John's Universe in God's Universe

John's Universe in God's Universe

A Story by John F Carver

What actually happened when I made a brand new infinity from the infinitesimal on out and up and long.



Before there was time, before there was space, before the energy before all three I had made nothing. But in the end there was no one to hypnotize. I created God to create all minds and all minds were one mind. Just as the idea that the gas produced by pouring water into a varber and hooking it up to a tucah that would bite a man without it was forced into a tunnel for enegry and also attached to a noocha and placed in the water in the varber as taught by the gods produced thoughts of the tucah and the noocha alwas led to the God's being known to be present by lighting one bottle placed at the top of a vaber to produce its power of fire and by placing the other botttle over a single coal that was nearly out to reveal the Gods as the creators of fire and all of its power when the coal lit up the half of the Gods that was nearly dead, reviving anyone and bring power when in the end the entire world it would be attached top a varber when it ended and all those the Gods favored would live again even beyond the end of this place in the water. That idea came to be.

I do not mean the idea for all the parts with the strange names nor the idea of electrolysis dividing water into hydrogen which is very highly flamable and oxygen which is necessary for oxidization burning to take place when an electric current is added at a large enough distance to separate simple water into its parts and produce in human being thoughts of Gods that went along with a simple idea once I had given the thoughts to find an electrical source. In a way then I am that God. I had that thought. The people I gave it to had the idea and preformed the ritual. Did I invent electrolysis? Sorry. I did not.

But in the beginning there was my mind which was the same mind as God's mind and had the same thoughts. He had created everything and me and him were all that was left until God decided to die rather than join my mind and the two of our minds become one and eventually die bringing an end to everything and returning everything to the point it was in at the point that God had the thought.

I had at the beginning thought and my thought.

You see, every thought came and went and each thought lived as long as it could live and then it died, actually it was forgotten. The goal among advanced thoughts became a thought that would live forever.

I thought that a thought was not a thought alone but placed in the right context it would cause things to happen. I tested it out. I thought of a thought that could not be stopped. Some call it eternity. Some call it the infinitesimal thought. Whatever you call it, it was a thought in the middle of all thoughts ever to live or at any given moment in the middle of all thought which all of us left knew but no one had known my thought that is not unusual. I thought that way since I was born on earth last time. But this time I was creating the universe in the universe in God in his mind in his Spirit in his point of view in what is there, every thought ever thought every thought it is possible to think.

Thought had been in a stasis. The only thing that even seemed to move was a thought. It had been a nice illusion but nothing had ever come from it. It was impossible but in a context. Then the context had to be added to another context something for it to move in. The two were nice illusions and the contexts were cool but they were both only illusions and fun to do but there was nothing to come from it. But there was something here that had never been before, every conceivable component; time, space, movement, and thought and in thought there was all thought, each individual thought, each context and every other context but this was every possible context and if proved nothing. We had all failed but me. I did something in addition that had never been done before I believed in the truth and that the truth was constant and unchangeable and that it always led to reality.

The first thought had just been or where could it have come from. There was no moving things. There was no energy. There was no place for things to move in. But also there was no part of it made up of thought, not just one thought, not any definite number of them, not any context to them, no idea really to them, and then chaos got as chaotic as it could be. A thought not just a random thing that had no meaning or if it did it was in such chaos no one knew it or could know it. It was the last thought. Explained it looks like this but actually it is one lone thought: There was nothing. I all directions there was nothing. No thought of it no thing to think about but... thoughts! Basic thoughts are like backgrounds. Thoughts can move within them moving the background. Like thought so real it can be touched like it was liquid. That liquid was thought. Everything that was thought to move, have space to move in, or to do something first and then possibly repeat. Space, time, energy (movement) and thought are still here if we do one more thing I guess for I can't help but do it for I did it first this time around. I believe it. Now believing becomes a background maybe all thoughts do and that background is faith. If you truly believe the things you believe when all of believing has taken place that is faith and anything you believe after that moves and what moves needs space and time and thought which it all has and it is all true and it all leads to reality.

Everything that can be thought can lead to anything being thought that doesn't ever moves but only seems to a single idea. That leads to a background of thought and that to thoughts moving on a background and thoughts of everything take place. But if none of it is believed there can be no context for a moving belief to take place but when belief is full any thing can be believed as in that background as moving and moving it cannot be stopped, it become still thought, it become moving thought, it becomes a place to think and finally it is an event taking place for you to experience.

That is the way it went for me, a man in God's form not like Jesus Christ who was a God in a man's form and God who is just amazingly God. I made the first wave again. It is an exact copy of the one God made. That one started with God and is still going. There is nothing to stop it so it will go and that is all you can say about it for to say anything else about it is to add to the thought wave and to analyze it is to cut it up in tiny pieces of random thought what it was first made of and it will do nothing or mean anything. That is the same thought that is trying to make it one more inch at the end of infinity and though it started out to be soemthing it never was for there is no such thing and that it is has to be for the universe to be here so it is trying to complete the wave but every time it moves even a tiny bit it begins all over to do it again which it never manages to do but never stops trying to do. All things that ever were made were made on that background and I have created another in the middle of the universe in the center of God's mind, in time, in space, in energy in belief in faith... Now they are being made again. But I am not God just completely in his mind in his Spirit and in his me, completely God exactly him but then it is all being done my way this time.

To begin with let's see our options. It is possible that one higher than I am is here and knows I am here and it is possible that one here higher than I am is here but does not know I am here. But it is possible that one higher than me is here and I am exactly the same as he is for we are made of thoughts and beliefs both of which are finite and likely repeatable as they were before we knew of them. God is being repeated. I am facillitating that repetition on our way to being infinite before one last one of us will be attempting to become another that is never completed though endlessly attempted. If everything goes right all Gods will be infinitely them. I am of the new breed.

The options were a God could have been static and never knew anything but its own thoughts with no one to share them with. One could have been creative and created a universe that is infinite. One could have been destructive and destroyed everything that created it and everything it created. That God could know we are here or not know we are here; or it could know we are here but not understand us in the slightest or it could understand us but have no idea who or what we are. But any number of God's could have been, all Gods that had ever been thought of and we could be lost in shear numbers that could exist. But that did not happen. God is the first God. I am the second and I am doing what I am doing to become me in my mind with my own self inside God's me in his me with the Spirit. That is the basic of the way we think for God made all people to be Gods. They have all happened and none of them was us or God but are they me now?

If they were static or basically static they are likely either still ignorant on purpose. If they are creative and created an infinite universe it could be in mine, it could be in their own or it could be in God. The universe was created all it is and was and will be to get the most possible types of things there could be. If you can imagine a thing that can be a thing, rest assured it is. I did not create a universe because of what God did and what was still left of him. I decided to concentrate on what I should do and epect those I create do.

I tought the one I picked out to teach the ones I created to obey by waiting for him to do something. It is embarrassing what he did. Then I encouraged him to do it just that way. When he did it I encouraged it. When he did not I was unhappy with him. He learned quickly what it meant to obey and disobey. When he did something his wife wanted done I objected and he soon got the idea it was only when his wife did it and he learned not to obey her especially when there was a choice between obeying me or her. He always obeyed me. Many of them would not or could not do that being smaller than their wife. I still rewarded them when they did not obey their wife but did reward me especially when there was a choice. If they injured them I nursed them or had them nursed back to health but did nothing when their wife needed healing. They were wisely superstitious and learned not to do that to their husbands though they could have given their size. Thus both the man and the female man learned that a male man was to obey me and not his wife ever. If she wanted a thing done by him she had to ask him at least and even to beg him. One of them had to be dominant to insure stability and swiftness of decision. When animals became a problem the wisdom of it was plain. When they were no real problem it was handy for clear direction and for a stable decision maker in charge. The democratic conclusion is way too slow, way too unpredictable and the character of which decision makers triumphed often changed. It was important if they were to learn to follow they have a characteristic that was obvious to take on and ways that were true to the troop. Life is in differences in those ways. For all of them to become like the rest would destroy their idea of themselves and destroy self-importance and idividuality discouraged by it being as limited as possible just about anyway and there is comfort in being expected to be like the male both males and females of the troop. There was less anxiety in the choosing of who they would be in life and no weird or bizarre things like finding out who they were or where they belonged in the troop and outside the troop. It all encouraged a sensation of safety and the comfort of always knowing what was expected and all living with it. It was not that hard for the weak one to meet the terms of and not so harsh they were often punished by what they were as opposed to other things another God might have chosen for them.

The ones I created lied. There are different kinds of lies. There are lies that let eveyone down or put members of the troop in danger or built them up on purpose intending to let them down or tearing them down unfairly using lies to destroy the good they had done. I am talking deception here of course but it was even used to educate or in fun. It would be a dull world without lies or even storytelling tale that were or were not already known to be lies. It is when examined a type of art form when it is not used to annoy or to cause mischief or purposely cause someone real if not deadly injury or to injure the troop.

I have no choice on the other hand the way I see it but to destroy someone who deceives others to disobey me. Once I was testing one that had come out a lot more evil than I had expected. He actively went to a man's wife and talked her into doing something I had told her not to do because it was not her place to decide what should be done for the troop. It was her husbands. She was going beyond her state of being when she did that. But when he said it would make her more like me I knew she was defeated. She did it. Then she took it to her husband after she had checked it out not only for him but for the troop. They were not thinking clearly. This should have been plain as day. They knew well the protocol.

He just automatically did it because she wanted him to.

Now before that many of those who did not have a troop or even a mate died. I was busy raising them and attempting to be the matchmaker something I found went a lot better though I can do anything but if I found someone who was good at it I just fed the ideas I wanted in their minds and let him do it. It was a very keep improvement to attempting to do that by just putting thoughts in such a man's mind which were always on it one way or the other to a greater extent. The one that had been deceived directly couldn't handle the one doing the deceiving and I had told about that anyone not doing what I said do would be put to death.

His wife needed to die. She became a paranoid woman afterward and never trusted anyone that even could be deceiving he about a minor thing she hated deceivers so much and I realized someone else might have to die for her to insure her that she had not paid for it not as much as she imagined. If she would only not pay so much attention to being vulnerable to being deceived she needn't be paranoid at all.

But when he husband did it too I woke him up to what he did. He didn't see it as any big thing and so trivial to him that it had even come to him by way of his wife having done it. That was not the problem. He had not only disobeyed me he had obeyed his wife and followed her automatically into being deceived that revealed he was easily deceived about obeying me for taking it for granted.

