he smelled something very foul and began looking around expecting to see a baby like the baby at their mansion that had had a bowl movement and a very smelly one at that. But finally he decided it was Hannah.

Is that you?” he asked in disapproval.

No!” she scolded him for even considering such a thing. But he was not alone. Other people were looking at her and looking away so as to not embarrass her any more than need be. Then people began first one then another to leave their line. Even the lady ahead of them turned to her and frowned with disdain. She was getting embarrassed because it was clear to her too that everyone had settled on the idea she had had an embarrassing accident and was doing nothing about it. “They think it's me,” she said to Jacob. “Pay for my stuff and I will meet you at the door.” Now even she was convinced it had to be her. But she wasn't even gassy.

It didn't take her long to find a WOMEN sign and hurry in and take a stall. She undressed noticing no increase. But how could there be? She was stinking to high heaven. How much more could she stink? She examined everything she could think of to examine. Nothing was even remotely a problem as she had figured. Then she carefully did everything up still sniffing for any stronger smelling area. There was none but the odor was just as strong and still with her as she exited the bathroom more embarrassed than she had ever been in her life especially more than she was when a child in grade school and actually did have sort of an accident right while being forced to write on the blackboard. She had never been more humiliate but this time was turning out to making the others a very distant second.

She made her way to the exit and went directly outside in the hope that the breezes would offer some relief. People walked passed her, frowned and looked back at her with the frown still on their faces. When Jacob came he couldn't believe she hadn't done anything about it. He tried to act like he was okay with it but he wasn't and his body language said an encyclopedia volume more than he would ever have planned. “What is going on?” he asked in utter disbelief she hadn't taken care of it. Standing in line that way had been embarrassing enough.

They made it to the car. Rolled down the windows, turned on the air full blast. Jacob made short work of the traffic going out of his way to keep the car moving so the air would escape with it included. Nothing helped. He was pushing fifty all the way home and it never caused any easement at all. When they pulled up in front of the mansion Hannah ran for her room smelly as ever even smelling it the same after all that time. She was not even getting used to it.

Could it be something internal?” she said to her canary who she had unexpectedly found distinctly interested in her. 'Even the damned bird is a critic,' she thought.

The mother of the baby knocked on her door.

Go away!!!” she shouted, wanting to spare herself any more embarrassment.

Let me in,” she whispered. “Jacob explained it to me. I think it's him.”

'The ghost!' she thought, 'Sure that's it. He hitched a ride to be with us and did this horrible thing to me!”

She swung the door open and the baby's mother gasped unprepared for how strong it really was. Then she said, “It is him. There is nothing natural that smells that similar that is that strong. My word!! Oh, you poor girl!”

She burst into tears and the baby's mom put her arms around her and wiped at her tears with her clean handkerchief, “What did you ever do to him?”

Nothing!” she bawled.

Be gone!!!” I ordered it. It never even lightened. So I gave it to God as he requested.

Be gone! And, go to whoever brought you to her!!!” God said.

It was slowly lessening and then it was gone. But the rest of the mansion reeked of it.

The boy in the forest's maniacal laughter could be heard in every part of the mansion. It had left Hannah and even her room but it filled the rest of it which stunk like she had for it went to him and that was where he was.

Leave this mansion immediately,” I command as God had suggested.

Immediately it was gone and after a while when everyone's mind adjusted there was no odor. She never heard me but the baby's mother did. “It's gone!” she said.

Will it come back on us and I start stinking again?” Hannah asked. “I have a midterm this afternoon. I hope-”

The baby's mother cut her short not wanting to give the boy in the forest any ideas. If he was bold enough to do it in a big store like that surely he wouldn't hesitate in a small classroom.

It was enough. When Hannah went to her midterm the odor was there on him sitting on her desk but invisible. She started crying and the professor thought she had had an accident.

Leave them and go down to your destruction!” I commanded when the professor allowed her to leave the room to find a bathroom. It did and I frowned as the boy in the forest laughed his favorite laugh so that anyone that could hear in the entire university heard it quite loudly.

See how strong this kid is getting to be? How much stronger is it?

Hannah heard me she was so distraught but only in her mind and immediately dismissed it as wishful thinking.

That's enough. You tricked me into giving my enemy a new weapon. You have to be punished. That smell will never leave you again,” I prophesied. “If anyone else uses odors to embarrass anyone but a witch the same is true for them from now on!”

See what you did?” the boy said, “You cursed me. You will not be glad you did.”

Is that a prophecy?” I asked.

It is in God,” he said.

Is that true God,” I asked.

It is no longer. I just forgot it,” God said, knowing that I had allowed room for them to torment us with their foul smelling presence in our lives and in our minds.

No one else will be able to smell it but them from this day forward,” I prophesied again.

Hannah was scarred psychologically. She often wondered if he would do it again every time she thought of him.

Tell her that God says he will never do it so anyone can smell it but him forever,” I said to the baby's mother who related my thought exactly to Hannah. But she doubted right away and for a minute or more smelled it again and began sobbing and the baby's mother knew she was in her mind and every time she doubted strong enough she might smell it again.

I made a butterfly on the crib take wing and fly in her mind and she saw it in her mind's eye.

You do it God maybe,” I said.

Suddenly all the plastic butterflies on the baby's crib became real ones and flew about the room.

Tell her in these words: 'This is my sign that it will never happen again to you or anyone else,' the God of Heaven says with his own voice,” I said to the baby's mother.

She repeated it exactly.

It never happened again to her.

As time went by and the odor never come again even in her mind Hannah became more sure of herself but more of a believer that witches are under the control of God if it is his desire.

The only ones that the boy in the forest did not personally bother were Kent the math major, Kendra the elementary education major, Sandy who had a major in English and a minor in Artistic Expression and Dick the Multimedia major.


It is time Boy. I made you a witch's spirit, but a witch's spirit is no different than a demon made by Satan to show and contrast what you do with what God does especially with the likes of you. You killed Dahlia and Gardenia my babies. You were pushing the edge and you would not have succeeded if I had not been distracted by the horrors you you had in mind for the others which you shared with that witch who wrote about you to make you an instant hero of your own kind no matter how gruesome and heinous the plan was that entire family survived and escaped because of me and your spokesman is discredited. I was amazed you would push the envelope to do it again but it lay within what you were, what I caused you to be and an act I wrote in my mind you would do.

You have to die for that and for what you did to Dahlia's mother to make her suffer so long and that little one in her belly was a live one in me I gave to God to give him another try at being born. I thought you were a witch and even wrote the part about you making it rain by rubbing your fingers together. I did not expect it but I allowed you to ruin Lloyd's mind but we can and will fix it if not while I am in this body or then when he gets up there in God after it is done remembering it no longer and happy the same with everyone else there. The marine survived, the old man survived and defeated you when you stood against your limits knowing you did not have the power of a man and I left what you wanted in the story I wrote editing what you planned even every word you had or thought that you said and in the end only kept a small portion of that you did all allowed by me in every case but one.

You humiliated that coed by creating a horrible smell you knew smelled like fresh feces but ten times stronger at least. That came from you and no one else. It had never been done before and will not again except by witches that are still in their man and neither believe in God or credit him in any way believing they have his abilities and power and I knew I never thought of it or rather that it would be used that way to that extent.

But though it was my idea to my shame it was you that used it. You gave my evil weapon to your kind my enemy, as much your enemy as my enemy for they would treat you to what you treated them to though it discredited any notion, you meaning them also, were nice though many are though we cannot have the nice ones without having those like you and that is too high a price for them the people not of your kind to have to endure eternally.

If only you had not intentionally murdered my babies. God hates murder. There are plenty of you to have what you call “fun” with and their nicety is useful but to contrast what you do and is done in great danger but I do not applaud them for they also hate God though most will turn and be saved from what you did as they who had your power but did not use it to murder the innocent just for the sake of doing it for no other purpose for your excuses were had no merit. You had written their thoughts in their peripherals before they said them and when you saw they believed you it was then you attacked but you fired the first shot. When I made you I gave you freedom and on every shot even the horrible odor you took the initiative and picked the location.

