Flesh Wounds Chapter 1 (The Briefing Part two)

Flesh Wounds Chapter 1 (The Briefing Part two)

A Story by Jonah V. Syx

Drake and his friends are given options that leave them with no options at all and more responsibility than ever.

Aiya, Matt, Laron and Drake all sat down on the couch and tried to figure out what actually went down.  None of them can really piece any thing together to what the voice on the speakerphone was saying and what for.  Everything that happened over the past two years up to now just seems pointless.  All of what they did and what they have gotten used to could have been avoided.

Drake: So what do we do?

Matt: This guy has been watching us.

Laron: We don't know if that was guy or women, they used a voice altering device.

Drake: We should decide this as a group, do we go or fight them off.

Aiya: They sound like they have s**t we don't have; like more than just a pistol and some blunt objects.

Laron: Aiya is right; I mean they are bringing a damn chopper.

Matt: Or a battle chopper (looking out of the window)

Drake: what?

They all turned towards the window to look outside.  They could not believe the size of the chopper or the fact that the chopper was silent.  There was no sound coming from the chopper at all.

Drake: Just who the hell are these guys?

The chopper hovers over the building they were in.  The chopper let out a tube like shaft from the chopper to the building. The chopper was triple the size of the average chopper with more guns than the u.s. army.  A tube like shaft cut straight down through to the bottom floor that they were on. It was glowing very brightly with a door on it.  After smoke disperses from it opening a hazmat officer inside holding an a.k.47 steps out.

H.O.: All of you strip and step inside the vacuum.

Aiya: Just what the hell do you mean by strip! (Holding up her fist)

H.O.: To nothing.

Drake: You can't be serious? 

Matt: Why?!

H.O.: You are all over contaminated and must be cleansed deeply, now no further questions I have orders to shoot if any of you refuse the request.

Laron: It’s not like we have a lot of options, death or have a leading role in a movie called Hot led.

Drake: Alright but Aiya, you go last.

Matt: Right.

Laron: Aw f**k me; thought today was my lucky day.

Aiya: God damn pervert! (Kicking Laron in the balls)

H.O.: We don't have time to waste, start stripping now; all of you.

Matt: Wait! At the same time?!

H.O.: Yes! Now start!

Drake: But….. (Interrupted by Aiya)

Aiya: It’s okay drake; let’s just get this over with.

With nothing more to explain they each began to remove their clothing.  Each was trying not to look at one another.  But the urge to see was so overwhelming that drake decided to take a short peak to his left.  He saw her, Aiya was glowing in a aura he couldn’t believe. Her breast was perfectly round in size, her hips nice and wide with the a*s of two beach balls sitting on her very ripe sized thighs.  Aiya herself could not help but look at one of them and looks down at Laron’s penis that was standing right next to her.  All she could think was.

Aiya: Wow, I didn't think he was packing that much heat, no wonder he’s a pervert.

Drake notices that aiya’s attention was on Laron so he turned away.  Since they all were undressed the hazmat officer instructed that they all enter the tube to be cleansed and transported.  As they step inside each covering the only places they hand could cover.  They were then told to remove their hands and keep them by their sides for a hundred percent cleaning progress.  Laron was instructed to go inside on the left and matt was to side next to him.  The hazmat officer entered behind matt and instructed Aiya to enter to his left and that drake should enter right behind her.
With all of drake’s might he tried not to get excited about it and really tried to focus on something else.  It was too much for him to be behind Aiya in such a way.  Once the door closed to the tube that they were in and the shower machine sprayed on the he couldn't hold it in any more.  To see her body gloss from what it was that was spraying on their bodies just made it impossible to fight, he simply let go.  In his surprise his penis rode up too far and slipped right in between her butt cheeks.  
Aiya was not mad for some reason like he thought she would be, as they stood there with his head held low.  He could not tell what her reaction was he couldn't see her face.  Aiya’s face was blushing red and a bit shy at first but she sort of liked it, so she inched back a little more.  With that they stood there having a small close moment.  The hazmat officer looked over to them and responded to their actions.

H.O.: Look you two this isn’t the time to be getting in some awkward a*s quickie got it.

Matt and Laron chuckled and waited for the shower to stop running.  Aiya then stepped forward and smiled as drake held his head lower in shame.  Once they shower stopped the tube began to recede back up in the chopper.

Laron: Can't wait to see the a*****e behind this

Matt: You and me both.

Laron: She better have some huge f*****g tits for putting us through this s**t.

