Feminism- Not About the She Woman Man Haters' Club

Feminism- Not About the She Woman Man Haters' Club

A Chapter by Jordan

title kind of speaks for itself.


Feminism. Any time this is mentioned, women are accused of hating men, of wanting men to be subservient to them, of wanting to rule over men, and wanting to oppress men to get revenge on the centuries of oppression that women endured and the oppression that women still continue to endure. But feminism is simply not about that, or it shouldn’t be. I understand that there are some feminists that feel that men are lesser than women and that the world would even be better without men; yet, not all women who identify as feminists feel that way. Most of us just want to be able to empower ourselves and others, dress how we like, and not be blamed for things that happen to us because of a person who decides to try and take another’s power because of their desire for power. Some feminists are homemakers, business people, nurses, doctors, teachers, mechanics- there is no set ideal of a feminist. There is, however, a lot of hateful views on women who seek to empower themselves and it’s all in the name of objectification of women. And that objectification also leads to the idea that men are just slaves to their penises and testicles, unable to control themselves around women.

    Feminism isn’t just about empowering women, but empowering us all. There is no perfect utopia that can be created because of the absence of one group or because of the oppression of one group. And there is simply no perfect utopia because we are all human, with our own thoughts, opinions, lives, tastes and personalities. There are too many differences for any utopia to be created, because we would never agree on everything; however, empowerment of each other and acceptance of each other is the key to opening doors and communication between people and groups, promoting healing between those that have been hurt.

    People often have this idea that a woman is less of a woman because she is a feminist; they assign her masculine traits because she is seeking to empower herself and others, as if the masculine traits are an insult. If a man identifies as a feminist, he is assigned feminine traits as if that is something to be ashamed of in a man as well. It is utterly asinine and sophomoric tactics and a mindset of fear that causes these views and words to be said to men and women.  It also shows a close mindedness to change and to someone who has been viewed as lesser becoming equal to those who have been viewed above others. Far too many fear change.

    Feminism is not about being part of the she woman man haters’ club, but about empowerment. Women are often portrayed in a nurturing role, in a motherly role, or the role of a healer; all of us have those qualities and it is time we embraced them and all parts of who we are, rather than allowing society that follows archaic rules to dictate what we embrace and who we become.

© 2013 Jordan

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