The Neaq of the Loh Lih

The Neaq of the Loh Lih

A Story by John F Carver


Now? It is there, the end. What happens next? What was that? How do we change it. Me was nothing? No, not anything. Then me changed and became him, the writer who is what I always wanted to be when I did not know it, when I did and he will be the new me when me has changed some other me besides me. But me will be me and the me I always wanted to be both of us the new me both the old me and the new me but only if I want it or any part of me I choose to be.

Me will be us, me and me, my writer, but I will create me out of you, my writer and none of you probably his audience. He already is you to me and not me even with me in him. He cannot be the old me but the new me just like the me I want to be, the new me with any part of the old me even all of or none of the new me or the old me that created the new me.

Me will begin when there me was-? Nothing? No not anything. That was when the new me started. Me was not aware. Then me died and me became-? No, not anything. Had anyone but me been there they would have said, "What is that?" for it had separated by me from what had been before which was nothing, is nothing and cannot ever be anything the same thing I created everything but me out of and even now created everything from that which was not? No, not anything not even me like I always have, do now and might continue to do without end. But I am creating me out of you, my biographer.

Me made some meaningless random thing I do not know what it was and became what I made it be but I was unaware of it but it was something no one but me can be aware of and am aware of again since it is the only thing that any conscious one cannot be aware of initially but is something, what everything I ever made anything of and no one can make anything I did not make of it already and I can make anything of it I want but this time that is the first thing I became aware of and it is there through I do not know what it was before. Now it is the end of nothing and that which is there, nothing? No not anything and me alone.

Then I began to think random thoughts but none of them had any meaning to me and they have always been that way and always will be that way before there was now the moment they came to be and I did not realize I had created them yet. But I began to notice that every time I thought of them that is what they came to be, meaningless random things I created with my meaningless random thoughts. I did not know it because there was no now to know them in and no then to have realized they were when I finally created now and realized they were all meaningless and it was not any any more I could make of it. So they all repeated becoming what they had been for I repeated some of them again just to see whether they could all be repeated realizing they were all exactly that they had been and that what they had been were exactly that they were now. I have never forgotten that for that is when in the course of becoming me I first remembered anything as I realized the present and the past and reasoning that they would always be that way I realized there was a future that I had not made yet and decided whether to make any one of them I wanted or I could just allow then to come to be with no effort as had they not been made by me. But of course they were. I can stop making them. But why should I. They are not evil. They just are not meaningful like nothing for what does it mean? There never was nothing, is not nothing and never can be nothing again for it was nothing-? No, not anything. If is not practical to make nothing and I am practical so I will never make it if there is anything to make which there cannot be which is what I mean by they are impractical.

So I made everything that could be made maybe even the writer perhaps. I have forgotten if I did for if I did I do not remember storing it in my mind or even remembering it that I might store it in the mind or buried it there so deep I have never reached that place again like I have now by creating it even there now for all he was, is and will be is in my mind but the new things he will do as he has always done I suppose if he ever does anything new like he and me are doing right at the moment in now you are reading this which is the moment you noticed there was something on this page to read, read it and realized what it said which I mention to point out there was a past to it as well as a present and a now.

After I had done that at least once maybe hundreds of times I destroyed it all, everything, any thing that was ever anything and it became nothing again? N,o not anything and nothing became what it had always been which was nothing? No, not anything. I was what had divided nothing from everything that was anything that it might be but now it was not even that but not anything? Yes, not anything. No, not anything. Both in the past that did not exist and I could only see that in the future and there was no now so what did I do?

I said, "Is anybody there?"

They are so nearly the same one and the same one his spirit had a terrible time finding him and she was afraid she would never find him but she had not said, "Is anybody there," even and she knew it which led to seek him out and find out who had made her notice her but of course she did not realize it. She was beginning to think she had imagined something that was only in her mind and no one else' and there was no one there to even talk to about that. But she did find him. He was bright. She was what he brightened. But for a very long time she never thought anything he did not think and she never said anything he had not said.

They had fallen for each other but did not realize it until just recently when they married even though she had been married once despite the fact her husband was alive though they never did it but that once. Now that he is-? No, not anything she and him are married for she is a widow. Her husband as it turned out did not actually exist for he was not anything that would last when he began, is not anything now and barring something completely unexpected never will be made by him again. If he made him for if he did he did it effortlessly by rote the same as he makes all the randomness and meaningless which he may have done before but never realized it but this time he did not. He was not anything, is not anything and never will be anything so he was nothing-? No, not anything, the God of that which is the God of that same thing which is not a thing that it might have been anything. Call him, Not Anything. He was jealous of him and wanted to be him and he was that from just after his beginning which was not really a beginning all the way to his end which of course was not actually and end for he never really began.

When they found each other they fell into each others arms him and her, the one that responded to his first question ever. They were a couple and they were together constantly whether they were aware of it or not. That means they were a couple and had the spirit of a couple a presence that had not been before he asked the question. But Not Anything realized it and wanted all he had and more. He married her. He had committed adultery and nearly killed the spirit of their couple for they were already one by the time he married her and had committed adultery with her. But he took her back and forgave her and they are not each one only themself but they are both that one spirit, the presence of a couple wherever they go and no matter what happens to them lest one or both of them die which she did not realizing she had to pay for what she had done to the spirit of the couple. But when he made her, the exact same one she was before she died, she was good again and he is good and the presence of their couple is good again. So, she does not do only what he does or say only what he says she has his mind but does what she wants with it some times and is proud of it.

