Giga Issue 4

Giga Issue 4

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Grey and Danny find themselves in a unknown location with a person who seems to know them both. Dex finally returns Dot Home after a hard struggle fight.

Stopping in front of a house what Dex knew the mother who lived here takes care of her garden. With famous known flowers on the nice green garden. The door opened before Dex even got to knock it with Dots mother standing there. (You found her). (It was not easy. You daughter loves to play hide and seek pretty rough.) Dex told the mother with a smile. (I don't know what to say). Said the mother when Dex handed the sleeping Dot to her mother's arms who could not keep her tears away. (Dot also told me the truth. Of what she did to her father and why she went to Manhunter. Is it true). The mother looked down at Dot giving her a kiss on her head then looked back at Dex. (Yes it's true. Dot killed her father. When she lost control and her father wanted to help then some spirit came and crushed him to death.). (Are you sure you will be safe on your own. I mean what if Dot losses it again.). (It does not matter if I am safe or not. I need to be with her. She needs to know Dot is not alone.). (Ok good luck then miss). Dex said with a wave and turned to leave. Dex left the house hoping to find Grey again but where to start. Maybe he is still in the Rocky Paths waiting. For him he might start there. When Dex made his way back to the mountains again he saw a man standing in his way with a vary raged up hood. ( can I help you.) Dex asked the man. (As the youngest. You might of grown the most out of the four). (How do you know about me and my brothers). Dex asked with a warning hand on his guildblade. (Dont attack Dex. I might of past my prime but I can still crush you with my fingers ). Hoping it was a bluff but to keep safe Dex released his grip on his Sword. (I will tell you everything you need to know. But you must come with me your three brothers are waiting. ( Wait Grey is with you and Nick and Danny to. To tell the truth Dude. Having Grey and Danny in the same room is not a good idea). The hooded Nan came out with a small laugh. (You know Dex. Those two have been a pain since I got those two). Dex walked up towards the hooded man ready to follow. (Yea sure I will come with you. Why not). (You made the right choice). The man said opening the portal with his arm and both he and Dex entered.

Once out of the portal Dex landed on his knees. In a cold place and what Dex just could not figure out. It was A dome of sort with lanterns on the walls to keep the light in. Dex felt a hand on his shoulder to help him up. (Dex you are finally here. That portal is a bumpy ride right.). Said Grey. (I don't think I will get used to that even I went in over a hundred times.). (What happened to your jacket and your sunglasses). Dex asked once having a better look at Grey to notice he was missing them. (Well I bumped into someone when you left to help Dot.) Grey told Dex keeping his hand on Dexs shoulder. Grey looks past Dex with his smile gone so Dex followed his stare. To spot one of his brothers leaning on the wall. Who looked up slowly at them . (Hey little bro. I see you are not dead in a ditch.) Danny said with a sly grin. (Well I see your nice and lovely.). (Well Dex I moved up from all the kids games. And moved up in the world.). (The last time I checked you are the one who ran and left us to die). Dex said getting more aggressive with Danny. (And it seemed I failed and you guys are still alive.). Danny said not bothering to look up at Grey and Dex. (Say that again). Dex said walking towards Danny but was stoped By Grey who stood in front of him. (Don't let him get to you. He is not worth it). (What's wrong Dex. You wanted to hurt me second ago) Danny said standing straight from the wall katana in hand ready to strike. (Thats enough the both of you.). Dex Danny and Grey looked to see the hooded man standing by a another entrance. (I have brought you all here because you are the strongest people I know of.). (You said you have Nick with you. But I don't see him). Grey asked. From behind the hooded man came footsteps and the hooded man moves out of the way to let Nick in who was all bandaged up almost looking like a mummy. (Nick well tell you everything. And why I need you four.). (Yea sure but before all that I would like to know. Who the hellell are you.). The hooded man said nothing at first but then slowly removed his rag hood. Grey and Dex steps back with full of shock while Danny looked on with a nasty look of no forgiveness. (Father) the three brothers said together.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Issue Four of my ongoing Comic script series. Next issue will be out next week. Hope you enjoy.

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I would love to see you break this down into panels.
For example group up the sentences into a 1 paragraph per panel. This way we could imagine each scene as it would be in a comic.
Great imagination. Do you have a goal in mind, like a certain length of story number of issues or is it open ended right now.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Joshua Haines

2 Years Ago

It's going up to 30 issues

2 Years Ago

Oh sweet you must have really planned ahead. DId you make like a story board. Is it written notes or.. read more
Joshua Haines

2 Years Ago

It's all written ahead like a novel before sending it out online XD all in advance XD lol
Story is still going solid. There were some grammatical errors. I think it would be easier to read if dialogue was separated from the paragraph, but that is really nitpicking. Looking forward to the next issue!

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is still an interesting read and I'm enjoying it. I think you will get more reads if you work a bit more on your editing. Instead of putting the talking all in the same sentence as the whole paragraph might make things easier to follow.

This is still good and I am can't wait to read more of it.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

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My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..