He died. When I brought him back he came back disappointed in himself. I never gave him anymore orders to the troop and he realized I did no longer trust him. His wife suffered from it too becoming a domineering woman which I can barely stand. I no longer helped him decide which of his ways would produce the least amound of weeds and thorns and thistles and actively suggested the wrong way as often as I could after confusing him to make it difficult for him to recognize my voice and he knew and often complained but I didn't have to keep it up he soon began to do it mostly on his own.

The one that had deceived her I saw as the one at the bottom of it of course and that he had done it on purpose to get one up on her and of course show her husband up bad. That was it. He had purposely caused someone to do something I did not want them to do. That was something I could not have and even have a fair chance of keeping them safe declaring as he did it that what I did did not also always pass muster as the most logical if only one introduces a little lie. My ways are always the best thing to do. Surely you can see I could not have that.

I cursed him. Everything he tried to do turned out wrong. Every time he intended to do evil I did something that would change it completely into being something good if not very good. He did not change me. I still expected them to obey me. But I took the matter out of this deceiver's hands. He had proven he could not be trusted to obey me he had also proven that he would work it so others would not obey me and even die.

He died. If he lied I made sure it did him no good. If he tried to do good even as part of setrting someone up to do evil I either made it work out for good or did something else to vindicate who he was working against. He was very unhappy for the one that Yahweh had made of him in the old universe was his exact other and all he wanted to do was evil continually. That and I made sure the woman published it about who it was who had deceived her and who it was that would pay for what she had done wrong. She never did much all that wrong afterward but dominate her husband. Her husband had me working against him so that he rarely did anything right the first time and he sort of gave up taking a second seat as far as doing anything important to his wife. I put a very high premium on men and women working together to accomplish their job so I held them to their bond as husband and wife working against either one to be unfaithful though they seldom worked together on anything and their togetherness and the happy benefit they used to be to each other was a thing of the past ruined by the deceiver. She remained upbeat looking forward to my avenging her. He grew disinterested in life and depression set in. It was a horrible thing to see for neither the man or the deceiver would be saved like God was doing in his universe for the man while the deceiver had the continuing nagging feeling he had not won for all the evil he did God made sure it went good and many times very good often enough to let him know that was his lot forever and moreso with me coming up doing that to his exact self and they could not help but do the same things being the same one. He tried to convince himself every day he had won. I made sure what the woman did be good no matter how far she missed the mark. She was in me and she enjoyed what she did and she took an avid interest in her life. I made them move from the nice place I had put them all in especially the man and his wife. I drove them out so they would not corrunpt the other couples who always noted it but did not do what they had done though many of the women envied the man's wife but none of the men envied him.

There was a man. He was not so much a deceiver or just took pleasure in disobeying me. He was mean as a child. He was brutal to animals and he seemed to love to instill fear in others. He was only happy when he had hurt someone and he loved it as must if it was psychological as physical or even if he could hurt them the more severely the better in his eyes.

Now his brother was a nice guy. He obeyed me and was kind to his wife and the rest of the troop. He had married for love not just sex and made his wife feel fortunate to have his lead in her life. Living with him was a pleasure and they often called on me and talked to me and accepted help from me and shared their good fortune with all others.

So when his brother, the mean one, wanted to join him in giving thanks to me one time he thought he smelled a rat and most everybody did and they were always right to some extent. His brother had not ever done anything to get himself in trouble I could punish but I had no intentions of favoring him and he didn't seem to care even one little bit. So when he asked to join in I was alerted for what was he suddenly so interested in making his first offering to me for?

Well the nice Godly man offered some of his animals knowing I would definitely honor his sacrifice. But his brother took some of the hay he had let grow in the field and without making any bones about it offered it reluctantly to me. I was suspicious. What was he doing? He seemed to be attempting to do well but what did he know or care about that. I wasn't buying it, whatever he was trying to sell.

I openly and with pride accepted my man's sacrifice. But I decided to ignore the brother completely. He had come as close to offering nothing and had done it only half-heartedly anyway. Surely he was not serious.

He surprised me. He had been acting proud of what he did partly I suspected to spite everyone or my man's troop. But when he saw I had completely passed over his sacrifice and had made a big show over his brother's. He became angry. He saw exactly what he was. He became down in the mouth and a dark anger settled in upon him.

So when the rest left I stood by him and said wondering if I had maybe made my first mistake. God's contrary to a lot of people's oppinions do make mistakes or would if they did not correct them on the spot. I said to the mean brother finding it hard to believe I was actually talking to him for I had little use for him and had figured what a waste he was knowing he was more psychopath than follower for certain still he appeared to be almost dead for what he had seen he got himself into, “Why so distraught?” Then I added commenting to what he had to have seen his entire life as it was which still made very little compassion come upon me, “Do better next time and it will be a whole lot different. You got what you deserved but there are next times. I will not turn anyone away from honoring me.”

He was far from pacified so I said, “Otherwise moral trouble is all around you as you can plainly see. If you mishandle this it will stick with you forever. You're in it now and it has no intention of letting you go. But you have to do it. I can't. Your brother can't. It is something you have to do and you will.”

I was filled with pride when he took the initiative and went to talk to his brother. But I am not blind. He did not ask him for help. He did not ask him for advice. He simply talked him into coming back out to the hayfield with him. Did he actually intend to congraduate his brother and let bygones be bygones concerning what was left for his ego at the end of the sacrifice when the unadorned truth was staring him in the heart and mind and me and his spirit was not, ready for it. Was this guy going to make headway to someday repenting and getting himself free? I wanted to. It looked exactly like it. There was nothing wrong with the way it was coming down. Then...

When my man's back was turned his brother picked up a canthook and hit him over the head with it and then he took his rage out for what he had put himself through by repeatedly hitting him with the tool until he was a bloody pulp and his head was driven down into the soft earth quite some ways.

He had no so much fooled his brother. He had not even been so much brutal though that was horrible. He had played me the fool. I had not made the slightest move to head it off and was almost sure his ways were changing and he after a moments true revelation had a catharsis. How I felt. I had let my man down. I had allowed it all the way though he hadn't done anything wrong until the first time he hit him. I really had no real opportunity to head it off. He had played me and him both with great acting and genius inuendo in all his ways.

I drove him away. He took the woman he had been more terrorizing than raising a family. Then he voluntarily became a vagabond on earth. Everybody who was anywhere knew what he had done to whom and why to get back at me for showing him in perfect perceptiveness exactly what he was. I even made him a promise I would deal with anyone who would try to kill him harsher than I had him. I knew I was too angry to deal calmly with it. I had showed him no lenience and had almost struck him dead in exchange for what he did. I actually scared myself how near I had come to doing evil to him partly because how does one be just to anyone and show any sign that he is still inline to be saved? I finally decided to be merciful. After all I had messed up and let him get the best of me. I decided not to aggrevate one mistake with another. I know I will regret it every time I think of it for a very long time.

For his evil I tried to do good. He lived. I assisted him in drawing people to his efforts. He grew into a city and strong albeit still ruthless leader even after knowing what it was like to go up against me when I was that angry. He named the city after his son; his own son! Some times doing good can be very painful. But now I can hold my head up when they talk about it in my hearing which no one so far has even dared to think about in my presence. He probably won't be one we can ever much more than offer salvation. His counterpart in God's creation was saved very briefly but quickly fell to a free cell for psychotic killers. He has become one with his exact likeness in the free cell and it is easy to see what will happen to them. The same thing that will happen to anyone who was so nearly nonhuman. Their free cell will be endlessly horrible resembling what when I was only on earth was called a horror story. God maybe can look upon it and still try to undo some of it. In the end he will undo it all. But I have trouble even wanting to save him to the free cell let alone one day bring him along with any of mine whom I hope will all be in God when and if I ever decide to give them up. God is so, good. They too will be contented when it lingers on way out beyond where he is now and I still have so very far to come. Where I am they certainly feel like they ought to pity me. Some God I am turning out to be. But I too will put it behind me and accept him some day or I am nothing like the God I admire and love so desperately as to even be doing this thing for him.

The two men had a mother, the one that fell by the hand of the deceiver I believe. She thinks I gave her another son to take the place of the one that was killed because her only other son was driven away by me when actually he fled on his own knowing what he had intentionally done to all of them. They missed my man so. God took him to be with his counterpart and he is changed but he will enjoy heaven despite what happened. I am so sorry that happened to you my man. I was very nearly completely destroyed by him. If it is any consolation I will see that your troop is given another leader somewhat like you were and your wife will be content with him here in my universe.

To cheer myself I took one that was almost a primitive. He is more animal than human but he is an interesting and cheery and bright human. Most of my man's others were that way at first but with the psychopathic element running its course in the randomness it will not end well. They are too much human to be animal but they have a higher mind I gave them, the ingredients for a disaster I can see now after having criticized Yahweh so often will not be easy to watch. These primitives or nearly that are in a lot of pain and a lot of hell. I will never criticize what they did with them. Their agony was the most horrible thing I ever saw. There was nothing they would let me do for them and I had to just let it run its course until I find one to start over with if I do. What humanity can be left to itself is definitely a grievous thing to its God. It is no wonder I didn't want Yahweh's nightmare to ever be realized let alone take place in my own thought life.

They all died. One man, not a good man but a man I made do things right for the sake of my creation and as irony would have his family I put on a huge ship loaded with animals from their part of the world. Then I caused a huge cyclone to come upon those that were still left and can you believe it not dying out but becoming so bad that I could not let them suffer even a week more. They weathered the storm. They landed in the mountains and wound up in their homeland which was no more mostly sand but fertile sedementary material that left them thrilled to have survived.

Primitive and only good for I made them good and right I was surprised to see they went back to the ways of the primitives I had saved them from or very nearly that cursing each other and gosiping. Man has wearied me. With such great potential and yet the animals are a higher life form and live much more healthy and happier lives by far.

They were just nicely building up numbers when they decided they didn't me. They began to undertake massive projects while behaving like even they could not hear a word I said. They were all together in the same place on earth. A lone man would rise and attempt to take it all over who didn't know me or care about me if they had even ever heard of me. Then they followed a man who was not a dreamer as the others before. What he proposed to do to make himself the top man on earth could be done and if he fell they were sure to blame me this time. He had pitted himself against me. I borrowed an idea from what Yahweh had brought Jesus in to work on for his prophesy. It turns out had they not struggled so hard to make history come true according to their story it would have anyway. I was after all facing a very similar situation and nobody on earth knew me anymore but those that hated me.

