Just something to keep in mind concerning negative people

Just something to keep in mind concerning negative people

A Chapter by Jordan

Something that is positive and lovely, I think. It came from a conversation between a friend and myself. :)


“For those of you struggling right now with people that are talking badly of you, remember this: It doesn't matter what they think of you. We all make mistakes but those mistakes do not define us. If they did, there'd be no grace for any of us because we all are far from perfect.”

~ Jordan Blaylock & Shelby Davis (paraphrased in bits)

      How true that is. If our mistakes defined us, then there would be no grace for any of us.  In the Bible, this very thing is spoken about many times over.  Grace. The purpose of this essay is not to just convey my thoughts and opinions but also to help those that have had others downgrade them to know that the ones that downgraded them are not perfect either. This is a stand against hurting others just to make themselves feel better and a stand against bring your fellow man down because someone has a self-righteous attitude and thinks that they have the right to judge.  Is it an attack? No, I have no reason to attack anyone because I am not in a position to attack anyone because of things that they have done. I myself am not perfect (I’m far from it, actually) and I am not God. But this is a call to point out the fact that we all have made mistakes and that there is enough mercy and grace to forgive us of our mistakes- and, hopefully, we have enough grace and mercy within ourselves to forgive those that have wronged us because if we don’t, it can eat us alive or affect our whole lives.

      Who are we to judge our fellow man? Who are we to poke fun at those that are less fortunate than us or to say that they are in their situation by their own making? We don’t know their situation or their past. There is always a reason of something that has happened to a person, and it is usually a painful one. Sometimes we don’t see what that person is going through and sometimes we are so insecure within ourselves that we read something that is not there. No one is better than anyone else; we are all the same. We all cry tears, we all bleed red, we all smile, we all laugh, & we all FEEL.  Our words truly carry power and weight behind them, just like an action does. Sometimes, though, those words can hurt more than the action does.  That’s what few realize. Maybe it’s because most don’t care, but words carry a lot of weight and can inflict more damage than anything you can actually do to a person.

      To sit in judgment of another is to say that you are perfect and have made no mistakes in your life. To sit and fling harsh words at someone, says that you feel you are above that person and that you are cold enough and callous enough that you don’t care what they feel or what the long term damage of what you are saying will be. 

      Our mistakes do not define us. And thank God! I’m not sure where I’d be if our mistakes did define us. But what does define you is what you do with your life, where you take it, what you learn from it, and how you use it. None of us perfect; we are all fallible because we are human.  If someone does say something hurtful to you or bring up your past, let it go. Smile at them and walk on. I know how hard that is, but you can’t let another person hurt you or even really care what they think of you.  If they haven’t seen you in years, then they won’t know how you have changed and grown as a person. Heck, if they haven’t seen you in months, they won’t know how you have grown and changed as a person. Don’t let someone push you around and make you feel bad; when they speak ill of you, forgive them and move on.  You have your life to live and you are going to do something great with it! Just don’t let others get you down. This is to all of those that has someone talking about them, has been talked about, or will be talked about. This is for all of those that have had a broken heart and have struggled with the pain and self-esteem issues that come with it. Your mistakes do not define you and don’t let someone’s words define you. You define you because of your life, what you learn, where you take it, and what you do with it.


God bless and may you feel inexplicable joy and blessings.


© 2012 Jordan

Author's Note

This is just me hoping to bring beauty and peace to those who are hurting.

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