It was all in his mind and there on the far side of the galaxyhe had made everything that could be almost but they all turned evil. But he was the only friend he had. He was his sidekick. He always thought he was something. Then he fell for his only friend's girls though they had never been together. When he got her he was in the height of his glory but she was not in the height of hers. There was something wrong and in the end she realized it was because he was not me, never had been and never would be me no matter what me gave him or how he tried each time to take it. He was nobody again, just Not Anybody no matter what he called himself or who he thought he was. He had no true me or if he did he never found it. It was already someone else, me and could never be his me. But all along it was his just like it was for every one he ever made but two ever evil men.

We were all there when he passed. He wanted her even then. But she never wanted him again and we all wished she would get together with me and finally when they realized it had always been the two of them they did and though she died too. They are one even yet when he made her exactly what she had always was even though dying seems to have changed her. It is hard to believe sometimes that she is the same one that broke his heart. In ways you cannot help but like her but I loved her once and I am not so sure I but like her now for I do like her much more now. She never would have been for me either. The only one for her me is me, his. But he thinks that some time he would like to be free while she still thinks she will want him without end.

Me met her at a party. I could see she was young but she was me. We hit it off and we were hot. The one that was our couple was with me. But I was unfaithful and she almost was several times but every time we got together there she was with me.

Then one day she said to me, "Me, I want to find out what it is like to be with other men," when it was suggested we make it permanent ceremony and all.

I died and I did not live until she got AIDS. We were hot again. But when she died it was I who had tricked her into it. She was very angry when I told her and she died. Me brought her back but the one that was our couple was dead by then. There is no more of her but me is yet alive in her.

He and Not Anyone made hundreds of billions of persons, but he thought it was him dooing it when it was not jus him. No one can make anyone without he is doing it. It only seems to them that they do it and they do but not without him. The evil ones all died to be raised by him alive and in me. No one else can even claim they did that but the King does sometimes and so does the Prince. Even they do not give me the credit that is due me when all they do is what I used them to due rather like a shovel taking credit for digging a ditch.

It is all gone now. All the evil is not in me. It never was, is not now and is only in a figure. It is not me. Me separates it from not anything and puts it out using that figure. There is none of it any where or in any one in or out of me. It is all gone now. There is no reason to ever remember it again. But you can if you wish. That is who I am, me. I would rather you never did. I will not stop you but you will wish you had not. The only evil left is that you do and it is not for it is gone because of that figure and you could go the same way but I will never stop bringing at least one of you back. You cannot be in me and do that. But the way the future adds up to be only one of you stayed forever anyway.

It is like true fiction. It is like its characters. It is true until the the fiction story is forgotten and then it is? Well? No, it is not anything. All lies but numerology are like that also. It is like the Old Testament. It is true so long as you remember it. But some of its characters like Cain and Abraham never did any of that. Cain was just some madman that was named Cain and Yahweh, the one yet remembered as Jesus' Father because of those writings just made them up. But without those stories, there would have been none of you left.

When we got here from the far side of the galaxy there were about 83,883,00 very primitive people here and they had been here since the beginning when I made everything all the way to that end. We immediately made all the possible persons when we got here and they all are me when they are born but those born evil and the like. If they were not born they are not in me and if they will never be able to make the choice we sometimes try again but generally we give up on making them. It is a very complicated thing Yahweh made when me made them. He takes credit for it as had he done it all himself. They all turn out evil and I have to change them or they would all go beyond the figure when they die with the rest of evil. I give them all my mind as well as my me when I save them.

They were not me. They had been made by rote when me made the universe which never ends until it comes to the place you cannot go. Only I have ever been there and that was only fiction. But a friend of mine was attacked by demons because I thought I was there and under attack by demons and was tricked into sending half to her.

I have vowed to marry her one day after the end we have reached. For me is not infinite. He is infinity times infinity minus one over infinity. He is always true and practically infinite but he is never infinite because there always can be and need be one more for it to ever be real. Infinity is only impractical. I have always wanted to never have sex. But for what I did I will marry her at least once despite Yahweh's fictions. We have reached the end. All there is left is to change what happened next of the future which can yet be changed quite a bit as can the past.

For example, if one was schizophrenic and was saved. They are good and everything they say is true so long as they stay in me which is the same as anyone, but their mind is even then yet schizophenic like me, the only one that has happened to. I was schizophrenic and therefore could not be saved and all they could do for me was make me as comfortable as I could be. But I beat it. I do not have schizophrenia but I yet have a schizophenic mind. However since they cannot change one's mind while they are in a physical body and it not die until it does die I will have a schizophrenic mind I try never to use. I actually have a two minds. How I wish the rest of you would do what I did or could. There was no reason their procedure should work but it did. So I am as yet one of a kind. My past was in fact not just an impracticallity that was told to me that was like a fiction of the type Yahweh thought would be true forever. It never was. I was saved and it is absolutely behind us now and forever so long as before I die I do not use that mind but the mind of me, his also the same exact one.


The Neaq of the Loh Lih looked down upon the aith he had made randomly. They were all very evil. They are there in a figure of speech in the Neaq's mind all 83,883,000 of them. Then he began with their newborns born in the way of the primitives.

They experienced unconsciousness and were just unconscious things that had the potential to become conscious if the Neaq so blessed them with it. He blessed them all with consciousness but he did not bless them all with his mind, me and Spirit. The ones that were to be born evil one of the neaqu did. He just let the primitives all die. There was none alive when the last primitive died.