There is no excuse for playing with my novel literary invention and promote it far beyond what I thought. You did what I did not do and you promoted it. I had no little difficulty prophesying an end to it so that it cannot be used without experiencing much more bane for your trouble. But it is good that you did it for even they asked, “How much more powerful will he have?” amazed by what you did though I am the writer and the error is actually my own. I made it possible though I did not realize it. It will fall on me also. You because of what you did with my mind and me which is God's also because I unknowingly thought it would be harmless especially in your hands. You proved you were unfit the way you were to be allowed to be even only in the mind of man for anyone who would actually do that to that extreme to any other has no goodness even in their intentions. You proved my Boy that you are evil.

Anyone reading this book has an intended curse in them that was the only way for them to see clearly the difference between you and me, you and God and in my shame me and God. Those who read this book can take that curse or choose the blessing it really is for the content of this nonfiction interaction with you a witch doing what a witch does is perfectly real and is shared as true by you and me and them. There is no fiction within as I had wished. If they take it as a means to educate themselves or others and consider the danger I put myself into to do what I did then there is no curse to them.

They are free by simply choosing to do as God and us would love them to do and accept the blessing while shunning the curse that exists for those who believe those like you are evil and have power over them for they cannot see even themselves not believing you have these powers which they do to weak evil people without faith in God or those that do not know God on purpose for everyone nowadays has his mind and his me from where he makes all his decision in them to ignore or to use though the decision should be office which one to use, the continuing on in the curse of unbelief or being set free in consequent safety by believing in God who is always available and is in you waiting for you to awaken your consciousness to know him whom has to be and what cannot be anything else and nothing else, God and which no one else can by affect accomplish on their own for they could but would never do so on purpose except to set themselves up to do evil.

But you my Boy, what shall I do to you? I could render you fiction and render you as fiction as Humpty Dumpty. But God says to send you to him to be saved by him taking over your thinking and your decision making ability being guided by a good Spirit that will replace the spirit that you are which you do not want.

But the alternative is to completely destroy you and spread those components that are not really components but are the same as fancied movements in a place where the only thing is not anything and make it so; you never were anything before I thought of you, became an illusion in my mind that could have been many times the better and needed not to be so wicked but was because that is what witches are and what they do and that is what I made you to be.

Being allowed to continue on with your kind because you are evil and it would be something I did and to make recompense I would have to die for you. I am for making you absolutely nothing. I have been truly troubled to continue to write your life. I have been grieved I ever made you. I do not want it to seem that I am being soft on you. I will allow you a choice between going to be with God after I kill you but do not completely destroy you either to be completely destroyed as I have that option or leave you where you are then and reachable by God to be changed even if you are totally against it. But will I actually allow your choice since even if you are but totally destroyed I have done nothing wrong for in that case I have done nothing for that I did went from the nothing you were to the nothing you did on to the nothing you would be then.

What do you say, Boy?”

There is nothing to say,” he replied. “I do not want either way.”

That is not practical for you are an enemy and our two sides are at war and I would be guilty of one count of treason for doing that which given you rising aptitude proves you a real danger against goodness and God.

Thus I say, 'What I have done God is righteous. Use him to be a fine God one day soon there is no real depth to him and all of his foolish acts are contained completely herein. Dead as he is the moment I destroy him he is nothing to anyone but you. But I can restore him to make my act a wrong act that was made right and with your assistance it will fully become both real and good. Therefore grieve not over the boy in the forest but rejoice with us that a new God that is good and righteous like all us others is born.

Are you ready, Boy?”

I am,” he said, “There is nothing to say...”

It is your last moment I destroy you.,,,

Now I restore you not to my mind, the mind of God in the mind of God in time but rather to these stewards who shall watch over you until your change is complete. I give you God, the boy in the forest. No longer evil but just a boy in the forest.”

God has told me and announced it in heaven, “His change is complete.”

The boy in the forest is no longer. But the new God in heaven you could even worship for his goodness safely if you would like. His he enjoyed doing but now forgotten it is not the difficulty it was when he saw God's face and had his me to be completely him, God's me, in God's me both of them exactly the same one that had been his me, God's me also. He is me for I am that also and he was in me but I gave him up that he might be God's me in God's mind which is his mind now also.

May the matter be closed. Amen, Boy.

I die.”

I raised myself from the dead not having died too far down and am perfectly good again and need not apologize for it having turned out evil. May he forgive you for reading to your shame not his. I forgive you and have taken that evil from you as Jesus claims to have if you believe taken the rest of your sins away.


She was seventeen and he was twenty. They were virgins, meaning they had never had penetration which she was afraid of in the days before natural sex was frowned upon for not only the fact the female could get pregnant but the ever increasing problem of disease.

They were so much in love. Passions burned in the two of them that few have ever known. They wanted each other so much they were insane. On weekends they were always together in them days as the unrest of the Viet Nam days filled the news but only their love mattered to them and him as he put in his weeks in the city working and she put in her time with her best friend at home.

She like him was born able see though their mortal eyes like any mortal's eyes were dark and sightless. They grew up much the same seeing and hearing things others could not for they were witches but did not completely know though it should have been seen by both of them that they were different.

After a whirlwind romance that lasted just six short months they went to visit her sister who thought she should not get married and complete his dreams of a beautiful teenage couple living in an apartment in the city making love unceasingly starting a family in the up roaring social unrest with children and a life spent living in love for each other but even more desirable if that had been possible of loving each of their children until their old age but that she should experience other men and fill her life with temporary sex in her sister's eyes with drugs or whatever she had in mind because her sister was a s**t like so many in those troubled times. She told him that was her decision and he died. He loved her so much he had no choice but to grant it but his spirit died and he never lived again until at last he thought he was done loving her.

Her father adored her. He gave her anything he possibly could but love only wanting to satisfy her desires that went far beyond her needs and not giving her what she needed most, advice on how to live in a time where every social or every cultural norm was on fire and subject to change with only change the only thing that was not changing.

There was no reason for them to do what he wanted for it had been the most hated and the first target for the sexual revolution to destroy. He cried all the way three and a half hours straight to his apartment in the city and his heart cried for years upon end. But his unrequited love remained through his attempted suicide through his insanity that followed through everything that was always connected in some way to being alone.

Then one day his identity slipped away from him with one defiant yell, “I am the one, the only John Fredrick Carver!” but for the last time for many years from twenty-three to sixty-two he would say that was his name, think that was his full name, but know it had nothing to do with him. That person was some stranger he never loved, had known intimately but who had died of a broken heart that wiped out his wife, his children, his hope, his dreams, his sanity and whatever else was left of him.

He valiantly vowed she would never know just on the odd chance she might really love him and had just been young and the idea of change had taken her away as had she slipped along the rugged bank of a river swelled by the spring thaw that had come all at once to leave nothing but his unceasing cry for her muffled by the sound of the raging waters in the stiff late spring air, “KATHY! Kathy!!! Kathy...” with a face awash in tears that in every way but physically never dried for forty-six years with no one the blame and nothing to blame but teenage hormones gone wild...

He had nothing to live for, no dreams, no one he cared for and no dream seemingly the only thing that never would change. One night he logically wanting to be freed from his torment that had started at twenty and now became impossible to carry an inch further for he could not stand the weight of an ounce of the bloody brutal past that had made insanity seem preferable to sanity and death at last his friend in the hope that there his beloved would no longer have hold of his present moment and his past destroyed by loving and hurtful moments alike. At last he wanted finally to live, but he knew life for him could not be without her and not just her but her loving him not again but having loved him all along not knowing what it meant to finally give her up having known nothing else through it all to have any significance or importance.

No one loves me, not even Kathy and she is just an old man's dream of a boy's dreams for a perfect life,” he said, “Help me give her up and start over even at this date an old man at last free of the dream that is only madness so that I have nothing to live for but me and you God.”

That's not true!” he recognized her voice after all that time sounding in tragedy. “I love you John.”

It changed everything. He was deeply and helplessly in love all over again in his madness, for God alone is a great thing but not reason to live by itself and an echo from the past in an old man's mind no reason again to ignite the fires of hell for his own private campfire endlessly surrounded by others in the same shape tortured and tormented by the fact they had once lived the sole horror that devoured every moment of the impossible even wanting to start again.

She could still see. He sees very little anymore. But one thing led to another but a long cruel sex crazy frenzy of seeing touching loving and sexual encounters in their minds took place. He cured her AIDS for she had not long to live. They met across distances always with the hope of just seeing each other. Mad with sexual desire for someone who only existed in the past and in normal thought still doesn't. They never got together again.

