Giga Issue 3

Giga Issue 3

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Dex is up against a strange summoned armour by the person he is trying to help. Nick fights for his life against the people he once called family. Grey and Danny reunited after ten years.

After getting hit by the spirit armour. Dex lands heavily to the hard ground coursing a major hole in the ground. With a few moments past Dex woke up and slowly climb out of the hole and whips the dust of him. Dex looked up to see the Spirit Armour just flying over him with Dot behind it. (Dot. It does not have to be this way. You can stop it). Dex shouted to Dot. (Just leave me alone.) Dot screamed with a cry and the spirit armour flew down towards Dex with Dot flying behind it ready for another attack. Dex had just dodged the heavy golden metal arms with his life by rolling backwards. But the impact was strong enough to push Dex of his feet landing back on the floor with a trip. Dex recovered fast by doing a single handstand to go back on his feet. (Fine that's it). Dex called out running towards the spirit armour guildblade in hand. When up close Dex jumped to the same height as the spirit armour and gave the armour a downward strike hitting the golden helmet creating a huge impact strong enough to push anything. Dex landed back on the ground just to find out his attack did nothing to the spirit armour. Dex could not feel his hands after his attack knowing now they are num. (It can't be. Nothing can hold up against my guildblade). (My king here is not made out of metal we know of. It almost God make ) Dot told Dex. (King so that's it name.) (King attack). King went in for another heavy attack but Dex jumps out of the way when landed Dex kept switching blade hands till he got feelings back in his hands. (Ok look. I am here to help you. Not to fight you.) Dex said finally getting his feelings back in his hands. (You said the same as my father did). (What do you mean). (Do you get it. It was not Manhunter who killed my father. It was King when I lost control. I went to Manhunter for help but backfired.) . (You killed you father Dot) Dex asked now confused. (Dot listen. To me I can help you my brother can help you. We both can teach you how to handle King without hurting anyone anymore.). (No one me). (We can Dot. But first I must stop King here). King ran towards Dex with Dot flying behind it. Dex swings his Sword to shoot out a energy wave blast from his Sword. King caught the blast with its two heavy hands. But the blast was still pushing King back. (Throw it away King.) Dot called. King did as that but even with its pure strength it could not throw the blast away. Dex saw opening as he hoped and shot out more from his Sword with each swing. Each one finds it mark and hits King one by one. (No) Dot had screamed seeing King was in trouble. Dex then came running with another hit and came down with a stronger attack followed by a explosion covering King. Dex landed on one knee with his Sword glowing (and that's the final touch) . (King.King) Dot called for her spirit armour when the smoke was clearing. Seeing a shadow in the smoke Dot called out again. King then came to view but something was wrong King was now all grey and not gold and fell backwards towards Dot who looked on in fear. (Dame no) Dex said seeing the danger. Dot screamed seeing her death right in front of her.(hold on I'm coming). Dex called. Getting hold of Dot and rolled out of the way when King lands heavily on the ground making a small quake. On his knees and keeping a good hold of Dot Dex looked back over his shoulders. Seeing that King had disappeared just the hole where he fell. Turning back Dex notice that Dot was already fast asleep. (Looks like she is out cold. I think it's time she returned home). Dex told himself getting back to his feet and started to walk away. (Sorry Grey. For leaving in like this but. But you would of done the same for this little girl.).

(Attack) ordered Master Duke. And all the priest attacked as one. The first priest came in with a battle axe. But Nick blocked the axe with his guns and kicked the priest away. (If you are not going to give me answers. I will beat them out of your new Lord priest.) Nick called out shooting the priest with the axe in the head then was jumped by the rest of the phriest. One getting hold of his legs coursing Nick to lose balance and left open for a attack. A priest went in with a trained elbow strike to Nicks gut. Nick gasped in pain finding air. Nick was rocked back by the impact passing many other priest witch all had followed Nick. Nick went to the defence shooting at the upcoming priest witch all hits his energy bullets away with there bless weapons. Nick ran while shorting getting many priest while doing it and made it for the ancient steps. A priest came jumping up with a bo staff hitting Nick clean in the head. Losing focus his sight came a blur. (He's mine).Nick heard Master Duke said. When Nicks sight came slowly back Nick saw Master Duke running up the ancient steps with dark chains coming out of his cloak. Nick had no time to react when the chains find his neck wrapping around this throat. Nick was fighting for air while Master Duke opens his Palm and a great force pushed Nick to the next room freeing him of the chains. Nick recovered in mid air and lands safely at the bottom of the stone steps finally alone But Nick knew this won't last long. (Dame it its just to many of them.). Nick looked up when seeing Master Duke came to view with many priest behind him. (Like I said. Father Nick you are not leaving this temple alive). (I need a new plan or I am dead) Nick thought out loud. (Kill him.) Master Duke once again ordered. When a first priest came down the steps the priest quickly found a energy bullet to the head. Before more priest came down Nick and a run for it. Making up more stone steps. And kicks the doors open. Jumps down to the bottom and waited for the arrival of Master Duke and His Priest. Nick opened fire when the priests came running in hitting many of them. From under Nick he felt the floor rumble. And felt a hand on his feet what went through the floor like nothing. Who turned out to be Master Duke when coming out of the floor. Nick turned to fire at the Master but was giving a uppercut to the chin. And when still in mid air. Master Duke finished it with a punch to the gut shooting Nick to get another room. Nick crashes through the wall to the next room and did a few rolls on the floor before coming to a stop. Nick slowly got to his feet and made his way back to Master Duke but something caught is eye making him stop to turn around. Seeing the high chair for only the Lord priest. (So you are the one called Nick). Came the voice sitting on the Lord priest chair. The chair was so high up Nick need to look up and seeing a man sitting on it with a heavy armour coloured as dark as blood with a long black cape. (Who the bell are you).Nick asked (I am the Blood Moon itself. I am the great Mandora). (The Mandora. Who created the Blood Moon.). Mandora said nothing but nodded to Nick instead. (Well then you look good for your age.). (Thank you. But are you here for answers.).(I think you already know). (Well at first I wiped out all the trash high priest who are just a waste of my time for my plan.). (What are you planning on doing Mandora). Nick said with a Waring. (I will send down my blood moon to crash to earth. To make my new world a utopia.). (You can do that.). (Yes but it takes time. And I got one more thing to do) Mandora told Nick. And when Nick was about to open his mouth. Mandora came flying down hits Nick with a powerful punch. Shooting him all the way back outside of the temple to the snowy mountains. ( first I must take out the trash.) Mandora finished then flew to find Nick.

