Giga Issue 1

Giga Issue 1

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The first Issue of my weekly ongoing comic series starts where the Prologue left of.

Dex quickly jumps of from the top of Greys car to give his brother a real hello. (So your a police officer now. Not bad Grey). (Yea catching scumbags like him everyday) Grey told Dex throwing Tax at the back of his car with ease. (So Dex what are you doing in a dump like this) Grey asked Dex. (Well. I thought I saw you getting out of your car. But I was not sure so I sat back and waited. Plus I need your help for finding someone for me) Dex told Grey Showing his best impression of glasses with both of his hands. ( she wears glasses and is only young vary young. She left flying away and started to glow all over). (I might be a bit busy for another search. But for a long lost brother of mine I will push those aside and help you search for this girl). Grey told Dex removing his jacket once more and puts it in his car. (Come to the Butterbank police station tomorrow. I will use my computer to find this girl's last location.) (Sure I need a rest anyway. You know it's not only you who don't fight bad guys.) Dex said to Grey pointing his Sword to his brother. (Oh one other thing) Grey said before entering his car. (What?) Dex asked (If I find this young girl for you. I want you to help me with something another search if you don't mind) Grey told Dex. (I will give you the details tomorrow) Grey said entering his car and starts it up with Tax at the back. Before leaving Grey give Dex a small card showing the address for the police station and made his leave ending his long day. Dex watched his brother leave the crime scene and waved goodbye to him when Grey turned around the corner and was gone. Dex then turns around to face the house where Grey entered. (Well I better leave this place before the police comes. For the rest of them.)

After the attack at the Church. Lora slept on a bed in a small room inside the Church. Jay sat next to Lora without sleep ignoring his tiredness and just wanted his childhood friend to wake up. Nick slowly enters the small room not making a sound with a new set of clothes with a black Cossack with both of his guns strapped behind his back. (Is she going to be ok. Father Nick) Jay asked in a whisper. Nick knew from Jays voice he was getting worried even after he healed his great friend. (She is going to be fine Jay. She needs a long rest and so do you.) Nick told Jay. But Jay did not answer back and not even looking back at him just kept his sight on Lora who slept and had no signs of awakening up just yet. (So what are you going to do now Father Nick). Jay had finally said standing up knowing now is not a good time to be weak and needs to be strong for Lora. (While searching the body of Tragon of why he attacked us. I came to find this). Nick said going inside his pocket. And time out a red ring with a black cross. (That ring. Is that the vary same ring.) (Yes Jay. This ring is only worn for high priest only like myself and many others.). (But why would they attack there own people like this). Jay had asked sitting back down starting to worry even more. (I don't know that's why I am going to the high temple to get answers in Sky mountain) Nick told his student. (Good I will come to) Jay said going to stand back up but find Nicks hand on his shoulder with a firm grip. (No you cant. You must stay here and watch over the Church and Lora while I am away ) Nick told Jay. (But why go there alone you will get killed up there) Jay said. (I need answers Jay. And I will find out). Nick told Jay trying his best to keep his anger hiding.

Danny sat down legs crossed in the middle of nowhere in a field eyeing the bag of gold what killed his friend to save his life. (Is this worth it. After everything that happened is this really worth it.) Danny told himself. Danny clenched his fist till his knuckles turned white. And repeatedly punches the hard ground over and over leaving blood on the green grass and a little crack on the ground. (Dame it!). Danny roared from the top of his lungs. (For a person who don't want to be found. You shout awfully loud). Came a male voice behind Danny. Danny did not even bother to turn around to see who it was. (Let them find me. I am done. I give up.). Danny felt the mystery person creep just behind him almost touching his back. (You are not alone Danny there are people who care for you.). (Yea sure. All I know who is here is me. And the creep who is standing behind me). (But what about your brother's.) The voice told Danny. (How did you) Danny said shocked and finally turned to see who it was but the man was gone. (What?). Pretending nothing had just happened Danny picks up the bag puts his hood over his face and walked to the wildness.

The next morning Grey was sitting in his office working on a computer to find the little girl Dex was searching for. By going through all the cameras in the city. Grey had finally came up to a floating orb passing Butterbank and when Grey went in for a closer look his face almost touching the screen and with the camera as close as it can get. Grey spotted a figure of a little girl in the orb. (Where are you going) Grey told himself saving the picture. (Grey you have a visitor) came a female voice behind a door. (Yea let him in) Grey called back. His office door opens and his younger brother Dex entered his office. (Hay) Dex said with a wave. (Good news. I found the girl you are looking for).Grey told Dex. (It seems she is heading to the Rocky paths just outside of Butterbank). Dex hits his fist together with a smile. (Well that is good news. We need to hurry you are helping right Grey). Before answering Grey turns of his computer and sat up.( indeed. But after this I also need your help with a search of my own.) Grey said. ( Yea of course. Almost forgot about that to be honest. So who is it we are looking for) Dex asked sitting down on a leather chair looking at some files on the table what Grey put down for Dex to look at. After a long look Grey knew that Dex was shocked who the person was on the file he even had a second look. (Is that) Dex asked. (Yea our older brother. Danny who is the most wanted.). (You want us two to capture our own brother. And put him in jail. But can he teleport.) Dex asked. ( Yea he can. I am kinda still thinking how to keep him locked up. But the end of the day he is a high level criminal brother or not he needs to be taking down.) Grey told Dex. Dex sat there for a while looking at the file once more. Finally Dex looked up with a smile. (Ah why not. It will be a nice family reunion. I might cry when it happens if we find him.).

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Issue One of my ongoing Comic script series. Hope you enjoy Issue Two will be out next week.

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This sounds like a very interesting story. I really enjoyed reading it. It's kind of cool because I was thinking of doing something like this in the past.

My brother in law who was one of my good friends in high school was an amazing artist. We were thinking of making our own graphic novel but never did. It would be cool if you could turn this into one of those.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I was hoping he could find a grapic artist. I think as a comic this would be pretty cool to read.
I enjoyed issue one. Felt bad for danny but i wonder who was behind that mysterious voice.
I can see the story coming together, its building.
When I read your work I try to picture each scene as a comic strip and it makes it soo much cooler. Good job

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..