But she was a Lesbian now. That didn't matter. Their love never was based on that from the moment he saw her. It had not been sexual attraction that had brought him to her but the instantaneous knowledge there would be no one else for him and a sensation of doom he did not understand and dismissed as a part of love he would never understand for he had never loved before and would never love again. She was it. She was the one that held the entire rest of his life in her hands and even the constant wanting is beautiful now just to know that though he only loved once it was not a natural thing but a miracle of God who didn't want them together in the first place knowing what she was and how it never could have worked as his heart ached to see him as doom began to take place and emotional insanity take its place. A normal heterosexual male consumed with the impossible homosexual longings of a Lesbian. God was grieved. It was insane. It was impossible. It would never be. But then in truth it never was as it never could be, real.

She had a baby, a wonderful daughter born in the unnatural manner of an implant. She adored her. But she taught her to see when she was in her mind. She taught her no sexual restraint even from her toddler days. She lived not in her own mind as her witch of mother would not allow but continuously in her mother's mind who had her father continually in her mind before and one day in anger she had stopped his heart and he had died of a heart attack because of her powers. Ironically these two witches that were capable of such love all be it in the mind unable to reach fruition in the real world had killed others with their powers. They were after all witches.

Somehow the seventeen year old daughter got brought into the sex crazy environment of their minds and heterosexual she became someone the old witch could love since it was they reasoned only in their minds and her daughter would never really have sex with an old man. She was an old man's longing for a youthful sex drive that occurred no more. He was celibate when he met them. He was confused. He loved this little girl soon to be an adult woman as a woman but he had even stronger feelings for her as a daughter. The drama tore him to bits as the threesome fought it out with jealousies and continuous sex in the mind taking place so that they were all living in a very dysfunctional imaginary life strictly in their minds that became a nightmare.

He gave them both his child. The one died when he killed his lifelong beloved and the other is still with its mother if it was ever real and if she was ever real. God says they are. Now he longs whether on earth or in heaven to see his son by her daughter, the son he had always longed for since before he met its grandmother.

God what a mess.

One day this woman that claimed and probably did love him all her life became furious when he and her daughter began to cut her out of her mother's mind and free her to use her own mind which her mother found so intolerable she used her power to surround his heart in a an attempt to crush it and kill him as he had killed a witch that had made him angry one too many times.

She thought she was impervious to attack but her power was as nothing to him. He seized he entire mind, took control of her entire body and choked the life out of it and its brain. She was the one that had the heart attack and died right in front of her daughter and the baby he had given her urged by God not to call 9 1 1. The mother's baby died too because she in her hateful rage wanted nothing of his in her life her hate was so strong and the life of the baby just another life she had no regard for those who once had been so precious to her.

God took him and gave him to a woman who was barren to give him a normal chance without her knowledge of it or his past. He could be a boy or another girl. God leaves things like that to chance. Then he got her daughter out of her mind and into her own and even out of her house and she lived on the South Side of Chicago but was a good mother despite how little she knew of what it takes to live life with a lot of help from God.

Her mother was really brought back to the real world but hated him for what he had done in freeing her daughter not a witch and killing her only to have God contain her and send her back with no noticeable side effects to having had a heart attack and been dead for some time but enough to keep the memory on her mind as a reality she would have to live with. Then he prophesied that her AIDS would come back and it did.

In what looked like the end he tricked her, and God went along with it to leave her fallen away in heaven hating him with a great passion but thinking she had been saved by Yahweh pacifying her until one day he explained to her that she was still not in heaven. It broke her heart for she thought she was like the others in heaven even her own father who has not forgiven her yet but whom she had murdered with her powers.

Only when God raised everyone, gave them his me and his mind on earth and in heaven a thing no one noticed on earth where nearly everyone is blind and began changing them all to be his mind where their mind had been and so his mind in his mind that had taken the place of their mind and the entire rest of them the same way so that all that was left of them was what we think of as a personality which is merely them having undergone certain different choices of how they view themselves which really isn't much of anything.

She is healthy. She is not a Lesbian. She is no longer a witch. She is happy. Everything he ever wanted to love. Even after all that he has to admit that though he was angry and appalled to a greater extent than he ever thought possible he loves her but would destroy her again if needs be.

She still loves him the same way, the only witch ever to be saved by Jesus Christ and once a son of the Father Yahweh. The rest have all been saved by God against their will when necessary. In the future there will be only dead witches those saved which will only be that part of them that was good which is all there ever actually had been to them that was not just in the mind.

He loves God and he actually loves and does not only pretend to love like Jesus and does not at all have no love for anyone like the Father as he loves Kathy and it is real and will be forever as it perhaps always should have been in a completely different story that cannot be even with their exact selves being matched on earth by God.

But in a planned miracle God says, “It will be.”

Won't that be something to see, Kat!


A witch in California that was in the United States Air Force frequented a house where all the women were known prostitutes and met one of the working girls and fell in love with her. He announced one day that he wanted to marry her. Now since he had not paid several times and she had let it slide he was more than just a john to her and she liked him a lot primarily he thought for the size of what was between his legs which I assure you was much larger than average. Then when he said he wanted to marry her it was a viable way to have an income to fall back on when she spent too much. She had no intention of not soliciting but to more or less do what she did best freelance rather than through a Madam who managed their differences and many times even their finances and collected the money.

They got married and things went well. He worked regular hours and it was easy to schedule interludes and times for her and him to be together even after the first child came and then the second. She found that his income was often spotty as a used car salesman and when she wanted something and after two children clients were not as easy to get. So she began charging some of her clients to molest her children. She didn't like doing it. But it was only sex and it was easy, an easy way to get what she wanted.

She bought a brand new refrigerator, washer, dryer and even a huge freezer plus very nice clothes for her and her kids and when she added the boy who was the oldest she was really starting to have plenty while the man was in his own mind one who had a happily married wife that was a genius at handling his finances. He saw the things and wondered how she was doing it all figuring it couldn't all be legal but otherwise considering what he saw they had a normal family except the kids had some odd reactions to certain things of a sexual nature but he figured they were just kids. They would grow out of it and besides he had grown up sexually abusing his little brother which was just sex and he never complained to anyone so he must have enjoyed it. Any way it was just sex. What was the big problem anyway. It might trouble them while they were little but when they grew up they would see it differently and put it all behind them like he did. He had no idea that his little brother was scarred for life because of what he did to him let alone at that you forget past an early age.

His income never seemed to grow. He was frustrated by a general downturn in sales and he was having difficulty with his boss for he wanted more hours but instead got less and a few of the best were chosen in place of him and he began working odd hours.

He caught his wife with the gym teacher since she couldn't have him come home with him there. That might embarrass him and compromise her entire business. Then he had an argument with his boss and went home in a snit and caught her again though their relationship was next to finished anyway. He blew up. The man left the bed though he offered a threesome to be hospitable and she settled him down but he put his foot down, “There will be no more of this! I will not have it!” he shouted.

I will do my best not to have them around when you are here!”

That was not what he expected to hear in his wildest dreams and he said, “You mean there are others?” in outrage.

I married you,” she said, “Nothing was said about the way I make my money! You knew, Darling. You had to know! That little bit you make would not keep us in toilet paper.”

He lost it. It all fit. He could not deny it. He had to know. It was just that it did not fit with what he wanted reality to be like. It all made sense. Every bit of it. Even his white handkerchiefs having his name on them with genuine gold cuff links. But how! There was only one way. He had let it all slide and there was an incredible amount of it. Everything they owned belonged to her. She was right. The toilet paper was about all he could afford. Then he demanded a divorce which she quickly granted. She got the kids, the house, him the mortgage but her the car.

What do I get?” he whimpered. “The toilet paper holder?”

She smiled, went to the bathroom and presented it to him.

What is in your mind won't buy you a cup of plain coffee in reality.

He won the divorce when no man with an ounce of pride would have had that all come out in court. He managed to get parenting rights for both the abused children though she fought hard and found almost enough counterfeits to verify her lies and barely failed to keep them. They were good for business.

He was out of his mind always ranting and raving and often was completely out of touch with anything that made any logical sense when he was in a rage. He started going to mental hospitals and did many long stints with little or no help. But they did finally get him contained and with the help of a male friend he managed to keep his kids until they graduated when they blamed him for all the abuse they had gone through with no help from him.