Nick was buried in the snow. So he dug himself out but fell down to his knees thanks to the pain. Nick slowly looked up to see Mandora hovering over him with his black cap flapping behind him. (Was it you. Who killed Gedo). Nick only managed to say. Not answering Nick back Mandora waved his arm to summon a powerful wind to push Nick of the mountain. Seeing his body lost in the thick clouds Mandora turned and flew back to the temple.

Nicks Body was floating in a small river facing up. Eyes half open Nick did not know how he lived from that fall but he did but he might die here if he don't get any help. Nick heard footsteps then felt a hand on his head. (Dont worry I am here to help you) . The person said what seemed to look like a shadow from his sight before blanking out.

(So you will imprison your own brother). Danny asked Grey removing his hood. (You have not been my brother since you abandon us ten years ago.) (You think. You're so smart don't you Grey.) (Smarter then you Danny and always will). (I left because. I hated you I always did.). (You hated me. Because I was keeping our family alive. I did for you. Why hate me for that.). (We were dying Grey. You where leading us to death). (I was weak. I did my best). Grey told Danny beating his chest anger. (And you think you will ever be ready.). (I did for you. For everyone). Grey said. Slowly the two brothers started to walk around each other like two cats in a turf war. (Who said I wanted to be lead by you). Danny shouted over to Grey. (Oh so you would of been better to lead that day. Sorry to break down to you bro. You where less ready then me). Danny laughs eyeing his prey when both he and Grey came to a stop. (You know little brother. I think I have to disagree with you on that one). Danny told Grey pointing his katana at his brother. (I will beat you Danny.) Grey said clicking both his knuckles. (Then let's see). Danny said teleporting. Grey ran as fast as he could towards where Danny was. Danny then teleported right in front of Grey not holding back on a kill. With the katana and Grey's fist closing in at each other. But just before the impact lighting bolt came storming down between them. Knocking the two brothers further away and to the floor. Danny was the first to get on his knees followed by Grey waiting for the smoke to clear between them. And once the smoke and cleared there was a man standing where the lighting stroke. (You two need to clam down) said the new arrival face covered in a old rag of a hood. (That voice. You where from before). Danny said remembering the voice back when he was in the field. (Who are you) Grey said. (I promise. I will tell you everything if you follow me. But I need the both of you.).( forget it. I am going nowhere near him). Grey said pointing at Danny. (I also got your other Brother). (Dex) Grey asked. (Wait Dex is here aswell) Danny jumped in. ( No not him. I will fetch him later. I mean Nick. He is heavily wounded.). (Why what happened to Nick.). Grey said walking towards the hooded man waiting answers. (I will lead you to him. If you just follow me.) The hooded man told Grey. Then the hooded man opens his Palm to open a portal and entered it not waiting for Grey nor Danny. But both slowly walks towards the portal wanting to know more. But before entering they both stoped and looked at each other telling each other it is not over. And both entered the portal together.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Sorry for being a day late. But here it is my latest issue for my ongoing series. Hope you enjoy. Issue 4 will be out next week

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The fight with the priest was the best part in my opinion.
I am curious if you could break this up into panels, so we could see what each scene would be like if reading it in a comic.
You really capture the comic book vibe, including the stories action and dialogue. Have you found anyone to do any sketeches for you, or have you thought about doing some sketches yourself to go along with the story?

Posted 2 Years Ago

Joshua Haines

2 Years Ago

I can't even drew to save my life XD. Just waiting for the right person to read my series XD
This has been good so far. My main criticism would be that there are a few grammatical errors here and there. Other than that I think it's very fun to read. You've been doing a good job of describing events. I feel like I can really see the action.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is still really good and full of action. One thing that you might be able to do is separate the talking from the paragraph it might make it easier for people to follow it. It is really good though keep up the good work and keep the story coming I am really enjoying this.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..