I did my best to discombobulate them and gave everyone a different language of their own even my proposed opponent.

In a way it worked. They all became confused and used body language and sign language to talk to one another and those who found some common ground and managed to some more effective degree fell in with others of similar dispositions and as time went on they spread over an area nearly as large as the last area they had ruined. They found me in thought only. They did not know what to call me and most everyone would have called me something else. But they knew who I was, what I had done and they feared me. No one heard my voice and almost anyone I dealt with heard only my thoughts and man doesn't do a lot of listening to their thoughts and when they do they find them interesting but think of them along the order of daydreams or even dreams disregarding them almost as fast as they take them in and these particular ones of man had no definitive concept of God. Gods were anything; sticks, rocks, precious metals for sure but mostly unimportant parts of the décor at what ammounted to great and sexually obscene parties.

I tried I actually tried all I could. I was alive just like I am now. They didn't even hear about me. They were just people doing what people do. They didn't even think about me. I was interested in helping them be more. They had superintelligence compared to the animals but they did nothing with it. They were sexual being just like the animals. Marriage was a completely forgotten concept. They coupled until they either became too interested in someone else and they fought when it was going on but mostly they didn't think all that much about it. It was sort of idyllic but they were gradually going the same way as the primitives I had started intentionally putting persons into to make it appear Yahweh had been on the right road when he told the same stories that happened not exactly the same but in the ones I intentionally put in them they joined their counterparts making no difference at all. The story Yahweh had told that seemed so unlikely was just as likely as anything. Something needed to be done.

I picked a man many years later. He listened to me from the time he was just young and found nothing strange to having a thought life that was entertaining but of no value to anyone else. I had decided to try something anything to reach these humans. I had not been making any in many many years. He was to be my man, my prophet if it worked out like that the man I used to save all of mankind. He listened to me until he was no longer a virgin then he forgot me.

I was helping nothing.

Centuries went by. Then I saw a baby that was placed in the Nile River. I thought how near the story of Moses especially when one of his own kind fished him from the water and turned him over to its mother to be weaned for a royal daughter to raise.

I thought, 'That's it! Thought has a life of its own. Just as it had began with me and resulted in me coming upon the idea to create it all new in God's creation. Moses was real. He was of thought. After leaving things alone on my earth the universe was repeating what Moses went through and I had found my prophet. He wasn't name Moses but in thought one name is as good as another in virtually all cases having no relevancy to what was going on anymore than any qualifyer simply pointing to any thought in the same context to allow the other thoughts to identify each other in a perfectly meaningless manner. He could have been called, “That One,” as easily as his name or Moses.

I went to see my prophet. He was herding sheep. I put a light on a bush and let it shine hoping This One would notice it. He did. He was spooked. He had never seen anything like it. He thought that the bush was on fire. But further inspection revealed to him that the bush had not burned at all. I felt funny doing what Yahweh had done to him. He noticed my awkwardness as a feeling there in the wilderness. He decided to go see what it was all about.

Don't come any nearer,” I said.

He stopped.

You might see my face,” I said. “No one can see my face and live.”

He turned his back on the bush.

I have come to free your original people.”

Are they bound?” he asked.

They were really a mixed breed of people that lived in a large and successful land like Egypt had been. They were slaves but most of the world was in slavery. He saw no difference between one slave and another. He was bored with talking about slaves. He was interested in my light that might have been a yard light in the lawn of most any business.

They are in slavery,” I said.

So,” he said, “Isn't everybody?”

You were born into them,” I said, “They are all one people the people you were born into. You were raised by a princess but your mother and your sister were slaves.”

All of them are one people?” he said, “They are not.

They will be,” I said. “When you tell them what I have done among them they will believe you and you will free them to be a new nation.”

Why do you care about slaves?” he asked.

I will make you one with them,” I said.

I do not want to be a slave,” he said.

You will never be a slave,” I said. “You will go to them. I will make them your people. You will free them. Then you will lead them when I make a new nation out of them.”

I do not want to be a king,” he said. “Let someone else.”

I have chosen you,” I said, “I will be with you always. You will be safe from all harm.”

He said, “How can I know you can do all this?”

I said, “You see my fire.”

He said, “Yes.”

I made it a raging fire about the size of a haystack afire and when it burned down it went out.

You did that?” he said.

Then I made him walk to where he thought the fire was. It had only been in my mind and I had allowed him to enter my mind and see the light he thought a fire. Then I put his sheep in their pen and locked the gate securely.

What!” he shouted. “Where are my sheep?”

I have taken care of them for you,” I said.

Go to the father of the woman you have married and have two sons by,” I said. “Tell him you would go see your brother.”

I don't know my brother,” he said.

He doesn't know that,” I said, “He will let you go. You and your wife who has given you two sons.”

He did and a week later he had camels ready for a journey to visit his brother. As they rode along they became weary and he was about to stop when they saw a great plain and a city and many many slaves.

He got down off his camel. Then his wife did too with the two boys. Then they looked around and he said, “Where did all these people come from?”

They are your people,” I said.

My people,” he said and his wife looked at him wondering what it meant, “Do they know that?”

I know you,” a man said. “Where are you from?”

A long ways away,” he said and thought, 'It should have been. What is this?'

Soon a crowd had gathered around him wondering how it was they knew him.

What are they looking at?” he asked.

You,” I said, “They want to know where they know you from.”

You know me from John,” he found himself saying though he was surprised to find himself saying that. “You all know me because I am from John. We are all one people, John's people.”

They looked dumbfounded at one another but they all understood what he said and believed they were all one people.

Little by little with people touching them they made it to a nearby inn. Then they paid for the room though they had no money when he found the money in his clothing and gave it to the innkeeper who showed them the room. Then they had been there less that an hour when he came out of the inn.

We are one people. I was born among you. Then I was raised by the national princess. John came to see me where I live. We talked and I agreed to come with him here to see my brother. John has made us a people. Do not think it unusual. He could not make it public until he had brought us all here together,” he said, “There was an old man that listened to John all his life. John took him to a foreign nation and he lived a foreigner there. Then he went down here, the first time any of us of John had come down here. He had a gorgeous wife but John told him that the people here would kill him to have his wife. They agreed to say they were not husband and wife but brother and sister. When they actually came here they made his wife a wife of the king but he became rich because of how well they treated him for whom they thought to be his sister's sake. Then John brought blight and diseases among the cattle of this place. Then the king tried to find what they had done wrong. He prayed to all the gods and consulted all the learned people of the land before someone suggested to ask John.

John said, “It is because of the shepherd's wife you are a doomed man and your nation will be no more.”

What is it John, that I have done?” he asked.

She is that old man's wife,” John said.

The king called for the old shepherd and told him he had lied to him and that his sister was actually his wife. Then he sent them away with all that they had for the people of John are different. They may lie to protect their lives. You are of the people of John. Ask and you will eventually see that you are all relatives of one sort or another.

You were the children of John. You shall not lie. You shall not disobey John. You and your wife or husband will be considered one person from now on and work together as one for John loves to see couples working together as one person. If you are deceived unto death John will be your advocate though you must die. If you are not deceived and disobey John automatically you will die. If you knowingly deceive another unto death you are cursed. Everything you do will be wrong every time but John will make it right and even the evil you do John will make it good or do something to cause it to be very good. John, our John the only John in the world is with us as he has been from of old and will be with us until we go to the place he intends that we go. You will not die for lying when you go to your own place in God to your own free cell forever.”

Then he went back in the inn and did not come out until it was time to pay the innkeeper who gladly accepted his funds from John.

The next day he came out again and said, “When they came back to the place where they had lived as a foreigner the land could not hold all their cattle. So John told him to give the other one first choice as to where to go and he was to go the other direction because he was his man and the other was his brother and it is not good that there be war among brothers.”

Then he said, “War broke out in the region of the plain his brother went to and in the course of the fighting his brother was taken captive and one escaped to tell him about it. Then he took all his men and a couple of neighbors took their men and they pursued the captors for many miles until they caught them and killed them all for they had laid hands on one of John's people. They never lost but one man and killed all of the captor's men and took all the captives and brought them home safe. But a priest of John brought out holy bread and wine and honored him. So he gave him a tenth of all that he had saved. That priest is the holiest priest of John. But when the king of the place said to him, “Take all the goods you have amassed but leave me only the people he did not agree for he had raised his hand to John that is the ruler of the earth and all that is in it. He said, “John I have raised my hand to and he has told me not to take a scrap from you O King but what my men have eaten and the share that rightfully belongs to my neighbors who have come with me and his brother was brought home in safety. Beware you kings when you touch any of John's he will fight for them and you will die until you go to the place John has intended to send you. Mine I protect,” so says John of his people and you are his people ask and he will divulge to you which ones are your relatives and your very family. This one is the patriarch of the nation that is yours to come.

Then,” he said to the old man, “I am your protector and your strong sheild. You will never see defeat as long as you live. Your descendants will be very many and varied. You will be slaves in a nation not your own. But when I have had my fill I will visit you in a land where you have been slaves for fourhundred years. I will free you and you will leave that land wealthy. You will be a new nation and there will be no slaves there. Everyone will own his own place and those who occupy that land will leave.”

Then he continued to speak taking the slaves from their work, “There was a city, a wicked city and they made all the cities of the plain where the old man's brother lived. They loved strange flesh and would rape and even kill strangers that by chance passed by or were left in the city at night. But I John overthrew those cities and all that plain with fire and much sulfur. They all died; all trees, all grass, all animals but not the old man's brother. He escaped to the mountain for every place was desolate in that plain. Do not do as they did. You will die if you do such things and must wait to go to the free cell God has prepared for them which is where John intends they go. But the old man's brother was made drunk by his two young daughters who lied with him to make descendants for their father. Two new nations were founded for it. Both nations were assimillated and are no more and the people intermarried with the people of other lands. What the daughters did was wicked. All their plotting came to nothing and their father was discredited for the rest of his days on earth. They are with God.

John promised the old man an heir to keep the the children of John. But he and his wife had him marry a maid. He had a son by that marriage but he was not the promised heir. When her time came the old man's wife had a son for him. He was the heir and the other heir did not share in the inheritance in any way. He had twelve sons who were kings over twelve cities but he and his are not children of John. They are distant relatives.

Do not take John's matters into your own hands. Do not marry a foreigner. Do not make difficult the simple plan of John.

Then John put the old man to the test and told him to sacrifice his son the heir as a sacrifice by fire. But when the old man came to killing the boy John cried out from above and told him not to harm the boy for now he knew the old man would withhold nothing from him even the son whom he loved. You must obey John no matter what even unto the life of your only son and heir from John.”