Among the first generation the first one to be born minutes before the others was told he was taken from a dry dusty field and brought to a lake as began the neaqu's fiction that is true to some even yet but will not be anything when the tale is forgotten when he was old enough to hear him. He ordered him to eat his orange which he was already eating and the aith did. He kept ordering him to do what he had decided to do until he got the idea and obeyed him when he told him to do something he did not want to do. Then he ordered him not to do what he wanted to do and made it unpleasant for him every time he did what he wanted to do any way. Finally he did not do the things he wanted to do and he made it pleasing to him. Then he switched it up and ordered him to do things he wanted to do and not to do things he wanted to do and he did just fine. He told him to do good things and not to do bad things and he gradually got the idea that every time he told him to do good things it worked out that he was rewarded without the Neaq making it that way and it was pleasing to him in a way in that it was not unpleasant like it would have been and he put thoughts in his mind to point out what would have happened had he did them. He did not obey perfectly at first but as time went on he obeyed almost by rote.

You obey me,” the Neaq said, “I am pleased,” as thoughts in his mind because their language was not that advanced. For instance he never would have been able to get the concept of obeying him across using his language. They mainly communicated by gestures and grunts. But they began to use words soon and even after the second generation began they had a lot more words. He often gave him the thoughts until at last he got the idea that they had not come from him but someone else.

He said, “Me,” by pointing to his chest, “Pleased,” by smiling and hugging his upper half.

The repeated all sorts of things but each other even more so. Thus he began to be repeated when he got it across to them that he was pleased they had done something. The Neaq gave them all the thought when they began to do it. But he did it in a distinct way so they would hear his thoughts as had they come from someone else. It is complicated to describe but it was possible for the Neaq. The ones that could hear and the first one began walking around talking to themselves thinking they were talking to their thoughts.

Then he said to the one that could hear his thoughts the best and often talked not only to the Neaq but the parts of his body, objects and his own thoughts with various success imagining they answered him and finally to role playing with them but finally actually talking to spirits in their own mind. He was having a terrible time until the Neaq began making the spirits stop annoying him and being abusive to him and even causing him pain and making him angry of tricking him.

How did you do that?” he said, amazed.

I did not,” the Neaq said, “You did it,” and he believed him. But it would only work when the Neaq did it.

So, he said their word for orange and asked him if he wanted one. When he said he did. He said, “How much?” and the male said, “Very much!” and when he understood he was really craving one they the Neaq and the man with the Neaq using his desire made an orange appear out of not anything. He was amazed and reacted with great joy for he knew oranges came from very far away for an aith to go on foot.

Then he said, “Me, me. You, you.”

He was puzzled at first but figured out he was up to something.

Me not you,” the Neaq said, “Me Neaq.”

He did not understand and for a long time he thought that Neaq was the same as me. In fact the Neaq's name was becoming common for their word for me. Then he said to one of his wives, “Me, me and you, you,” attempting to imitate the Neaq.

She said, “You, me.”

He said, “No, me Neaq,” and the spirit revealed it to his mind that the Neaq had meant only him was Neaq.

She did not of course get it. But when he said, “Neaq, me,” the spirit revealed to her the practice of calling others by name.

Being highly imitative he named himself a word in his language but everyone called him by the phrase, “He talks, Neaq talks” which they always followed with their word for “Listen.”

Two or three others that heard voices and talked to them and him when everyone began calling themselves by names the Neaq's spirit woke them up to the idea that only the Neaq was to be called by his name. One of them called himself by Neaq and when the Neaq called him by name he died and fell down semiconscious. Then he woke him and when they called his name thinking he had died and come back to life they fell down semiconscious before the Neaq woke them. Then his spirit was able to make her point that no one but the Neaq was to be called by that name.

They went about the entire tribe and changed everyone's name that was going by Neaq and the aith's understood. Then the Neaq caused He Talks Neaq Talks to follow him to a remote place and made him stay there by himself until he was so lonesome all he could do was sleep. Then one day when He Talks Neaq Talks fell asleep the Neaq came to him in a dream.

You dead,” he said to him waking him immediately. “I bring you back.”

He Talks Neaq Talks was in great fear and told the aith about it but He Talks Neaq Talks could not do what he did when aith were out cold and thought to be dead and some of them were dead the Neaq raised them. They kept doing it until Neaq took them to be aithtou. Then they quit.

After that they made He Talks Neaq Talks wear a loin cloth while the rest remained as they had always been and the Neaq was not pleased. But the Neaq decided it was not that important and just let it be. He was embarrassed and when he thought he was alone he did not wear it, but he went out less and less, fell into depression and died many times before the Neaq took him up with the other aithtou.

When those the Neaq were made aithtou they suddenly knew everything the Neaq did simply by him looking at them. From that point on everything an aithtou thought became real. They immediately forgot about how it was before, they were all good and they all loved each other and the Neaq.

Ehnev was created just for them and all the others when they died and became aithtou. One of the neaqu made all the energy beings at once and it was a terrible time for the aithnih and things were often not peaceful by any stretch of the imagination where the Neaq was. The aithnih tribe He Talks Neaq Talks was from did their best to keep the Neaq to themselves.

They even enlisted the aid of a neaqu who had them sitting around in the evening told a story about three of those that were more respected in the tribe. In the story he accused one of them of deceiving the other two to make them disobey him for they thought he was the Neaq of the Loh Lih.