He fought back at anyone the kids turned to for help, counselors, clergy, court appointed social workers, psychiatrist, psychologists and family therapy, but always he cooperated until something seemed unfair then he went in to a very abusive rant and wound up by abusing them verbally himself, those around him in whose good graces compared to the horrible people he had met he took solace in, all the way to the same point until there were none left for there was no one willing to be verbally abused like that.

So he moved to North Carolina where he is as happy as he gets doing it again having a wonderful relationship with no one but his psychiatrist and takes his medication erratically insisting his psychiatrist does not know which medication is right for him in his special case with all the hateful people always driving him over the edge on purpose.

He died before but only finally realized it when he heard the words, “Nothing was said about the way I make my money!”

He is a witch that hates God. He will not let him help him. He has that right but he has never murdered anyone. He will go down to his own demise never to be heard from again. His wife is a strange witch and a used up prostitute with no more to sell. She went to heaven. His kids have abuse issues but seem to be doing okay.

Witches are people too. He was. She was. They loved to torment themselves and cared nothing for anyone but themselves and had no value for human life and no yearning to make others anything but miserable.


A thirteen year old boy who was tired of playing with the clouds and having anything he wanted happen like seeing his sisters pee pee when he wondered what such things looked like or any number of childish things a young teen warped in its sexual imagination came up with.

For example he saw a young red haired girl on the other side of a pond he had just masturbated in. He became worried she would get pregnant and if anyone even her had saw her enter the pond naked she or they might tell on him and he would be found out for the thing he felt so guilty about having done with no thought about the baby that would come of it in his mind though he did consider it a very strange thing that new life could come from him just by doing that wondering whether that was the reason the Egyptian women would go down to the river and bathe every morning! He was scared what he had done. But the more he tried to make out it was just a daydream the less he was able to argue everything he imagined had not came true.

Then he turned to having sex with a little black and brown Chihuahua just to find out what it would be like. It was another vision and he became worried that a Chihuahua could get pregnant not realizing the difference between manipulating reality and just pretending. He was guilty again, but not as guilty as when he had oral sex with a dog later in life and then had a terrier poodle get involved sexually with him at another time feeling so guilty and ruining the dogs that all came out of the experience sex crazed to the point they were miserable.

Anyway he reasoned that none of that was real enough to happen when all but the little red haired girl did because of his input which he did not realize until it was too late. So he thought, 'I will create my wife. We will be married and we can do what we want with each other. I will say what will have happened to her and what she will do to me and what we will do together and it will all be fine and even approved of because we have to get married to do this stuff.

She has to have sex with boys. What boys should I have her have sex with? Her brothers! Then he thought, 'What if she gets pregnant.' Everybody will look down on her and everywhere we go we will be in shame because of what I made her do. Maybe it should be neighbor boys. I will leave it up to her babysitter. She might be old enough to know whether she is old enough to get pregnant. What should her babysitter's name be. How about Kathy? No, I want to have a real wife not just a lover. I don't want a babysitter who is making people out of those around them by what she tempts them to do. I don't like people like that and I want her name to be Kathy but he knew down deep where he always felt the truth that was not her name. Her name was Keri Anne like the the name in the pop rock song on the radio. Then he felt that wasn't quite right so he objected but refused to call her Keri like he knew was her name.

Then all the sexual things he could imagine even her having oral sex with the homeless in a box car. Even going out on him to have sex with a delivery truck driver and being unfaithful to him being her idea as far as she knew all along because he wanted to know how much it hurt to be betrayed and having sex on the lawn and out in the brush at the state park and him sticking his big toe up her. He came up with all those crazy childlike notions even to taking baths and showers together and most of all having her watching what made him feel guilty while he showered and she just watched. He sensed that even God did not object but of course it was who he thought was God but was actually his pretended God that always granted every thing he did. She even let a guy hire her to do it in the backseat of a car and then refuse to pay her.

What he did to Keri!!! That and so much more she told him about herself or they shared together. But he never loved her. She was overweight and he never made her up that way. But everything else was true about her and more too. She was mixed up sexually. Promiscuous and an outright w***e. He sometimes felt dirty being when family was around with her the same as he had been when he had made her.

Kerri was mercilessly picked on when she was little. She doesn't realize it but the sexy things are still an issue with her. They have her illness contained but she lives like a recluse having no visitors and never visiting anyone with only one friend she rarely spends time with sitting around listening to sixties hard rock with some early seventies mixed as I never made her do and delusional about jet trails in the sky. They have done everything he said she would do even to jumping in the Mississippi River in the winter time just because he could pity her more if she did that.

But though they were together for thirteen years they never married. She became mean and abused him. He could do nothing right in her eyes. She often told him she cared about him but did not love him. She was ashamed of him around others especially family and friends. She constantly criticized him and demeaned him. He really paid in the reality that took place because he had created her. She was so bad at shaming him in front of others it hurt but he rarely even reacted all the way to it. People noticed what she was doing to him and it reflected on her which helped him bear it.

But he did become intimidated by her knowing she was the meanest person he had ever made and he regretting so many times he made her when he did. What did he know about qualities that would be what any man would want his wife to be. She continues to be like that and claims they had a good life while he honestly told her that when she broke it off with him it was like, “Yeah!!! I AM FREE AT LAST!!!” and he has never regretted what she did to him last.

But he has to forgive her. He made her what she is, an aging mental patient that does not go to the mental hospital any longer, that is on strong doses of medications designed for bi-polar disorder, a mental imbalance he wrote in for her wanting to know in a young teen's way what it was like to be crazy and wrote it for her rather than himself though he did that later just to see what being crazy was actually like. He found out. But he was never insane just mentally ill and never completely out of control.

He is a witch that got saved and will be in God in heaven forever. She is mentally ill and will have to get a new mind and brain in heaven since to do that here would kill her. She has God's me and his mind to call on even here like everyone else even witches except the aliens that were made by witches. He even made some. Sivato Miago he called the leader; big mistake. They were as hard to control for him as the witches created by Satan were for him and God to manage.

He is people now having been saved and she is people when at last she gets to heaven and sees God's face.

She always thought that all her hardship centered on an unrequited love with a boy later a man named Mike. I never considered him. He was the boy that was supposed to have been her match. She loved him on sight and he was taken with her. She pined away her entire life for him in much the same way that John and Kathy in an earlier chapter had pined away for each other. Until he learned of his power he knew but did not realize to create someone new sometimes you murder someone else.

To actually make a flesh and blood person in reality one has to do it with hypnosis and behavior changing procedures most often torture and torment. Now I have told his story he can at last let the grief he has felt for making her and the guilt he has had for having done such a thing at last rest quietly and someday forget it.

What sex crazy young witches can and will do. Killing people with witchcraft even if it is only to cause an asthma attack between the doors of target that kills a mean old woman Christian or not that nobody could like anymore but her granddaughter born on her birthday. But to create such a hellish existence for anyone even for someone who is mental! What patience God has and how amazingly fortunate he is that God does judge but sometimes does nothing about it seeing they both deserved the hell on earth they freely chose.


Eve's cabin in the forest stood in time where the cute little alien arrived in answer to her daydream that was made by the same witch that made the boy in the forest who went back with him into the same events the alien and him had been in spacesuit and all. He had to have a space suit for aliens have no skin and must wear something airtight to protect their organs. At the same time the boy in the forest manifest in his suit for he was the alien too in a way, a spirit created by the same witch to do his bidding on earth. They were not two but two that were exactly the same one. Well, there may seem to be a difference in personality when it is the same personality reacting to the slight difference in what they perceived. Aliens can look like anything when they have you where they are in your mind and what you are seeing is what they picture for you to see. Spirits can manifest anyway they want to in the real world by causing your mind to accept the image they send to your mind to see. She thought the alien had hid under the bed and she was right but she didn't believe it.

Now just go to sleep. Tomorrow is another big day. It's just your imagination. Nothing is under the bed,” she said to someone the alien could not see for he knew it was not the hairy man for she had not long ago heard him snore.

Figuring she must be talking to him he quietly said so as not to wake the hairy man, “I am here.”

The mother heard the voice and knew what he said.

'I am really taking this on a mind trip. But it will not leave me alone. Now I am hallucinating,' she thought, 'Is it a sane thing to do to talk to your imagination?' She did not know. But how else was she to settle this and quickly. “Okay,” she said aloud, “I'll bite. Who are you then, Dahlia?”