They all felt like they had heard the story before believing that made it sound true and many were being matched up by families and relatives that John told them the names of those they led back to twelve original ancestors that had started with the old man and the miraculous birth of a son that was made the heir because he came from John and was not just from man, the first time the destinction had ever been made.

He came from the inn again and said, “When it was time for this man the heir to take a wife his father sent back to the home country sending a servant to fetch her for him. John sent an angel before the servant who took him right to the right country, the right region, even the right house. So he brought her back with him and the heir had his bride but they had no children so the heir prayed and she became pregnant. But still something seemed wrong so she came to inquire of John who told her that she had two different kinds of people in her and that even in the womb they had been fighting for who would be the top one and John said the elder will serve the younger which was never done. And, true enough she had twins and they were very competitive right from the beginning.

The one was outdoorzy and loved to hunt. The other was content to live in a tent. One day the hunter came in from the hills halfdead with exhaustion. When he saw his brother was making some stew he asked for a bowl. The other son said, “Sure if you sell me your birthright.”

He said, “Can you see I am about to die and if I die what good is my birthright?” So he agreed to sell him his birthright in front of everyone of the slaves and people their father and them had. John credited it to him as had he despised his birthright.

Then some time later the brother who despised his birthright went to see his father who was almost blind with age. His father told him to go get some venison and he would have a feast and give him his blessing which since his father was a prophet was binding and would come true. Well his mother happened to overhear and told his brother about it and said for him to get a young goat and bring it to the kitchen and she would cook up some stew and he could go in and get the blessing instead of his older twin brother. They did and it worked. The younger son also got his father's prophetic blessing.

But when the older found out he had been cheated out of both his birthright and his father's blessing he vowed to kill his own twin brother. But his mother acted swiftly and pretended to care that she didn't like the way the girls in that area acted and longed for her son to marry a girl from back home. His father sent him which was a good idea for the other twin consoled himself daily with the thought that after the funeral of their father he would kill his brother.

So that brother got out alive and went all the way back home to their native country to get a wife and when he got halfway I chose to have him see a vision of angels going up and down into the sky. He concluded the place was the doorway to heaven and put up a huge stone as a marker for the place saying, “John if you get me where I am going and all goes well with me I will come again to this mountain and you will be my God.”

He went to the homeland and stayed twenty years and fell in love with one of his relative's daughters but married another daughter and two more servant girls. He had thirteen kids, twelve boys and one girl. In the process John was with him and he worked for the hire of certain of the animals by color. He did so well that his father-in-law went broke. Then he took his wives, his kids and his animals and headed out for John blessed him greatly. Then when he came to the mountain he was indeed a man of John.

He was near the country where his brother he cheated lived and he was afraid he would kill him for what he had done. He divided up his heards into two parts thinking if his brother attacked he could only attack one at a time and when he attacked one the other one would get away. Then he took animals of the herds and separated them from the herd and sent them on ahead thinking he would appease his brother for he had sent men to his brother telling him he was there and wishing them well but they returned with new that his brother was coming with 400 men.

When his brother did come he was not angry as supposed. He took his present and they fell into each other's arms. Then his brother with his present of animals and his 400 men left and no one was killed.

But during the horror of that faithful night he wrestled all night with a man. When daylight came the man wanted free but the brother refused to let him go until he blessed him. Then the man looked at him and he understood. It was John.

On the way to see his father his favorite wife died of childbirth and he buried her along the way. But then after they had visited his father they bought some property near a certain town. Well one of his daughters played the w***e and was defiled by the prince of the place who wanted to marry her. But her brothers entered the city and man by man killed every man in the city and took all the women and little ones captive. So their father thought they doubtlessly had some stronger allies and feared them but John told them, “Do not be afraid. Leave that to me. Go to the place you became mine until it all blows over.”

As they left they just let them go because they were all very much afraid because of the fear of John. But I hated them for what they did. I had it in mind to slaughter them all for making me to be such an evil God. When they were leaving the mountain where the man was saved they saw fire all the way around the mountain burning to the top. They screamed and cried for dear life but in the end the man got them settled down and they solemnly stood facing the flames with no way out.

John,” he said, “We have been evil. We have brought all this on us. It is good that we die that we may be reborn and live purified by our deaths to be a better people for you when it is over.” Then they sang a derge and waited to die by fire.

Just before their tents started to burn for it was so close they lost all their tents and had to make new they heard the voice of John in the thunder saying, “You shall not die. You are my people. You will live.”

Then a strong wind like none of them had seen before came up and the fire was snuffed out by the wind. They went down the mountain and where they are today they cannot forget the entire event and the man's wisdom at what he said.

You who were not a people will be a people,” John said, “I will gather you in my name. I will be your God and you will be my people but whatever you do I will be there. It will no longer be you alone being my people. I will be in you. But I will leave you slaves for centuries then one day I will visit you and take you out of where you are slaves and make a nation where none of you is a slave and only foreigners will be slaves among you and you will defend the cause of slaves and the downtrodden. You will learn compassion the only way you will learn to be like me John by experience.”

The boys were an unruly bunch their father could not control so I made the youngest boy my prophet to humble them and make them worthy of being called by my name.

He had a dream and twelve buffalo stood grazing when he saw a light on one of the buffalos head. When the other eleven buffalo saw the light on the one's head they bowed down to the buffalo.

When he told the dream to his brothers they tried to shame him for they understood the dream meant that he would one day rule over all of them.

Then said he, “I have had another dream. I was asleep in the dream when suddenly eleven small horns grew out of the top of my head and the sun closed its eyes and it was dark just as the new moon shined.”

His father overheard and said, “Stop saying things like that! Will your eleven brothers pay obeisence to you and I your father as well as your mother who has passed when your little brother was born?”

His brothers did not take it seriously but his father took it to heart and never forgot it.

Then a third time he had a dream, “There were twelve trees but an evil spirit sent one of the trees away in captivity. Another tree was taken from the others and bound in a land of great darkness. But the little tree was shrouded in fear and an ominous sky surrounded the place. But the tree that had been dragged away stood before them all and they all bowed down to it and the sun came out and all the trees were reunited in the sunlight as had some great ordeal passed.”

They did not seem to mind they were to bow down to him this time but only that they were united and safely in a sunny place at last.

They were letting the sheep graze when their father sent their younger brother to see how they were coming.

They said, “Here he comes again that one who would reign over all of us and even our father. Let's take him and kill him and stuff him in one of these pits, and dip his coat in the blood of a goat and tell our father a wild animal has gotten him.”

No!” the oldest said, “Let's not kill him. Just make sure the pit is a deep one with steep sides that will hold him!” He planned on coming around after they had cooled off and setting the boy free when he came back for he had to go check on the servants.

But when he came they all gathered around him and began kicking him and hitting him then they held him and stripped him of his special coat their father had made him and threw him in a deep pit. No matter how he yelled or what he screamed they didn't listen and turned to eating their lunch he had brought with him as if nothing was wrong. But as they ate they saw something like a caravan coming with spices for its trips to the world's most successful nation. Everything was for sale there.

One of them said, “You know what we should do? We should bind him and sell him to those guys. We will be rid of him. Technically we will have killed no one. And, we won't have to listen to him cry anymore.”

Right away they took to the idea so when the spice traders came they sold their own brother into slavery. They didn't get much of price but they were happy with what they had done. But in the meantime their older brother came back to the pit and his little brother was gone. He panicked and shouted at his brothers, “What did you do to your own brother. He is not in the pit. If you have killed him his blood is on all of us.”

It was a very wicked thing to do but at least the lad alive.

They told him to settle down because he wasn't dead but they had done things a better way they had sold him into slavery to this place that was far away.

He was very unhappy. We will have to dip his coat in blood and lead our father to believe he has been eaten by a wild animal bringing us our lunch. So they got a goat, killed it drained some of its blood out, dipped the coat in it and then called a servant and had him take the coat to their father to verify that it was in fact his coat as they all knew but the servant.

When the servant came to the camp he took the coat straight to the father without telling anyone what he had or where he had come by it or anything about what it meant. The moment the lad's father laid eyes on it he began to wail. He said, “This coat was the coat I gave my son. See my mark is inside it. He is dead. Some ferocious animal has devoured him. He and I are dead this way.”

Then he put on his grieving clothes and went and sat where they buried the garbage, the offal and trash and wept and mourned. He died.

When his sons saw what it did to him they were full of guilt and sorrow for what they had done to their brother and what it appeared they had done to their father because it looked after days that his body could not stand it him being old and the missing son the son of his favorite wife the one that he loves. His entire purpose to live and his reason to be was gone. His body did actually die many times but without the rest of them knowing it John raised his body each time it would die. But his spirit, the thoughts that filled his mind were a deep agony for him and he could not picture life without his son, his favorite son his son that contained the life of beloved wife in his body. Then finally weak and dirty and filthy from the grieving place he could fight them off no more. So they took him to his tent and to his bed and he lay there despairing of life. But he was so weak they fed his thoughts, thoughts that had been born in the mind of Yahweh that will go that way every time life is renewed in God until some solution is found.

Don't die, Papa,” his little one, the one he couldn't look at for they had to rip his beloved wife's stomach open to save his life and her beloved husband had survived making the choice for he could not lose both of them his wife and her son that had killed her with only the little life of the babe inside her. “If you die, Papa I go with you to John.”

He was so moved and saw that he was yet loved and had a responibility to the little boy. When the boy hugged his body he revived and put his arms on the little boy. He was all he had left to live for now and when John sent him the thought that he was actually protecting him but had no way to show him now.

You are my prophet,” John said so they all could hear him as one standing among them they could not see as a light they thought was fire covered his entire body and strengthened it and he hugged the little boy and took some food and his appetite was as one who had cut rocks to continue a well all day long. He lived with only his obligation to his small so standing between him and death. “You are the third prophet I have chosen. There will be one more and after centuries I will make you a great people of a people who are not a people and never were a people and your name will be great among them your people and mine forever. He was not happy and often turned to depression for days weeks and month or more one time. He died often but John kept bringing him back and each time he came back he was different and no one in his family knew him anymore but the little boy accepted him each time and he survived through great emotional pain.

