Prologue 3/Danny

Prologue 3/Danny

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The third part of the four part prologue. Of my comic script series.


In the middle of the blood moon. In the center of the big city of Butterbank. On the tallest building was a man standing on top of it. With a thick red hoody covering his face with the hood, he was holding his pure black katana in one hand.(Ashley you ready) he said. Behind the man was a female ninja with a red dagger with short black and blue hair. Ashley eyes where two different colors with one being green and the other being brown. ( I am always ready but knowing our luck.Danny this will not be easy). Danny gave out a small laugh then jumped of the building followed by Ashley. While falling Danny gave Ashley a thumbs up before teleporting away. Ashley flip around facing the building she was falling of and puts her hand on the next window and she was shot to the next building with her abilities allowing her to go to the next place by touching anything or if she wants she can shoot other things away as well. Ashley was heading to a next building what was not as big as the one she fell of. Ashley crouched to crashing position when smashing in a window. Ashley rolled on the floor when in the new building and came to her feet, Ashley saw Danny waiting for her by a door arms crossed. ( you toke a while) Danny said. (Well sorry I can't teleport like you) Ashley told Danny with sarcasm in her voice, Danny slowly opened the door to check for any guards and when he saw none he and Ashley ran for the stairs. When passing the elevators the metal doors opened with guards inside. ( show us some ID. Or we must take you in) one of the guards said aiming there assault weapon. (Just great I was hoping I won't do any fighting today.) Danny told the guards with a slight angry in his voice. One of the guards got out of the elevator to arrests Danny and Ashley but Danny teleported behind the guard putting him of guard. Danny smiled when putting his katana in the guards back and before the rest of the guards could react Danny teleported again and cuts them all down with a single strike. (Do you really have to kill them like that). Ashley asked Danny. (Look I did not get this far. To back down now) Danny told Ashley. Danny then enters the elevator with Ashley following him inside and pressing a button to go to the lower level. As soon Danny and Ashley exit from the elevator they find themselves in a long corridor with more guards aiming there guns at them. Danny smiled and looked at Ashley ( you don't want me to kill anyone so here is your chance) Danny said to Ashley. (Fine) Ashley told Danny. Ashley walked in front of Danny dagger in hand Ashley walked towards the guards and slowly started to run. Seeing Ashley was a threat the guards opened fired but Ashley hits the bullets away with her dagger. When Ashley got close to the guards who now was reloading Ashley threw her dagger hitting one of the guards hands stabbing him to the wall, Ashley then ran to another guard putting her palm on the guards stomach shooting him to another guard knocking them both out. With the first guard trying to free himself from the dagger Danny teleported in front of him facing him eye to eye. (You are lucky today. That my friend here don't want you to die). Danny said to the guard then knocking him out with the butt of his katana. Danny and Ashley came to a heavy metal door once finished with the guards. Danny walked to the doors and puts his hand on the cold metal. (Alright stand clear) Danny told Ashley who stood well clear. Then with his katana Danny cuts the metal doors in half. The doors made a loud crash when hitting the floors Turning of the alarms. (Ok we need to hurry) Danny told Ashley walking inside the new room. Inside the room it was full gold and notes. (Ok Ashley grab a bag and get as much gold as possible). Danny asked Ashley. Getting a bag around the corner Ashley packed it with gold and gave it to Danny. (Ok be careful when going to the roof I will meet you there). Danny told Ashley before teleporting away.

Putting the heavy bag down once teleported on the roof Danny saw there was more trouble on its way. A military helicopter was heading towards him. The helicopter fired its first set of missiles at Danny. When the missiles came close Danny cuts the missiles in two passing him before they went off. (You are not going to get in my way) Danny shouted to the helicopter and Danny's Katana grew in size going through the helicopters window and hitting the pilot. With the pilot shouts in pain Danny teleported inside the helicopter and throws the pilot out of the helicopter and teleported back to the top of the building with his katana back to its normal size. Ashley came crashing out of the door and came to Danny's aid. ( Danny look) Ashley said pointing past Danny who looked and saw more military helicopters surrounding them. ( they are willing to blow up this bank. Just to get us. What about the people inside who can't get out) Ashley asked Danny. (We need to find a way out fast) Danny told Ashley getting hold of the bag full of gold. (There is another way. A easy way) Ashley told Danny, (what?) Danny asked when Ashley moved towards him. (You leave with the gold, with your teleport and leave me I will only slow you down) Ashley told Danny. (No way I am not leaving you here.) Danny said. (If you don't go now. Then we both will die) Ashley said. Ashley then slowly puts her hand on Danny's chest (good bye) Ashley told him. ( Ashley please wait) Danny said but was shoot away from the building and the danger leaving Ashley behind. Danny flew all the way out of butterbank to a small island before Danny hits the sandy floor Danny teleported safety to his feet and saw in horror the military shooting down the bank with Ashley with it. Danny removes his hood threw the bag down and shouts as loud as he can seeing his friend die so he can live.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Introducing another main character of my ongoing Comic script series. Hope you enjoy. The final part will be out next week. PROLOGUE 4/GREY.

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I don't really get the story's meaning... but i will say that it's a creative piece. I just know that you have something there. It's there... Just keep writing. It'll really come alive as you write it more.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Joshua Haines

2 Years Ago

It's mostly a opening about the four main characters of my Ongoing Comic script series before Issue .. read more
Your writing is improving, good job. I liked Danny and his powers. Cutting down the doors, and then the helicopter missles would be cool to see in a comic strip.
If you could find someone to draw up a few panels, together I think you could come up with some good ideas.
I enjoyed the vibe and with Ashley being killed at the end you have to ask if Danny will now get revenge.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Joshua Haines

2 Years Ago

Thanks man. Means a lot actually this series I am doing now. I wrote way before I started my other w.. read more

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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..