Flesh Wounds

Flesh Wounds

A Story by Jonah V. Syx

A Zombie apocalypse fantasy. Viewer Discretion is Advised. Graphic and Mature reading.

Chapter one: The Briefing (Part One)

The blood covered the floor like as if it was drowned in water from a faucet over running.  To the left of the room is a kitchen, you can see the lower half of a body lying on the floor drenched in blood.  The lower half of the body was wearing black hills.  The body jolting as if it was being tugged by another end.  Her face half chewed off starting from her forehead to her bottom lip.  The blood is still leaking from her head spilling into the blood already covering the floor. You see a man crouching over the body of the woman who is lying on the floor with half her face devoured.  The man looks evil and dead, his face covered in blood missing pieces of his own flesh.  Blood covering his suit and tie with the right side of his skull missing.  As he began to continue chewing off the rest of her left breast; voices are heard at the door.

Drake: Look we have to get in there and clear out the room Matt!

Matt: don't you think I know that already

Drake: So what are we waiting for?!

Matt: We do not know what is in there.

Drake: We don't know what’s in this hallway; but we can just sit here and debate that as well.

Aiya: Look whatever is inside we have to deal with it any way.

Laron: Soooooo nobody noticed all the blood coming from the door we want to get pass.

Drake: Huh? What the. Weapons ready.

Drake; holding up a standard police issue pistol in his right hand, He signals the rest to ready themselves.  Matt; holding a tight grip on his jungle machete, he covers Aiya and Laron as they readily held up clean water pipes.  Drake takes his hand and reaches for the door knob.  As he grips the knob to the door tightly, he turns it slowly and silently.  He waits to hear the clicking sound that the door is now able to be opened.  Drake turns to the few behind him.

Drake: (whispering) Are you guys ready? 

They looked at him prepared for the worse and nodded their heads.   Drake slowly and carefully pushed open the door inch by inch to cover what was inside, all of what he can view at a time.  He can see blood covering every inch of the floor.  The stench came with a force of power and death with flesh boiled in garbage waste and then aged.  They all had to muffle their sound from the unbearable smell hurting their senses.  From the counter of the kitchen to the far side of the living room it was nothing but blood in the house.  Each, in sequence one after another took a step into the house.

Laron: (whispering) Well not what I would have used for carpet but..... hey; we can't all be crazy.

Matt: (whispering) Dude shut the hell up, this is no time to be joking.

Drake: Both of you stay focus, it’s a reason the blood hasn't dried up.

They begin to take a deeper venture into the house not knowing what lies inside.  As they move in closer towards the kitchen they see the lower, blood stained body of a woman.  They all stand there with fear and question in their eyes about what could be around that counter wall.  As they begin to move closer to the very kitchen a man lunges out taking hold of drakes arm.

Drake: Get this son of a b***h off me!

Drakes arm is in the grip of this hideously, undead wailing man who is trying to make him the next meal. Drake cannot fire his gun in fear of shooting one of his allies. Matt is struggling to get a clear shot without injuring drake.

Matt: I can’t get a good swing without injuring you!

Drake: F**K!

The zombie tilts his head back and throws it forward into a bite on drake’s right arm.  Aiya is frightened and fear that drake’s life is now over.  With the last of her strength she pushes matt out of the way and pulls back heavy with her water pipe.

Aiya: Bite on this!  

She swings the pipe with all of her courage and fearless strength. The pipe made contact with the back of the zombie's already decaying head.  There is a large gushing sound that echoed throughout the house with a pop.  The zombie stiffs up and his grip is loosened and the bite released.  The zombie drops to the floor finally dead from the damage that killed the brains function.  Aiya stands there with a look that they have never seen before.  The will of life.  She helps drake up to his feet examining his arm.

Drake: look I'm fine. They can't bite through leather, remember?

Aiya: Still I…I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Drake: Aiya……Thank you.

Laron: Now that wonder woman had her swing with death; we should get on to clear this place out.

Drake: Right.

As drake begins to put away the gun; the blood stained woman that was lying on the floor is now standing.  He then draws it out and points it towards the dead woman.  To everyone else it seems like he is pointing towards Aiya.

Matt: Dude, what the hell are you thinking? Put that away!

No one else can see the woman standing due to the wall covering half the kitchens view.  Everyone except Aiya is wondering if drake has lost his mind.  Aiya knows that the woman is now standing behind her from the reflection in the kitchen window.

Aiya: Everyone its okay. Go ahead drake.

Drake nods his head and pulls the trigger.  The loud bang alarms the others; Matt throws himself at drake tumbling them both to the ground.

Matt: (Holding drake down) Just what the hell is wrong with you?!

Drake: Dude just look behind you.

Matt turns his head to see Aiya still standing and a dead woman slumped over against the wall.  Matt begins to burst out in laughter.  No one understood why he is laughing at a very awkward situation.  
He begins to hold his ribs and roll in the blood covered floor still laughing.  Laron; the guy known for laughing at the obvious things is wondering what could be so funny that matt is rolling in blood laughing.

Laron: Dude what the hell is so funny?

Matt: (Laughing hysterically) Dude you gotta see this s**t. Aiya! Turn around and look!

Laron: Oh s**t! This b***h missing a whole tit! (Bursts Into Laugh)

Aiya: You guys are so lame and immature.

Drake: Right. Let’s start the cleaning so we can fort this place up.