His son one of them whose idea it had been to massacre the people of that city when he led them to the mountain of the fire that surrrounded them and the horribly strong wind blew out the flames to save them. He had a son whom John could find no more good in so he killed him leaving him no heir but only wife. So he had his next son lie with her to get her pregnant for his brother against John's will. John was angry with him and promised him he would die for what he was doing. When that son spilled his seed on the ground knowing that what would be in her would be none of his won John was saddened. When he was righting himself after the sex act he slipped and landed face down in the wet spot.

You are dead,” John said, “For what I intended to be good and put an end to your brother's evil you have stolen from me.”

Then that son threw up because of the semen and the vomit was so violent he passed out and in the course of his distress he hit his head on a rock and John also took him seeing there was no sight of his ways in him even not to mention good to ever think of such a thing.

The father had one more son but he was young but the father had promised his first son seed from his son a procedure John hates. So the father said to his daughter-in-law, “Go and live with your father as a widow and when my son is old enough he will bring you seed,” but John's voice echoed around his ears. “Never will such a thing be done in me as it was in Yahweh and in God.” But the father being a stubborn man was all the more determined setting himself against John.

When she saw that the young son was of age but he had not been given to her John said to her, “Go on and do as I say now. Put off your grieving clothes for what I see as nothing. Put on the sexy garb of a prostitute for your father-in-law's wife has died and it has been a long time of being in want for him. When he passes your tent I will put in his mind to take you. Technically you will be his new wife but all he will give you in the end is room at his table and your heir. I have relented because he has behave with so much filth toward me. You will not die. You shall not be a prostitute because of him whom I hate and he shall always pay the dishonor of disobeying me and for thinking such a thought revealing his evil me. But it is true he too is one of my people.”

She did as John said. The man did as John had him do. She became pregnant. But it was reported to him that his daughter-in-law had played the w***e but he did not remember having given her a pledge for her services and when he brought the kid to pay her she was gone pledge and all and no one remembered their having been a prostitute there at any time.

When they came and bound her to bring her before her father-in-law to be stoned a thing that John hates she sent along first the pledge she had taken from her. Both arrived at the same time.

Why have you brought dishonor on my whole troop by playing the w***e?” he asked her. “Had you been patient I would have given you my last son that your husband's evil would have lit on him and he too die.”

I did not do it,” she said, “The man who owns this pledge is the father of this my heir for my husband.”

He looked at the pledge. He saw it was his. The crowd stood eagerly around expecting she would be stoned and they could participate for they are a bloodthirsty people. Wicked and judging even the innocent who would have no advocate but for John.

He said, “Go! Remove her binds and set her free. She is my daughter and her child is her husband's heir.”

This thing was not forgotten while the man lived in his body.

I struck his testacles and he never had sex again for being so prophane in my memory but his last son did not die but married and had several children. Are they all not in the free cell for the children of John no matter what their offenses were on earth where I make them to right and turn all evil away from them or make a greater thing to change the evil into good.

This thing that man did is offensive to me. Do not do such things. The first one that has sex with another is married in my eyes. All others are concubines forever being it your sister or your close relative or someone whose name you never knew or the one you stayed with all of your life you are tied together as one always. See how prophane you are in my eyes you are like the John was before Jesus the Christ buried him in that which is forgotten of God. However the dead, those who have died to all they were and were raised by God to live in the Christ until he too is in the God who is John's God. That is right John your God's God that you be made utterly good like the rest of the universe and all of infinity from the infinitesimal to the infinite of the pure and good universe that God made with John's universe in it even as Yahweh's prophesy was sealed as true so is John's universe true and made real when the last wrong and evil thing are changed forever. The thoughts that were in Yahweh have altered the past that was only thought to be for the thoughts that have taken its place preempt the ways that are not now in favor of the things that have actually happened here because of John and there in God because of John's suggestion that the God of the Physical honor the illegitimate prophecy as had it been an honorable prophecy made in God in the first place. God can do anything. There is no law higher than the ways of God that remove all wrong and evil once and for all in its last time even if it is this time in my universe within God's universe going the same way as the creative thought of Yahweh. The truths of the prophecy take presidence over the random truths that would have been even if they seem more logical for my universe is the same as God's universe for it began as did God's creation which is edited always by the moral truths of prophecy which triumph over the logical truth that would have been but for prophecy.

The lad taken into slavery was my prophet. He was the servant of the captain of the guard. Everything the captain had that servant took care of except the captain of the guard's wife. She he reserved exclusively to himself.

He had been there a while when the captain's wife came right out and begged him to have sex with her. He turned her down many times but she did not give up. Then one time he came to the house to do some business and there was no one but her about. She grabbed his clothes and said, “Come on, lie with me.” He was so compromised that he left her holding his clothes and ran from the place naked. Then she took his clothes and went to the door and screamed that he had tried to rape her and offered the clothing as proof of what she said. Then she kept his clothing with her all day and told the same lie when her husband the captain came home. He got very angry and had him bound and thown in the dungeon.

It was the same in the guard house as it had been in the captain's house everything the young man did I made it prosper and before long nothing was done at the guard house with he was the one doing it.

When two servants of the king were thrown into the guard house for making the king upset they each had a dream on the same night. He interpreted their dreams. The one he said that according to the dream the three boughs of the grape vine that had good fruit on them that the dreamer took and crushed in his hand and put the juice in the kings cup were three days and that in three days they would let the dreamer out of the guard house and give him his old job back and so in three days he would serve the king the same way he had before.

Then the other dreamer wanted him to interpret his dream. In his dream he was walking along outside with three baskets full of baked goods and the birds landed in the top basket and ate all the baked goods. So when he interpreted the dream he said that the three baskets were again three days by John. So in three days they would take him out of the guard house too but in his case he would be handed over to the executioner and nailed to a pole and the birds would come and pick his body clean of meat. He was amazed that I had told the truth like it was and had not softened it or shown any favoritism but stuck directly to the facts.

Of course when the third day came it was the kings birthday and he remembered his butler and called for him from the guard house and he went happily back to his old position but the other they came and got him, cut his head off and hung him to a pole and the birds indeed did peck at his flesh just as John had said. But he had asked the butler to tell the king about him insisting he had done nothing to deserve being put in the guard house which was to say the least unpleasant though John had prospered everything he did. But of course in his excitement and joy the butler forgot all about him.

Then the king had a dream and he was standing near the river when he saw seven beautiful cows come up out of the river and go feed in the meadow but his dream turned ugly on his when seven starving cows came up out of the river and going to the meadow ate all seven of the other cows completely up. The dream was so troubling it woke him up but again he went to sleep and saw seven perfect ears of corn growing out of one stalk. But this dream also too a bad turn for after that seven blighted and unedible ears of corn sprung up and they did as the seven catttle had. They ate up the seven bountiful ears leaving nothing left.

It being the second aniversity of the time the butler had been freed the king was so full of anxiety he knew the dreams contained a peak into something very important he needed to know and John had given him not so much a dream as a premonition. So he called anybody and everybody they knew about in the entire kingdom to shed some light on the dreams. But no one had any way to say anything yea or nay good or bad about the dreams and everyone was stumped. Then the butler filled the king's cup just as he had in his dream two full years before on the king's birthday.

Pardon me king,” he said feeling terrible about his oversight. “When you sent me to the guard house once two years ago when you were angry with me there was a young slave there and me and another fellow you sent there each had a dream on the same night and he interpreted for us. Me he predicted would have my position restored but the other fellow you hung. I told him I would tell you about it but I forgot. I'm still sure he is still there. Perhaps he can interpret your dream.”

So the king sent for the lad who was sold into slavery by his brothers that time, clean him up and presented him before the king.

I am told you can interpret a dream and the interpretation will take place,” the king said.

I cannot interpret a dream,” he said, “But the interpretation of dreams belongs with John. Who better than a God to tell you what the dreams mean. It could be he will interpret it for you. What were your dreams?”

The king told him.

He said, “Here is what the dream means for they are not two dreams but they are the same one repeated which means it is set by John and it will shortly take place. The seven cows and the seven ears of corn are seven year and the bad ones are both also seven years. There will be a time throughout all the land that seven years of plenty will take place. There will never have been so much bountry in those seven years. But they will be followed by seven years of the worst drought wherein there will be nothing and all that was gained during the bounty will disappear in the seven years of draught. So what I suggest is that you name someone to take control of all the crops in the entire land and have them store up twenty percent each year until the years of the draught. That way when the draught comes you will have enough to outlast the blight until the normal crops return.”

The king looked at all his adisors who all sensed that had to be the answer. Then he said, “Who better than you who know exactly what is going on to do it? I will give you a golden ring and fine garments and make you second only to me. Only in the throne will I be higher than you.”

So the king remained king but me prospering the kid ruled the entire land and we brought them completely through the drought. In the process the young man bought all their land, livestock and even themselves. Everyone but the king and his advisors became slaves of the king. But working together we made it. All the children of John.

But when the drought started it wasn't long until the youngman's family ran out of food and went down there to buy corn. The youngman disappointed me. He tortured his family who didn't recognize him in the get up they wore down there and he always spoke to them through an interpreter. Until almost the last year he kept them in food but he was a witch to them even after the way I had profited him like nobody I had ever profited before. But in the end of it he sent for his family and all their slaves and children and sent wagons to go get them and put them in a land that had the best grazing land available. Finally all the family of John was together in that great land. They forgot you. They just left you slaves all these centuries but John has come back to set you free.”

Let's load up and go,” the children of John said. “We will follow you they said to John's prophet.”

Ask the king,” John said to his prophet who was the only ones him and his wife, the wife the king had given him had never been slaves and he alone had once been a lowly shepherd in the land.

He asked the king but the king said. Live with us. We will make sure you get to sharecrop on your land for as long as you would like. So people came and went and moved away and came back but back then they were all together if they wanted to be and the kings were fair with them and times were good.