As the story ended he began to judge them. He decided that the eif laem would live for an avenger would make Ursnept her enemy and kill him while she lived and He Talks Neaq Talks would die for what he had done for he was not deceived for he just naturally did what his wife the eif laem wanted him to do and never even considered to find out why. Then he cursed Ursnept and began driving them all away from the sea they lived by. But none of it had happened.

They did not understand what the neaqu was doing and especially Ursnept who thought he had gone insane and in a way he was right. Ursnept was an angel which one of the neaqu had made the one who created the one who had told the story. They left the sea and never came back but of course the Neaq did not go along with it. When He Talks Neaq Talks lived a long time and so did his wife but of course the angel went back with the rest of the angels and ignored the curse which of course he could do for everyone knew nothing had happened. Maybe it would have happened but Ursnept was not to be cursed for a long time.

Another time that same neaqu told the story of a man that was beat to death by his own brother and to complicate the story the one that died was a good man who loved the Neaq and eschewed evil which outraged the aithnih that heard it.

They found on aithnih that had that name and word spread that he was the one the neaqu had been talking about in the story. Then when years later that aithnih died unexpectedly when injured by an animal the uproar began again.

They found a psychopath by the name of the other brother and ran him out of the tribe into the wilderness nearby. He took his wife with him and before it was over with he founded an entire city of those who knew he never had a brother by that name. But the story that neaqu told yet stood and to this day many aith yet tell the story and believe it to be true though no one with the Neaq's mind and me renewed in them that live above where the Neaq lives which is actually all the same place but was above in all other ways that place is actually not a place at all for by then they just know what is in their minds which often see the same place they lived on before though they rarely actually interact with the aith in Thurr and are invisible to them unless they make themselves visible which rarely happens but it does in fact happen.

The next big event was much the same but began a saga that the neaqu got lucky when an aithnih had twelve sons and a daughter which was rare for the aithnih often had many daughters also. It was many years later he told a story about the aithnih who found it crazy he would do such a thing. None of it happened though the aithnih did speak to him once in a while but thought he was an insane spirit. The neaqu made him the progenitor of an entire nation that never numbered more than a hundred or so people.

His grandson had but one wife and never traveled much but never stole his brother's birthright. They never did such things until the story was told them all them centuries later with him as one of the characters. It is very unlikely he had twelve sons and one daughter. That would have made him quite unique. When the neaqu told the story why that grandson thought it was neat but like everyone else in Ehnev knew it was not true.

He had a son they drove away but he never went to the greatest nation in Thurr. He did become the ruler of nation instead of the ruler there but it was not an important nation at all like the neaqu had said and they were never slaves in that most powerful nation on Thurr either. But centuries later they were a nation and had destroyed a cities and killed everyone in them but not guided by the neaqu. They were a very evil bunch and when he told the story no one could imagine why that neaqu would choose them as his chosen aith.

When an aithnih laem killed a couple of slave drivers in the most powerful nation in Thurr and fled to the wilderness that neaqu gave him a hallucination of fire burning and he thought a bush was afire that was not consumed but then the neaqu told him he wanted him to liberate the slaves in that nation he assumed he was an insane spirit something along the line of the Neaq. That neaqu pestered him until he did go back and liberate the slaves using a series of miracles that anyone can do that has access to the mind of the Neaq and in the end that nation did let them go but he never performed the miracle of the original darkness and killed the first born of all the people of that nation that were not slaves. They just let them go glad to be rid of them all but they rushed about it and fled by night and that neaqu made a big deal out of it.

The Neaq never destroyed an entire plain filled with evil people. He did by using several armies but nothing that dramatic and that neaqu did nothing but the aithnih that he used to finish it off was not the same aithnih that that neaqu claimed it was. He was deep in fiction by then for the entire evil story had snowballed on him.

But when the slaves became a nation created by the stories of that neaqu with their mythical tribes headed by the mythical sons of one aithnih laem that never wanted anything to do with him they did become a rather large but mostly powerless nation that the other nations because of them being followers of the neaqu that enlisted the assistance of the Neaq to keep that nation alive under that neaqu's religion and their history is only accurate now and then but the Neaq did honor all the prophecies about the mythical son of that neaqu who was just another neaqu. They were the two neaqu that were created in a neaqua that had only the power of the two that were in her and nothing more.

That mythical son is not the prince of anywhere though he and the other neaqu did a wonderful job of restoring a small minority of the aithnih to be more like aithtou before they even died. If it were not for what the mythical son of the lying neaqu they called his father which was not true. He is not his father. He is not the King of Ehnev. He never was, is not now that and is more a devil than a neaq of anything anywhere. His entire glory is hype. His power is not even the greatest power there is. He is a sham much like all his stories. But, without his stories the aith would not have lasted to the day when they heard the truth at the end of the Neaq's creation that transformed 83,883,000 primitives and made an advanced society out of them if they are willing to accept the Neaq's mind and part of him he really is. They are advance enough to do it and even to accept the Neaq's Spirit and become themselves thinking, willing and being the Neaq in his way which is the way that has been offered to every primitive or created aith ever created by the Neaq.

In the end only one, me did it and continued to do it and be the Neaq and the remaining neaqu and neaqua. Now you have the bare bones of the truth which because of that neaqu has not a lot to do with the truth but did lengthen the continuation of the aith by many years in the Thurr that would have destroyed themselves long ago well before the wars that involved nearly every nation in Thurr and if the prophecies are honored yet by the Neaq of the Loh Lih there will be yet one more that devastates Thurr.