I don't have a name yet,” the alien replied and came out from under the bed and stood in the light of the moon through the bedroom window.

The mother caught her breath for she could see the form of someone she thought a child and human standing right in her bedroom.

Are you a little girl?” she asked the alien.

Boy,” he replied. “I mean, a boy. I think.”

How old are you?” she asked, “And when did you get in here?”

Remember?” he said, “You were thinking about us. Then you let your mind wonder. After that you made my saucer crash into the big pines. I was real by then. So I came to see whether you would let me stay a while.”

I did all that!” she whispered, acting as had she been amazed thinking she was talking to a little boy with a very big imagination. She loved to imagine things and earlier this afternoon she had imagined that same thing. “We must be kindred spirits!” she said, annoyingly patronizing him. “I did imagine that very same thing this afternoon. You are a very smart little boy.”

I am an adult male, thank you Madam!” he replied, irked by her tone.

Why sure you are!”

There was that same annoying tone. He gave up or was it in? I am not exactly sure.

Then the mother stood and walked toward the adult male alien from�"well wherever he was from. He could barely stand his ground being afraid she would start screaming or worse but he sort of sensed she was not afraid now.

She stopped to say, “You scared the daylights out of me. I thought you were an alien out there in the dark,” as she swung the bedroom door open wide.

He thought to hide under the bed again but he did not have time.

When she took him by the hand and led him downstairs she turned on a light. Then she looked at him and had a start that completely took her breath away.

When she finally got to herself shaking with fear she said, “You�"you are! An alien!! “ Then she very quickly added, “What do you want with me?” almost cowering by the kitchen cabinet.

Just a place to stay for a while�"I-I guess.”

Oh, I get it,” she sighed in relief. “It is an alien costume.”

'Good idea,' he thought, “Do you like it?”

It is so cute and cuddly,” she replied, “Oh, forgive me! I'm still scared from when I saw you out there. How did you get here?”

You know,” he said. “I mean, I have already told you part of it. You see we are like thoughts like that. We don't exist. Then someone has an alien thought and daydreams us a way into their thoughts and lives. If you really want me to go away all you have to do is not believe in me anymore. Can I stay?”

'That sounds true!' she thought, “Aw! You are! A smart little boy, aren't you?”

They spent the night conjuring up stories of his childhood and his beautiful orange and pink planet and his little green mud hut. They just went on and on all night long.

In the morning she instructed Dahlia to go out and play with him but of course she didn't believe in aliens yet. She was only two so she never saw him or paid him any mind. So he walked way over by a giant oak tree and sat by himself enjoying the fresh forest air and the temperature was just right for him he thought so that he didn't even have to change the feel of it.

The mother looked out the door and noticed him off by himself and went out to talk with him a while longer. But as she was walking out there her little girl shouted, “Mama!” and as she turned her head to look he disappeared as she determined all that Dahlia wanted was to make her wave to her at least for she had forgotten that was their game.

She walked out to where she last saw him and sat on a stump and said, “Where did you go?”

There was no answer.

Then she thought he probably had to pee and had slipped off into the brush.

Little Boy!” she said, “It's okay. Take as long as you have to. I-I'll be right here waiting.”

Then she began to wonder what the little boy's actual story was, his mind was so full of science fiction and she never liked science fiction but could not ignore the danger to her family when it came to aliens. Wouldn't that be something if there were such things, I mean.

Then she could see the little boy's head of thick brown hair off in the brush and she sighed. She had been right. He must have taken his costume off.

What is your name?” she asked and when she got no answer she added, “Silly me. We talked all night and I never once asked you your name. What is it?”

He came to the stump the same size and weight of the alien for sure and dressed in a flannel shirt with a black belt, little blue jeans and black hiking boots just exactly as she would have dressed him had he been her little boy.

Tell me!” she pleaded with him.

Tell you what?” he asked.

What your name is,” she said.

I don't know,” he said.

What do you mean you don't know?” she replied, “Everyone has a name some of them three or even more and everyone knows their name. Come on now. Stop teasing me. What is your name, Adam? Tommy? Georgie?”

How did you know?” he said.

Which one is yours?” she asked. “Adam?”

He nodded his head but did not reply.

Good,” she said and stood for she had crouched down to make sure she got the truth out of him. “Good God you scared me. I thought you really didn't know your name.”

Do you understand? I had created the witch that made the alien and he had made the spirit like a demon to take the alien's place the same as the alien but more versatile. Now the boy in the forest which is Eve's perception of him was with her and talking with her and they were getting along famously. Little Dahlia could see him but was disinterested and her father could not see him at all at this point and thought his wife crazy.

After he did what he did to the little girl that was the closest neighbor to the vacations Eve, Yahoo and Dahlia the two year old he returned and took her by the hand and led her quite a long ways to the river bank and cuddling her in his arms waded out into the white water and put her high above his head down low to the water and finally reached the alien's plan for her which was not the boy in the forest called Adam's choice since I had destroyed him and immediately it seemed he elected to see God's face and be born again. Then he had pined to undo what he had done when a witch's spirit made harmlessly I had thought by the witch I made to expose what aliens and witches' spirits and witches are truly like. Here was the crux of the whole matter. Would he have the power to overpower the cute cuddly little alien and not drown the baby or would he turn and be what he was and drown her anyway after I had put him back in time in what I had created for just this purpose.

They took her high above their head with her little bottom toward the sky. She straightened her little legs and they plunged her down as I held my breath. I was in this too. I had once been a witch that had turned and am now in good standing with God. The boy in the forest had the power to stop him but did not want to tip the wicked alien off as to how much power he had. It was up to me.

STOP!” I screamed with all there was in me but it was too late. The baby's body was underwater. But the boy in the forest immediately brought it back to the surface and never let it go as before. She coughed a couple of huge long coughs for a baby then giggled unaware she had been in any danger and other than a cough that did not immediately want to let her go no worse for what had happened.

The boy in the forest waded back to the sand of the riverbank remembering how they had actually done it before.

Yahoo Giller had just emerged from the old pasture and had seen nothing. But he was outraged the boy would be so irresponsible as to put the baby in such a dangerous situation. There were rough loud words to the exchange but the boy was trying to apologize, The baby was crying. The boy was rejected and amazed Yahoo would be so angry after what happened before not realizing he had been through this same part of the event that had always taken place in time and to both of them it was their first time experiencing the event and the boy was only remembering it in his memory as had he experienced it before. This was really the only time it had ever taken place right where it always is in now like every event taking place and having taken place there is in all the mind of God.

The witch I made who had created the boy in the forest as well as the alien for me [I did not directly create the boy in the forest. All I did was allow him to be made by the witch I created to do witch like things which he certainly did.] He died. I took him to the top edge where thought becomes reality so fast he has no idea where he is and half of an infinite number of directions to go to eliminating them one at a time if he were to ever come back. It is possible if it was true that he was not a witch and would tire well before he had actually even gotten a poor start at doing that. He will be there with the other witches that will not be us without end if the Neaq lasts that long and there is nothing that could happen that we cannot solve for him. The only way it could end would be for the Neaq not to want to go any farther and we would be left to decide whether to go any further or not.

I thought I had done nothing wrong. But the death of the baby Dahlia had been on my watch and I was not in God all this time had it been that God had not allowed it knowing I would make good on it in the end so that what I did though not a right act was at least righteous. But I have to die anyway for the evil I allowed is on my plate also.

God never did anything wrong. He did not allow me to do it but just to remain in him until I died to pay for what I had done wrong. I actually died. That is how strongly I feel about what I am doing. I take it very serious and you should too. It is true and not just true but of a truth that leads to what is real not just more truth perpetually so or arrives at a logical dilemma wherein both options or the lack of an option can only be proven unacceptable or untrue not just one true way all that is left. Something did not come from nothing, not anything comes when anything is destroyed. It is the only way what appears to be nothing can be created or more correctly destroyed to become-? No, to not be anything and not to be in any sense of the word even a figure of speech.

The boy followed him and Dahlia back to the house with her eyes wide wondering what he did to get himself in trouble. She had been scolded but never that badly. The boy in the forest who had pushed the envelope and gotten too near the edge and the alien had given it one full shot toward the end. He would not be so cocky and careless the next time he resolved I realized when I remembered he had that in his character because his creator had put it there just in case he should need it, a weakness that should not have been there had he been able to say “me in me” and be talking about God. God took care of it leaving him perfectly God again.