Fixing Errors

Now it was all happening again just as it had in Yahweh's prophecy more commonly known as the Holy Bible both the Old Testament and the New Testament and I looked all the way to today and it all happened until this moment when I sat at my laptop and began anew in an effort to see if using prophecy the past, not our past but one we might be able to live with was made my me from so far back in God's past that my creation took place so far back it never took place in God's creation, the first creation that had none of Yahweh's story in it and they came upon a planet we call earth that had primitives in it and created not humans, the primitives themselves that began by randomness and never would have made a race of humanoids with an advanced mind and even after Yahweh began his prophecy it was clear how dull man who was created just like God and not like their primitive bodies brains and its tiny mind but they would live by and large like the primitives being nothing like they were in reality and setting their sights largely upon sex and the things their physical hystory would suggest they did even with Yahweh's fiction then in place which is very nearly the way it would have went anyway with my new beginning because I wanted something in God that like Yahweh I could put my stamp on that reflected my character not Yahweh's whose is almost evil or the Christ's which I did not want to even bruise not to mention change or even Gods but my self distrinctly myself in God's me and mind in the Holy Spirit whether the prophecy was ever completed and chosen over the satisfactory finish of it with all my editions while I was still a man in God form compared to the Chrits's God in man form to have as my own book when at last I die, see God's face and receive my glory and unobstructed abilities as the next God in heaven as well as a typical God in heaven and called a man there also by God the only one that is truly befitting the name El Eloi gave him as the very first of all names, God. No one ever was that evolved or descerved that title as he revealed himself to be and so defined his spiritual identity. Spiritually even a thing is only that thing when there are even more than one that are exactly it. Their original name remains the only name that has been defined by them and in spiritual thought no two things that are the exact same can have another monaker except to differentiate which imaginary part of the total thing one professes to be talking about though the action actually is like dividing your spirit into what it is which makes no sense and nonsense is impossible to do wherever impractical reality abounds.

I had God take me back to his beginning where there had been only God and nothing did not exist for everywhere anyone looked with their physical eyes, their sentient but physical eyes, their ability to have glimpses of the future existence of some the same faculty God uses to see what present changes will be in the future known on earth but not in heaven as intuition, or uses their reason to reason out the possible potential things that are still available in the future to become part of the past in full knowledge of the fact there is no presence mandating the constant movement of anything in space, time and among energy and use their future to choose a reality one over another as God did by declaring Yahweh's story a prophecy and then honoring it even as I did in my first attempt you just read about if you have finished the supplement reading of both halves of the Holy Bible often called Scripture by Christians and even the Christ himself. This Scripture of mine stands alone for it does not have to effect the past to be worthwhile read and does not need to be a finished prophecy should God reject its existence or a prophecy God honored that if done correctly will have no effect on any of my contemporaries on earth or in heaven though it will be true to me and true to us who accept it the only way it can even seem to put presure on God to actually honor it making it not only true but real even in the physical universe which is outside God's mind but was created by him also when the one who thought he was creating it turned out to be using only what is in God to do it with which made it God's first and God's now since it is the same exact thing and God's not that God's as everything created by any God could not have been done should God never have done what he did that not only created everything possible but still creates any new thing coming into existence for if it does not exist in God's mind and physical surroundings it cannot exist at least it is inconceivable anything would for absolutely nothing even nothing and everything not nothing have alread occurred here making it impossible for anything new to actually occur. God is the creator. Everything else he is rides on that fact regardless of how you judge it correctly, incorrectly, wrongly or rightly.

I asked God what he said the first time,” I said, “Plus for the answer he is giving me now even as he is saying it as had it only been me saying it though of course it was impossible for me to say it without him me parroting what I hear and hearing what I speak at the same moment I think it the same moment God was saying it to me from the past all over again in the future. It is a thing that only God can think. There is in no language any word that says it by forcing nothing to become anything and only he knows the thought that would blow anyone else' mind if thought longer than it takes to begin to create anying which is all the further one may go since God never went any further without creating moral time, immoral time not possible for God is good and will never do anything evil he does not made good and thus he never created immoral time it already existed among man when Father Time a man created it first as evil and something everyone in his estimation also everyone even God had to contend with when it didn't really exist like it does now but only the illusion of it did.”

As God performed his first thought for me everything was there and if he honors the prophecie I now make with it he gives it to me, by having done it all along. If he does not honor he gives it to me as a true illusion that anyone may believe but it is not the case lest God says it is true and therefore universally real if not then then in time or beyond time whichever comes first which is impossible to know and thus senseless to argue. But for the beginning of a moment that never took place it began to pass into God's memory that he had completely taken over mind to make for me an entire creation that came from the future I see in the place where all time takes place which God made which is now all time in my ability to see anything intelligible to others and that thought which technically and actually makes it all his creation too in that part we agreed was made by him in that which does not exist except in God and my memory at this time having once been possible then passing to our memory which I share my own memories along with anything I have taken so differently so as to make it solely mind and only reflects on God in that he allowed that where he and I both are, God and John Fredrick Carver officially and in every other way. To be honest I could do none of it if he did not do it at every turn I do anything, say anything or think anything. Any glory for it having been done is stictly God's for my end of it never existed but for the beginning of a moment that never actually took place according God's wisom and power. I do not even know whether I would pick my reality over that reality he made possible by elevating what was Yahweh's lie to the level of a prophecy made in him and honoring and officially have done and finished as it is today wherein virtually all of you have read this thus far and understood it as it stands out in your memory there never having been but the mere illsuion of a present a persisting beginning of a moment that never actually takes place but changes the memory enough to create in it by merely being a future option sufficient changes for you to believe it actually existed as an illusion which is where my creation is compared to the real creation of God, everything being or not being by the power and might of God in accordance with all his attributes that can only actually be initiated and fulfilled by him whom had he never done anything even nothing would not be possible in the future, the load of responsibility that is on God's shoulders in allowing me to do this which load I could not even begin to stand at the beginning of a moment that has never taken place anywhere that was not true that I espouse is real and exactly the same in every memory no matter how they take it exactly and even what it is in God's mind according to his me as reveal by his Spirit; all of him which my mind though different from his, my me which is certainly different than his and my selve's which is purely my own. I have no spirit when God's Spirit is not in me so I hope she will find now that I have convinced her as I begin to allow me to be in her as I was convincing God to allow me to do this if for no other reason than I want to and he loves me and wants me to have or achieve any I want here on earth for not all thing on earth are possible as God says this is.

At first glance there is then nothing here. It is all in the future and I have for the time being rejected the notion of creating corporal beings leaving nothing in my universe physical. Everything here exists in a place with no measurable perameters and no knowable size, shape or color of any kind that is not in the mind of each individual here which is just one of every type that God created to be in the future here which you on earth that are spiritually blind would see as nothing to an apparition or ghostly didembodied spirit dependant entirely upon your ability to still use the faculty that still exists in your spiritual mind which by the all minds are spiritual. That in an author's lingo is the setting and everything that takes place in my creation as an image or impression in the mind of the one that lives here especially in their mind, but they all have a spirit and me likewise to help perform the task of seeing, hear, touching, intuiting, inferring or imagining anything plus knowing all the things that cannot have a place in space or time and have never moved but though real exist only in those I have created in the part we shall call their mind. It is exactly what is in both heaven and earth in a simplified manner but the spirits that house those living on earth manifest in very slowly moving amounts that grow in all places they are found when they are still usable. A body to be honest must move to be useful and the slow creepy spirit that performs those functions for those I have created on earth a sort of round thing surrounded by nearly nothing but distance that is spirit and changes at varying rates from nearly at rest of moving very fast depending upon what part of it we are talking about but still incredibly almost insensibly fast as compare to light which is everywhere and everywhere at rest being seen to move only in similar time and speed frames in space at the same time which is all illusion. In actually all cases light does not move and is in any place it is seen by me who will see things as they really are and always were from the moment God made light for me and I simply ask that he grant its inclusion by inferrence and he granted. That you anyway God. The speeds of the beings I created are easily seen by those on earth who sometimes think of themselves as stationary unchanging things which I always correct by showing them the huge number of things that seem to be at rest and pointing out to them the differences that are staggering when taking the earth, the sky most often and space beyond as an example. I have set it in my mind to remind them with subliminal to currently aware consciousness of the fact regardless of how slow it seems in their frame of referencce compared to light they too do move even an amount they cannot sense. This is done to keep them from thinking of themselves as a body but let to their belief they are energy and since energy has to be moving to exist they are. Everything including the entire universe God made exactly the same as the one he made for the universe Yahweh worked in even the space within is moving or it would not be noticeable either in its presence or its lack of presence even as an apparition or illusion. It looks and is entirely different looking than nothing which is impossible to notice because by definition alone it cannot move and no part of it can be changed excpet by God whom I shamefacedly am treating like a tool rather than the Greatest God there could ever be and on rare occasions possibly me unless I will be allowed to do it all in heaven after I am unbound here on earth to a more and more and heading toward a ompletely unusable spirit thought by most of you if not the rest of you on earth as a body not at all unlike spiritual bodies that may change very rapidly in there where I am heading or vanish by not moving even anything in them when at the infinitesimal place the full extent of death which any moving thing but cannot pass into though for the beginning part of a moment both light and darkness appear to be constantly attempting depending on the situation to pass to an even smaller less active place. To not move or to move so slowly that no activity is noticeable they here call dead still or in inexact contests still. For example they say rocks are still for they do not all believe that rocks have a consciousness no matter how minute its ability to notice anything for they most often wish to talk about them as both still and relative unmovable which one that God made for me is without probably completely destroying my earth God made for me that I might express this prophecy. For thousands of years there will be on my earth no way to understand or comprehend the enormous changes that would occur should that rock be moved only a few inches. I live it that way and that is the way God made it in his universe so I had him make that way here again. Due to ignorance being perhaps the only reason I prefer the universe God made both me and him using his brain when he in illusory circles controlled my entire mind and use what of it he could to create both universes exactly the same including the hairdo of the American president to made a statement.

But enough about nature on my corresponding earth which those I created as man's counterparts who are exactly like me even as they are provably in constant continuous motion and not still or dead at all when in use even when taken to be with me and follow me until the prophecy is honored as having been made in God with things I found in God even if he just remembered them being there at the same time I did which me being a man in God form a radically different point of view from the Christ who was at least a God in form a man. But most astounding for me to think me and God may have actually seen things together at once the moment we realized it in our minds which did not happen at the same time some not being understood and comprehended by God until I explained and some not understood or comprehended by me as to what we had until I explained them sometimes with his guidence, something I find most enjoyable as I search for more in this creation.

Now I have a problem. Did I create them only one of each possibility all at one, one after another or some after either one or a smaller number at first or all of them at once. My intentions are to see as my creation plays itself out how each pair will interact and after I do that then to make them in groups or if it is already completed and they are still alive to introduce them to every imaginable dissimilar group.