Aiya: She f*****g better.

Drake, Matt and Laron: Huh?

Aiya: Again? You guys forget that I am Bi.

Drake, Matt and Laron: Riiiiiiiight.

The shaft opens up and they are blinded by the light on the other side, once the light dims out and their vision is clear they see a large facility of people moving back and forth with papers clipboards and documents moving around everywhere.  As they step out they are each swiped up separately by a doctor for more examination.

Drake, Aiya, Matt and Laron: Wait!

Drake: Where are you taking us?

They are all given chloroform to knock them out completely.  Then each was tested for their blood type and given a specific type of injection called “G.B. Codex”.  
When they each finally came to, they were all in the same room strapped to separate slabs.  They could only see a dark glass in front of them.  The dark window flickers and a video is being projected onto the glass window.  The video shows the person behind the current situation.

Dr. Grey: Hello. My name is doctor grey.(British accent)

Laron: Is this how you make friends where you come from?!

Dr. Grey: I am sure that you are wondering why it took such actions just to get you here.

Matt: Oh, don't worry rape and abduction is totally legal where we come from.

Dr. Grey: I am sorry about this we cannot risk any of the viruses getting aboard.

Laron: You lucky you have huge tits or I would have skull fucked you dead.

Dr. Grey: How amusing you are Laron Peachwood.

Laron: Wait, how did you?

Aiya: Please let her talk so we can find out why we are here.

Dr. Grey: Thank you Aiya. Now the task we spoke of over the phone. We need the four of you to go out and eliminate the virus.

The four of them strapped in their slabs began to laugh at her task.

Drake: Do we look like the cleaning crew to you, look find someone else.

Dr. Grey: You don't understand; you don't have much of a choice. You have already been given the “G.B. Codex” serum. Theres no turning back.

Matt: You did what you crazy b***h!?

Dr. Grey: You are all genetically enhanced; any flesh wound that you may receive by the infected will heal leaving you immune to the virus.

Drake: Wait so bites and scratches won't turn us?

Dr. Grey: Exactly, You are all stronger and faster, everything is heightened to the max of human capabilities.

Matt: Okay you killed one bird, what about how do we do this if we choose to do this impossible task.

Dr. Grey: We upgraded your brains to a more suitable means.

Matt: What the hell are you talking about, upgraded our brains?

Dr. Grey: Listen, you will be released in the world in just a few moments, your protection gear and weapons are on the table behind you, and we will be watching.

The video ended and the clamps on them were released.  With all that they were told they did not see any other way out of the situation.  They all walked over to the table to put on the gear that was left for them.  

Drake had for protection gear a thick cotton black T-shirt, a red double layer leather jacket with Red neon energy striped down the sleeves through it, Thick knitted jeans with pistol holsters on each leg.  For weapons drake had two strange looking pistols. Each all white with red neon energy surging inside with a humming sound of power.

Aiya was given a long sleeve high top no bottom beige leather jacket with yellow bright neon energy in a stripe design from her sleeve to her lower back, beige and black thick knitted jeans with a yellow neon energy belt.  For weapons she had two black and yellow neon energy powered batons with a humming sound of power.

Matt was given a blue thick cotton t-shirt with black half cut large stripe around his torso. A long black leather trench coat with blue neon energy in an x pattern design down the back. His pant's were lion mane knitted cargo jeans. His weapon was a medium ranged broad sword with a spiked hilt for close knock backs.

Laron had A triple padded no sleeve vest. No Neon energy just all black. His pants material are unknown but felt close to cotton. He had all black gauntlet for up close damage.

Laron: Man! My s**t sucks. 

© 2013 Jonah V. Syx

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Author's Note

Jonah V. Syx
Some may get the wrong idea. This is not novel. I wrote this as a manga. The detailed paragraphs is so that an artist may get a simple visual to work with. Not for grammer nazi's or novel born readers. just people who like to visualized, Nonetheless I will still take the inputs and opinions of all

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It's wonderful, as usual. Thanks for sending the request. You have new, interesting topics that keeps the reader interested. Once again, your writing technique makes the story stand out amazingly. Great job!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

I'm sorry but there is no one in particular that comes to mind right now. I will make sure to direct.. read more
Jonah V. Syx

7 Years Ago

Working on it right now

7 Years Ago

Great! :D

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Jonah V. Syx
Jonah V. Syx

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I love to write stories that are filled with what I call creative fiction. Each story is different and unique in it's own way. No two stories are the same, well at least i don't think so. I have tons .. more..