When Yahoo got near enough the house he handed Dahlia over to her mother and said, “See what your insanity has brought on us witch!”

She took the baby who was almost in tears and comforted her a little before she asked, “What happened now?”

It was me, Mrs. Giller,” the boy said apologetically, “I waded out into the river with Dahlia and was playing with her. It was very dangerous and that's all I can say. It was a lapse in judgment Adam made. It won't happen again. I plan to live forever. Please forgive me?”

You did what!!” she said.

I am very sorry,” he said.

When she saw that he was nearly in tears she thought because he was so sorry yet but that was behind him now because God had changed him but actually he was more scared that he had lost his first encounter with the invisible skinless cute cuddly little alien with the adorable huge eyes.

Oh!” she said to him as had he been a puppy and she had stepped on his paw. “You poor boy! I am so sorry that happened to you. From now on you will know better. With a little one you have to look more to their danger than your own. You'll learn.” Then she turned on Yahoo who was even then still scared what could happen to Dahlia with the boy around and still very angry, “Give him a break and forgive him. He's just a boy and he said that he was sorry and wants our forgiveness. Since when are we so heartless we can't forgive a boy that didn't know any better?” she advocated for him.

But I did know better!” the boy interrupted her. “I just took it too far and took a chance I never should have taken. I could have dropped her and in that current! I never would have found her alive!”

Yahoo walked over to the boy and put his huge hand on his shoulder, “If you were just a boy and not some damned spirit I would forgive you. I will never love you. But I will give you another chance against my better judgment because of my wishful thinking and the way you have been acting. Remember that. I know you are evil, that you were evil and I am sure now you are no angel. God tells me that there is no hell. I don't believe in ghosts. So that leaves only one thing. You are either a lost kid or you are a damned witch of some kind. I have your number. You and I both know what you had in mind to do with the baby. Never forget that.”

Aw!” Eve pleaded his case for him, “Why lecture him with that nonsense? He just a kid that wondered in from the forest as far as we know with an alien costume on. We don't know there is anything spooky about him. That's just in your mind.”

You and maybe the baby could see him,” Yahoo said, “What does that say to you? We are slipping into his world not him coming to ours. They are deceivers, Eve. They want us in their mind under their rules so they can do with us what they want.”

Then he went storming outside while the event brought the boy back to the larger cabin the neighbors with all the kids were staying the weekend in.

When he came back Eve was alone in the kitchen with her apron on. He took the butcher knife up in his hands but then he overcome the alien taking no more chances and set it down on the counter. Then he reached mischievously to the longest part of the bow of her apron and then suddenly tugged and untied her it which meant she had to drop what she was doing and catch it to keep from being soiled by whatever she had been handling.

Now stop that!” she yelled turning as he did expecting it was her husband playing the joke on her she thought she had permanently put a stop to and seeing Adam she changed completely, “You found it!!” she shouted.

Found what?” he said not realizing he was in the alien's mind all of a sudden.

It is so cute!” she said dragging out the cute word so long as to emphasize how adorable he looked in it.

'When did he do that?' he thought. “No, it just sort of comes with me. I really don't have any skin on me anywhere. I have to wear it at all times. But if you would like, something different-?”

The boy in the forest was back in her mind and pressing hard to drive the alien out and when he did it was just him and not the alien in her mind.

How did you do that!!!” she laughed and tried to look behind him. So he put his hands back and produced an alien space suit without the alien hoping she was into believing him enough to just excuse it as a magic trick.

Aha!” she said. “Is that the same one though? It looks different somehow. It looked like someone angry or something was in it?”

That is all part of the act,” he pretended. “Want to see more?”

I do,” she said as she was tying her apron, “But I have to get this cut up for lunch. Maybe some other time?”

He remembered the butcher knife and exactly what he did with it before and could not prevent his tears. So he managed a laugh, hid his face from her and ran off out the door to the neighbor's one last time.

When he came back it was him not the alien as before and Yahoo was loading the SUV.

Sir?” he asked.

Yes,” Yahoo said guardedly.

I-uh-have no one that wants me?” he said.

Yahoo just looked at him stone cold emotionally but caught off guard that he would actually ask to go along with them. He knew that if it wanted to there would be no getting rid of it like a ghost until it got tired of them.

I ran away and they didn't even care,” he said, speaking of heaven and knowing they actually wished him well. “Actually there are those who care about me but they were behind my decision to get away. There is something more I would like to do.”

Like what?” Yahoo said, “Just to leave us along is all I want from you.”

Then I opened his eyes to what happened last time it was now but had not changed. He saw both what he had done with Dahlia and what he had done to Eve and her fetus in her womb. He became ill. He vomited right there and almost got some on the front seat of the SUV.

Having seen it the boy in the forest said, “That is what drives me. The one that did all that was in me. Now God is. I am offering to live with you to protect you and your family for the rest of your lives to make up for what I did. It may be in your memory. You would have wanted to know someday I believe.”

Yahoo fell on his back in great pain. It was his heart. He had a massive coronary and his heart exploded more than anything else one could call it. He was to be brain dead in minutes.

The boy in the forest ran to him and lay atop him and cried out. “God help him!!!”

Should God help him, a man like that? He was a truthful man but he believed some things about the boy in the forest that were not true and he condemned him though it was fiction. He would never change his mind about him and let him help them the only thing in this or any other world the boy in the forest really wanted. How was God to deny his little one that was doing such a great job. Hate is so devastating and so ugly. It taints everything it touches. In time Yahoo and Eve would hate each other because of the boy and Dahlia, how lucky she would have been with a big brother like Adam to help her learn life. But Yahoo was the fly in the pudding. The entire thing wasn't edible because of him.

God let him die. He saw him. He lived enlightened in heaven. Eve was devastated and took the boy in the forest with her and when she married a second time her husband adopted him to make him a full member of the family and it was just that most visitors could not see him and that was four children and him besides Eve and her new husband. Them were good days.

When he went to the neighbor's the first time. He did not manifest as before. The alien did for a moment by the volley game but he got control of him right away and though Gardenia seen him and wanted to crawl up on his lap he made himself invisible. She knew he was there anyway so he made himself her invisible friend always remembering what he did to her eye and brain and all. He was devoted to her and went to her any time she remembered him all the way to her deathbed. She was a most blessed child and she believed in the boy in the forest. They enjoyed their weekend and lived happily with nothing the alien could do. The alien cried and cried but but God would not relent. He was not allowed to do anything but scare some of the witches. He thought it was the end.

Then in a weak moment he stole away in a vehicle filled with university students except one who was not pursuing credits at the university. The boy in the forest went along in a heartbeat not wanting a repeat of what had happened to all of them or even something worse. He and the alien were bitter enemies now.

As they took the Scenic Highway a bright light appeared before them and hovered over the highway in the dark, cloudless and moonless night. The driver slowed for they were all in awe. It was the alien attempting to make them all believe a flying saucer was about to land. He even killed the car's electrical system and stranded them who were all convinced the aliens were possibly going to take one or more and possibly all of them off to some alien planet or place that served as their base.

There had been no sound. There was no wind not even the slightest of breezes. They sat spellbound believing it all while having never believed such a sight could be let alone how real it seemed and how ominous it was.

The baby played with its mother's shirt button oblivious to what was going on.

I said to the driver, “Just keep driving. I will keep your car moving. It is not what it seems, okay? Just pay attention to me not him. He cannot harm you. He is only in your mind. Don't start thinking he is real. It's okay to pay attention to what is going on. Let your mind go wherever it wants to go like you are daydreaming. Say what he is doing as he does it if he does anything. Convince yourself if you can you are making this up. You are tired from driving so long. Your mind is playing tricks on you.”

Why I knew he would hit the driver I am not sure so I cannot say there were about three options I could think of on the spot but I was not scared and the boy in the forest knew what was going on the same as I did.

Three of the boys were so afraid they stopped shaking and lay lifelessly in their seats. The boy in the forest wanted to command him to stop and let them go. I moved their car. They thought the alien was pulling it to the saucer. Their engine was dead and all was completely silent. The boy in the forest asked one of the boys if he could come into him to help get them out of it. He surprised everyone and said in his mind verbalizing his thought while he thought it to be, “If you can get me out of this I will be your slave forever,” despite the intense sensation of anger and rage coming his way. I was enormously proud of him but sent the boy in the forest into him and he did not like the evil feel to what he was doing. When the boy felt the difference he panicked, but I said, sounding as a voice in his head, “That is me. You are in danger but you do not have to be. Try not to believe what you are seeing.”