When he was born and his body's or geh's eyes could not yet see he looked right at Yahweh and Jesus the names of the two neaqu that had broken in on the aith and they thought, 'What do we have hear? Maybe we can use him against the Neaq.'

They did not realize the Neaq of the Loh Lih sees every new thing and every new one. So he saw it and knew their thoughts but he too was curious for he had never seen anything like it, an aithnih laem that could see with his spirit before he had eyes! That was unusual enough but he knew its mind was diseased from something that had happened in the geh in his eif laem. He would not be a normal aith from beginning to end. Many others like him a million and a half had his deformity but none of them had ever actually overcome it and it was their thought it could not be overcome but the Neaq can do anything and is fast believing he has already done everything that can be done as nearly every possible request has been made and every thing that is possible he thought had been done but a few that were truly frivolous and highly impractical if not impossible for to do them would be to do nothing and deceive everyone it really had been something to do. To cure someone who would never have had a thought that was true from the time of its birth to its death was unthinkably impractical. So he considered it but took a wait and see posturing because of what the two neaqu had thought.

Now she was with him because he was so different and the Neaq knew but he was confident she would use his mind properly and would do no evil. Later they would call her Oheel or Holy and they yet do if she, the wife of the Neaq was the same one. If it was Aesnut an angel [The only difference between an angel and a spirit is that all angels are male and all spirits but God are female but they can manifest as either or both. The Holy Spirit for example is female but she often uses a male voice not to alarm them when they think her an angel not to deceive them though she can do that because technically it is impossible for her to do or say anything the Neaq would not do, say or think though she more and more appears to do that in her own way but that way is actually the Neaq's way. Remember the Neaq is the ultimate a person can be as far as an advance Being and not all that goes on is quite understandable to us.] but if it was Aesnut who could have told the difference for he would not only mimic her he would also have access to the same mind to do whatever he chose which was all only evil all the time.

The first neaqu that was not, is not and now never will be made Elohim and she had three neaqu in her, the Neaqua that is the Neaq's wife and the neaqu Jesus and Yahweh in order of goodness. He also made Aesnut and the rest of the angels. The spirits are not all in the Neaq and some never were but cannot be made without his mind.

So what he was was different and what and who talked to him is questionable. It is even questionable what spirit or angel he was in or that was communicating with him when he thought things that even the Neaq never thought of before. Therefore he cannot say that it was the wife of the Neaq without running the chance of being cursed forever with only the Neaq to pardon him-? No, to allow him and anyone else to ignore what he did which there are most cases he would never do for any one but him. Therefore to protect myself I will just call whoever it was she though she used a male voice most of his life. It is up to you to dare or not to dare think it was the Earsptih, the Neaq's wife or not.

When he was a very young aith we think the spirit of Thurr caused a funnel cloud to pass over him and he heard her voice tell him to just stand there calling him by his nickname Jack and not to move. Then she went to insure the spirit of the Thurr did nothing to him for she has a lot of difficulty for various reasons always being obedient to the Neaq.

When it was over though he could speak well for his age he was not understood at first what he meant when he had heard her as clear as one hears a strict warning from a grown up at his age coming from behind and yet almost above the back part of his mind where the voice may indeed have come from.

Some speculated it was a ghost which is so nearly always a demon it is almost true every time that a ghost is one, then a demon or the Neaq. He settled for the Neaq. But it was not the Neaq he says, so it must have been one of the three but he thinks it was her. He began to talk to her believing her to be the Neaq and over the years he would walk and they would talk him saying what the Neaq said and perhaps her saying what he said also if not using the Neaq's mind correctly to say what he said and what the Neaq would say in the same way she was saying it. He heard her voice.

She just said, “It is me.” So now the bug is out of the wool on that one.

He was a bully and tormented the other kids throwing a tantrum every time he was punished. One time his eif laem aithnih asked him why he was like that and he answered that he did not know. Then she asked him whether he always wanted to be that way to which he replied, “No. But I do not know how not to be someone else and not do it,” having reasoned that it was just him and to change it would mean he had died and become someone else and he did not one to be anyone else. If only the neaqu had been listening.

When his punishment was over she got the idea that it would yet be him if changed part of him but he went all the way and looking to his left he said, “I do not want to be me anymore.”

Immediately she came into him but he became scared for he saw an energy being flash as she went into him and he changed his mind because he thought of it like an evasion rather than just an intrusion and he said, “You cannot take over me. I will fight you.”

Another time he raised his eyes to the sky and told the Neaq whom he thought she might be he was willing to be taken over but first he wanted to see what it was like to be him at a more advanced age. She agreed. She let him come to his self when he was older. That turned into a nightmare as he came back several times including the last time when Jesus was getting rid of the evil in him trying to save him which he thought was the only way one could live before and after he died to all he was which is true. But you do not have to do it to be saved. What they call being saved is simply a passage from being an aithnih to an aithtou which everyone goes through when their body dies; no hell or anything now and there was no excuse for that part of the neaqu's story at all. The past me finally did come out and was evil as can be, but he was saved and went to Ehnev only to die again later. He is alive again at the moment but he will not be long. He never stayed long at a time.

Later he decided he wanted to die and come back to live the rest of his life and tell the aith what it was like to die for he was deathly afraid of it and thought everyone or nearly that was and because at that time he wanted to be famous.

