Growing Up

Growing Up

A Poem by Kaye Adell

Confession time. Yep, I used to live in a bubble. I broke out of that once I got to college. If you live in a bubble, I hope this makes you want to break out of that bubble.

Coming to college I have become my own person. I lived the shadows too long of my "friends" in high school. I held their opinions too highly of what they thought of me. I broke out of their hold. I have a pair of purple skinny jeans. I would have never thought of trying those jeans on because of my "friends". That's stupid. Why did I care so much? They were so shallow and judgmental. Looking back, I was the same. I hate looking back to see that about myself. I was so self-absorbed. My senior year of high school I began to change because of a girl that had transferred the year before. She made me realize that it doesn't; a person has the same value no matter what. A person can be White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, young, old, gay, straight, bisexual, tattooed, pierced, or whatever; they are still a person. I should not place myself above someone because they are different than me. I rarely talk to her anymore because we are not in the same places in our lives, but I'll never forget what she taught me. I am grateful have had her in my life to teach me this simple lesson.

© 2013 Kaye Adell

Author's Note

Kaye Adell
I know it's hard to break out of a bubble it took me a while to break out of that bubble, but you will feel better once you have. Promise. Love it or hate it. Let me know, thanks.

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Added on February 12, 2013
Last Updated on February 23, 2013
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Kaye Adell
Kaye Adell

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