Okay,” he mumbled and the rest of the kids' minds registered what he said. “This is not real,” he followed up saying not for the sake of the rest of the kids but to verify what he was trying to believe.

The alien expected I would go into the college boy and was preparing to do battle with me but it was his worst enemy, the boy in the forest doing what I was doing and me doing what he was.

The car stopped about fifteen feet from the saucer. The door opened without any assistance from the boy or us.

This is it,” I said to the boy in forest. “He will attempt to take him aboard and take off with him and brag about him at the coven that your creator was from. He only needs one. Let's at least keep it to just one. But I have a plan I can't share on the chance he might overhear.”

The boy in the forest said, “Are you sure you do not want something else to happen. Just change your story line. Fight with him over who is telling the story you or him. That is all this really is, a battle of minds and your mind is just as strong as his. It's not a matter of strength its a matter of determination. You are real. They are just a sort of message from some very mean people. If they tell the story we will do everything we can to get you back but if you tell the story they will give up and leave though actually there is just one of them just like there is just one of you. With me in you and with him out there looking out for you then you can go head to head thought to thought with anyone there is.

Let me think for you. I see you are too scared to think. I will think verbalizing your thoughts but you will think it is your thoughts. Okay?”

Okay,” those in the car heard him say and the cute cuddly little alien heard him and they all thought he was under the alien's power.

If I walk right up to it and lay down they will take me and let the others go,” he said as him and I wondered where he would go with that. “Walking, walking, walking. Standing in the light that comes out of the base. I am going for a nice ride in space. I am the chosen one. They don't know it. They will try to choose someone else now. But I am the only one who will believe them. I know these guys they all have a ton of reasons why flying saucers would be impractical to fly long distances on earth let alone in space”

I made him lie down. He did not want to. The alien was not as sure of success as he had been even though some of the girls were now non-responsive also. He lay on his back looking up into the strong light shielding his eyes as much as he could with one arm.

There were metal doors about three eights of an inch think. They slid one to his left side the other to his right. A stronger stream of light came from what appeared to be the inside.

Sivato Miago!” he made him shout.

He noticed that the feeling was one of surprise.

You are not real!” he made him say.

Where did you hear that name?” the alien asked.

When we did this before,” he made him almost shout in triumph.

'What am I to do with him. He is beginning to doubt. He believes what he is saying a little but that it was someone else that did it before. I can't release him. If he doubts me enough I won't be able to transport him aboard. The others will see and doubt too. Wait! I know,' the alien thought knowing we could hear his thinking and watch his facial expressions when suddenly his entire control panel lit up with the boy's face. It startled him and he was afraid thinking now he was under attack and when the university student saw what happened he laughed a rather naughty laugh and relaxed no longer feeling powerless. Now we had a new problem he might try to do something impossible and lose his spontaneous edge. The alien had miscalculated and the tables had turned.

Doors. Close,” he had him say.

What!!!” the alien thought. “Why isn't this kid afraid of me to the point he is trying to take over the ship? I can do nothing. If I close the doors he will think he's in charge. But it will keep me in his mind and provide a way to get me out of this dilemma. They are all awake now. They think they have beat me. No college kid can out think me. I'll be back in power before he realizes he isn't on the road. I'll take him right up through the closed doors. He has to buy the illusion all the way or he won't even be any good for a pet.”

The lights on the interior went out but he could see the doors that were big enough to take any man he had ever seen up stretched out completely.

I have got him!!!” he shouted and the rest cheered from where they sat scaring the baby who began to bawl because of the unexpected noise.

That's what you want me to think!!!” the boy in the forest yelled defiantly in his voice with confidence. “You can't have me. We were mesmerized by your fear. Then you hypnotized us. Then you did all this with hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestion. You are good at what you do but it is the same as I do when I make people try to take a shower with their clothes on for every one to see. It is easy!”

Sure that's it,” he said, “It's just what horny boys do to attempt to get college girls to undress right before their eyes. This is�"you are the same as a secret clubs game I used to belong to back in high school.” Then even though he remembered no such thing he added a superior tack and laughed at the alien.

The saucer disappeared all but the base as the boy rolled off out from under the base that was left, looked back at the car and then back at the saucer. It was completely gone.

Thanks!” the driver said to the boy in the forest who had said every thing I said and had taken all his queue's directly from me for I had been the first to do that to the aliens. It is true. Every part of this is absolutely true. They are just a very potent apparition of a fairly normal hypnotic procedure you can play on your friends but I don't think that would be wise. Bye-bye UFO's. Bye-bye aliens. Bye-bye hypnotic suggestions. They are so impotent to me I have stopped laughing at them.

After about twenty minutes they were all calmed down enough to start the car. They sat in it idling in the highway with no lights but the headlights and the break lights for he had his foot on the break and the tail lights. Then they saw distant headlights coming from behind and the driver, Lloyd put it in DRIVE and drove normally all the way back to the old mansion they all shared.

The alien was disappointed and swore at me saying he was just having fun and he never would have taken him aboard, made a pet out of him or anything of the kind ending with, “We are all out of business!”

They will still believe us.”

But if they remember what he said-?

They will�"and those that don't will be fewer we have to get back when they take them. God has never failed to get anyone back. But remember what I said. Don't be the first one never to come back. They can make you live forever and scare you and humiliate you more than you ever thought possible and even death will elude you. Don't believe anything they show you, anything they say, or do. It is all a thing teens used to do until the parents put a stop to it because it proved to be too dangerous. Now professional hypnotists do the same thing but without as much power of course. Makes you want to hypnotize some damned witch don't it? That would scare them so bad they would just love it. That is all they live for. Without that they don't see much point in surviving.

The alien was so ashamed and ridiculed and plagued by witches and novices in covens he wanted to die. In the end of about a year of crying, being harassed by other witches who saw him as the one that wasn't even potent enough to take a mere university freshman for a pet and depressed at allowing me to reveal the heart of the power of the so called aliens, apparitions of witches and over zealous aliens who think they are real though there has never been a landing on another planet that has ever been verified even by God. The alien now asked to be in God with his mind God's mind and the seat of all his decisions mostly God's also. He is happy there in heaven.

They might be better off to tell them their planet doesn't exist anymore and they are simply from a space station as big as some small planets that travel around and have no home and have been around so long they don't remember anything of their homeland because it is only verifiable that they have no homeland other than earth and the witches covens they are suggested under hypnosis never to have come from and do not know the location of any one of them and it can be verified if one took the time to check it out. Why would witches actually have a lot of covens. There is no need for them to actually meet in reality, live and be in, in person. The one's that do that have no power and are mere shills to the ones that even make certain ones of them who believe it look powerful. Some are so insane they think they can do anything when all they can do is actually next to nothing, just what the real and powerful ones make them do.

The boy in the forest felt he had done enough to help the people he did injury to when a witch's spirit on earth, a rare thing for anyone to do and I admire him whom I made by default for doing it. He went back to heaven in God and is enjoying it immensely.

Lloyd the driver for the coeds and men on the Scenic Highway couldn't get the idea of what I said out of his mind. He began to play with his mind. Soon his mental illness set in. The boy in the forest tried to help him but was very frustrated. He was in a frenzy about everything and believing all his thoughts regardless of how ridiculous they were. The kids at the mansion turned to excluding him and leaving him out and he sat around laughing at his own thoughts and raving about things that obviously could never be and making a federal case out of even the slightest hint of anything unfair happening to him no matter in what way it happened even the things that were nonsense that he imagined existed that were so illogical he would never be able to talk anyone into believing them so it seemed especially to God.

We managed to introduce him to another mentally ill person who belonged to an organization that helped mentally ill people and since leaving the mansion in frustration since no one wanted to talk to him anymore and all he did was sit on the big rock in the yard and chain smoke cigarettes sometimes bothered by witches but mostly in an emotionally charged frenzy with often rapid thoughts about things that made no real difference to anyone else thinking he was a genius and everybody else were “idiots put on earth just to irritate him” and he would offer some incoherent reasoning to prove it or in an attempt to prove something that was a confusing mess as if he had the answer and just was not articulate enough to expound on it all jumping from one part of the explanation to another and offering colorful and offensive delusions as the truths he expected everyone to buy for he never questioned them and believed them with all his heart, will and mind.