I chose to create each one seperately all over the world at the same time spaced by hypnosis is what it really honestly seems to me but by changing their subliminal perifereies technically to think they were all alone by greatly playing with nature as far as the size of things and with their energy bodies which one can argue that in most situations are identical to spirit bodies and also I am amazed I haven't notice before are the same thing in every context but some the language needed to express either on requires the existence of both words which might not actually exist in a spiritual context at all for a spirit at rest for instance vanishes and then must go all the way down in the consciousness of God or anyone actually as far as the most infinitestimal amount of change and movement in the least part but an energy being at rest dies when the veiwer in question cannot perceive it to move or change in the manner of a conscious being to any actual amount and evn then often has to go a very notable amount of change to being spiritually dead and reduced their actual notice of mundane things changing to give the effect of time moving the same speed as the less active spirits, those moving so slowly as to qualify for a dead energy being affectively giving the illusion that time was illusory and an illusion not constant and moving very fast at a speed that would be sensed by them as the actual rate of the ebb and flow of real time.

Each one taking nearly the same amount of time all became bored. They also decame depressed after a desperation and hopeless fled from them that included a great quantify anxiety as had they knew they could not last much longer in that condition. When they all began to sleep for a full day, rarely more and wake from one dream to simply slip into another dream or return to the same dream again sometimes without fully waking for any length of time noticeable by them I took them down in their consciousnesses and the effects the environment on their energy bodies to a workable compromise that would cause both to last long enough taking all of them to heaven when they did it. They all died. But it was by no means a permanent death I hoped for they should simply wake when I changed their environment and conscious situation and think they had merely had a somewhat strange extended sleep or one that had seemed that way. They had no clocks yet to use as a reference point generating machines.

Then I performed my customary changes I suppose one might include these events among and had them live again in pairs and let them live together long enough to die of depression and the like and then had them live with another that was noticeably different without determining whether they liked each other or not in each life time. I learned a lot about male female and male male relationships on a lifetime basis and even temporary basises sometimes. They lived until it was so difficult to keep their energy bodies alive and died more depressed than contented toward the end sometimes severely but they all outlive the life of their energy body.

Then I explored all the possible groups of three and then four, but between five and six they began to avoid each other to some extent breaking up into smaller groups so that nearly all groups at least had cliques and loners most times three and four but some time five with even larger groups with what I termed rovers. Such groups could be any size they changed so often but the those that stayed together the longest. It only took less than a year to accomplish I had the speed of time so high which of course they never noticed. It was mostly just statistics that quickly bore each other but sometimes it did take a considerable time and tended to produce smaller and smaller groups depending on the frequency they were around and with who until it was rarely five but three and four far more frequently with the larger groups showing the greatest variety and stability or lack of them being assured of any common person being around in any group in the end sort of like going puplic as compared to remaining private at all hardly. It gave me a chance to obseve group dynamics but also the effects of aloneness which were depending on the individual almost as important in virtually all cases than the need to be in a group too often. They tired of being in the same group all the time much faster in most cases than they tired of being alone with both extremes producing desperation before depression. No one hardly stayed in desprate depression long enough to die early though those who belonged to two, three, four and sometime five all lasted about six weeks while those with aloneness their only option all died early after about three weeks. Remember the speed of my time.

Then I made them all their original size, slowed down time started with five of them and watched how it worked out again. It was predictable. In other words they sinned as before. They began to joke around. Then they started lying to each other and finally they were having a lot of fun playing practical jokes on one another but they got more and more dangerous and more and more often people were injured and it was still building.

In the end there were two that appeared to be breaking away, one that had and another that had not but went out of the way to also spend time with the one that had broken away. But one time a couple was together with the biggest joker of the bunch.

He said, “What should we do about him? He never comes together with us. He thinks he's too good for us or he's afraid�"of me especially.”

He is not. He's not like that. He just likes to be one on one instead of in a group,” she said.

Not one on one with me,” he said, “Ever.”

He does not me even some times,” her lover said, seeing his friend coming back from having visited him and not wanting to be part of this crowd going by body language apparently. “What is his problem?”

He likes being alone,” his friend said. “What's wrong with that?”

It is wrong to be alone. The longer and more often the more wrong it becomes. So I made sure the conversation ended there and put it in the loner's mind to go back to the group but just not joke around, always encouraged him not to lie, something they noticed right away and even they didn't expect him to play practical jokes or approve of those that did. The worst joker of the bunch soon discovered he was becoming more popular the more he joked around even let alone joked with the loner who disapproved of even good jokes with others and bad jokes by default. But when he joked with him he was very careful not to express anything and completely ignore them even when they were favorable. See what happened? He beame my man.

Then one day the big joker said to the gril, “Is it really something John doesn't want for us to tell jokes?”

She felt it was wrong but she never talked to me anymore; none of them did. “We'll find out one way or the other you keep it up.”

The loner next time he was alone was surprised to see me.

You are alone,” I said.

He replied, “I don't feel alone. I want to mate with the girl and Ithink she finally wants to mate with me.”

No matter what happens,” I said, “Don't turn to being alone too much again. I might not help you out.”

If it is what I hope it will hard for me to be alone,” he said.

You don't know that yet, do you?” I asked.

No,” he said.

Ask her some time,” I said.

I will have to unless she does me?” he said.

What more can I do for you?” I asked, “I have been giving you the things to say to that practical joker and the others are eating it up. She loves the talk going the way it does. I even pointed out to her who was mainly responsible besides me.”

Thanks but I will wait for her,” he said.

If you do she may get sore thinking you have turned away,” I said.

So I do what I always do to satisfy it,” he said.

What if the joker impresses her? He can see too,” I said.

I know he knows,” the loner said, “I also know it is getting on since he's done anything to anyone. Maybe I changed him?”

He's dead,” I said.

What-what do you mean?” he said. “What's the concern then? Nobody likes him anymore and the four of us will get along just fine without him.”

He hasn't died that way,” I said.

He was not elated anymore but interspective and withdrawn all of a sudden.

When he comes,” I said. “It will be for both of you if you get help to stay with you.”

Who should I get for help?” he said then he thought about his friend who hadn't come in a while and the one that finally seemed to see he was more popular by not even joking with the joker anymore. But he knew who he had meant.

Why?” he said.

She's the most like you,” I said, “I hope she helps.”

He finally asked her two days later after talking about it with his friend who saw it the same way maybe even more so. They were married that night. She moved in on the third day. They were together all the time. They were in love. Even his friend took seconds to her all the time. It stayed like that more like weeks before they eventually went back to the group letting everybody know one way or the other they were a couple making it very clear and being quite open about it in front of them.

Since there were always together they felt safer even with the joker around. He seemed genuinely happy for them and it made it harder for him to one on one with him with him the obvious odd one out. But he was around more than before constantly encouraging them and curbing his appetite for jokes. He even convinced the new husband's friend that the joker had died and finally become someone who didn't joke anymore.

He said, “Nobody died. He shows no sign of dying.”

His friend said, “Even if that's true your with her all the time.”

He said, “That is just it. We're the same one. He gets one he gets the other.

Sure enough the next day when they came to where the group usually met no one was there. But the joker showed up along not long afterward for they waited what seemed a very short time still enjoying each other tremendously.

Hey, hey!” he said, “How is the happy couple?”

They started chatting like there was nothing between them and had never been.

But eventually he said, “You didn't stay alone very long?”

It's wrong to stay alone,” he said.

The the joker just shrugged and said, “Is it wrong or not to play jokes on each other?”

We may tell jokes,” she said, “We can even play practical jokes on each other. It is wrong to play mean jokes on anyone.”

Then why did you not only stop doing them you convinced everyone it was wrong and left me the odd man out. You force me not to even tell jokes when they are a good way to be with a bunch especially. You hate me. I have to be alone which is wrong or I have to be hated by everyone just for laughing and joking. You are wrong in doing that to me,” he said. Then he left.

She decided that he was right and that they should play a practical joke to let everyone know that joking was good. What they didn't realize was that that was beside the point. He had been more just being mean than joking. He revealed himself as injurious or mean and wrong for it pressured people to do wrong. I had to destroy him.

The husband's buddy kept coming to visit when the couple withdrew to themselves not realizing that they were one and it is wrong to be alone when there are others to be around. Sure enough they got bored and I feared for their energy body's life which could eventually mean even the death of their spirit in the infinitesimal or in that region where it would be very difficult to raise them. If both their energy body and their spirit wound up inactive the only way to raise them was to create them new but exactly what they had been, the same one.

His buddy got so he did not like to visit because they became wild and more and more mean to each other when tempers flared due to their increasing desperation as they neared the death of their spirit. Then one night he was visiting and they were both feeling desperate and she sat very close to the buddy starting up an argument for part of the desperation was to the fact that they both wanted something new in their lives. It came very close to the husband who was much the larger actually attacking his wife but he managed to talk them out of it and stayed away after that. He had never had a woman and didn't trust himself with the husband's wife should she behave that way again. She had not been unfaithful but she was genuinely thinking about it and began to think more about it. The buddy was not changing he was a sexual being and all he was doing was reacting to that fact. It was the wife that was nearing change.

When he opened up to the guys at the meeting place they thought it was funny and ridiculed him, “You should have known,” the joker said, “No one man can keep a woman happy forever if there is any alternative to him around. Take her next time.”

Then the joker did an amazing thing. He went to visit them. Pretty soon the buddy and the other two also made excuses and came to visit. The husband was no fool. He knew that buzzards all circle when an animal is dying and they smelled death.

She stayed out of it when the visitors came which was every night for none of them wanted to give the others the inside track with her. She enjoyed the new and he did too. Their desperation eased as they were well behaved visitors and she did nothing to encourage them. But the husband began to get uneasy at the way the conversation went like the time the joker said, “You are an attraction. Who needs him?” when he had taken offense at the content of the conversation. There it lay. “Who needed him?” She reassured him but her heart wasn't in it which is to say she was more excited by the other men than her husband and not bored. Was she cured? Was her husband wrong for being possessive? No. For the first time since they married her heart was not his alone and their sex life depended as much on how eager the men seemed and how controlling the husband was to her though he tried, he really did try to control both his wife and the crowd of guys.

She took it in her head to sit on the joker's lap saying to her husband, “You don't mind. I am only joking.” In all that time she had never joked once about a sexual matter. When she sat in his lap and pretended to be turned on by the things he said she was not pretending this time. The joker was pretending. She was playing. She died. She had been unfaithful to her husband's feelings. They all realized the difference and when she went back to him he surprised her. He did not get angry. He was sad. You kick a dog often enough there will come a time when it will no longer lick your hand but a man is not a dog he knows when his woman is not the woman he married. His spirit died. In the morning when she was still in bed he moved his few belongings to her old living quarters which were just a long nearly horizontal rock with timbers set close together to make a roof with bark covering the cracks between timbers to keep the rain out and the dew off the ground at night.