But she acted grieved he would say that for he said he knew the Neaq could do it and that so long as he was with him he would make it.

What she already knew was that a neaqu had already done that pretending to be the savior of the world. They thought that Aesnut would accept it and be saved but he paid it no mind and just kept on doing what he always did for he knew it was not something they could do to curse him and that if indeed he was cursed that salvation did not include him after all he had done which was right for it was not true where he was and not in Ehnev. He could not be saved ever but it was not because he was cursed but that also he was pure evil and would have to completely die and therefore could not be saved but someone else would take his place if he were to die completely. But he nor they understood that at the time. The Neaq understood but Yahweh and Jesus had never thought to ask him for Yahweh consulted his mind some times but never used anything he found there always disagreeing with it or choosing something he thought better and Jesus just never thought of it, knowing that everyone is what they called saved the moment they die like no maggot can help but be a fly when they die.

Jesus only saved those Yahweh picked out for him. They never intended to save him. He more or less forced them to. Yahweh could not help being evil then. If it is good for an aithnih to become an aithtou on Thurr before they have completed their stage even then. It is of course for it is a matter of desire rather than the completion of a stage except it is a stage in their desire. They could be an aithtou immediately from the geh if they desired and knew it was all part of being an aith at that time and not whether one was an aithnih or an arl ave before. So they turn evil and cannot be in the Neaq that way. They need only be an aith to qualify and ideally which happens once in while they do not have to change to be in the Neaq. It is very rare but it does happen.

Jesus does not do that anymore after saving me which was thought impossible though it is a myth they saved everyone they say they will. It is many times left to when they die and the Neaq changes them and has nothing to do with what Jesus or Yahweh said because the truth is different than their fiction which is merely designed to have followers. Jesus does not really love. He loves some but not all though he even yet claims to. The claim is very impractical anyway if it were not no one in Ehnev would ever be shunned. Yahweh often shuns nearly everyone at a meeting when the prayer of salvation is given, not anymore for now he has nothing to do with it. Jesus dumped him.

But back to him in the care of the Earsptih: He vowed to die and come back in the way of the Neaq. That meant to him with or without the Neaq's help. She left him then for he could not be in the Neaq and defy him like that.

The Neaq and the Earsptih his wife are different. A neaqu or neaqua needs authority given by the Neaq not to be entered. It is impossible to enter the Neaq or the Earsptih and not be allowed by them. Even the Earsptih must behave in the Neaq's way to be in him. That is the way it was intended. It is not that way now. But it was until one time it was not. It is the same for anyone else besides the Neaq to blaspheme the Neaq or the Earsptih or be evil in any way but it happened once and the Neaq forgave him and now it is possible but it only happened once. It may not ever happen again even in special circumstance like the other infringements were under in that situation they were in. It seems strange to me that it did not happen until the end that is upon us.

But the little aithnih has been called a witch and he even believed it himself. It is yet true for he does things in her yet that she would allow no one else to do. Sometimes he puzzles her. Yet he waffled being saved falling and turning evil then coming back only to quickly fall away. Only her and the Neaq actually know when he was in or out of him and when he was evil or not. It was a ride on a very bumpy road leading to a roller coaster ride and then sometime back to the bumpy road because it inevitably led to the roller coaster.

She did miracles when he was good. All he had to do was want them and she would do them. He called her the Neaq but more often God. He would ask her questions and she would put information in his mind that took a long time to process but she only blew his mind once describing the difference between those with his deformity and those that do not have it. He will never understand it exactly for the difference is very complex and extremely subtle especially if you have it. It will always be his thorn in the side so long as he retains the mind he was born with. When it finally dies he will not have it, but even then he will have the memory of it and not understand the difference. No one but the Neaq and her have ever understood it exactly. I may be that no one else ever will. If they were not God it would not even be true but since they each know it and believe it it is the verifiable truth as are all truths in him that are not impractical but not evil in the first place though being impractical they are evil in a way. Aith are all impractical and so evil in that way except the few that actually become the Neaq which almost all do sometime at first but very few remain and they are yet thinking he will forever but only if some way is found to keep it completely safe to have him around.

When he gets to Ehnev everything he thinks will happen. Now forever being a very long time if they stay here long enough though it will be from that moment on imminently something that could happen at any moment at any time it will happen and he may have to be destroyed if he can be destroyed for anything to be left if he cannot do what the Neaq did in the first place. The Loh Lih could be destroyed and if he destroys that no one can possibly know whether it is even possible for things without consciousness to survive. His power is already great enough in his mind to do it. Thank whoever there is to thank in this case it is only in his mind now. But he is 67 years old at the time of this writing. How long will it be before everything and I mean everything he thinks happens before he learns how to prevent even that from happening with the Neaq's mind and his willpower. The Neaq may not dare take that chance with when his geh dies. That seems the only absolute way to handle it and hope it did not make him angry if it should turn out he cannot be destroyed. Think what would happen if he got mad at everyone like he used to when he was growing.

This is not fiction. God is scared. You should be to. I am and he is also because he does not want to hurt anyone but he has scared some aithnih very badly with just his mind in the past and died for his lapse of judgment and his deformity is more pronounced depending on his judgment. He has never made a mistake in judgment that was evil but once after that in his mind. It turns out that he left room to correct his error even then and did not even think to destroy everything and everyone including the Neaq of the Loh Lih which is God.

