Giga Issue 2

Giga Issue 2

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Dex and Grey begin their search for the missing girl Dot. Nick goes to the lost temple for answers

Leaving Grey's office. Grey lead Dex the faster way out while walking out of the police staion. Dex came pass many doors leading to many rooms and cells. Just about to get to the exit a female officer who told Grey about Dex before he entered the office with some more news. (Sir we have located Danny after the robbery.). (Good work Clare. Put the papers in my office I got something to do first.). (Yes sir). Clare said making her leave. Dex looked at Grey with a small grin.(So you are also the big boss here as well) Dex had asked. (Sort of I still have a boss myself). Grey told Dex. And to speak of the devil the same boss came in the office through the door where Dex and Grey where aiming to exit with. (Grey who is this). His boss said. (Captain Shane this is my younger brother Dex). (Hey) Dex said going for a shake putting his hand out. (You better be fast in this search Grey. We might of found your other Brother Danny.) Shane told Grey ignoring the offering shake leaving Dex hanging. Once out of the police station the brothers walked towards Grey's car and before he entered the passengers seat Dex noticed Grey looking up at the bright nice sky. (What is it Grey) Dex had asked. (Its nice out today I think I will wear my sunglasses today). Grey then opened his car door to get out a nice looking black sunglasses and puts them on. (Ok are we ready.) Dex asked Grey. (Yea lets go). Grey told Dex then both enters the car and started quickly heading towards the Rocky path to find Little Dot.

A few hours has past and Grey and Dex had finally made it to the Rocky path. A place for hiking and rock climbing. The Rocky path kept true to its name with the place being filled with huge Rocky hills. (This is not going to be easy to find a girl in here. It's covers with small mountains.) Dex said when both him and Grey got out of the car. (Dont worry Dex we will find her) Grey told Dex examining the Rocky paths. (Why can't this place be called plane easy to find path instead.) Dex said arms crossed mainly looking in the sky for a floating Dot. (Anything yet) Grey asked looking himself. (No nothing. It's going to take forever to find her in a place like this. And we might of missed her already.) (Stop worrying Dex like I sai we will find her). And as if the heavens heard Dex spotted something in the sky. (Grey there) Dex shouted pointing at a clothing figure from there distance it only seems to be a black dot. (What is it you think you found her). (Yea come on). Dex told Grey both running towards the flying dot leaving the car behind. The closer the two got the better view they had of Dot. (Dot what are you doing stop this) Dex called to Dot. Dot had stopped flying for a moment to turn around to face both Dex and Grey still glowing. (I am going to my destiny). Dot told them with a loud echo in her voice. (She must have a gifted powers like us. But she can't control them just yet). Grey said. Grey then moves in front of Dex and puts his both hands on his younger brothers shoulders.(You need to snap her out of it Dex. If you don't God knows what sort of destruction she will do here.) Grey told Dex. (Ok cool but how am I suppose to get up there I can't fly rember.) Dex asked. (That will be easy. With my strength I can throw you up towards her. Then the rest is up to you.) Grey told Dex going down on his knees with his arm out. Dex nodded to Grey and sat on Grey's arm his guildblade out and ready to defend himself from any attacks Dot has in mind for him he does not want to hurt her. Grey then stood back up with Dex sitting on his arm. ( Remember all you need to do is calm her down that will stop all of this.) Grey told Dex. (Got it). Dex said with a nod. Then with ease Grey shoots Dex towards Dot with Dex breaking the sound barrier. Dex got closer to Dot and she saw it to Turing back around starting to cry. ( stay away from me). She shouted and from behind the little girl a golden armour spirit appeared hitting Dex clean to the face hitting him back down to the other side of the Rocky path. Leaving Grey not knowing what to do next.