So with there being no longer a threat in the house they begin to start cleaning the blood.  After getting only a small portion of the house cleaned, they took both bodies to the back yard and burned them.  The scent drives away others that are among the undead walkers.  Going back into the house they took notice a few special items that belonged to the women that lived there before hand.  So they put them in a box to go over later.

Drake: Well the house smelling a little better (walking up to Laron)

Laron: I kind of like the old smell, It suited the mood.

Drake: Dude you have a f*****g problem.

Aiya: (walking up to drake and Laron) So I am guessing that the house is clean considering that you two are sitting around.

Drake: Well no we just…

Aiya: Save it; and keep scrubbing the floors, now!

Drake and Laron: Fine Miss Head house leader.

Three hours later; the house was finally clean and spotless of blood. The Group then sat down to go through the box of all what they have gathered to learn about the woman that lived there.  As they go through the box they all grab a few items to speak on the behalf of what they thought she was like. It was a way to keep them sane and the spirit of the undead decease still humane.

Matt: Well from this picture it looks like she has family (holding a framed photo)

Laron: No way, and here I thought only I had family somewhere.
(Aiya, drake and matt chuckles)

Aiya: Well from cleaning out her room I found some love letters to someone overseas. Could be family or a lover she was writing to.

Matt: I wonder how it is overseas..... think its worse there?

Drake: No matter where this could be worse, it doesn't change the outcome of people dying.

Laron: At least death rates by crimes are down.

Aiya: Do you ever think of something not to say? (looking at laron)

It was a moment of silence among the group, then drake went on to explain what he believed the lady was like as he held a small trinket.

Drake: This appears to be some kind of family heirloom. She cherished it greatly.

Matt: What makes you think it’s a family heirloom?

Drake: It dates back to 1666.

Aiya: That’s some creepy number year.

Laron: For all we know she could have bought it at a pawn shop.

Drake: It’s possible. But there’s a painting of a women wearing the same thing with a date of 1666.

Laron: Oh. Well I have here the lady’s underwear.

Matt: Dude your f*****g disgusting.

Drake: What the hell is your problem?

Aiya: (kicking Laron in the face while yelling) Just what in the hell can you tell us from this.

Laron: (rubbing the blood from his nose) Well she was fond of the male species. (Sniffing three different pairs of underwear) She had three different partners and she only loved one.

Drake: I had enough of this; we should get some sleep, we have to go out for food. Laron be ready at seven a.m.

The dead of night approaches and a phone begins to ring.  No one can hear the ringing at first, and then the ring continues more and more.  The ringing is disturbing the sleep of Matt and Drake.  They choose to ignore it and continue to sleep but the ringing never stops.

 Matt: (Leaning over drake) do you think we should answer.

Drake: No. It could be a automated voice call.

Matt: Calling like that it could be a great product.

Drake: Fine.

The phone rings and rings as they make their way down the hall.

Matt: You know; out of the last five houses none of the phones rang at all.

Drake: I know. It must be someone who knew her that’s calling so much. We have to let them know what happened.

Drake and matt walks back into the living room they were sitting in hours earlier discussing their thoughts.  Drake picks up the phone and slowly puts it towards his face.  He stayed silent for a second then answered.

Drake: Hello

Voice: Did you dispose of her body properly?

Drake: What? Who the hell is this?

Voice: We don't have time for introductions; what did you do with the body?

Drake: We burned it.

Drake pushes the speaker button on the phone so matt could hear.

Voice: We? Must be why you pressed the speaker button.

Matt: But how did they………

Drake: What is it that you want?

Voice: How many of you are there?

Drake: Four of us, one girl.

Voice: We have been semi watching you since the second house you cleared.

Matt: Dude that was two years ago, who is this?

Drake: I don't know, but go get the others.

Matt has gone to get the others as drake tries to figure out what exactly is going on.

Drake: So why did you watch instead of help? We could have used it.

Voice: We needed to make sure that you are able for the task we need to complete.

Matt has returned with Aiya and Laron after briefing them of the situation.

Drake: What task?

The rest have gathered by the phone to hear what the voice on the other end had to say.

Voice: You all will be informed in the next 10 minutes, a chopper will be there to pick you up.
Dial tone

© 2013 Jonah V. Syx

Author's Note

Jonah V. Syx
I am still working out the kinks of this story and looking for any collaborative artists. If anyone notices anything that is too much, not enough, missing or even out of place, please comment it and help me work it out.

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Zombies! It seems to be the new fad these days. Story was very well written. I enjoyed it. I love the name Aiya. Very nice name. Great read!

Good luck! Keep writing!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Amaya Sullivan

7 Years Ago

Is this a start to a book or just a short story? It seems like it a great script the way it's format.. read more
Jonah V. Syx

7 Years Ago

This is a series I want to start up. I have been on a never ending quest to find a suitable artist t.. read more
Amaya Sullivan

7 Years Ago

That is awesome! You could check out deviantart. Many artist on their with their works posted and st.. read more
rreally enjoy reading your stories!!!!! Very descriptive. I feel like I am in the story. I also liked how you seperated the text with the conversation. Nice job and beautifully written. Keep writting!:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

I'm glad I can help bring more joy to writing. I actually think your work is very creative. Keep wri.. read more
Jonah V. Syx

7 Years Ago

I will, when you have nothing to look forward to at least have something to keep you going.

7 Years Ago

Yup! :)

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Jonah V. Syx
Jonah V. Syx

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I love to write stories that are filled with what I call creative fiction. Each story is different and unique in it's own way. No two stories are the same, well at least i don't think so. I have tons .. more..