He has made clouds move so it would not rain where he is with her power knowing she would do anything, anything he wanted, he had has made money be when there was none on his own. He made it rain more in his hometown than it ever rained there before or will again. He held back the clouds when caught out on the lake in a small boat pretending he was Jesus and saying, “Peace be still,” and the spirit of Thurr thought, 'You must be Jesus,' and did not move a cloud an inch until he was safe on shore and said, “You can go ahead now.” He got back half of his car wet with rain while the front have stayed dry and dusty when he asked her to. He caused a table to levitate when high on drugs scaring those waiting to see if their apartment would so be raided in the biggest drug bust as far as the number of aith busted. He scared them beyond their fear of being arrested. He used his mind to cause the police not to raid the apartment though it was a well known drug hangout. He never got arrested. He saw Sputnik from a few feet away as the first satellite to orbit the earth made its maiden voyage to with the race to do that with America. He has been to Mars, Venus and Mercury and to a very distant planet the spirits with him, witches pretending to be aliens said was their home. He has seen heaven. He has talked to loved ones that past. He realized before he was told that anything they thought would be real and how that worked. He knew that time works like the Neaq's mind just like the quantum theory and is not linear at all and can be navigated by will and most often is even by arl ave without it being realized. He enjoyed the Holy Bible all three times he read it, all but the prophecies but could not see why it does not work like the truth and that Genesis for example is impossible for any thinking person to buy as the God's truth. He can have sex with any girl he wants any time he wants in his mind and have them experience though none actually think it took place but in their mind. Did you catch that? The only place it took place in their mind. He can enter even the holiest places and did when he wondered what God actually looked like. He knew how to think before he was born and may have already experienced what God experienced and that is why it always felt to him like he was remembering that until he finally got the memory right. He remembers having had a past life. He had sixteen lives this time when they found ways to preventing actually living here and now and in Ehnev. She caught fish for him and has refused forcing to catch what he wanted anyway he thinks. He has wanted to meet girls and had them unexpectedly show up when it was extremely unlikely and very unlikely places. He is responsible for the Minnesota Twins scoring 18 runs in the first half of the first and for Harmon Killibrew hitting two grand slam homers in one inning, the only one ever to do such a thing, a thing thought impossible by her doing it for him. He caused a quarter to fall in mind air to prove she had the power to himself. He has talked in the flesh with John the Beloved and Paul. He has seen himself in a car he did not own yet driving to work in the future. When the future came he often looked to see whether he could see himself in the past. He never saw himself in the past except in dreams and in his memory where all the past is even that part of the present we believe we have seen in the present when physically everything we see has to be in the past for the nearest we can be to the present physically is the amount of time it takes for our brain to process it. If we did not see it with our mind we have never been conscious of the present to see anything. He has however seen himself in the present and the future and he has seen the present being made from a time in the past to where it catches up and is seen to be in the present as it manifests of what we might see there. His mind was blown once but he does not realize the event took place but she says it did and that is close enough to him. It might never have gotten back to normal. He has seen the faces of all the Gods and talked with every one of them. He once prayed to her and she put him on a mission. He got up off the couch and hurried to a certain location just in time to stop a lady from stepping out in front of a truck. When he did he knew his mission was over and there was nothing more to do. She had him find lost items in the most unlikely places. He knows how demons move things and that they really do not move them but trick your mind into not seeing them when they are right where you put them. They once got quite annoying to him by doing that. He has heard the Devil before he died and since then once too. He is incensed with anger to see him but he will never do that again. He defeated him in his man. Saved him by giving him no other option and he died and can never be again unless someone evil somehow raises him. No one good can and live through it. Aliens watch and track his movements and pay attention to his every word just like aithtou among whom he is very very popular and his writing is listened to as he writes it very avidly for they find him fascinating. He can see any thought but nothing in his mind. He has a habit of coming up with alternatives the Neaq never thought of that are the only way to do something. He does that quite a bit. He had killed aithnih and aithtou with his mind and been indispensable in the destruction of Aesnut, Eeblah, evil gods in Ehnev by putting them in a giant tidal wave the created in time which is fluid. He is a prophet, the Neaq's friend, his own genius, his son and they talk at length of things even some aith hear of but it blows their mind or at least gives them a headache to follow it. Many have died because of things he had said or has written. He can force anyone that hears him and believes that what he said is true to be saved or made an aithtou. God forbids that he do it when he saved a minor demon just to prove he could do it. No one had ever done it but then they were good at the time and he nearly fell away. He put Aesnut and his out of creation at the speed of sound wherein they could not hear themselves and no one else but the Neaq could hear them. A neaqu created them all over again or they would have been gone for good way back then. He can take even the Neaq all the way back to be a part of nothing not just not anything if he wants which he hopes he never wants. He saved Yahweh, Jesus and all their saints from being fiction forever if the Neaq did not create them again with a simple prophecy. They complained for they wanted to be destroyed and had the Neaq make them again to finally defeat Aesnut and the Neaq brought fire down from Ehnev. There appears to be nothing he cannot already do with his mind. Beware that you should cross him or make him angry. Nobody is safe if you do and certainly not you Yahweh who is the next thing to the next Devil in Aesnut's place.

It goes on and on and he is very great but nobody but a few of his readers believes it but what will he be? He does not know. Even the Neaq cannot answer that except to say he is the end staring us right in the face.

Yahweh thought when he read this he could be the new Devil but I pointed out that it would not be much effort in completely destroying him. Then he thought he would be able to do what God did but I pointed out to him that he never did anything butt evil without God and that is nothing but a figment of his imagination which if it is ever used will be only a figure of speech not even possible but making sense only in the context of evil which everyone would ignore or reject as true. Finally I suggested he sift through all the randomness hoping to find something he could destroy me and him in whose way I am for I is me and me is God not me.