Coming to the end of his trip. Passing the strong blizzard of snows and on the highest mountain known to man with the sky covers in grey. The snow thick and heavy. With only the high priest was trained to find the temple if that person was not he will be lost in the blizzard left to die in the strong cold. Nick stood watching the temple he was raised and trained of most of his life. The temple was massive all in black with the Windows covered in ice. Nick wore his thick white coacloak with a hood to keep him from freezing to death. Nick looked up at the thick heavy doors when they opened with two more priest with dark cloaks to greet him.(father Nick welcome back to Temple Gedo). (We heard about the attack at your church. Our Lord priest said so. And said you will be coming here for answers.) Said the second priest. (Yes I do and I hardly believe my master and friend Gedo will send his priest to hunt me down and try to kill me and my pupils.) (Father Nick. You been at Butterbank for far to long. We have a new Lord priest now a true ruler). (A new Lord priest. How come I know nothing of this and where is Gedo himself.). The two priest did not answer Nick and walked back inside the temple. (Our new Lord priest is the Blood Moon itself.) . The two priest said together. (Blood Moon?). Nick thought to himself and followed the two priest inside the temple waiting to know more at what is going on and to his old master Gedo.

Inside the temple Nick removes his hood. The temple was dark with lamps hanging from the walls to give the inside light with a huge cross printed on the floor. Coming down the ancient stone steps where more priest wearing the same dark cloaks what the others two wore. And at each corner of the temple with more steps came more priest . And finally at the bottom of the ancient stone steps was a old priest who Nick knew vary well. (Father Nick. Welcome back home). (Master Duke). What is going on here). Nick asked Master Duke. Master Duke had a scare across his eye with that eye being replaced with a glass eye. Nick find himself surrounded by the priest finding no way out. (A new world order by our new Lord priest) Master Duke said with open arms. (What do you mean a new world order ). (Thats why Gedo was eliminated by our new Lord priest. And have been wiping out the low life priest like yourself. Who lives in this world and not worthy like your students Jay and Lora.). (So you are planning on killing me). Nick said slowing getting his guns. (You are not leaving this temple alive). Master Duke told Nick. (Well you and this new Lord priest is not going to be happy) Nick said aiming his magic guns at Master Duke. (Father Nick have you not seen you are outnumbered ). Master Duke said with two open arms daring Nick to shot. And behind the old priest and around Nick the rest of the priest got out all sorts of weapons from there cloaks and starting to walk closer towards Nick.

Danny was walking deep in the forest to hide his gold. Under a tall tree for when he is ready to take it. Danny could not get that unknown person out of his head. How did he know so much about him and his brothers. (I wonder how they are. Now) Danny said thinking about his brothers. (What am I doing. I should I worry about them now because of that creep.). Making his way out of the forest a strong wind came pushing down his hood . (What the . This wind just came out of nowhere.) To follow where the strong wind came from Danny teleported away.

Danny teleported at top of a small mountain. Where the strong wind before lead him. From the distance Danny had found the course of the strong wind he saw a little girl flying with a golden sprite armour behind her. (it seems that little girl was making that strong wind. And needs to be stop before she makes mess of things.) Danny told himself putting on his hood and teleported to the action.

Seeing the sprite armour hitting Dex away. Grey was going in to help his brother but something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. (Well. Well I did not think I will find you here brother.) Came the voice giving Grey the biggest shock in his life like seeing a ghost. Grey slowly looked up at a small mountain to see his other Brother standing up top. Danny was looking down at him arms crossed from under the hood Grey saw a smile. Then without another thought. Grey ran with the help of his great speed Grey ran on the mountain without support. Once on top Grey leaped to the air coming down to Danny fist first. Inches away from hitting Danny. Danny teleported. Leaving Grey to hit the ground destroying half of the mountain. Grey stood up removing his jacket to get comfortable. Grey spotted Danny just distance away from him. (I never thought I would recognize you under that hood Danny.). Grey said removing his sunglasses and throwing them on the floor. (Have to say brother. I liked the glasses on you). Danny said with a grin.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Issue Two of my ongoing weekly comic script series hope you enjoy. Issue Three will be out next week.

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I have really enjoyed the series so far. I love how you describe the scenes. I feel like I can really picture what is going on. Can't wait for next week!

Posted 2 Years Ago

I loved the temple scene, that being my favorite part. This comic is really beginning to grow, I hope you find someone to draw up the story board and scenes. I think on paper this would be cool. I enjoy the growing number of character and how each of them are different in there own figthing styles.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Joshua Haines

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