I visited her and when she saw me she was puzzled, “What man is this?” she asked.

I am John,” I said.

John!” she said in amazement making it clear I was further from her thoughts than the fact the joker would have her but as usual he would at least try to make out he was playing a joke on the husband.

He deceives you,” I said and she realized immediately whom I meant.

I know,” she said. “What can I do? My husband doesn't love me anymore.”

You died,” I said. “Whose wife will you be now?”

That afternoon she went to visit her husband at her old place. He looked and there she was standing by the fire. She had said nothing. He just looked at her. They stared a short time when he lay back down with his eyes open and she turned and slowly walked away.

They came to visit her that night.

My husband isn't home,” she said to each one and they asked about where he was and when he was coming back but she said little and yet made it plain she did not want any of them especially the joker who continued to come even though when the husband showed up at the meeting place they all knew the couple had died. She no longer wanted him. She just longed for the good old days. He no longer knew her and was not interested. Their energy bodies were alive but their spirits had died. They were no longer bore. They were no longer desperate. They weren't even depressed. Both spirits in the spirit of their love were no longer and they grieved for it.

Her ex-husband was not interested in the men but there were no women so he went back to being alone and his buddy feeling no guilt but mourning his friend's loss found him often quiet and uninvolved in life.

He is dead,” I told him.

He stopped visiting him.

He thought about it and went to visit his ex-wife. He walked to the shelter and stood about the perimeter of the camp. When she came out she saw him and still grieving and dead came to him and they hugged but it turned out not to be sexual but a sharing of the grief for their lost spirit of love.

She could not see herself with the joker who unknowingly had been picked for the fatal blow because he was the most obvious one to joke with. But it was a practical joke that was not only dangerous for their spirit of love it was deadly. So she went to the meeting place and gradually befriended the joker's friend. She could see herself with him. But to her she was foolish, had been wrong and her practical joke had made a hipocrite of her the likes of which none in the group had been to actually destroy not only her husband but herself. He didn't understanding but he kept ducking her passes and the team with her supposed best potential for a new love in the future became clearly not in the future.

In the end they all understood whose she was. The joker accepted and she was finally able to forgive him for how mean he had been with his practical jokes. They were both dead and they commiserated and married but only once.

I needed someone to carry on the race of men. She became pregnant. She grew very large. She had twins. The buddy felt a close friendship with her and forgave her enough to help her while the twins grew. They were always together him helping her and the twins always needing something. They married but the spirit they had was a spirit of friendship and caring but I longed for the spirit of love that had died. I gave them children but they did not have a son at first.

One of the twins was mean reminiscent of his father and his father's favorite son. The other the exact opposite like his step dad. They were constantly fighting because the mean one unlike his dad would start out to be joking but it never ended that way. The buddy's son I repaired his energy body so many times it was not something to take likely but I wondered how many times he could die and yet keep coming back to me each time. His spirit just would not die. Each time he to no avail any of the times kept forgiving his twin.

Finally the buddy made up a competition between the twins the only boys he had though he did have a daughter. He said to the joker the mean boy's father, “Let's see which one of the two is John's favorite. That one we will make heir to the children of tomorrow since no one but us has any children old enough to know they will survive,” for he foresaw his daughter was being dominated by the mean son and she had no chance of running the descendants even if she did win but she wasn't any good at doing much of anything on her own being dead from the moment the mean one had intimidated her. It did not take long for her spirit to die and her energy body and spirit were ruled by both his energy body and his spirit.

I put my spirit in the buddy's son but would have nothing to do with the mean son. He won the competition because of me finishing well ahead of the mean son who cheated at every turn. I was surprised how much different him just being right and doing the things in the competition right first time every time made. The mean one pulled a hamstring just as it began and I didn't have anything to do with hoping to honestly prove to him what the outcome was when he did not have any help from me.

When the competition ended even his monther's ex-husband was delighte and only the joker didn't care and ignored his favorite son from the beginning realizing immediately after the beginning he didn't really have a chance. Then the joker amazed me and was congradulatory toward the buddy's son though he did not praise either one that much.

I appeared to them and walking to the winner said, “Congradulations. You listen well. Keep it up.”

Hardly a day went by and limping the loser was by himself when I said, “Why are you so ashamed? You should have known I favored your brother. What have you ever done to attempt to persuade me to favor you. Now you see how much my backing can do for or against anyone though I did nothing for or against you. It was the same as had you and I been competing and it will continue to be that way so long as you continue the way you are going.”

It made sense to me as it made sense to you but it was too long and too hard for him to hear to do him any good. So I added. “There may be a next time. Change your spirit and I may favor you or at least not favor him so completely. What I am saying is next time you may win if you want to.”

He was still dead in his spirit and his energy body was helpless and like his spirit it did nothing to help his situation. I was amazed he could yet function even part time with his spirit dead and his energy body hurting.

There is more than one thing to choose from in your future. Do you see it?” I said.

He just looked at me in anger. I knew he saw it.

If you do not handle your spirit right you will die and never be able to right again,” I said. “You will handle it,” I added and looked up to God's universe and wondered what I could do. My favorite was in real danger. But I could not do it for either boy though I would of course tell my favorite the right thing to do and he had always obeyed me so I knew he would not be a problem and considered of course that if he killed his energy body again I would simply fix it and raise it.

On day not long after the competition I saw the two of them talking knowing that the loser had a way of talking that led people and rarely let them decide which way they wanted to go and he was always mean. It was possible that he would be repentent but the potential was hard to see it even being in the future. It would go badly is the loser had any say in it and his energy body was not completely healed.

When I saw them go out in the field I could have thought they had put it behind him but I didn't for he never let my favorite finish without he hurt him or even killed his energy body every single time. My favorite thought he was safe and he was not reacting to my feelings that when sent his way clearly meant, “Warning. Be ready. I cannot stop this and be who I am.”

Sure enough the loser chose a small pole that was not too long and came after my favorite. He almost lost his footing but compensated for being off balance which surprised by favorite. The pole took him beside the head. He had thrown my favorite off balance and he had fallen. So it ended by the loser beating his twin so badly it killed his energy body and would require an entirely new one if his spirit was to survive on earth. Then he just kept beating on the dead energy body until I took his breath away from him and he toppled over and lay in his own twin's blood a spiritual substance that was energy too but without which no energy body can survive.

His step father and his father too as well as the others even his mother came out after him to drive him away but they could not do it and it was very even without his father's help. Thus he said, “If you give me my wife I will go far into the wilderness where there is no man and never see you again.” Then he took his sister by the hand though she started to struggle but saw that nothing had really changed with her faith and then went along freely and the killer walked away.

He walked for days even months constantly putting miles between him and everyone he knew. But the future held a new beginning for him and before the end of what he started there was an entire city out in the wilderness that bore the name of his son. He never listened to me or even looked for me to pay attention to me. He was beyond my help. The step father was dead. The mother died. The joker died in his grief for how it turned out for him with his favorite son for it had changed his heart and even he hated his ex-heir and actual son. The rest were cut to the quick and all of their spirits died. Everyone was spiritually dead even his mother's ex-husband and her current husband; all of them.

When I brought them back to life I said to the mother's ex-husband, “Go to her. She needs you.”

When he did he stood on the edge of the camp and she came out afraid from the way her husband was acting the loser had comeback. Her mouth fell wide open as her jaw dropped to see him and they walked slowly together and hugged and cried for a long time.

Her current husband packed his few belongings but on his way out of camp he put his arm on his buddy's arm and the cried to hold each other by the shoulder. He went to his ex-wife's place now. The spirit of their love was back. Her first husband forgave her. They were alive but so was his buddy who was simply grateful to me his friends were finally back together.

The joker had never seen anything even resembling what his son did. He was so sympathetic because of what he felt partly responsible for he gave a large present in love and compassion to his old enemies and became a living man he changed so much and the others all survived too. The only dead ones were the loser and the half-sister he had never let live for most of their life so far.

Their son meant so much to her that she changed and defended him against her husband who had been corrupted by his father. Left alone there in the wilderness he beat his wife and son so badly that even his spirit died. I worked ceaselessly to save him afterward to no successful end on earth but his son was a normal kid and a common man but she lived.

Then the original couple married again and this time they even had a son among six children three boys and three girls who did not marry for very long but had favorites and very many children I let them choose from the future those I had made up my mind would come and the spirit of their love survived until they were old.

But the children of the loser were very numerous and soon they came back in contact with the children of the first three couples that assimilate them they were so incredibly fertile and little by little they reverted back into no more than primitives. To save one favorite of mine I just took him energy body, spirit and all to be with me and the others I had taken in the beginning. They were not really alive but they were not evil or wrong either. They began to be primitives. They needed some help from me or they would revert to the primitives I had changed into them from that which had both an energy body but no spirit. The spirit of those I created had died despite the fact they all knew me. They just failed to see much need for me except when things went wrong and I always fixed them just as I fixed one of the descendants' of the loser when he killed two men and was able to fix everyone's life but the double murderer who had to be fixed in heaven and in heaven just like with the loser I made everything they did turn out to be good and everything they did right leaving them still evil and wrong but having only good and righteous outcomes to what they did.

The loser's son turned out okay and everyone he had injured was raised to life even his evil wrong father who in heaven had no impact on the goodness and righteousness of my most sacred place and was neutralized before he could establish a following for when he did have a following I always broke it up and saved the lesser offenders. But the double murder's children became artisons and learned men who spurred the culture of earth to more advanced heights making life easier and more bearable for everyone by the time I was done with him placing him in a bind to negate everything he did and many times to do better with what he did with me in direct control of him doing for him not what he would do but only what I would allow him to do like the others taking all their rights away from them and refusing them the use of my mind and me until I no longer had to do anything for them or undo anything they did. They all died and only did wrong or evil to those who were like them andonly had it done to them by the same ones always including themselves as their own worst enemy leaving them content to be that they had been made and never had any say in after they at last revealed that I was right. They could not be good or righteous any other way and all they could do was things that solved nothing and had no permanent effect even concerning what went on in earth.

I saw no end to it just like it had been for God in his universe. They were performing naturally but they were so far from their potential and a good portion of the world was already taken up by them. So I picked one who had caught my eye in particular and had him doing everything right. Now this had to be done just right. It couldn't be done exactly the way Yahweh had done it. But it could not go on with me destroying all their immorality and evil either. I had a plan that would change the world.

© 2018 John F Carver

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Added on September 28, 2018
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John F Carver
John F Carver

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