Giga Issue 5

Giga Issue 5

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Going back ten years ago. Before any of the brothers had any of their great powers


The rain began to come down heavy with strong wind. There was a old farm and living in that farm was a good family. And the father who's name was Dominick Dom for short. Was outside the farm in the rain. Facing a tall tree. Dom was topless ignoring the wetness and the coldness. Dom closed his eyes letting the rain hit his skin.( There) Dom said nice and quite. Dom then punch the tall thick tree cutting it in half with a single blow. And when the tree was in the middle of falling Dom caught it and puts it over his shoulder. (Ok that's out fire done for the day) Dom said walking back to the farm.

Inside the house in the farm. Lex was cooking dinner in the kitchen for her family. (Mother) said one of her son's. And come running in the kitchen sobbing was Nick. (What's the matter Nick) Lex said stopping her cooking to help her son. (Danny and Grey are bullying me again). Nick told his mother when Lex was wiping their tears away from his cheek. (Not again) Lex said walking in the living with Nick in her hands and seeing The two bully son's and her youngest sitting on the table waiting for food. (Hi mother. Is food ready I am getting hungry by the smell from the kitchen.) Grey said holding a knife and fork. (Yea I want to hurry and train with father) Danny said putting his feet on the table balancing his knife on the tip of his finger. (You know the rules Danny no eating till your father comes back with wood. Talking about your father where is he he is late.). (No need to worry mother. Father is probably on his way with a whole tree again.) Dex said playing with his knife and fork. Slowly walking to the table Nick sat down next to Dex. (Danny Grey how many times must I tell you two to stop bullying Nick.). (Well Nick needs to stop being a baby and take a joke) Grey said giving Nick the kinda look making Nick look down on the table. (Yea we where just playing) Danny said. A few moments later the door knocked and Dom came in with half a tree. (Hey all) Dom said with wetness dropping from him. (Why bring the tree in here) Lex asked Dom. (Why not it will be easy this way. That means I do t have to go back and forth all the time. ). (Just don't make make to much of a mess ok). Lex said going back to the kitchen while Dom sat at the end of the table. (Father what will we be training today) Danny asked. (Sorry son not today. It's raining like mad outside you will get a cold) Dom told Danny. (But come on dad I don't care about the rain.). (Ha even with all your training from dad. You will still never beat me Danny) Grey said with a cheeky grin. (Shut up Grey) Danny said standing from his chair. Grey laughs also standing up. But before the two boys could fight it of Lex came back with food. With both Danny and Grey sitting back down. Lex puts on the roast on the table and finally sat down her self. Dom looked at the steaming food and could not keep his hunger from hiding any longer. (Boys what do you say to your mother for the nice food.) (Thanks mother) all the four brothers said together. When the family was about to begin to eat a glow came outside from there window. Getting Doms attention. Dom puts down his knife and fork and made it for the outside. (Don't go out there father) Dex said. (As a father Dex it my duty to protect this family. One day you will know) Dom told Dex looking at him over his shoulder giving his youngest a smile. (Stay here the four of you) Lex said following Dom.(You two Lex I want you to stay here. I have a gut felling this is bad). (As a mother it's also my duty to protect my family.). When Dom and Lex steps outside in the rain they both saw a white portal just outside from there house. And walking out of the portal was a man with a pure blood red armour and a long black cloak. (Mandora) Dom said walking in front out Lex. (Wait the same Mandora who created the Blood Moon. But that was seven hundred years ago.) (It seems I am well known in this time aswell). Mandora Said. (But how are you still alive. Like my wife said you where around seven hundred years ago. You wanted to send down your blood moon to earth to make your utopia but was defeated.) Dom asked. (And to do that once again the strongest in the world must go. There is no way I will make that mistake again.) (lex protect the boys I will handle this). Dom said to Lex making his way towards Mandora. Not looking back Lex ran inside the house to get her son's to safety.

(Mother where father) Danny said starting to get worried. (Boys we need to go and find safety now). The four son's listened to there mother and followed her exit the back way of the house and ran as fast as they could in the heavy rain. Dex was falling behind and fell in the slippery mud Dex called for his mother and Lex came running back as soon she heard Dex cry. When Dex was back to his feet he spotted something in the trees Dex pointed letting his mother know what he sees. Lex saw it was another man all in black leather long grey hair and a bow and arrow.(Dex we need to hurry) Lex said getting hold Of Dex and began to run catching up with the rest of her son's. (Mother there is another one) Dex said looking back. Lex risked to turn around to see a second man all in leather but this one was bald and as thick as anything even bigger then Dom. (Come on) Lex shouted running faster. The archer from up top the tree to me aim at Lex. (This rain sets perfect for your death) he said shooting the arrow. Lex ran as fast as she can but felt a sudden pain in her back Lex cried in pain and fell on her knees. (Mother )Grey called and ran back to his fallen mother who had a arrow in her back. (Grey stay back) Lex shouted as loud as she can. (But). Lex slowly got back to her feet and was going to run. But a second arrow fond her leg making her fall once again. Grey then ran to his mother not listening to his mother's warning. Trying to help her out. (Grey listen). (Mother please get up please.). (You need you help your brother's to find safety. Do you understand me) Lex told Grey not keeping her tears from not showing. (But mother). Grey said crying himself. (Please Grey you need to go. Run) Lex shouted pushing Grey away from her . Grey made one final look at his mother before running away from the danger. Once her son's was out of sight Lex struggled to get back to her feet for her to fall back to her knees thanks to the pain. Lex saw feet in front of her seeing the archer looking down at her and already knowing the big guy was behind her. (About time you got here) the archer said to the big man. The big man said nothing back. (Who are you people) Lex asked. (I am Ghost a hunter. And the big guy over there is Bear.) Ghost told Lex. (What about the four kids) Said Bear for the first time. (They are all young they won't last in this rain.). (What about her). Bear said pointing down at Lex. (Mandora said we must take out the strongest. And also spill as many blood as we must for the Blood Moon work). Knowing what's coming next Lex closed her eyes while Ghost slings another arrow pointing it at Lex. And fired it finding its mark in Lexs Eye her body fell backwards and Ghost and Bear turned back to meet up with Mandora.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Issue 5 of my current ongoing Comic script series. Hope you enjoy. Issue 6 will be out next week.

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Added on November 15, 2017
Last Updated on November 15, 2017
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Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines

cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

My Name is Joshua Haines. And I am a writer who hopes to be professional one day. I am from Cardiff wales. And I will be sending out a weekly issues of my series called. Death Raised. A weekly Dark Fa.. more..