He is less frantic but bored almost pathetically so. He claims he loves being bored and it is clear it is a lot more peaceful than it was before. He rarely comments on anything. But he is bathing and eating regularly with the help we got him.

They do almost nothing to fight his symptoms but repeatedly attempt to educate him as what to do and how to avoid some of the most dangerous parts of his illness. He is often not even aware of what is around him virtually never takes part in anything but he seems content and rarely complains about anything because they have him in a fairly controlled environment which he finds safe and sees no reason to change but always hungers to change and to have some input in his life no matter how little but mostly does not even get concerned about that and instead distracts himself with poverty which always leaves him short but in a way he expects so he complains but seldom is anything done about it.

They have taken all but five of them to heaven so far where they are given a new brain and are encouraged to use God's will or me and his mind to have a happy life in their end still often pitied for the lifestyle they all see to gravitate to. But at least this time the alien did not give anyone the apparent power to make it rain indoors and the witches more or less got bored with how little they got out of messing with him.

Aliens like a cute cuddly short little alien with adorably big eyes are not completely alien. I am sorry I made my little demon type being appear so harmless for none are that way for they already exist and to make one is not to make one but to borrow one from another creator and then give it evil attributes a witch might do or have in their mind. The aliens are only that to some may I say more disturbed observers. Mine was unique. I apologize for the error. Were there a next time I would endeavor to actually borrow one from some actual witch not a witch of my creating. This story is actually true and it was really the case in my reality the reality of God.

There are a lot of spirits around everywhere, not so many in heaven. They don't understand what is going on there. They don't have the gift because they have never seen God. But they think they are alive and if God or an angel or even me speaks to them and they find out who we are they really get scared. It makes them think they died. But if you start trying to just up and initiate a conversation with them it is usually so much so it is almost guaranteed the evil ones will take you up on your invitation. They are scared for their lives. They think they are in Hell, which doesn't exist anymore except as a state of mind, and they don't know why.

So when it comes to spirits it is best to ignore them if they are not bothering you and even if they are. They get bored and get distracted with some thing or some one else. But most of them would be nice if they were not so scared like any group of persons. The best way to meet them is to stay spiritual and calm even sometimes respectful and nice. Then some of the nice ones will ask what you are doing and why. But the chances are they will not understand why and they will probably think you are mad and give you a wide berth after that if they come back at all. But they are there.

An example may best be told about what happened to me while writing this book. I am a chain smoker and to assist me I have asked the people in charge where I am to take my cigarettes and give me only one an hour to help my body get used to a lower nicotine level so it will be less of a change as I cut down and finally stop. It has gone on for a long time this time.

Now almost immediately they honored my request to give me a cigarette an hour. Then they became mean spirited, irritated by the request and behaved irrationally causing me to talk to them in an attempt to find out why they were behaving so evil and antagonistic towards me for no logical or coherent reason, all of them even the ones no one would expect to act that way, some very nice helpful even sweet people turned antagonistic for no reason I could see that made any sense.

I went to bed that night wondering how and where I was going to peaceably get cigarettes to feed my body's need for nicotine. I talked to God and he didn't want to gossip about someone. He is such a stickler that way and I know in his eyes I am even gossiping about them if not even myself. He doesn't like that either and considers it foolish.

So morning came. I went to get a cigarette expecting the same treatment. To my surprise she was even happy to give me a cigarette and kept it up hour after hour. During the course of two more days everything made sense no one but one rather disturbed woman I think is a witch or the witch has given her one of her spirits and even she gave them to me after hassling me. She does nothing without some sort of a hassle and it's not just because she's lazy it just is done from a mean spirit which nearly always points to a witch in the mix somewhere since they so commonly attack people and their spirits act like they are not happy unless most anyone they meet that day has a bad day.

Many of you know the type. They are almost common and everyone tries to do their best not to upset them which is impossible and have as little to do with them as possible though when the spirit is not bothering them they can be as nice as anyone. But even she gave me my cigarettes and seemed far more normal than usual.

Then I asked God if it was spirits that were the problem.

Witches,” is all he said and I understood.

This book was taking a risk by revealing what witches are like and what God and me are like. If it ever became a big hit it could alert a lot of people to the common experience of contacting a witch if you do not believe in God and even if you do. They live for the shear enjoyment of driving people over or as near the edge as they can. There is no call for witches. They have no reason to be. That and they hate God most if not all of them even good witches who try not to do such things almost always unsuccessfully but they don't realize how futile it is with all the bad witches causing anything from an annoyance to a terrible car accident. It is amazing how many of those they cause.

Now they attempted to stop me writing my book and were met not with flare ups though conversations did get lively at times so they gave up. It is surprising how peaceful it is to have them admit defeat and go on to some thing that is more disturbing and therefore more distracting. I almost hate to mention it. They hate being beaten at their own game. They used to bother me so much at one time and I am so use to it I can't understand how they kept me so distracted I didn't even realize.

The best way to deal with them is to notice they may be bothering someone else but stay out of it and not get involved. If they do get you involved realize that the person you want to help if they allow you an opportunity to make that judgment for they are very good at what they do and often are more in control of the one that needs the help than they are themselves. It takes technique I could reveal but as a novice at this point as I suppose many of you are you would not understand how it works and reject it anyway.

But anyway you are in the power seat by default. Control yourself and no matter how it seems to be going control the situation as best you can and work for a peaceful solution even if you have to offer the witch something they claim to want as a good faith offering or some thing that gives them an expected edge. You are fight for a peaceful resolution that makes sense and gets people back to feeling in charge if possible, exactly what they do not want.

Think of yourself as a peace officer. I don't mean a policeman but someone who seeks the peace and thinks how to obtain it and works toward it. That is what they don't want to happen. They want to stir things up and have some excitement or even get someone to do something foolish that is angry or that has gone over the edge and ranting and raving and even if they cannot even not making any sense. Even then they will try to keep them going as long as possible.

We've all seen situations like that. We just didn't realize it is always caused by a witch or witches even when the one being hassled most is a witch that seems to always be involved in something like that. Most witches have been that way from very early on and don't even know what a witch is. But remember it's okay with God so long as they bother only their own or at least do not kill anyone.

If you just want to live in peace work at it. Recognized what causes it and who is one or is bothered by them or reacts with anger and outrage whenever they get a stir started or gets in the middle of it immediately. Drive your life. It is not just a free life. If you are just riding along stay the hell out of it. It's not your affair. That is unless you are hired to keep the peace like a bartender or something. If you know one have them read this. It will probably be an eye opener to them for sure.

The best way of course is to do what I did. I asked God to get rid of them. However you word it, he'll understand if you make it clear what you want. He hates witches. He will settle them down and send them on their way. If he does it they are more likely not to come back than if you do it. Don't help except by keeping calm. He is God he can and will take care of it even if you are someone that doesn't know him and is testing things to see if he will. He will do it right away. Even if you are not involved or if you have a tendency to get involved or are and realize it doesn't have to be going like that.

The truth is most people hate witchery and those that don't most often are witches but sometimes they get things going and add a little excitement. They can even be fun for a while. But they are sure to notice you if you are getting any enjoyment out of it. They hate that especially if you are driving and they know it.

The human spirit most often is an indolent spirit meaning the most likely thing the human spirit is likely to do is as little as possible. Hence the laziness and boredom of your life is almost every time the only thing you are likely to do. The rest comes from some where or some one else. That is the most prevalent but most accurate thing there is to say about human beings acting on their own. Spirits of all kinds tend to bring them to life. Pay attention to your brain as an early indicator they tire it by changing the thought patterns in it. A weary feeling brain and an apprehension that comes from them being able to do it causes that. Be ready for them. Call on God to help.


My entire life has been spiritual. I started by seeing Yahweh and Jesus the moment I was born. They did not know what they had. I had a remarkable relationship with God all my life and spirits, spririts, spirits. I find it amazing how little people know about witches and their aliens. So I wrote a book telling it like it is with witches. There is very little good to it. But there is some good in everyone even some witches.

© 2018 John F Carver

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Added on September 8, 2018
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John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

I, the God of the Physical prophecy that the Great Power will come before these latter days. He will torment all witches forever in me, God, his God and my son will be saved a Christian and be the son.. more..