A story of a boy

A story of a boy

A Story by Jonny

There is a story everywhere


Take a second and think about all the stories there are in the whole entire world. Do not think little picture, think big picture. There is a story everywhere you look; every human being has a story. Whether that person is a multi millionaire or a homeless human looking for a come up. Endless stories everywhere you look, every kind you can think of: a love story, horror, happy, sad, depressed, excited, comedy, and drama. The next time you go outside or to a public place just take a second and glance around. Everyone walks around passing each other by like they are not there. Minding their own business and keeping to him or herself, each and every person has a story.

There is a story that goes like this; it has to do with this boy. He was born in Massachusetts, where the leafs fell in fall and the snow scattered in winter. He only lived there until he was five because his cousin’s family moved to Florida and his grandparents and parents all wanted to stay together. They were from Italian descent, that means family is the number one thing in life; family is everything. If he learned one thing his whole life that would be: you can always trust in family, there will always be love there. Growing up this kid was skinny at first with black crazy hair; he had a widow’s peak in the front part of his hair, which made it extremely wacky. As he grew up he got a little chunky, he realized this only later on in life.

He grew up with perfectly good parents and lovely grandparents that stood by his side whenever he needed them. He was taught proper manners and knew how to act in public. He always used to call out bob the builder whenever he passed a construction site or when he saw people working on a new house. As he grew up and went to school he made many friends, he was not shy and did not care what others thought. He was funny, exhilarating at times, and full of energy always. A time came where he wanted to start playing sports and he chose football. He played on a PAL team where he did pretty well as a player but not as a team. The team lost every game, only did they score one touchdown that season on the last game. He didn’t play next season.

By this time he was in middle school, he continued his studies as a normal kid and progressed through the grades being the gym class hero in any gym sport he could. He had a best friend named Will and he soon left him after middle school and moved away. As high school came rushing in he had lost some weight because of the sports he played but he knew and wanted to become fully healthy and fit. As he entered high school the first year as a freshman he did not know what to expect. See high school is not what all these movies and shows portray it as, but it is what you make it. He joined JROTC this year and planned to join the military after high school. He found his first girlfriend this year. The rollercoaster of love was on the horizon because you never forget your first love or so they say. He decided to join track and field he wasn’t that good his first year but that did change.

Juggling so many things at one time was not overwhelming for him, as he enjoyed every moment of it. His family was by his side, having traditional dinners every holiday and getting together for occasional big family dinners with everyone. His relationship lasted a year until the girl decided to break up with him in text, oh they were in love but she wanted something new and he suspected something to be wrong before it happened. She dumped him for another guy but this guy wasn’t at all to measure up to him. He battled the sorrows of first true love but eventually overcame it and moved on as the girl later came back trying to take him back but he went his own way. As his high school career went on he dated multiple girls and had multiple experiences but he never partied, he didn’t drink or smoke or do drugs.

His second year of high school he joined the cross-country team; there he became the best new runner of the year, he made his mark. From there on he ran up to sixty or seventy miles a week in the peek months of running and he was hooked, never to shake running from his life ever again. He shaped how he looked and turned into a young man, working out and running every chance he got trying to strive to be a better human being physically and mentally. He made sure his academics did not suffer and stayed on a righteous path.

The next year he made the varsity team in cross-country, he felt fierce as he could do anything he wanted. He took an interest in the world of computers and he the business world. His cousin was an entrepreneur and he looked up to him as an older brother. He didn’t have as many friends as he did back in middle and elementary school because as people get older they some how become fake or at least some do. He stuck by the kids who were worth it, worth the drama and the bad times but also the good.

As senior year came rushing by he came across this beautiful girl, actually the most gorgeous girl he has ever seen in his entire life and he set his glistening brown eyes on her in class. She seemed perfect to him, her sharp green eyes, and long blonde hair with just a tad of black, beautiful soft cheeks, well shaped lips just waiting to be kissed by his. She was the same height as him though many people would say he was short for a guy but he tried not to let that bother him. He has had a few relationships up to this point and he knew that he wanted her but he did not know if she wanted him. She did not make this obvious because she was shy but up until one day he was told by someone else that she liked him and a few days later he ask for her number and the flirtatious text messages flowed from there. She was a party girl and this did not make him happy, he went through hardships with her but he stayed with her through everything because how can you separated two people who love each other? It’s almost impossible. As high school came to an end they stayed together but see the story doesn’t end here because he is still living and loving and cherishing every moment of life.


© 2014 Jonny

Author's Note

If you take the time to read please review! it would mean so much. thanks. ( This version was probably missing details but enough people read and review I will post a more detailed version )

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It's a nice story :) I envy the boys life though. As usual what I read happen to have characters with a good life and I always envy them... (Sorry I didn't mean that as a bad thing I'm just mad at myself) but I still liked it :) well written

Posted 6 Years Ago

a telling narrative that incites us further into your literary universe,
and told well at that

remember this

you hold the power of life and death in your pen

i look forward to seeing more from you,
from the artist that steps out of the literary shadows


Posted 6 Years Ago

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