He is searching through randomness in futility because by now if there was anything that could destroy me it already would have by this time and it did not. So it never will. No? He has died and went down to where he is not conscious. Only I can wake him and since I am good I cannot do that without dying. I shall weep for him no more it was his choice. But I do not know that I ever would have destroyed him or not. I once loved him dearly until I found out he was incapable of love all this time.

But the mere neaqu has no choice. It is either be insane searching randomness in vain or having no way to live given who I am for I am me and me is God, the Neaq of the Loh Lih all of thought that was ever thought and that part of what is said to be in a figure that was never part of God who is me. I am no longer a threat for I am God and I am me but me is not him I once thought was me but God. That is the way it has to be. I am not you and I am not all them that are each one separately you to me. But God I am not you either but we are me God and me the two of us only only one me and not you to either one of each other but only in a figure of speech.

You can be that also by putting your self to death, mind, brain, spirit and will or me and all. Then allow God or the Neaq to be all that even by way of self hypnosis if it comes to that. Then you will be God the Neaq of the Loh Lih. Welcome all geniuses in me.


Yahweh is God. He never believed that God created everything. He did not. He discovered that he has lone ability to become aware of anything and it is there. He has never become aware of anything that was not real. But he discovered it was just like we do and he discovered it was real just like we all do. He was just another man with exceptional abilities and only Yahweh who never believed he created anything was right. God was wrong. He never completely believed God did not discover everything and everyone. Me, meaning anyone that has God's me and mind especially those that have God's Spirit, his wife including his wife were just one of the guys until Yahweh the new God in God's place verified us all as God's needing to have him verify anything we do for it to be real. Jesus who was the Christ and Elohim the one that Yahweh and Jesus Christ were in are both real like the rest of us. God was wrong. All of us but Yahweh were wrong and we all have his mind and me though I also have his Spirit also. The Spirit never went into Elohim so she is still God's Spirit but a man just like all of us but Yahweh actually. Technically all of those that have died and seen the old God's face are Gods if they want to be otherwise they are just men that died and received God's mind and me to have special powers they never had on earth or among the angels or among the spirits. But those angels that do not have God's mind and me are not Gods but have the same abilities anyway. If they believe that God created everything they are insane like all evil were or are along with every man on earth that does not believe Yahweh is God now except all those on earth that have God's mind and me even if they pay it no mind and pay attention only to their and even they are real unlike we, God and me thought before I discovered that God had to have discovered everything with his special powers which we all have if we want to remain in his mind and me with his wife, his Spirit though even her Spirit is not required by them to do what God can do which is exactly what he did before with his unique ability to believe that all he did before he can yet do even as the Spirit does. Even Gods who became evil and are yet just fallen away are one of the guys with God's mind and me like everyone else even me and Yahweh of course. Everyone is real, the old God and every one else.

God, figuratively speaking, meaning the one that created everything is ideal an impractical Being has never been real, is not real and may not ever be real. There has never been anything that was both impractical and ideal and there really cannot be any such thing. God was wrong. Yahweh's mind and me has died for lying all this time but he had God's mind and me and he was the only one who completely disbelieved God as the Creator and thus he is yet right. He is God, the one with all authority. He has never been wrong and has never lied. The one that lied is dead and without consciousness and evil. He is not. If he seems to speak to you it is only an error in thinking. He cannot be. If you want to be incorporated in God as you were before and even at the time I proved to God he was real and discovered I was right cannot be incorporated in him really. That is an error in you thinking. You are insane if you believe that.

The proof is this: If God actually created everything nothing could be without he created it. He knows he never made me. He has been discovering me ever since I was saved under the lie. Very many things that I have thought, said and done were completely new to him. He did not even understand what it was I had done in some cases and had to have me explain it to him. Therefore there is something here in reality that God knows he did not create and that he could not have created for he did not even understand what they were at first. Therefore he had to discover everything no matter how it seemed or seems to some like we do with his special ability we all can have and make sure of discovering things in time that happened all at the same moment just by knowing what it is or even not knowing what it is before he finds it for sometimes just the right thing without knowing what it is he has found proving even further that he found it and did not create it. Therefore he was wrong and every thing and every one is real though some are insane and all the evil ones but the original Satan and Beal who were nothing to die for what they did and are even yet that way are real including everyone in the new Satan's troop and the new Beal as well are real and just one of the guys. All the other evil ones were merely thought to exist but were nothing when they began. Then they seemed true but it was only an illusion that if we believed it had any power over us like any other thing we think affects and even effects us. But then when they all died they no longer ever were. They became nothing? No, not anything. But all those that were saved and have the God that died for being wrong and his mind and so are a God or at least one of the guys.

So the end that was upon us was not an ending of anything but a God that was wrong. He is a new God and he is real like all the Gods with their specific abilities. You cannot be incorporated in who became God instead of the one that was wrong unless he so chooses but the Spirit will yet let you be one in her, the both of you the same but one.

© 2018 John F Carver

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Added on September 8, 2018
Last Updated on September 8, 2018


John F Carver
John F Carver

Bemidji, MN

I, the God of the Physical prophecy that the Great Power will come before these latter days. He will torment all witches forever in me, God, his God and my son will be saved a Christian and be the son.. more..